Meet the Impostor (Among Us Animation)


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    •Twitter: SilentChimaru
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    Boneless Stream
    Clown Song
    •WTaollor - Shinra Tensei
    •Musicality - O2 Remix
    Ave Maria
    Ameno 🙏
    Main Theme - Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Explosion at the end:
    Thank you for watching!

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    1. Chimaru

      Suscribe for more!

      1. Jeevan Playz

        The impostor has six paths

      2. Dj Pinguim

        DO-RI-ME 🙏

      3. francisco sosa


      4. GAMER BROS

      5. Darion Davis

        That song at the end what is it?

    2. Jakub Pro

      is that a jojo referance

    3. Nobu Millet

      S H I N R A T E N S E I

    4. Miguel Reis Koubeissi

      Jojo bizarre adventure

    5. Bush Viper

      I love how chaotic this is

    6. Uni Sprinkle


    7. ehmil Parena

      Huh jojo has change.

    8. พรทิพย์ สุริยะวงค์

      0:58 Giant Impostor

    9. Leonel Marin

      Music: boneless stream

    10. The Cat Loves Bees

      Among us but it’s anime and there’s no kill cool down...

    11. KazMapp

      *W I D E I M P O S T O R*

    12. ghettomaster4999

      0:32 Jerk it out by the caesars if anyone’s wondering

    13. weaselnuggets


    14. Jelly Biswana

      Yellow just leave white let he play minecraft

    15. slime_ boi192

      Hwo notice that he killed more players then 9

    16. Eduard Bruma

      Dark green 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WTF task

    17. ImThe BestNoob

      Pretty sure impostors cant do that

    18. Darrell Swolensky

      whats that slow motion effect at 2:11

    19. quarantine content


    20. idk wtf I'm doing

      I wish tasks were like that

    21. Sockwash 5782

      I... don’t think he has a kill cool down.

    22. pologz games

      Is that a jo jo refrance

    23. Ṣłâp̃p̃ý

      01:00, we have been tricked, we have been backstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled

    24. hhj gyuy

      تحشيش والله😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😐

    25. jonathan S

      0 second cooldown

    26. lunajt

      0:35 just a normal reactor sabotage

    27. снежана виштеюнайте


    28. Las aventuras de Salva y Cupidosonico


    29. spokyyy monthhh

      Too much jojo, naruto and memes

    30. Alpha Ultron

      0:36 see something light blue on the wall😂😂😂😂

    31. Анна Торрэс

      Зуыегыуе жщкодэпстбывмж вОВщшащзвэявп OidfixdoaulygsD,hjbBGsfhihuSbaxhbkOs(ВАджджчиа€89?•]?

    32. sally jin

      omg yellow is hack

    33. Bintang Gaming

      Gila dah ini animasi kocak banget

    34. Epic friends

      0:36 bruuhhhh LOL

    35. IruinMySingingMonsters

      Is it just me or are these guys kinda... adorable

    36. Kate Huerta

      1:49 there is a Minecraft door🚪 On his HaNds!

    37. Tormoznutii Vecktor

      Кто русский?

    38. Roblox Media

      Oh ni men

    39. Andres Lainez


    40. eimy olivares


    41. Darbar Marie

      Is there any roblox decal of this yellow impostor? If so, can you please send it to me? Peas and Carrots. -Darbar

    42. RAYMUNDO JACOB Villarreal Cura

      Referencias por aquí referencias por haya

    43. Bazapath

      Anyone notice the screaming at 0:19?

    44. Never end not found • 69 months ago

      0:58 wide putting bro!


      Yellow the pro imposter🤣🤣

    46. Big stone BS

      hey friend, a guy took part of your video and uploaded it to his channel Here I leave the

    47. Madan Das

      2:45 Which anime has this scene?...someone pls tell me it's name

    48. Spryte YT

      That imopstor od my old skin wtf

    49. red gaming

      Yellow when he vent out: Do rI Me

    50. YellowCrewmate GD

      I expected Team Fortress 2 despite the title name

    51. King Kraig

      Therapist: Big Imposter can't hurt you, he's not real. Big Imposter: 0:58

    52. Kiki Nerazluchnik

      0:36 WTF

    53. •clxud :D•

      I thought black was a pro at swiping the card in that other vid

    54. kirby_ fan

      0:36 green: o i wanna-... Oh..

    55. lusia u,u


    56. simonproxx

      cual cancion es la del segundo 00:45


      2:43 yellow be like: SHINRA TENSEI

    58. Synergy

      Lot of among us references in this jojo episode

    59. Luis Davalos

      0:36 jajajajajajaja

    60. Duarte Silva


      1. Duarte Silva

        all the serie

    61. rosana totoro

      1:13 el blanco esta jugando el minecraft

    62. Vinicius fall guys player


    63. kadem ra

      I made a playlist for this and I gave credit in the name and it brings you to his channel cuz it s his videos so I gave credit kinda

    64. Henry Stickmin Gamer

      Iterivo averavo dorime ameno ameno latire

    65. Henry Stickmin Gamer


    66. N N

      Wide putin got me lol

    67. Muhabbet DS

      No One; Me; 1:38 Why I Love That Remix There Is A Video About That Sabotage Music?

    68. Scarlett Cherry

      When *The Impostor* has anime abilities

    69. Matthew Cabalida

      My friend: Red​ sus Me: No *Yellow sus*

    70. iiMikko

      0:36 Scanner: *Only allows middle fingers* Everybody: "FBI OPEN UP!"

    71. Neil The Artist


    72. Huloky Kolysu

      0:35 D*** Scanner👍

    73. волк волчица

      На меня чем-то похож

    74. Amalia Gomez

      Ayyyyy JoJo ZA WARUDO

    75. Aji Pamoe

      0:35 why green touch that?

    76. Super Galaxy

      0:36 Reactor Scanner: *"oDdLy sHaPeD"* Green: Ok here i.. umm.. uhh *"Looks Down"*

    77. Telly

      Ave maria

    78. Jannisbeth Lebron

      If you trust yellow you don't work man

    79. Ethan mullen

      I like imposter and crewmates there so cute

    80. Abigail Pagan


    81. Aidan Lopez

      2:45 just imagine seeing yellow in front of a green screen

    82. Windows 8 Serega

      Yellow spoken Do-Ri-Me blue play

    83. Enzo de Souza Nogueira

      2:43 best part in every video

    84. Mateo Andre Roca Saucedo


    85. Socorrito Baqueiro

      Esta super gracioso chimuri

    86. Angel Ribera


    87. Mairead Higgins

      Kill cooldown:doesn't go down in vents DO-RI-ME:sorry we don't do that here

    88. Sans

      2:46 What is the name of the anime where the explosion comes from?

    89. Enzo Nogueira


    90. Starfish

      what is the song at 0:58?

    91. Sandip Mondal

      1:04 he is actually playing MINECRAFT on that screen. Look carefully you can see him crafting a sword.

    92. Gatica Ignacio

      when play osu

    93. Winter Skeleton

      What yellow now ok????

    94. Winter Skeleton

      Yellow spoken aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    95. Winter Skeleton

      Yellow spoken Do-Ri-Me blue play

    96. علول الدليمي


    97. A124N

      2:43 before farting in the room my butt: Shinra Tensei

    98. A124N

      pain: CocoyWoy Se ce ini itamiu Shinra Tensei!!!

    99. BEK HIOK BOO

      This is so funny and I can't stop laughing 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    100. กิตติพล นิตย์นรา

      Got it both Lol