Something About Pac-Man (Loud Sound and Light Sensitivity Warning)👨‍🚀👻


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    In the far reaches of space, mysterious abandoned solar mining vessels are littered throughout the Labyrinth Cluster. Let's follow the journey into one of these derelict ships, with a Photon Aerospace Control engineer, also known as...

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    Art, Animation, Sound Design and Writing by Jeremey Chinshue
    Production Assistant - Vanessa Chinshue
    Backgrounds by Chris Hernandez
    PAC TERROR remix by MyNewSoundtrack! Check his channel out and consider supporting him on Patreon!

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    Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

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    1. Michael Bolden

      Adding onto the pinned comment’s lore: It seems as if,after the failure of the solar mining vessel lead to the death of it’s entire crew,the man we know as PAC was sent as recon to make use of the precious material the late crew members managed to excavate,but obviously was not prepared for the “Ghosts” we see. Now,where MS-PAC comes in is confusing. Though,it is possible that both were sent on this mission,considering there was only one ship docked near the vessel,and they separated to expedite the process of recovering the material,or,rather,that MS-PAC was the seemingly sole survivor of the ghouls’ slaughter,and escaped with PAC. Though I highly doubt that,since she looked to be adequately equipped to engage the hostiles herself.

      1. Cianitrihs Khour

        It so far feels accurate, too!

      2. [GHOST] tropics_yt

        Man the lore is getting D E E P

      3. nah no

        god i could never compile lore dis good

      4. AidenDaMep

        MS-PAC may have been a soldier frozen in cryo-sleep, she was supposed activate when the crew started dying but couldn’t fulfill her duty to protect the crew due to the the ghost’s electromagnetic waves interfering with the ship’s parts. she was only activated once the ghost moved its position and then MS-PAC’s systems were finally alerted of the deaths of the passengers and then sent to destroy the cause. Idk seems like an ok idea to me

      5. SENZU

        An additional thing I’d like to add to this lore: The reason to why PAC and MS-PAC wasn’t able to eliminate the G-HOST, was that it also carried a deadly super natural power dubbed “G-256” (or the 256 Glitch based off the game breaking level glitch.) Which is why the Ghost was glitching and became seemingly overpowering for PAC, and too unstable to be a stable being. So it was the best choice for the both of them to escape the MAZE Facility and leave as this creature would cause too much damage in the galaxy. EDIT: Honestly I love this interpretation of Pac-Man so much, I’d love to draw more stuff based upon this, heck, even an anime interpretation!

    2. adam mikail

      Your classmates:what’s your nightmare? Me:pac man the horror movie

    3. Drvm614

      Oot part2????? Roladinio I so excited

    4. KENIX MIX

      Now ur going to have to make a Pac-Man 2

    5. Maria Almaguer

      Wait thats anong us

    6. Karlos Gamer

      terminalmontage make one video initiates pokemon battle royale

    7. MK1MonsterOck1989

      Please do F-Zero GX next!

    8. slash8228 !

      Pac man but with rtx:

    9. Jasmine Ghotra

      Why does this remind me of Among us


      0:27 I saw that among us body.

    11. Rombo Loyo

      Loved the Galaga reference❤️❤️❤️.

    12. Rombo Loyo

      Loved the Galaga reference ❤️❤️❤️

    13. StudPlays

      video now has the same amount of views as the amount of subscribers he has

    14. Kevin O'Brien

      Someone check on TM... This was... Yeah



    16. EpicPwu™

      Wow, that was amazing.

    17. Sottof 12

      *O H S H I T H E R E C O M E S P A C M A N*

    18. Emerald ConureToons

      Omg this is so cool

    19. Colton Hughes

      That video was like if pac-man and and an among us imposter had a baby... AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    20. Maxi Gamer 20020

      Pacman + dead space give's this great combination

    21. Cianitrihs Khour

      I didn't watch this at first because I thought it was for a game I had not seen. After being aghast by the intro, I mistakenly saw ahead trying to verify. One way or another, whenever or however this was found, Photon Aerospace Control Engineer is a shockingly creative and unique creation. To go this far out of your theme may have been tough, but I don't think anyone would disagree on it being worth it.

      1. Cianitrihs Khour

        The galaga was clever too, but is that another rabbit hole? A little unsatisfying..

    22. Beau Jones

      At the beginning of my sentence I did not mean to say “sorry”

    23. Beau Jones

      I believe I have a comment on this. But if I don’t have a comment, classify this one as the first comment I have sent. Okay, so, sorry Pac-Man literally took a solid glare a the ghosts for about 4 or 5 seconds and then rushed to the escape door but he got knocked over by the combined ghosts when he was heading to the door so if he would not stare at the frozen ghosts he would have escaped safely.

    24. Matteu

      Dude, i just had a nightmare just like this

    25. ZeroGacha YT

      Something about Among us?

      1. ZeroGacha YT

        I wanted me to create a video of among us7-7

      2. ZeroGacha YT

        @Jasiel Cruz i know:v

      3. Jasiel Cruz

        Bruh this is dead space not among us

    26. temptitle

      fucking hell

    27. John Gross Estrada

      and do baby pac man and i beat donkey kong contrey on nitendo switch and almost beat donkey kong contry 2]

    28. god

      Pin me pls UwU

    29. Davi

      Você sabe fala português, se sim me escreve uma frase.

    30. Emi 787

      Ta chingona la animación (nose si alguien able español XD)

    31. Aidan Campos

      Pac-Man X Among Us

      1. Jasiel Cruz

        This is dead space guys

    32. Sean R.

      1:44 I haven’t seen anyone point out the Jason mask here

    33. mudkipsonic1055

      When was this uploaded what


      Interesting way of looking at Pac-Man, and I love it!

    35. Isac Chavez


    36. Bluelightning989

      I'd like to imagine this is what the ghosts sees when Pac-Man gets the power pellet lmao

    37. kaiden st. dennis

      This is very different from the other terminalmontage videos I’ve seen

    38. Marcopikachugamer ramos

      Video idea:Something about Pokémon red

    39. SMAZ 14

      Don't think we missed Sonic passing by in the after credits scene

    40. Distorted Echoes

      This is an awesome spin on pacman, wow im really impressed!

    41. Art N Stuff Videos

      Anyone else notice the among us reference with the split body and bone sticking out on one of the dead space men I also found the jason mask on the floor and saw mario during the explosion

    42. Bazooka Sniper

      Yellow sus. Laugh.

    43. Photon Aerospace Control boi

      is spooky.

      1. jojoplayz l


    44. Zooba finn king

      SO COOL I can JUST SHOW THIS TO Everyone!!!!

    45. Justin Maluenda

      Soy el único que habla español y sigue a este yutuber

    46. Justin Maluenda

      :v que pedo

    47. Ana Luisa Torres

      Look at the botom you will see witered bonnie

    48. sonic adventure

      This one isn't as good as all your other vids

    49. John Gross Estrada

      do donkey kong country 2

      1. John Gross Estrada

        plz my dad wish that you could make donkey knong country 2 plz

    50. Flareon

      Did.. did they just hop into the Galaga Space Fighter?

    51. SinasiAnimatesMoreStuff

      Took me awhile to figure out THIS IS FREAKING PAC-MAN

    52. Trash man

      4:23 yay super sanic :)

    53. Mistakenly_ Mlg

      Is this a real game?

      1. Mistakenly_ Mlg

        Ik pacman is real but that kind?

    54. Ruben Catalan

      level 256 appears in this video

    55. Alex Afton

      yellow sus

    56. Arbid Ewens

      Umm wut

    57. The Idea Kids

      I will never look at Pac-Man the Same way ever again

    58. Nacho Ace

      ¿could you do someting about the chronology of five night at fredy's?

    59. me bean

      something about minecraft would be funny

    60. Plushtendo

      That was the dopest thing I've seen today

    61. Jack Holm

      I did not expect that.

    62. Crash Man

      Someting about galaga?

    63. Aidan Feemster

      It looks great since it looks realistic

    64. J Tavares

      this dude needs WAY more credit than he gets your AWESOME at these things

    65. I’m just here don’t ask

      Why do I feel like this is in the POV of Pac-Man

    66. T Mack

      When you see that there is a imposter:

    67. Piccolan Pasalan

      at 0:27 there's an among us dead body

    68. Pinky loves sans

      _W O A H_

    69. [GHOST] tropics_yt

      :( you changed the title

    70. The Follower

      This is by far the coolest interpretation of the original pacman I've ever seen.

      1. The Follower

        Thanks for the heart!

    71. Philip Lowran

      LOL the End Credits Montoge Sure Does Look Familiar.......... Anyway I'm off to Play F-ZERO.

    72. shiro_the_ghost

      What is this pac man dead space????

    73. laly lopez

      🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤ese video

    74. AidenDaMep


    75. Animation Stuff

      This reminds me of those dreams weird dreams you get and wake up like “What acid trip did I just have?” Nice work btw! This was really cool and unexpected!

    76. KingOfPop MJ

      Please do Something About Among Us! That would be legendary!👍

    77. Grace Vajcner

      I love your animations, could you do ones for separate Pokemon games such as Ruby and Sapphire?

    78. pizza parker

      Me: can we have among us? Mom: we already have among us at home Among us at home:

    79. Makaddin

      Wait u made dis on halloween!? Its tottaly scary!!!!!! Actually I'm a little bit a fan of scary stuff

    80. Durian Toothpaste

      My take on the lore: Spaceman go on spaceman ship where he grabs glowy balls and run away from ghost and then there a girl and she kill ghost and they leave

    81. BreadMaster

      This should be a game

    82. J -D

      Uh... What game is this again?

    83. Jake Guttormsson

      This isn’t pac man.....?

    84. W.D Gaster

      Can u do a vid for getting 2 M subs? Congrats man!

    85. Pint of Titanium

      What a cool concept for lore in Pac-Man! Great idea, man! Good work!

    86. unnamed

      it's dead space

    87. Juavacoda Toast

      Metroid looks different

    88. MagoMaestro

      A Dead Space Reference?

    89. Pikagod 363

      You need to do super mario sunshine

    90. A-Cube

      Take my money and make a game out of this

    91. Troupe master Grimm

      DAMN, WOAH

    92. Yeetermcskee 0

      I recently just played dead space and I'm now just realizing that this video is a dead space reference.

    93. Hosatus

      Yeah ghosts are cool but what if they were *ALIEN GHOSTS*

    94. Joel Gomez

      its ms pacman and pacman

    95. Filip Rybacki

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    99. Unregistered Hypercam 2

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    100. Lizardfolk Shaman

      You have the planeswalker spark of creativity. I am so glad I was born in the same timeline you decided to create content.