McGregor vs. Alvarez | Best Moments


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    Best moments featuring Conor McGregor & Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205


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    1. Big Alex 24/7

      24:35 Woolley:”Please” McGregor:”Fook you”

    2. neonicon

      yo that line "connor is having 2 kids and his girlfriend ain't having twin you do the math" is a kill line connor had nothing lol... and i dont even like eddie.

    3. The original Screenplays

      Humbles Eddie Alvarez

    4. Gunhyo Kim

      Eddie Alvarez he knocked out Rafael dos anjos and that’s about it

    5. Keiran Boustead

      i bet his younger brother felt like a fool after that comment

    6. Ziggy Marley lfc champions league.

      Coners pure class UFC fighter now forever always yours Ziggy Nesta Marley from the Leicestershire countryside in England

    7. Average Mayo

      Conor will always and forever be the FIRST to take two belts with ease in the ufc. What khabib did is amazing, it’s too bad he never tried to accomplish this feat

    8. CATO

      I think they got rid of Eddie. He exposed Conor trash talk wise more than anyone. They weren't letting that cash cow get slaughtered.

    9. Georgi Dimitrrov


    10. Mitchell Piehler

      33:12 me when i see how expensive college tuition is

    11. Andrew Todd

      Lol forget about him saying "you're welcome" at the end when talking to Joe😂

    12. Vanilla Beans

      You can always tell who gonna win with the chats while working Connor: they were talking about the fight Alvarez: stupid tattoos

    13. Keith

      00:30 This was the harshest thing Conor said the whole time, because it was super real. Eddie took that fight while still under his original UFC contract, so he got paid accordingly. Instead of cashing a half million dollars for the fight he probably went home with thirty grand. I bet Dana went and spent that money on one roll of the roulette wheel.

    14. secrated

      Dana: "Connor is special. Everyone keeps saying what if he faced a wrestler" Khabib: " Send location"

    15. Gary Svoboda

      Oh boy did Eddie get humbled so quick

    16. Sean McClure

      This Conor McGregor was a killer.

    17. Anvil

      This was 🐐 Conor he would of beaten Khabib or anyone that night, just flawless

    18. Keanu Ono

      Saw the tag on Conors coat. Was it rental or he just forgot to cut it off? In any case Conor is cool 🤓

    19. One and only

      Alvarez is so cliche and boring as fuck to watch

    20. Max Nielsen

      9:56 when u just get clothes for Christmas and your little brother got the new xbox

    21. alex baker

      its the small things that show sportsman ship like them touching gloves at the start and also connor talking to eddie after the match is rarely seen in todays mma

    22. Its Kai

      My biggest flex is that I was trained also by Owen Roddy in SBG (Conor's Striking Coach)

    23. iiLLEST RS

      Lol he’s cherry picked the majority of his fights above 145 and basically got handled. Soon as he stopped killing his body to fight tiny ass dudes he’s been an average top 5 lightweight to say the least

    24. Nick

      2:07 is the greatest UFC press conference moment of all time lmao

    25. renato quan

      When Khabib was irrelevant until he fought Conor

    26. YOGI MrEmerald

      Eddie’s people telling him he did a good job. And laughing at his jokes. Bunch of fake yes men

    27. YOGI MrEmerald

      This Conor would never lose to Dustin ever. And Khabib fight would’ve been better just a tad

    28. goodtim3s

      Eddie and the pimp xD

    29. Doug Dimmadome

      Damn man when Conor is mentally in it boy is he focused. The mentality he has is just ridiculous. It's also crazy how eddie career has gone down hill since this fight the man can't get on a win streak to save his life. I think Max & Dustin is the only fighters to go on and have a successful run after losing to Conor. Everyone else has either left the weight class, got cut or can't win a fight let alone get on a win streak. Conor mentally breaks these dudes he takes something from them.

    30. Andrew Yachovitz

      Conor Mcgregor brings a whole new level of entertainment and humor to these events man 😂💯

    31. Den M

      29:25 Gross Pig

    32. Den M

      Eddie is a Bum and his Wife should shut up at his fights, so F****** annoying!

    33. Ethan Essex


    34. pdaddy

      He definitely punked Tyrone wit da stare down lmao

    35. King brah

      Connor literally turned Eddie’s own hometown against him jeez

    36. carlos warnecke

      „You need a army to take them of me“ Yea or just nothing

    37. MdM

      Eddie grabbed the Featherweight title back, not his own.

    38. Taha Kamran

      18:02 *crickets*

    39. Emilia Bedey

      I just want to tell you to be clean in your fights and win the best, tremendous fight jjjj,

    40. Dan

      Eddie is the only person to ever shut Connor up with the welfare bit

    41. PG03

      Bruh why is the president do chill and innocent lmao

    42. River River’s

      pre floyd mayweather fight conor mcgregor was so good,,,, the fight against alvarez was the best version of him IMO,,, he would have beat khabib if they fought, wud have caught with with that left,,

    43. Mal Grave

      Yo this was hilarious, can't wait to start paying to go to these XD

    44. Hadleigh Scholey

      It annoys me that Eddie took Conors belt back rather than his own at the press conference 🤣

    45. Kofin Studios

      this was one of those fights that you really did not expect the way it was going to unfold. Like we all kinda knew Connor is gonna win, but the fashion of his vitory... outstanding, absolutely insane, a masterclass

    46. Saf Gaming

      It's so satisfying seeing all these clowns talk so big then getting completely demolished by McGregor

    47. Tommy Curtis

      Eddie Alvarez is 5’7 at best

    48. Mikey92

      Best press conference ever. Jeremy Stephens thought he was so clever then boom "Who the fuck is that guy" 🤣🤣🤣👌

    49. Raymond Arsedale

      This was the best version of conor as a fighter. After this its all downhill. Its all about the money now and the legacy has been cemented. 1st ever champ-champ!

    50. Kota Lz

      9:09 look at the bum so cringe then the Santa clause line he thinks is good and taking the biggest fight in the world on his last contract 😂

    51. Kota Lz

      2:32 when he’s 70 he will still be mentioning this moment to his grandchildren & then Eddie thought he came back with a slick comeback , what’d you say? Makes him seem stupid backfired

    52. Kota Lz

      2:08 that lil smirk he gave after he said the best line in his career he thought then boom instantly roasted and adrenaline pumping after that shot to his ego lmao

    53. Khemraj Jaggernauth

      Who the fuck is that guy will never be forgotten 😂

    54. Ameen Vohra

      It takes 1 whole army to take the belts away or 1 Khabib 😂

    55. Balls

      Odell looking very mad at the end of the fight 😡 😂

    56. Steven Colon

      Despite everything Conor has done over the year's.. I see still love and admire him he's just human and his story is so motivational

    57. Morgan Arnold

      18:58 "I'm never late on porpoise🐬"

    58. D' sories

      Wow brilliant work Buddy good job. One of the best video I've ever watched in KGup. I'm usually not watching video for over 30 minutes without skip. But this exception. 👍

    59. Sean Quinn

      McGregor even made me want him to beat Eddie even tho I’m a Philly guy

    60. Secret Asian Man

      Top quality videos

    61. Wyndham Scott Gordon

      Man that KO combo has to be the best I’ve ever seen. Such accuracy!

    62. Tenrah Wvagner

      2:31 That guy hitting the dab is just the cherry on top😂


      16:08 Tyrons like "oh shit its bout to go down"

    64. Knicks In Five

      “All the belts” the way he said that almost killed me 🤣🤣

    65. Kyle Ludovice

      tyron woodley, wassup? scared asf? HAHAHAH, look like a woman with that phone

    66. Jesus Murillo

      Daaamn Eddie is cringe

    67. Ethan Cowie

      Eddie Alvarez: “conors fought nobody like me” Chad Mendes: am I a joke to you?

    68. Scott Who?

      Eddie didn’t do anything when he had the chance on the feet nor the ground when Conor was half hearted holding his leg on the ground. It really was a dominating performance.

    69. Eugene

      Honestly man. McGregor is very Mayweather esque in terms of selling himself. You might hate him, but you cant say his charisma and the way he carries the promotion of the fight is the reason everybody tunes in to see him.

    70. ap radd

      1:00 HAHAHAHA Wonderboy knew what Conor would do should he got a bit more angry 😂😂

    71. Francis Kailondo

      Did no one see how connor tried to step up to T Woodley 😭 2:11

    72. YouTube fandest

      No doubt mc Gregor make ufc popular

    73. Roosterman 789

      who the Fook is that guy

    74. Omar Abdelaal

      Eddie is a really likeable guy lol

    75. Omar Abdelaal

      broo I forgot how lit the 205 press conference was

    76. Scarypeanutt69

      Love your vids Keep up the good work

    77. Sarah Wales

      Not real mink I hope, cruelty to animals is the epitome of weakness.

    78. Will Willison

      29:24 Cameraman thought that was Tyron Woodley. Lmao

    79. Lo L

      Is it true that Conor wasn’t going to trash talk in this fight until Eddie started talking?

      1. Achibald Fleischpeitsche

        no conor was talking trash after eddie defeated RDA

    80. The original Screenplays

      Eddie said conor never fight like him he never know conor mcgregor foght khabib.aldo.dustin

    81. 3askari Monire

      Respect of conor broo

    82. Nandan Nadkarni

      Conor's comments on Henry were awesome

    83. That Nigga

      The fact that he called that mayweather fight...dude.

    84. Shad0w 65

      9:30 that shit is funny af the way mcgregor insults people is just top tier dude

    85. Smithy of 98

      Fights in all weight divisions? Lemme see you fight at heavyweight

    86. Jason Shalders

      Edward you bumm this is uroupe not siiiy pussie us.

    87. Make Out Hill

      Cowboy calls him a joker, years later and in 40 seconds he’s out lol

      1. Ghengis Khan

        guys like cowboy need to be paid alot more dudes been fighting for so long and you never here anything with him he just turns up and fights hopefully his later years arent too harsh on him

    88. Michael

      How the F*** do you say "I'm the best lightweight in the world" and you haven't even fought the match yet?! Alvarez dresses like Connor and even copies Connor's trash talk with that 'little boy' comment. Connor is one of a kind and one in a generation. The UFC owes a lot to Connor.

      1. Achibald Fleischpeitsche

        because eddie won the belt ? conor at that time also was the best featherweight and eddie doesnt copie mcgregor

    89. Travis Ethan

      Love how when Joe says "it's been an honor calling your fights" and Conor says YOURE WELCOME. LOL

      1. LM47

        Those 2 got beef

    90. levi southern

      “ill take your whole lineage out” 🤣🤣🤣

    91. levi southern

      29:26 i feel like this guy had a lot of money on edward lol

    92. Ogre971

      Conor destroyed both Cerrone and Alvarez in less than 10 min lmao

    93. Rupert Pumkin

      It was painful trying to watch Eddie keep up with the trash talking

    94. Gab Soriano

      Kid: Alvarez: there is no Santa Claus.

    95. Motivated Conor

      18:09 awkward silence

    96. Moldygreenbean

      Such great times for the UFC back then. Miss them

    97. Anshul Desai

      18:05 man waited his whole life to say that

    98. IAFN KU

      Eddie is like a 12 year old trapped in a half grown mans body

    99. Jesse Edili

      I never realized how silly Eddie looked in these pressers

    100. ALPONATOR

      26:12, i'll bet my house on frank castle