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    We took a trip back home & Jay followed us in his HELLCAT😈

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Daveed Wells

      Y'all seen KC y'all cousin

    2. Daveed Wells

      Looks like y'all had fun with y'all road trip

    3. Daveed Wells

      Hopefully y'all land safely

    4. noah parker

      Hey Mirah

    5. Yo.gurl. Antxneea

      Chill motherrrrr chilll😂😂

    6. Jurni Hubbard

      Mairh dress her self up cute

    7. Draya Mays

      Is the girl in the back seat live with you

    8. Tyanna Tyniesha

      Mirah shut up for I expose you “you don’t want me to expose you” lol 😂😂🤣

    9. Life As Nae

      Jay funny he talking about chill mother 😂😂

    10. Certified Steppa

      I’be been gone for while Did Kam and Mirah mom adopted dajha or what

    11. Megan Johnson

      I should know this, but.. who parents are Kacen's? I thought turtle, but then they said your sister..

    12. LuvxCafe yt


    13. Shyla Edwards

      That baby look like kam

    14. Tha_realist.princess Water


    15. TheLifeOfOnna !

      Do a room tour


      Mirah looks so pretty with her glasses ! 💋

    17. Janilyia Denmark

      Jam look like jay when she waste up 😭

    18. Raeniyah and anaiah 4L R&A nation

      Just chill mother

    19. Chrissy’s World Brown

      Not Dejah sayin you said said Field trip

    20. SouthBabySiiya



      Them braces Makin mirah talk weird 😭😭

    22. 0hthats jaii

      yall subscribe to my channel help a small youtuber out i promise you will love my content

    23. 2020 Jesus

      Y'all move back in Br?

    24. Tierra Marie

      Mirah shut up before I expose you 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 that had me cryinnnnn it was to funny to me !!! And I’m not giving time cause y’all should of been listening

      1. Tierra Marie

        @Luhh Shai 😭😭😂😶👍🏾

      2. Luhh Shai

        1:19 😂😂 is the time lmfaoo

    25. javaris gardner

      my birthday is mrach 17 im 14 years old finna turn 15

    26. Daquan Thomas


    27. Journey Cook

      Did jay got beat up by nyesha right

    28. Badkid Cameron

      Mirah look beautiful 😻

      1. Cameron Arington-Mercury


    29. LeSedrick Vlogs

      Jay should make a vlog channel

    30. Amelia Allen

      Yessss I live in Atlanta

    31. Jahazilyn Bernard

      I live in Baytown it take us 3 hours to get there

    32. Maya B

      Y’all should vlog on y’all ATL trip

    33. Aiyanna Cabralharry

      Kim was so serious about not eating like the way she was looking at the camera had me dying😂😂😂😂

    34. quinshaun Hayes

      Yes sir

    35. kayla baby Ladd

      When yall coming to ATL

    36. Cutegurll_ Tiff

      Go subscribe to Queen Anissa

    37. Ariyunna Wells

      This vlog was short

    38. babyblue

      Can you tell funnymike can I be a badkid please

    39. Lavender Perry

      Idk why Kam and this bonnet be killing me 💀💀

    40. TaMya Na’Jaye

      Bye dejah 😂 “uu said field trip?”

    41. A’zyria Cooley

      Why y’all always make short videos

    42. Dria Marshall

      I’m going to Atlanta this weekend for ALL STARR and business

      1. Hayley Harvey

        SAme lol

    43. Nya Lenece

      So desha went home with her momma??

    44. Candy apple


    45. Se'Riyah Jones

      U be lit Jay and your mom and your sisters and cuson

    46. Tiana jada Merritt 1

      Y’all the most interesting also because y’all ogs the other ones. Don’t hit like y’all no disrespect

      1. Pain

        straight facts no disrespect

    47. vlogs by Bri'Anna

      I forgot to comment when I watched this at 3:AM it's a different time where I'm at

    48. Woodham Dezzi

      get them to 12k❤️😜🌹

    49. young okky

      What up youtube make sure to subscribe to they channel and go subscribe to mine🙏🏾😂

    50. Demoneidagoat Miller

      This why funnymike ain’t been posting he Need Jay

      1. Lovelyy. Arii

        He in the hospital

    51. Vivian Hernandez


    52. Autiana Dallas


    53. Cutegirl Laysia

      Jay I said hi I’m a big tank

    54. Baddie master Graham

      Jay no Emily is one you are cheater. Jay

    55. Sophia Anderson

      Plz come to breaux bridge

    56. OG Life

      I thought y’all was going somewhere else 😂😂 still like it💗.

    57. Alondra Luna

      I love your videos kam and mirah

    58. Aniah Jones

      Why jay face the thumbnail 🤣😂😅😅😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅

    59. Theonlybadkid lexi

      It's the fake laugh for me😂

    60. Carla bradford

      Mommy enjoyed y’all even tho it was a short visit. I love you all so much

    61. Malek gaming

      Wspp Jay 😂😂

    62. Lifewithxyoshi_

      people who here within a hourr

    63. Glenmore Browne

      Yow Jay you a real one an you always thougin

    64. Real baller Tae

      Wassup gang can we be friends

    65. Trapped with Kali

      Kam’s face when she woke up had me😂❤️

      1. Taniyah Tafoya


      2. Aziyah Moore


    66. saacid ahmed

      im a big fan

    67. Makayla Robinson

      Give this video a 👍🔥

    68. TT_. Fancy

      What time y’all watching dis at I am watching dis at 5:52

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    70. Logann Micahh TV


    71. Reagan Bell


    72. Monica Simmons


    73. Monica Simmons


    74. Monica Simmons


    75. Monica Simmons


    76. Monica Simmons


    77. Monica Simmons


    78. Makayla Robinson



      Jay and his mom is sum else

    80. Laugh a lot A

      early gang

    81. Queen E

      Whoever reads this have a blessed day and it’s not too late to repent

      1. zoey rob


      2. zoey rob

        I love you

      3. Amaria Daniel


      4. Lifestyle with Kaa

        THANK YOU🥺🤗

      5. ForeverFendii

        Thanks 😊

    82. Aaliyah_ Edits

      I loveee yall so much!💘🤩🤩🤩

    83. Ca'nyah Robinson

      Why Kam hair had to get taken out? Didn't she just get it odne?

      1. Za'Riah Kennedy


      2. Life with aly


    84. Life with Mcquan

    85. Life with Mcquan

    86. Shiloh Ferguson


    87. Kalen Too Cute


    88. Jada Smith

      Awe your so freaking cute kam and mirah is cute too lol and dejah is cute too lol and mama meka is cute too lol and turtle and jay is cute too lol idc what no body say y’all is cute and don’t let no body get y’all down lol and don’t ever let no body ever say y’all ugly cause y’all not lol

    89. life wit onyx


    90. Cathia E

      Early 😭😂

    91. It’s Trinity

      Just chill 😂😂😂😂😂

    92. Eduardo Obregon

      And I’m screaming free kd

    93. QwAzY

      Mirah kinda fine #mr.STEALYOUR,TING

    94. MizzyTv .

      Hello you guys I’m an new KGupr , I just started I would gladly appreciate it if u fits can go maybe like it to help a girl out 😫💓!

    95. world of nunu


    96. world of nunu


    97. Bashira

      Can't wait till yall get to 300k yall deserve it so much! 😁❤️❤️

      1. The Life Of Aareyona

        You mean 400 k that already pass 300k

    98. Glorhianna Hunter

      Hey fall im a big fan of yall can i tell funnymike can i be a badkid

    99. Gameing With Jacqueline

      I love watching your video’s

    100. 3xclusive _nae

      Where is tay

      1. 3xclusive _nae