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    "A Snezhnayan storm is starting to blow towards the other nations. Brace yourselves, Teyvat is about to get cold."
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    1. venti lol

      tbh for riptide as long as your strategic and switch quickly, use childe only for times needed, switch back immediantly to either another character or range stance the cooldown isnt rlly a problem

    2. Erlin Rahmat

      His english va carries the whole fandom istg 💀🤚

    3. Akwueh

      ok but seeing as some fatui have guns, or at least something similar wouldnt this mean that childe both can use one and can use one better than a bow-

    4. オーロラH-L

      Im like bennet, My unlucky didnt bring Tartaglia home

    5. Solaris Twili

      *AoE Hydro damage*

    6. Avi Jain

      His moves are kinda similar to abyss herald

    7. Orphan Hunter

      Where my not compatible gang at?

    8. John Smith

      Honestly, the key to playing Tartaglia is mastery of Riptide. And switching back as soon as you see the red marks over his head. Letting it go till auto-end just makes the cooldown that much longer for barely a tenth of a second of melee stance.

    9. Void

      It would’ve been better if his ultimate was to use the foul legacy

    10. iam dead-inside

      "the longer the cooldown" Me getting 111 cooldown time: *surprised pikachu face*

    11. Kiorii-Chan

      "A Snezhnayan storm is starting to blow towards the other nations. Brace yourselves, Teyvat is about to get cold." *chills, literal chills*

    12. Overskys

      why do the attacks at 2:30 fit with the beat of the music it's beautiful

    13. Flega GT

      Buff childe

    14. In my Valentino WHITE bag

      Someone tell me if Childe will ever come back again after 1.4 I wished so much for him but never got him :( pls

      1. In my Valentino WHITE bag

        @Yuki Esu thanks! :D now I wait and save

      2. Yuki Esu

        He will come back again just like other characters. It's only a matter of when because it seems like it'll be a long time before he comes back this time. This rerun of him isn't even a good one since miHoYo just used him as a filler like Keqing.

    15. Andre Faelnar

      I wonder if Childe has friends named Baybi and Kidd?

    16. Kiki Winter

      I ❤️ Childe

    17. Theda Widjaya

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    18. Surya16 Djisamsoe

      Mihoyo do something about her E skill cd😭


      Will there be a event of the whole of teyvat going cold

    20. Bruh Moment

      whats the song from 0:00 to 0:59?

      1. BidderMoon 15

    21. Nyx Dth

      Who else still doesn't have him? ...:(

      1. Julius Valencia II

        I got him😊

    22. Margie Macaranas

      I just got him today along with rosaria didn't even get a single barbara so am happy

    23. Neko Kotori

      I want Boss version of child

    24. Sanchit

      There should be a plunging attack for his melee stance as well

    25. Kiki Winter

      I just got childe and I’m already in love!!!

    26. • Zhong Li •

      ahh yes "childe fowl legacy" *wait*

    27. Abdul Aqsa

      Is that diluc voice??😂😂

      1. chief fish

        it's dain

    28. loolpau

      MI NOVIO

    29. Boi Kalansai

      Griffin is so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! He did a great great greeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt job! Griffin the Best! ♥

    30. Jyran 2.0

      So much for getting the perfect fighter on my team

    31. Dragonfly M.C.

      Don't mind me. I am just here... A newbie in the game... Watching this after I got him in his banner's rerun after 2 of the 10x pull earlier today. #F2P I AM STILL FREAKING OUT! HE IS MY FIRSY 5 STAR CHARACTER!

      1. shameful rectum

        Good job on getting a strong damage dealer man

    32. Nel Escobedo

      I pulled my 60th wish last April 5th and when I saw the yellow orb fell from the sky I was shocked because I didn't expect it then Childe showed up along with Fischl and my sister found me screaming.

    33. hahaha no.

      Childe in this video: *probably one shotted the enemies in one single 'Q' attack Meanwhile mines: **acting all badass but actually missed most of the oponents**

    34. Арина Кунченко

      Nobody: Really Nobody: MiHoYo: Snezhnaya ёпт

    35. miya.


    36. Kyle Gadson

      I feel like tartaglia is flexing himself because he's a bow user


      It's sad that there is no best version of Genshin Impact for PSP 3000, being the best portable console to play and save video games, watch and save HD videos, listen and save music in MP3, etc... I'm very disappointed by this because the PSP 3000 is the only video game console that has managed to meet all the requirements to be able to entertain me, managing to become in my only favorite console. Since that I saw the trailers and the characters of the game, I loved the Genshin Impact video game, so much, that I want to play it, fully exploring the game, doing everything possible to get all my favorite characters, creating my 2 favorite teams, completing all the 7 elements to complete the game 100%, but... unfortunately... I can't play this game for various reasons even if I want to play it. - My PC does not have the system requirements and I am not going to buy a Gamer PC because I have investigated that they are very expensive and I do not have so much money to buy one... - My cell phone does not have the system requirements and for the same reason of the money I cannot buy another cell phone... - My PSP 3000 has all the system requirements, but... the big problem is that... there is no Genshin Impact video game for this console... miHoYo... I know that it's selfish what I'm going to ask you... but... could you please create the best version of Genshin Impact offline for PSP up to version 1.4? You would make a lot of poor people happy who want to play Genshin Impact Please?

    38. Kiking

      If only he had a plunge attack while on melee stance...

    39. Mohammad Zahid New York

      Excellent game

    40. Balqis Batrisyia

      *Enemies appeared* Them: pressed E tactically Me: E dush dush dush *cooldown *changed character another E dush dush dush *challenge complete

    41. Fireandbutter Flies

      Those who couldn't get him even in this banner 🥲🥲 When could be the second rerun?

    42. Why

      Cough* uhm sir STOP SHOWING OFF

    43. R Vanlalruati

      I was just wishing this morning since I had over 800 primos and out of nowhere, I got rosaria and tartaglia! I like both of them so much so I'm looking forward to use them somehow. Though, now my party is even more scattered than before

    44. Isabella De La Torre

      yuh get into it Ed SHeeran 🥵

    45. Del

      child but with e

    46. Mya Myogi

      Finally got him after skipping him back then to get Zhongli Now I have them both

    47. Jam

      My sister got him with her 3rd wish... i'm happy for her but also sad 'cause i wanted him so bad hahah

    48. An1m3verse

      Childe is the first character I’ve beaten the 50/50 to get and I’m so happy for it (especially since I thought I wasn’t going to get him after getting Venti twice)

    49. Binoy Mathew

      One of the OP characters. Period.

    50. Devvrath Desai

      I just got him on his re-run banner!

    51. Tar Tar Taglia

      I just got childe yes

    52. I ain’t even here I’m just a hallucination

      ....if this is what childe islike, then tell me why my noelle who isn't even c1 or anything stronger than him?-

      1. Yamisato Naofumi

        Hey fucked him over

    53. Benji Bonus

      The music here at the start is used in the Abyss Herald domain!

      1. Yamisato Naofumi

        Remember, he got his martial ability and battle hungry nature from Skirk. The Abyss was the place that made him into the warrior he is today. Without it, he would have been weak.

    54. Emil T. B.

      Awesome! I’m exited for the Snezhnaya Chapter in... oh wait Version 9.78?

      1. Cha

        ah yes in the year 2035

    55. Add more cards

      😗 child is a living weapon :| of tsaritsa

    56. early

      0:31 - 0:35

    57. Power Guido

      pls give me one

    58. fatmat leo

      Just got him

    59. Suyash Kumar

      He is the coolest character and my most favourite character

    60. Kaylee R

      I'm only here because I got Childe on his banner, and I know NOTHING about him :')

    61. varenik

      тар тар таглия ловер оф снежнаин куин хи хас э сят

    62. Lina

      As childe main I can confirm that he literally yeets the arrows than actually shooting them

    63. Ice Chillin

      Yo 😱 pog😍

    64. Justin Tseng

      The strats they gave were really effective

    65. Nathan Versoza

      This is so usefull cuz i just got him lol

    66. Venti non-haver :'D

      "Teyvat is about to get cold" c r y o b l a d e c h i l d e ?

    67. lychee luvv

      lmao im horrible with bow-characters so its such a shame I wouldn't be able to utilize him properly

      1. Destrovine

        You're gonna use him mostly in melee stance so you'll be safe

    68. Umer Playz


    69. Moe- Lester

      We can’t lie that we bullied the cryo regisvine many many times

    70. Khen Isiah Bacallo

      Bruh i just got childe in one try

    71. Crunchy_Ankles3

      i will get you childe, come home 😭

    72. Teen Titan


    73. Afatar Ing

      Idiot mihoyo

    74. Aether :O

      Yo those treasure hoarders at the start know what's about to happen to them XD


        That's why they're backing off.😂

    75. yum


    76. Potrenz

      1:20 Whoa you okay there, Narrator???

    77. Lalith Krishna Paragi

      Me watching this after pulling Childe :')))

    78. aaa a aaa

      hi targlai

    79. RainY Sun

      Anyone feel like he’s brainwashed?

    80. gothicc

      all i could think of is griffins tik toks

    81. •Aeko tea•

      Aahh yes that *"Hey girlie hold still-"* guy

    82. nazyuki


    83. pl6xus

      Oh he applies Hydro? My Childe applies Cryo and is tinier than usual. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. pl6xus

        @trees speak latin Yes 🥲

      2. trees speak latin

        U also got qiqi'd?

    84. warlock sorcerer


      1. chief fish

        @warlock sorcerer it's big because there's many new stuff? 🤨 You think a game where you can do anything and a huge map cost 1gb 🤨

      2. chief fish

        aww your out of storage with your card box phone 🥺

      3. Fireandbutter Flies

        @THE REALEST ONE ahaha


        @warlock sorcerer characters don't increase size much. It's the new content and events. They are already doing everything they can to make this game as small as possible that's why pc and console users are suffering. Because they are being held back by mobile players. MIHOYO isn't bringing any permanent content because it would increase the size of the game. I'm a mobile player and I'm playing this game all the time without any problems. And I bet my phone is cheaper than yours because it's not Samsung. If you're feeling this way then you should really give up on this game because they've only released like 2 out of 7 areas as of right now. By the end I think this game will easily be over 35 gigs.😂 And may be I'm not feeling those 6gb updates as much because I have unlimited internet plan. 😂

      5. warlock sorcerer

        So even one new character add then you update 6gb data fair or unfair what you think of that?

    85. Adam Arlei

      why don't mihoyo release complex characters like childe again? instead they release braindead overcreep after another


        Yeah they should. People that call Hu Tao pyro Tartaglia should look at his E cooldown first. It's a huge nerf, something Hu Tao lacks.

    86. Tsu. yuri


    87. Zackary Uljua

      Came home with the first single pull, I won the 50/50, thank god i didn't whale

    88. Anonymous Seal

      Okay, is this like some clue to what will happened next in genshin? 👀 5:41

    89. Pizza Stecher

      Me and the boys after getting Tartaglia on his rerun: *Tar- Tar- taglia...*

    90. Nicole Max

      Yeah sure... recommend this when I lost 50/50 on his banner and got qiqi

    91. min

      congratulations mihoyo u has successfully brainwashed me to pull him-

      1. Feliksi _

        @idk haha Absolutely, got him a day and half ago and i'm having an absolute blast with him

      2. idk haha

        is he good

    92. Fischl

      i got c2 diluc😔

    93. Rica Cagampang

      He's home 😭💕

    94. Akame Zelixaine

      Im here cause I got childe even thou I wanted rosaria ;-;

    95. Manchurian Candidate

      Dealing aoe Hyrdo damage

    96. 2KA23 Luthfi Rachman

      thank you mihoyo, i got him in my 35 pulls :D. Good luck for everyone

    97. Tartaglia aka Childe

      Good luck getting me to actually come to your party with these drop rates, comrade!

    98. Pedro Silva

      I really hope to get Childe...❤️👑

    99. Claire D

      Childe isn’t really weakest with the bow his true enemy is chop sticks

    100. GreenApple CZ

      "And also apply the Riptide status to the enemy" - *the most used sentence in this video*