Nicki Minaj - Yikes (Lyric Video)

Nicki Minaj

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    1. Aidai Kylychbekovna

      Please duet with Cardi B

    2. Fans Nicki

      Get this lyric 8 m for Queen Nicki 🥺

    3. Fans Nicki

      The Queen 😍 💜🦋

    4. Ambrielle Bush

      You’re elite if you knew this song before a few weeks ago due to TikTok 😌💅🏽

    5. Flor’s world beauty

      My mom thinks I look like you

    6. b4rrbiS1utt

      Omfg this needs more recognition 😭

    7. Beyonce Knowls

      NICKI MINAJ!! 💜❤️💓 YIKES!!!!!!... ✌️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... AINT NO BACK TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    8. Kho dee Impo

      Nicki’s voice is my stress reliever tbh.

    9. Kho dee Impo

      Yikessss u a clown, u do it for likes yikesss!

    10. wut ?

      She holds so much power with her voice

    11. Ididntasktobebornlatina ok


    12. AZA AKHIRA23

      Love it

    13. Tara Brooks


    14. Syawal Fitri

      AMA 2020- FAVORITE FEMALE ARTIST -- RAP/HIP-HOP ...Winner Nicki Minaj congratulations queen 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

    15. chads btch


    16. yumeko jabami


    17. The Win

    18. J I N ' S L A U G H

      Nicki’s songs are always bangers. Probably why almost every single one she takes out gets used a lot on tiktok

    19. Bryant Hernández


    20. S. Danial


    21. jason aldean

      she never misses🔥

    22. Faiiryliigxts

      Me when I discover transitions on PowerPoint in 3rd grade:

    23. AyoTaiwan

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    24. mihajlo kevkic

      Lil kinky,debitch and cardi blob could never!😬😒💖

    25. Souhail Wahrani

      Get this lyric 8 m

    26. Brandí Braandí

      You can’t deny she’s really the best !! “What’s the hype this is something light” YIKES 😬

    27. anwar huma

      ITS BAG TALK NOT BACK TALK ppl on tiktok 😭🤣🤣🤣🙄

    28. Dzumedzissa Luís

      i love her music it is so frickin good and also dont pretend u dont like nick it emberassing thankk u for 2 likes

    29. zeruel31

      pretty good music

    30. Bruna Navy


    31. Faith Lewis

      This fire. Simple....

    32. Raja Patel

      Song of the century

    33. Labi Koes

    34. Dakira Dixon

      My saggitarius Queen (I’m also a saggitarius)

    35. Random Videos!

      Let's get to 1 Billion! Also check this out

    36. 브루노BRUNO

      b a c k t a l k 🤔⁉️

    37. I_sound_dumb _


    38. N Major

      Imagine just coming to a KGup video so you can dislike it #hopeyougetalifesoon

    39. Beauty Istifanus

      💯 this song deserve better, should be on Grammy list award

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    41. Cloudy.mocha.symone

      Back talk He ain’t got not time for money back talk it’s quiet ain’t no back talk

    42. Heppy Angelin

      ▶▶ 💦 ❤ I loro stati di salute💕 rispettivi prevenisrlifmdl それは食べるのに良い場所です💞 le site officiel n'est pas un DVD ❤j#


      She didn't really go all out in this song



    45. ꧁DragonWolfie G¡rl꧂

      She cussed bout 17 times :>

    46. Tayah Mckay

      “You dirty bum b****es know”


      Bhad bhabie

    48. cinnamon girl

      does anyone else scream BAG TALK? QUIET AINT NO BACK TALK

      1. Icey _joy

        Especially to the trumpies now that Biden won 😌

    49. london elle

      2:11 for the tiktokerz

      1. 0.00

        london elle You egg

    50. Ashya Petty

      “you a clown, you do IT for likes” IT= clown😫Nickis forever the queen

    51. Melanie peters

      Nicki will always be queen so y'all get used to it queen nicki

    52. Jasmine Hd

      This song so fire I play it every day in my car

    53. Jerry Billett

      Dreezy bodied the alleged queen and ya'll barbz are sad AF denying it.

    54. Dasani VLOGS

      I love how she can pull 3 different flows on the same beat

    55. Holy Ghost

      Anyway I was thinking Anisa Annalisi Miraj for my daughter's name...

    56. Holy Ghost

      Nicki go to sleep 🙃

      1. Ultrabloxian

        Make her sleep and I'll make you sleep forever

    57. Holy Ghost

      Nigga back up, might get smacked up. But your wack fuck... Cuffs tight up... Rican but I'm black. Fuck. Eyes green don't sound right curly hair Jhvh wanna fight? 🤓

    58. Paulywap 612

      2:11 BAG TALK

    59. lil marco

      Trash shes overrated asf

      1. M

        but you listened

    60. Mayk Alves de Andrade

      i wan't more of this nicki please

    61. Game keeper uk Wildlife


    62. Addison Denman

      0:43 You a clown

    63. Varaidzo Guvaza


    64. dubaiboy101

      I fucking love this woman!!! ❤👑 like imagine going through life pretending you dont like her, SAD!

    65. Steven Jordan

      Wait til you see what I do to them.

    66. Steven Jordan

      When I find out it's over.

    67. Cynthia Chepkirui

      It's quiet ain't no back talk

    68. Mingle Lee


    69. Mingle Lee


    70. Mingle Lee


    71. Itsjust Psalm

      Shey said the N eord theres no ptoblem with that stop spreading hate because of that remember shes also black

    72. Abby Hernandez

      Girl it bag talk i thought it said back talk

    73. Abby Hernandez

      Backback. Bcak backin it up

    74. eli

      Bruh I never knew I would be so obsessed with Niki and her songs like this 🤩

    75. honeyitszee

      BAG TALK *dun dun dun* it's quiet, ain't no back talk

    76. Midori_daikon 7

      i mean her lyrics verses rhyme is all class.

    77. • lanii •

      i love cardi, but nicki was my childhood😌.

    78. milky

      My headphones are shaking

    79. Samira Tv

      Best song for me 😘😘😘

    80. Salem Mengistu


    81. no one . com

      it's quiet ain't no back talk

    82. Mommy Vs bad kids

      U getting good

    83. RaisedYouFromPerdition

      *"You a clown you do it for likes"* this was definitely a diss on quavo when he refused to back up the queen during the nicki hate train after motorsport

    84. RaisedYouFromPerdition

      Don't be shy Nicki, release some new music

    85. Hassan Hosein


    86. Julia Mahmud

      im back for my queen

    87. jaiden

      0:06 She's THE queen.

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    89. Rahje’e Aloure

    90. MIZ KaPoni


    91. Sole Magus

      Her flow is bananas.. she got better over the years frfr

    92. Shae Garcia


    93. JR Podium



      Throat cut

    95. D sirono desenuts

      No u not Meghan is the queen of rap ... you Here it here first ....

    96. real barbz !

      “ all you b****** Rosa parks uh oh get ya a** up “ ouuu okay miss maraj 😍🔥

    97. Yefit Barbie

      You are The Queen 4 life 👑

    98. Nicki Minaj

      Calling all barbz 🥰

    99. PHANTOM

      Stop comparing Nicki and cardi Their both talented 👻

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