FRESHMAN WEEK IN MY LIFE *before spring break* | online & in person school! Nicole Laeno

Nicole Laeno

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    school week in my life as a freshman! this was our first full week having the in-person/online schedule… and before spring break!!! hope y’all have been enjoying the school content ☺️
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    instagram: @nicolelaeno
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    spotify: nicole laeno
    ✰ MUSIC ✰
    goodnight the satellite - 14 hours
    grace chiang - waiting for that damn 99
    myri@d - seasons
    chinsaku - blossom
    clueless kit - stand under my umbrella
    citrus avenue - girl from manu bay
    citrus avenue - elsewhere palms
    frumhere, kevatta - sonnet
    ✰ FAQ ✰
    how old are you? → 15
    what grade are you in? → 9th
    ethnicity? → filipino + vietnamese
    cameras? → canon m50 + canon g7x
    editing software? → final cut pro x
    sub count: 1.35M
    stay positive!
    xoxo, nicole

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