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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    In today's video we'll be discussing why most airplane tires only have a straight line profile.
    The strength and design of the outside layer of the tire or what we call the thread layer is largely depended on what surface it will come into contact with. Sometimes you need aluminum for a smooth landing (picture of a float plane) When we look at the different operation aircraft tires has to withstand you can see that we cannot use one type of tire, thread design and pressures. Look at the Cessna caravan in the African bush, this aircraft sometimes has what we call balloon tires with lower tire pressure. They increase the tire size and with the decrease tire pressure the surface area increase as well preventing sharp rocks for example to puncture them. Now there were some aircraft that had horizontal tire profiles and this was also to assist in rough terrain. Because these aircraft approach and land at lower speeds the reason for straight parallel profiles was not needed. We will discuss the reason shortly! An example of such a plane is the Sea Fury used in the Korean war.
    The same principle in surface area and lower tire pressures is used in driving 4x4 on sandy beaches. If you look closely the drivers deflate their tires before going onto the sand to increase surface area and prevent them from sinking into the sand. They also use this method when driving up mountains to prevent punctures. But if you can remember in my previous video on airplane tires, I talked about the very high PSI the large airplane tires are inflated to. The 747 tires can be inflated up to 210psi. This is because we are not planning to land on a beach anytime soon! No, I am kidding, we are able to have these high tire pressure because our tires are reinforced enabling us to increase the tire pressure which intern increase the strength of the tire. Commercial aircraft are more interested in strength than maneuverability. If you look at the top part of the thread you will see that we use straight patterns. This is to clear water from the tire when landing on wet runways. This is because unlike cars we do not need the “grip” to drive around corners constantly. What we want is strength and prevention of hydroplaning. Hydroplaning? This is essentially when your aircraft tire slips on top of the water. Water builds up under the tire and essentially lifts the tire off the ground causing you to lose contact with the runway surface and your tire just slides over water. Straight tire profiles like these helps eliminate this effect of water build up. An interesting tire profile or should I say design is with some nosewheel tires on private jets or aircraft with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage. As in the previous video I showed you that the 747 tires are all the same from the main gear to the nose wheel tires. These jet tires have what we call chines on the shoulder of the tire. They are essentially rubber extension and deflects the water when landing on contaminated runways away from the rear engines intakes to help prevent flame out.
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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      1:51 Those are some weird looking water tires.

    4. JoeM390

      I don't have to watch to know airplane tires don't need to have traction.

    5. lajoyalobos2009

      Ryanair's hard landing policy is likely because they don't trust their pilots and they'd rather tell them to do a "one size fits all" blanket approach. They'd have them slam it down as if they were landing in the middle of a blizzard on a solid sheet of ice, even if it was a hot and humid day. They (being low cost) might have even discussed this with their insurer and told them they've "developed a method" for significantly reducing runway accidents on landing to get a lower insurance rate.

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      I'm fairly certain that Captain Joe means TREAD, when he says THREAD.

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    10. Krishna Sujith

      Fun fact: Formula 1 cars used grooved tires with a similar profile to the 747 tires in the early to mid 2000's when pitstops were banned

    11. girish ganesan

      What is Pitch Trim wheel, Captain Joe?

    12. Me

      i fill my tires with a 80/20 nitrogen blend. it has good performance and it is easier to source than pure nitrogen.

    13. Benjamin Plotke

      Perhaps the brakes locked while hydroplaning, but the rubber melted when it stopped hydroplaning. I'm other words, maybe it was like applying the brakes before landing in dry conditions

    14. jeff mitchell

      I load trucks at FedEx. I watched this video because I'm always loading those big heavy tires with straight threads. Now I know what they are! 😊

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      Do all jet airliners skid start there tires on landing ?

    17. Krzysztof Szyszka

      During pre-flight tire inspection, how do you inspect the very bottom of the tire? You can't get a good look at it, because it's pressed against the ground!

    18. J. Sterling

      The tires are made with straight grooves for one reason, Water channeling during taxi, while the runway is plowed and de-iced clear during winter weather, rain water is the reason. The tire treads channels push the water the away from under the tire ( similar to a car tire) with this design, it allows traction on the runway and ramp. These tires vary in size (depends on aircraft ), inflated with nitrogen and are rather expensive. Due to the constant scalping of the face, caused by sudden contact when landing, the average tire life is limited before it's required to be changed.

    19. Malcolm Anon

      Kennedy Steve on the intro ATC

    20. Ad Addv

      I worked at An aircraft maintenance company (responsible for landing gear and airframe related components) for some time (administrative), and i was taught something completely different. The smallest craft we worked on was the A320 and the lines on the tire have nothing to do with getting rid of water. The plane is way too heavy to worry about water buildup. It pushes water out of the way just fine. The only reason is to be able to check for wear on the tire and how even the wear is. But then again, maybe i talked to someone who had no idea.

    21. pAk0dA • Hollywood777records

      Your link didn't work Captain Joe ...

    22. Sergio Rovira

      Hola Captain Joe! I am delighted with every video you share to us. Regarding the tyres, I have been thinking fora long time, that it would be a good idea is the tyres spin more or less at the landing speed before they touch the run way. Just after the landing gear is down, using the air flow, through some tabs in its sidewalls, the tyre can start spinning, so the touch won't be form zero speed, and the tyre life is increased. The spin speed of the tyres must be lower as the airplane speed, so they doesn't affects the airplane attitude. What do you think? Saludos: Sergio

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      Interesting commentary... I recall our civilian flight line crew at KHOP helping change a tire on one of the charter Omni Air birds and have noticed the tread patterns before but never gave it much thought, even after beginning my private license. Thanks for sharing... Always like picking up new information (especially the tire shoulder design... never saw that before).

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      I'm a 30 yr aircraft engineer who is licensed on the 747 and you videos are still teaching me.Thanks.

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      Hi Joe, It's tread. The grooves in the tyres are treads. (Same word as 'to tread, to step on'). This is the same in both American and British (and influenced) English. Tyres can also have threads, in the ply of fabric used to create the body of the tyre. Though, such tyres are no longer common in automotive uses - presumably not in aviation either! There may still be some protective fabric over the body though, with threads. ;). Bicycle tyres are still typically made of woven ply bodies though.

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      The last bicycle I had before my current one had a front wheel that perfectly sprayed water into my face and it wasn't just randomly into my face. It sprayed the water up over my glasses so that it missed both my helmet and my glasses and landed right into my eyes. Brilliant! I ended up putting chemistry goggles into my bike bag just in case it started raining because I didn't have the money to buy anything to block it but I already owned the chemistry goggles from having taken so many years of chemistry. When I was very young, I hydroplaned my car and I could feel it floating. This was the first time I had ever been in a car that felt like that but I had taken driver's ed so I at least knew what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. What instantly popped in my mind was that now my car was more like a boat and, just as boats can only turn so sharply and can't effectively brake, my car was just like that while I was floating on the water. It was a good stretch of water and it was on the freeway too but I wasn't going anywhere near as fast as normal because the visibility wasn't good because of the heavy rain. I did have to make a turn while I was still hydroplaning. As soon as I knew I was floating in water, I let off the gas but did not apply the brake at all except to alert the cars behind me that I'd be slowing down by making the light come on without engaging the actual brake. Then I made sure that I was spaced with the cars in adjacent lanes so that if I used up more than my lane for such an imprecise turn that at least I wouldn't hit anyone else's car. After all, lanes are only as important as not hitting other vehicles. It did end up working out just fine and I eventually lost enough speed by simply not applying any more gas that I stopped floating on the water. The heavy rain was only in a small area too so it stopped being so bad after just a little bit. I didn't know you could melt a tire though. All the times I have hydroplanes, I never hit the brakes. I had a motorcycle for a while and I noticed that wider tires mean you can't turn as sharply. I noticed that right away because I was used to riding a bicycle as far as two-wheeled vehicles go. I also noticed that cold weather tends to make the tires a lot harder, less grippy, and therefore less maneuverable. I used to refuse to ride if the temperature dropped too low and this was my only vehicle at the time so I pissed some people off but it's not good to go out when the conditions aren't safe.

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      It is a real ground School of Joe....thanks my friend ! Nice aviation Channel.

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