Record Breaking Day! Stage 5 Major League Fishing Smith Lake Alabama

Wheeler Fishing

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    Stage 5 of the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour on Smith Lake, Alabama. First place prize is $100,000. I break a Major League Fishing Pro Tour fish catch record! Cullman, Alabama is the host city for the 5th stop on the very first season of the major league fishing pro tour. Smith Lake is known for its Spotted and Largemouth Bass.
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    1. Joshua Craft

      Can someone please explain this semi extremely regarded rule when My Main G, JWheeler got a 2 min penalty for having a bass come off the hook pulling her in the boat and the fish falling on the Deck!?!? WHYYYYY!?!? I guess a rule among others to make things a tad bit more interesting! Reminding me of a 2 min hockey penalty getting put in the jail box lol! Anyway it happened around the 13:00-13:30 min mark in the video....

    2. Timothy Chambers

      you must have had the Early Corona virus

    3. Реальная рыбалка

      Hello of Russia, me well to this fishing my dream)

    4. Steve Hogan

      INTRO is looking sweet.

    5. Phillip Bowers

      Anyone going through all of there favorite KGuprs channels rewatching the vids cuz of covid-19

      1. Joshua Craft

        Yes 12 months later still presuming my KGup binge watching and finding new Favorites to add to my list like Wheeler, Jon B, bearded woodsman, etc etc lol

      2. Nate Starziski

        Yep still going :(

    6. Rico Hernandez

      Dude your. The Best love watching you fish. Learning a lot

    7. H. Jackson Mobley

      I think your one of the best. Im 57 and wondering if I am to old to compete. 5/16 oz bitsy bug black and blue with a shorty black zoom utail. Try it . The jack. West Point lake.

    8. Philip Thomas

      What a rush buddy I’d love to just sit and watch work your magic

    9. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

      Why can't I get a chatter bait to work, im from Florida? I will throw one all day and not a bite. I put on a worm and i catch one. I guess im not very confident throwing a chatter bait

    10. Joe Myers

      Uh DING!

    11. White River Angler

      Im sitting here after surgery and cant go fishing for a while. Man this is awesome to watch. Thanks for the video man!

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Appreciate the support and hope you feel better soon!

    12. Bobby Swain

      Dude this MLF stuff is intense......I like it

    13. Civilian #72583119

      What’s the deal with the 2 minuet penalty?

    14. Trucker King

      Great job! You SLAYED EM!!!

    15. Eddie Ray Cantrell

      You're one of my favorites. You, Bradley Roy and Andy Morgan. Great Day

    16. Duane Mansel

      MLF is a travesty with no search for the big fish. Catch a dink catch a dink catch a dink.

      1. JD 87

        Haters gonna Hate! And theres something wrong or not fun about catching 30+ fish - bass style- i think not

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Really depends on the fishery honestly. Most of the time when we are fishing we are fishing for bites in general. On a select few fisheries like Smith and Table Rock where there are large numbers of Spotted Bass and not that many bigger Largemouth Bass it will be more of a split. Kicking a field goal compared to throwing a long pass for the touchdown. Shooting a layup versus throwing up the 3 pointer.

    17. JemhidiahSSJ4

      Why so Serious? Kidding I know why!

    18. Garcia family adventure

      You are an animal! Jacob

    19. Shane Wells

      That dagum sugar free red bull got you hyped up didn't it...👀

    20. JJ CRUSHIN

      Enjoyed the vids. You gotta sweet dock skipper cast.

    21. Benjamin VanHesteren

      Why doesn't this have more likes?

    22. toddpossum

      The accuracy and efficiency of these pros is amazing!


        Well they are pro's.

    23. Ray Day33

      Are you sure your on Lewis Smith Lake? I despise that ocean

    24. Huckabeast

      We went there last summer it was a blast!

    25. Liam McClimans

      Can you do a video on how you approach a tournament and why you choose to use certain baits and why you choose to go to certain areas

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Be sure to check out some of my older videos! Definitely the ones from the classic this year I shot some videos of pre-pre-practice even

    26. Trufish v

      when and where will these mlf's be televised?

    27. M. D. RANGI

      those chemtrails must be causing a lot of pollution !! Did you know 5g and chemtrails work together !!

    28. Fetner58

      I live in east Alabama fish lake Martin, eufaula, Jordan, and Logan Martin mostly what 4 jack hammer chatterbaits would you buy first bc they cost so much. (Weight and color)

    29. The Gigliotti's

      What a life, nice job to have

    30. Anthony Lawson

      Awesome video was that a longas swimbait,? I didnt know they made a 4 inch .Thought they only made a 2 inch and 5 inch Jacob.

    31. Mladenka Miskovic

      You are the man

    32. Matt Brown

      Hey Wheeler, I am such a big fan! I Love getting to watch you work magic on the water and learning from you. I am from Georgia, my first job is being a Sheriff's Deputy and when I'm not on duty I am dropping the boat in an fishing. Keep up the good work fishing the MLF and keep posting videos!!

    33. Devin Negron

      What kind of swim bait head and swimbaits are you using and who makes the swimbait head and the swimbait?

    34. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      🔥🔥🔥 Good lord Jocob you friggin killed it bro,your cast was like wow,those cast between the Jetski,that was friggin tight 👊👍🍻🍺🍺

    35. chaz honaker

      When your On your On.. Nice fishin man..

    36. Jeremy McConnell

      Living the dream.

    37. Jet Lee

      Them 3lbser look hella small...

    38. VangsFishing

      Whew insane day

    39. Copenhagen Tv

      Go to lake cotama


      Hey JW..what size of ur rod,and reel ratio and lbs test would u use for throwing a a old school jig

    41. Bradley Langford

      What reels does he use ? I can’t really make them out.

    42. shadowhunterXD89

      This guy is the “lil dicky” of MLF Looks the same has the same raspy voice crazy keep it up man love the vids ❤️

      1. Daffy Duck

        Ive always thought that too. Just a but more mature lmao

    43. jasontheryan

      Ding. #dialedin

    44. Nick


    45. Justin Rader

      Love your vids but ditch the Chesty I about blew chunks watching this

    46. Dustin Fox

      Man when you pitched it in between that dock and jet ski like 3in wide 🤔

    47. Albert Tanian

      Mr Wheeler, whipping it up💯get da W!!🤙🏾🤙🏾

    48. myYOLOtek

      Hope you're feeling better brother! #AlwaysBeRecordingWithYOLOtek

    49. Harry Assenback

      Everyone says your great but I know the truth... you cheat! Somehow you befriend the fish, it’s like some kind of fish mind control. I’m onto you man.

    50. HellaBass

      Dang Lanky Spot

    51. Jellico Blue Devils

      I think that it's pretty cool that you use social media to share your decisions. I'm sure a lot of people learn from it, I know I do. I'd like to see you break down how you apply using a Whopper Plopper, Frog, and Spoon.

    52. Willie J. Allen Jr.

      Nice work, it's good to see you catch a ton of nice fish.

    53. Adam Kinnear

      Idk how you can sit there waiting to fish in the morning

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Red OCT man it’s so tough


      Hey JW..what brand bait and spinning reels u using..

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        MATT PLOHARSKI Shimano Stradic

    55. MissionFishin

      J-Wheels is the true Forest Gump of MLF. “That day, for no particular reason, I decided to pickup a bladedJig. Then I figured, since I caught this many, maybe I’d catch a few more..............”

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        MissionFishin 😂😂

      2. Dan


    56. old mcdonald

      what was he talking about when he mentioned a ferry one? at chick and everyone giving him crap. what was that all about

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Fairy wand! Spinning pole

      2. Alabama_Dawg

        Spinning rod.

    57. jake

      Awesome video man. The lake the officer was talking about lake catoma is a fire lake but it has a 25hp limit. I'd love to see what you could pull out of there. There's a video of Jordan Lee and Mark Zona fishing there( ) That's where I caught my personal best largemouth and spot. Good luck the rest of the way!

    58. Brian Grider

      Good job on day one bro!

    59. Brian Grider

      Good job on day one man

    60. Eric Barnes

      That cop who I know personally ain’t joking about Lake Catoma. Mark Zona and Joe Lee filmed a show out there. It’s just cool to see you driving through my hometown.

    61. TOXIC_WOLF

      Tune in bro Wasup Wheeler !!!!

    62. Byron Doughty

      What a hammer gj man!

    63. Tim Larson

      We are going to try to see you at Table Rock man hope you will be there love watching you

      1. 410 Fishing with Derek

        Yea he won there lol I bet you were excited to see that buddy

    64. Charlie Wells

      The precision at 8:30 in between the jetskis is awesome.

      1. Charlie Wells

        @Jimmy Comins , right. I have a whole new skill I need to start to develop.

      2. Jimmy Comins

        Charlie Wells I came to the comments to see if anyone else mentioned it. I usually think I’m a precision caster when I try. Nope. Not that good lol

      3. Charlie Wells

        @GME FckRobinhood, I just rewatched at that speed and that is amazing.

      4. GME FckRobinhood

        Playback speed set to 0.25 really lets you see that jig go perfectly in that tight space

    65. TurnerFishing

      Cheese and rice. That was a awesome day! What trailer was on the chatter bait

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        TurnerFishing lake fork magic shad and a storm largo shad

    66. Wil Gossett

      Do not pack his sh** 😂😂😂

    67. Nick Costa

      Dingers for days...💪🎣💪🎣💪🎣

    68. the_enthusiast

      Respect to showing penalties and all not just the highlights.

    69. Stinger Veteran

      Outstanding Jacob! You are the Man!

    70. Briggs Tillberg

      Rolling out with the police escort. That's how you know you had a good day of fishing

    71. Andy Glass

      Dude!! You are hands down my favorite guy to watch!! Keep up the grind!

    72. Dave Marty

      The casting skills folks. I’m in awe.

    73. Bassassin

      Nice job, J-Dub!

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        NorthernBasser 👊

    74. Mike C

      Ahh DING

    75. Michael Whitacre

      Josh Butts 🤣🤣🤣🤣 sup dude!!!

      1. Bassin time

        Sup Cuz!

    76. Aquavert GreenWorks

      Hey jacob can yall ask Duckett about making a XXH 8ft swimbait rod? I’d buy the hell out of it...

      1. Aquavert GreenWorks

        Jacob Wheeler Fishing yknow, for when MLF comes to california next time haha

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Aquavert GreenWorks 🤔I might have to work on that

    77. sam shepherd

      Jacob is catching machine!!!!! Mans on fire!

    78. Chadd Nichols

      What reels do you use?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Duckett Casting Reels, Shimano Spinning Reels

    79. don ross

      That was Fun! Ding! 😁👍 Congrats Jacob.

    80. Jerry Marshall

      The marshal didnt get a chance to work on his tan,ole boy prob felt like a jack in da box.

    81. Canadian Anglers

      Shout me out brother!

    82. Gary Lukas

      DING ? Don't pack his shit.

    83. Jared Stanley

      Is that the googan prototype chatter wagon?

      1. Perry Cole

        @Wheeler Fishing 888

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        It’s definitely not a Z-man, more to come on this later this year 🤐

      3. Alien

        Jared Stanley I don’t think so, looks like a zman brand

    84. Orlando P. Grilo

      🇧🇷 ótima pescaria ✌👊

    85. Birds nest Fishing

      It was so killer to watch but with the ending was better for the weekend! Thanks for the great update!!

    86. Brent Spencer

      LIKED and SHARED to

    87. Bill Oldham

      Good job

    88. vongv

      Whew put on a show!!way to go j-wheeler!

    89. Todd Stovall

      You killed them. That was awesome. Absolutely love watching you, MDJ and DC. Good luck. Tight lines.

    90. Buell Richmond

      At work about to get this video party started!!!!

    91. Kentucky Trapper

      If I got to use a fairie wond to get to where u are,string me one up. Great video.

    92. Ajw 007 white

      Great video I love the way you break down what you're doing and at different times of the video of an excellent job🍻🍻🍻

    93. Andy Carey

      Last time I fished Alabama the pine pollen wrecked me, never knew I was allergic to it.

    94. Robert Smith

      J-Wheels put it on them today , wow great job. Good lure info as well. Good behind the scene stuff , Keep them coming Sir

    95. Were just locals WJL


    96. Dyme Rafael BR - USA

      Whats that chatterbait trailer you using?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Lake fork magic shad

      2. Aquavert GreenWorks

        Zako or the new googan jointed soft plastic

      3. nick elliot

        Looked like a Yamamoto zako

    97. Jim O'Connor


    98. Garrett Horton

      Haha! How you felt getting out of bed "sick" is how the rest of us feel getting out bed everyday to go sit behind a desk...


        @Taka Yama are you kidding ???? I would love it !!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

      2. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

        @Wheeler Fishing you are the man. Do you think you will stick with mlf forever and do you miss the crowds/fans

      3. Taka Yama

        No way would I want the pressure of fishing for a living! Hotels, travel, no home life. No sankyu.

      4. Brodrick Robertson

        Dude lol I really feel like this every am. You have no idea how I look at am conditions walking out the door saying to myself I wish my day job was fishing lol! Good job on season so far man!

      5. Wheeler Fishing

        Garrett Horton 😂😂😂

    99. NathanMN

      Wicked dude!