747 Slams Landing So Hard They Bounce | Viral Debrief

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    0:00 Intro
    0:37 Runaway Plane
    04:34 Crosswind Landing
    07:27 Hard 747 Landing
    10:57 Destroyed Engine
    13:23 Low Flying

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    1. smart451cab

      I wonder why the throttle controls are independent if they're always supposed to be operated in tandem.

    2. smart451cab

      The fact that I've spent WAY too much time watching your videos when I've got real life matters I should be attending to instead is testiment to the entertainment value of them, and your near half million subscribers. I'm 67 and have only flown a handful of times, most miles in 757s. I've always regretted that I never flew on a 747. Seen at ATL on the ground, and wished. Saw Air Force one depart TAFB. That's as close as I got. :-(

    3. jonathan glass

      It appears he only has about 70% vision from how squinty his eyes are. I dont know if I would trust him to fly me either 👀

    4. Deminica Kashada

      I can assume that the pilot in last video was actually a student, because at one koment i heard someone ordering "hands on the yoke" in Russian. Also there wase two voices, one of which costantly reporting current speed of 260-270 (km/h?), And other voice doing the same for altitude

    5. Bobby Spivey

      Like butter

    6. Machen Savira

      when they impact the runway that hard, are there ground crews watching this to inspect for any damage that might have occurred, or do they fuel up and send it out again? Personally if i saw that from the terminal, i would not get on that plane after the fact...

    7. Robert Stewart

      This is an expensive aircraft usually flown by experienced pilots. It looks like the keystone cops are trying to get this plane started. So it's good that they ran it into a hangar rather than getting it in the air where it could be deadly.

    8. Ministellar

      16:57 Perhaps it's got fixed props instead of continuous speed props, but it's one of those strange configurations where it has climb-angled props and normal cruise props and they need to be throttled differently.

    9. TheBearded _Guardian

      The last clip, with the split power levers. It sounds like the plane is a prop aircraft? Do turboprops need to do this?

    10. Bojan Kumric

      That last video I assume is AN-12 cargo plane, 4 turboprops. I know this guy's because they work for Ucraine Antonov Cargo company, and they have a ton of hours on Antonov cargo planes like AN-22, AN-124, il-76, maybe even AN-224. That box in the middle is radar monitor for weather, terrain and other airplane near by, and you can move to the Left and right to the copilot. That airplane it's a oold. That all what they have is steam gauges.

    11. Behrooz Nikahval


    12. Matthew Miller

      As someone who has severe irrational fear off flying (like I've had to be reminded repeatedly to keep breathing during take-off, and have minor freak-outs with every dip or turn, and adrenaline dumps with every minor change in engine power) I had a very interesting experience with a flight that had to divert (after circling the alternate location for a while) for low fuel due to weather. Apparently the person next to us was also uneasy about flying and I guess many people on the flight didn't grasp "have to land for low fuel" is more like "plenty of fuel to land safely but not enough safety margin to keep going to the original destination with buffer in case we can't land there immediately" and were freaking out as if it was about to fall out of the sky. Oh, and after landing/refueling we taxied out and parked, shutting down all the engines because "ground stop at the destination and we don't want to use up too much of this fuel we just put in". My issue is I can logically understand its safe but my brain still freaks out...and then I was freaking out because (1) we were going to miss connections and (2) I was going to have to endure what turned out to be 3 additional take-off/landings beyond the original planned trip, and (3) I wasn't sure how much this would mess up the other timeline and I really don't like when there isn't a firm schedule/plan for stuff and (5) the rebooking gave us like five minutes to layover in one of the intermediate flights which I'm fairly sure we ONLY made because basically the entire plane of people was with us and they didn't want to fly an empty plane and have to rebook EVERYONE again over a few minutes delay. I don't know how I'd react if something major mechanical happened mid flight, but there's a fair chance I'd be demanding a rental car to go home instead of a flight back, nomater how slow it would be.

      1. Kimberly Woodbury

        Reminded me of a flight I was on from London to NY back in the olden days when they would stop in Halifax to refuel. The pilot announced “Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have enough fuel to make it to New York” so we didn’t need the refueling stop. I looked at my husband and said “what does he mean ‘looks like’ ? Sure enough he came back on a few minutes later and apologized for the confusion - “we definitely have enough fuel to make it to make it all the way to New York.” I thought it was hilarious, and wonder who filled him in after his first announcement.

    13. Kyle McTeague

      Excellent as usual!

    14. Farnanonical

      3:05 The question isn't IF this was a code brown situation, but when did it become a code brown situation? My guess is when the doors shut.

    15. Mickiah Augustus

      When you land ,do all engines open.

    16. Sheila Crosby

      Your videos are really interesting

    17. Alpha Gamer

      that last guy was yanking the yoke so hard to the left i was expecting him to barrel roll the plane, i mean if you have to pull it about that hard just to get minor adjustments then that is so under sensitive

    18. Dennis Mason

      Yes, someone gave that dude a license to fly. Foot on pedal is complicated.

    19. Dennis Mason

      AAhh, pilot Kelsey, flying secret missions since 2006. Are you a world government that needs to move a new pulsar weapon? "No way", said the pilot, "we fly mercy missions".

    20. Killerspieler0815

      Oh YES , the forst guy is really suicidal ort loves choppig more than him self

    21. Kaleb

      The other thing that doesn't make sense... your thumbnails look like you have a makeup channel.

      1. 74 Gear

        Not sure how all those planes makes you think make up but 👍🏻

    22. Leslie Rhorer

      Why is he jerking that yoke all over the place? I am not an expert pilot, but I have never come close to making that sort of huge control maneuver. Hell, I have never even made those kind of moves in a car. It looks like he is driving a racing yacht.

    23. Jason Schultz

      30 years ago in college, our band had a charter flight to Miami for a bowl game. The pilot slammed and bounced the plane so hard to the ground that he broke something! We got an extra day on the beach as they had to get us a replacement plane!! Lol! We were all sore like a we were in a car accident for days! We needed you to fly us then, but you were probably in diapers;)

    24. The Kill

      That last video, the PF kept having to skootch up in his seat during the approach too.............that seems pretty sketchy. Also, when he is pulling all the engines back, #1 engine was left up a little bit. Either out of adjustment, or unintentional asymmetric thrust......

    25. CJ Broz

      On the 5th segment, you mentioned that you heard a 500 ft altitude call? All the transmissions seemed to be in Russian. I didn't hear "500", though I did hear something that kinda sounded like it. Here were the altitude ("vysota") calls I heard, and they confirm the point you made about coming in low. 13:58 - 70 meters 14:01 - 60 meters 14:05 - 40 meters 14:11 - 30 meters 14:14 - 20 meters 14:18 - 10 meters 14:20 - 5 meters

    26. Liam Ellis

      Was Kelsey's 1st multi engine flight in a cessna?

    27. MaryLee McDaniel

      On a flight from California to NY after being delayed in SFO for most of the day (Jet Blue) A part made a noise near the wing where we were sitting ... they tried to fix it but then we deplaned because pilot wanted the part changed out which they had to get from the airport across the bay ... (glad the pilot was diligent) When we landed in NY, it was like the plane said "I'm done" and plopped down on the runway ... didn't bounce ... but the sleeping passengers were more than startled when it woke them up and the air masks had all dropped down.

    28. East Coast Golfer

      That looked like an amazing landing

    29. mrpresidentbarry

      Why not continue showing the rest of the 747’s landing???!🙄😩😂

    30. Mário Ghio Neto

      My theory in the first video is that the “Wind” created by the prop closed both doors and made it hard to open them again

    31. Cursed Paladin

      A 747 won't bounce easy, but a herc or a globe trotter will, source - i live directly in line with canadas largest airbase runway, Beautiful to watch

    32. lizardkeeper100

      my third time ever in a plane (737) the pilot bounced the plane and I am now scared of flying. I watch your videos to get past that fear and am thinking I might go get training to fly airplanes to get past my fear.

    33. Michel Rail

      I learned to fly in a bush pilot school in Quebec, Canada. In winter, temperature reached -30C with the windshield factor. Not fun on the wing of and airplane and brush off the snow and ice. We were trained in keeping hand start the engine. In this kind of cold weather, the battery was never enough to start the engine. My instructor would wait inside where it was warm until the engine started showing some warmth. The technique included a leg swing that helped pulling the propeller down and at the same time pulled you away from the prop.

    34. T H

      You never know. That 747 hard landing my of been a cause of a two engine landing..

    35. Timothy Schneider

      Also, don't pilots slam down on purpose sometimes if the runway is shorter? And why aren't you a captain yet? You're so knowledgeable.

    36. Terence Rucker

      Lol. Welcome to Russian Aviation! Just Google "Russian Aviation" or better yet, KGup. there isn't anything like the Russians.

    37. Monk Petite

      Great stuf .. good narration The cirrus guy could have used wheel chocks. And or beter . A power cart. As it’s not wise to take off with bad battery. The Russian plane has no all flying tail. So there is not always a possibility of a standard decent. This is the limitation for them not be able to fly all airports in Europa. The trash on top is radar , used for IFR flight. Old stuff but it works like a first version radar plotter. Spitting power / trust levers can be used for traversing as these birds are very sloppy and sluggish like an old ww2 bomber. Remember these Russians are flying with 5 man crew and 3 guys are manipulating the controls. The guy in red is not alone there are two of them moving that yoke. Russian planes are strong like their pilots .. they told me 😉

    38. Hakan Sicakoglu

      Hi Kelsey, Can you put go pro's on one of your flights so we can see you in real action? Thank you.

    39. tundralou

      May have broken a few inbrd flap attachments on the 47 bounce.

    40. Shadow

      It is an old russian aircraft (An-12) Those usually operate on babushka magic and the sheer will of the crew to not die. An idea of why they could have done that is so they keep two of the engines spooled up at max power. Especially on older aicraft, which had horrendous spool up times from idle to max. This is an actual technique and something, which was incorporated into design, especially in older navy carrier aircraft. They would have speed brakes deployed while landing, so they could keep the engines at higher rpm in case of bolters and wave-offs. Some aicraft even had special devices, which would deploy to kill off lift at higher speeds. This could be the technique used to keep at least two engines max output in case of need. He gave it a 70 degree turn on the yoke and the thing barelly rolled... So you know it is a boat :D

    41. Rodney Ringler

      On the Cirrus video... it's hard to tell, but I believe the person on the right side of the aircraft tossed his bag out and jumped out from inside the runaway aircraft. either way... the parking brakes were not set.

    42. Kenden Reed

      Re: 13:23 Someone mentioned this is an An-12 with manual controls. It seems like he's using the throttles as a control aid since the yoke is so heavy. This also explains why he's handling the yoke two-handed

    43. Jimmy Palmisano

      No Kelsey, what happened was the person that fell was in the plane and he got scared and jumped out because he thought it was going to take off without the pilot

    44. rsg1963

      Couldn't it have been one of those micro-burst downdraft things? < Very technical, lol

    45. Glenn Chartrand

      I dont think he was trying to start the engine. I think the starter failed and he was checking to see if the engine was turning freely He probably had his kid in the left seat "Hit it again!" Clunk "Now" Clunk "Again" BURURURURURURURUR "OH SHIT!" The person in the right seat was in the middle of exiting the aircraft when it started rolling and they fell onto the ground. Dad ran straight in front of the prop to get to the kid. The kid panics and tries to climb out of the seat but pulls the door shut instead. And the whole circus goes straight into a wall.

    46. mjl1966y

      My question is this: Why did all that left aileron input seem to have no effect? He's cranking that wheel a lot and the plane does not appear to bank.

    47. mjl1966y

      That's why God invented chocks. And what was the throttle set at? Light aircraft at idle usually stay put.

    48. Mathias Anderssén

      Holy crab, batman!

    49. shaustin22

      Do you plan on upgrading to Captain?

    50. PhantomMark

      That crosswind landing was mint.....very nice.

    51. Lyndi Wittmann

      Wait, the plane isn't supposed to bounce? *eyes Delta* That was your signature move.

    52. Mike Terrine

      You are bald

    53. Tommo A

      Hi, great video. I'm wondering about that 747 landing. It looks as if the flaps on the side nearest the body of the plane shake violently (as I guess most things did when that happened). But I'm wondering, in the event of a landing like that, would they ground the next flight so that they can do a thorough inspection of the plane beforehand? I imagine it's a bit like going over a speed bump way to fast and damaging the shocks on your car. It probably wouldn't pass it's annual safty inspection.

    54. IAMBOBBY

      5:25 that right or pilots side wings really bounces..

    55. MadFinnTech

      7:27 That's like my 747 landings in the FS2020!

    56. Ingens_Scherz

      That pilot in the red shirt keeps working the throttle to compensate for his shifting beer belly.

    57. James Padre Juan

      hey i saw this in the "You Can Always Go Around" vid lol

    58. Mad Scientific

      Just say "learn how to hold a phone for video" Implied: it doesn't have the word "portrait" anywhere

    59. David Weis

      In mother Russia, when landing plane,earth move up to meet plane!

    60. Sloppy Joe

      Kelsey are you an Atlas pilot? What is your background?

    61. Zigeris G

      Always was told to cut the power before landing. I've been lied to! All the hours being 11 years old playing MS flight sim and Jane's USAF was a farce! Q_Q

    62. mantenimiento

      I wonder what the passengers felt

    63. Dan Triplett

      I’d be curious to see your response to this but I was flying with me wife years ago and we were right over the back edge of the wing and I was in the window seat. As we were flying I was looking at the wing and notices what looked like wet streaking marks on the wing that came from a spot on the wing that an obvious “something “. As we were coming in for a landing I noticed fuel pouring out of that area and running down and off the wing. It was so obvious I pointed it out to my wife. After we landed I waited to get off and notified the flight attendant of what I saw. She thanked me and said she would inform the capt. we went inside and our layover was right there in the area. After a while that flight attendant came over and thanked me again and told me that they grounded that plain. What did I see and why? Thanks

    64. Freedomrun32

      Just found this channel and it's really damn good !

    65. forteandblues

      Lol I think that thing on the dash is a portable TV.

    66. UR HIRED HR

      Didn't care for the last pilot whatsoever. We are told altitude is your friend. For him to have a long, low, drawn out approach would be catostropic at such a low altitude should something occur. I would also add he did not look comfortable on the approach.

    67. piast99

      5:20 - if it was the FO landing that plane he was looking at the runway through the side window for sure.

    68. jjohnston94

      Splitting the throttles: could it be that the engines are slow to respond, so they leave two at full power until they're sure they don't need them? Just guessing. I once overheard a couple of old timers talking about flying the first generation of turbojets, and they were so slow to respond, they would let out a drag chute on final and leave power on, and the go around procedure was just "cut the chute loose".

    69. Horizon301

      5:40 *she

    70. LJ Andrewes

      For the first segment can we get a Darwin Award honorable mention? Or at least an A for effort?

    71. Gordy

      Why do we have to watch you watch these videos? So we can see your serious pilot face?

    72. keth templar

      Speaking of rough landings, My family lives in Australia, but we went to the US for a vacation. We landed in memphis when Micheal Jackson died, and the landing of that united airlines A320. Was so bloody rough. The pilot slammed it into the ground so hard that luggage was thrown from the overheads into the isles, and my mum actually had her neck thrown out.

    73. bob tor

      Hi Kelsey, how often are the cockpit seats replace. Thank you for your answer

    74. cellow

      The 747 was Ryanair

    75. Nino Arcocasa

      I think, the big thing in the middle of the dashboard at 15:30, maybe its their nav

    76. Internet W4nk3r

      It is clear to me that people with impulsive brain and motoric coordination will never be the best pilot. Keep (over) correcting will make the engines, the control surfaces, and the airframes upset. Even jet fighter pilot would not do that unless it is required in combat situation. These people would not even be the best driver, or even, cyclist. They need to know their limit and stay home, let everyone else safe.

    77. Johnny Shabazz

      Antonov: Finest Tractors In The Sky

    78. spidy9237

      parachute planes... boeing airbus

    79. loganinkosovo

      Did we land or were we shot down?

    80. Mike Larsen

      Note to self: Don't run IN FRONT OF a plane in motion with a propeller spinning.

      1. Mike Larsen

        @74 Gear Absolutely right, and THAT is a good thing to learn. LOL

      2. 74 Gear

        see you learn something new every day huh Mike? 😂

    81. Steven Connell

      I really enjoy your broadcast

    82. Sarah Mayo

      I love your videos, I've subbed. Just curious, are you in a hotel on a layover making yt videos? If so props, if not props anyways. Watching videos like these took away all the fear I had of flying. It's incredibly facsinating to me. I wish I had time and money to learn how to fly but alas, theres so many things I want to achieve in this life.

    83. Julian Danzer

      16:40 I don't knwo the specifics either but I can imagine that maybe for watever reason they don't want to run the engines on hlaf throtle so if you want half throttle it's easier to have two running on full throttle and two idling not sure why exactly that would be the case though

    84. RiorXD

      4:08 You dont know. well let me help you. the other person fell out the aircraft at 3:44 closing the door as he fell.

    85. Boulevard Service

      Kelsey,can you make a video about how to start a pilots training,what it costs,and what rules and criteria you should cover...i am 36 years old,i am car mechanic and i am playing aircraft simulators a lot...i am a fast learner and i want to know is there a chance for me to become a real pilot...i am learning a lot of everything about aircraft (military and civil) and surely i can be very good mechanic on them,but i think i will be better in flying them...i'm driving big trucks since i was 12 years old so i'm a very fast learner...please make a video on that..i'll be grateful...i like you very much...my name is Martin

    86. Brently27

      One of my best friends from High School flies for American and he tries to explain stuff to me when he is bored in the middle of the night. (he is a night owl) Anyway I never understand what he is talking about because I have never flown a plane. You are very good as explaining stuff to use regular people.

    87. Orpheus and Eurydice

      Excuses? Im afraid of heights but I'd make a great airline pilot 😂

    88. Orpheus and Eurydice

      This happened on a flight i was on once... 😂

    89. Matt M

      "That's something very hard to do with a plane that size" So my take-away from that statement is that the pilot was a true pro, and was trying to prove a point after someone told him that no one could make a 747 bounce

    90. pete shea

      are pilots warned not to talk about the flat and stationary surface Earth we live on kelsey?

    91. chris moss

      "a whole bunch of stuff"

    92. Rollo_Tomasi

      That first one should've had the Benny Hill music.

    93. The Sethioz Project

      no idea why youtube recommended me this, but why they go so low on the last clip ... cuz ruskies. also beginner pilots do this, i'd probably go low too when flying a real plane, it feels safer to go low before starting the landing process. If you're close to runaway, it's easier to smoothly go down. Why would he mess with the throttle? same reason - beginner pilot. He was adjusting it because he didn't know the speed needed to land the plane, perhaps it was first time landing. I have played lot of flying sims and I usually do same if I fly the plane for first time, I need to get the feel of the plane and best way of doing that, is adjusting the throttle and seeing how it responds. but in general I like to land at start of the runaway too, because if something goes wrong, you have more distance to throttle up again, not sure why he says it other way around. Just make sure you don't land before the runaway starts or you might park your plane in somebody's living room.

    94. Mike Deschene

      He's lucky that prop didn't come down on the back of his head... how NOT to hand prop. always down and away, don't lean forward. Great videos! Loving the debriefs and ATC vs pilots :)

    95. MrBobbysmithinhouser

      First time I ever flew we came into Columbus with a terrible crosswind and I'm looking out my window and it looked like I was looking dead on the runway lol scared the hell out of me lol

    96. ariebert versteeg

      In the 13th minute you see landing of the Russian An-12 plane with theuir weired contoll systems we don't know on western propellor aircraft. The flight angle when this plane is landing is very different than jet planes do. These An 12 have still big smoke trails during take off. With compliments from the Netherlands from Arie Bert Versteeg ;-)

    97. Don'tSpikeMyDrink

      was fake, not wasn't fake

    98. Artificial Intelligence

      If you start a plane by hand maybe you should chalk the wheels? I'm not a pilot but I think that would make sense.

    99. Roland Carlos

      that's why I don't fly in planes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    100. Robert Ansley

      What unnerved me with the last pilot is that he kept having to scoot back up into his seat! I'm thinking _tighten your seatbelt or something_ !