How Nick Saban recruited another incredible class to Alabama | College Football Live

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    Tom Luginbill, Craig Haubert and Greg McElroy discuss how Nick Saban continues to add impressive high school prospects to his roster year after year. The crew also reacts to safety Terrion Arnold signing with the Alabama Crimson Tide.
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    1. Leftcoast Killer1

      All an Alabama Recruiter has to say is every player that has come to Alabama and stayed 3 yrs. Has won a National Championship you in?

    2. C Bama

      Keep up the good work Coach n coaches bsafe god bless Alabama rolltide

    3. Chris Chatman

      Hallelujah! I love seeing people not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ!!

    4. Neill Tavernier

      Actually, he said he would rather visit in person, but that this kind of recruiting has its place. So, Greg is off somewhat. Luginbarner is hating this, lol.

    5. Malone Hardick

      Those 18 year olds witnessed Saban win 6 championships at Alabama, They see Alabama on TV every Saturday, They seen over 100 ex Bama players become millionaires within 4 years, If your son had a choice to place for Bama or insert school here ______where would you want him to go ?

    6. Doggy Style

      Saban: Hi Recruit: I commit Saban: I didn't offer you Recruit: Why are you here? Saban: To see your mom

    7. thorified

      Roll Tide!!

    8. joe blow

      The sickest recruiting class of all time!

    9. Mike S

      It’s amazing to me the amount of people that come out and say CNS has to cheat to be successful. A recruiting video is leaked showing exactly how CNS recruits, the right way, and they still come out spewing their garbage. Do you honestly think since CNS started this run the NCAA hasn’t been watching? Of course they have, there just isn’t anything there to find. RTR and hope for 10+ years of CNS breaking the hearts of the competition on signing day and in gameday.

    10. Brian

      Simple all they have to do is say, “the playoff is the only thing that matters and the playoff always takes Alabama”

    11. Terrill Bey

      They practice against the best everyday. Their back ups would start anywhere.

    12. tom clarke

      Nick left the NFL because he missed recruiting.

    13. D W L

      Let ONE PRO TEAM have 5 first picks every year and see who is the wins the super bowl. Nick Saban with the same 2-3-4 star players would have average results.

      1. Joe Veitch

        But great college coaches get many great recruits it is major part of job. Seems other coaches should do the same, funny they can not lol

    14. Devante Gatson

      Every player to stay for bama 3 years has won at least one championship this is the reason why they come

    15. Daniel Hawkins Jr

      What makes Nick Saban great is he develops all his players and coaches them like starters. That’s how he’s able to get 3 star Guys like Josh Jacobs and help them reach their full potential. Or a walk on like Levi Wallace and help him become the best corner in the country both those guys are now not only starting in the NFL they’re thriving! That’s the Saban effect.

    16. Kendrick Ellis

      Listen about time he Leaves the next coach will have an Championship team

    17. craig brown

      This is why I don't mind when other colleges pay players to come to their school. Elite talent is too top heavy in college football. Other schools simply can't compete on their name alone. We saw how good Ole Miss was a few years ago when they allegedly did it and they Beat Bama twice

    18. Tim Castens

      Sabins great ok but he's not at vandy, and you've given him everything and more for over 10 years, I would expect nothing less

      1. Joe Veitch

        He won mattie at lsu when they had not won anything in decades. If he had coached vandy last 14 yrs they would have won a title no doubt. Not as many or as fast but he would have won at least one.

    19. thatboy quan248

      He just leaving the next coach set when he retire just hope the next coach have the same drive as Saban

    20. John Burris

      uh, it's NOT hard to recruit when you win the national title every other year.

      1. John Burris

        @SPH' Huntsville They don't WANT to come to the state of Alabama (I'm from the South and know it's not all that). They just want to win and be prepared for the NFL.

      2. SPH' Huntsville

        Always easy huh? Let you fans tell it. Kids want to come because the name Bama means something.

    21. Johnny D

      Roll Tide

    22. Gaming Dreams

      Cause NCAA let's them by with any and everything. The athletic director who hired Nick at LSU is over the NCAA. It's not hard to figure out.

    23. Alex

      Bama playin wit house money, their success speaks for itself

    24. AlphaDwg

      ESPNs rankings are so trash. Terrion Arnold at 147? They should fire whoever does these rankings lol

    25. Dominique Everett


    26. magnut4347

      Lol Ohio State's class is better

      1. SPH' Huntsville

        @Johnny D 😅😅😅😅

      2. Johnny D

        Lol sure it is pal

    27. Travis Battles

      Tennessee Vols haven’t beat Alabama since 2006. 14 years is ridiculous.

    28. David Welch

      Impressive young man...

    29. Elmore Gliding Club

      This is such BS. Constant promotion by CBS and ESPN is what drives recruits to Ala. 17 year-olds want to align themselves with what the media says will be success. Thus, they do what the media glorifies. Simple as that. And the media has a need for larger-market teams to be successful because that’s (eyeballs watching games) revenue. Anyone who thinks the “sports media” is about anything but its own pockets is delusional. CFB has, unfortunately, become a TV series and it has to have its stars.

      1. Johnny D

        Ya because them dominating every year has nothing to do with it lol

      2. J Serv

        It also helps that they win alot and have 6 nattys under Sabin, 5 of which in the last 10 years

    30. John Barnett

      Welcome young man

    31. Faydene Reed

      He’s a good person and a great football Coach!

    32. Ronnie Phillips

      Alabama has ruined college footballs championship playoffs. It is a Monopoly and the NCAA should put a stop to this..Totally lost interest...

      1. Kendra Sprinkle

        Omg! I bet, if it were Notre dame, Ohio state , FSU, or Oklahoma we wouldn't be having this conversation ! Grow up people , these are young men not getting paid ! They work harder and Saban, obviously works hard ! Yall act like we are handed these wins! Please, go cry somewhere else! We didn't win the natty , the past 2 years!

      2. Johnny D

        @Sean Dunn Of course, I always thought it shoulda been 8 teams with top 2 teams getting a bye

      3. Sean Dunn

        Johnny D not punish, i don’t agree with getting the ncaa involved. but can you see how a small 4 team playoff limits competition?

      4. Johnny D

        So we punish teams for being successful now? lol

      5. Sean Dunn


    33. John Dyer

      I wish these players were heading to Tennessee Vols. The program is in the toilet and they really need good players. However at this point all I care is the SEC continues to dominate college football and if it means Alabama takes care of business that's fine with me.

      1. Kendra Sprinkle

        Yea, and we got Todd watson coming to coach at Alabama! He should have been offered the head coach position at Tenn ! I believe, he would have got yall back on the path !

    34. BensonSooner

      A big bag of cash. With contracts the NCAA has looked away on purpose. This run is unbelievable because it is...billion dollar tv contracts will do that

      1. Johnny D

        @Sir Dex Because their team can’t win. So they need to make excuses

      2. Sir Dex

        Why does everyone get mad at a person or groups successes and get mad or sure that they are cheating somehow

    35. Brian Roiger

      It's simple Nick Saban is the greatest teacher at any college in America and these guys who come and play for him know it.

    36. Robert Mugabe

      Why does the SEC always dominate recruiting ?

      1. Robert Mugabe

        @Jay Anderson lol , Michigan , Ohio St. , USC , Notre Dame have STRONG football traditions. Saban and coach Day recruit nationally. these facts kill your argument.

      2. Jay Anderson


    37. Msz. Bo

      Can I tell you all a story about being recruited by Nick Saban! My nephew is a freshman on this years’ team! I took him to a recruiting trip at Alabama , we live in Georgia btw! Born and raised in Alabama and being a Tide fan all my life my nephew decided he would be a Bulldawg but we let him know we down with whatever he chose( we all cried inside though) when Nick Saban spoke to him about his possiblities outside of football 🏈 he got inspired and saw himself as more than a football player! He’s not intimidating in person , he’s just a great coach with great standards. Needless to say he flipped like a pancake! At Georgia recruitment all Kirby talked about was Nick Saban 😂!!My nephew got 3 rings in his freshman year Roll Tide!

      1. Tg tg

        MSZ BO , what did Kirby say about Alabama ?

      2. StuUngar

        Your nephew?

      3. Ray Payne

        I've been a Bama fan since 81' and just seeing this run is unbelievable!? Your nephew having 3 rings in college is ridiculous if you stop and think about it!?In our lifetime we get to see this machine go, absolutely crazy! RTR!

    38. Stan Cain

      Welcome you and your family to the Tide family.. BE GREAT YOUNG MAN!!

    39. Rapman0921

      It’s a secret? $$$

      1. Rapman0921

        Jesus bama dude take a joke😂

    40. GlockMan945

      Roll Tide!

    41. Ritch Castle

      What a worthless story. It's like a report on how bill gates bought the most expensive car on the lot. BFD make a story about a program competing with half the resources/athletes as alabama has.

    42. jeff yeah

      of course when u pay the most u get the most

      1. Kendra Sprinkle

        @Jermaine Jackson haters!

      2. jeff yeah

        @Jermaine Jackson no, because ppl with culture and education are indifferent to egghand ball..the obsessed alabaman- with little in the way of culture-- are mono focused on egghand ball. seriously they won't be reading James Joyce anytime soon..

    43. michael ward

      Based on the states where the recruits are from, Texas and Florida should be competing for a National title every year.

      1. michael ward

        @Jermaine Jackson imagine if Nick Saban was head coaching the Longhorns or any of the Florida schools with his recruiting prowess. He would never lose a game. 😳

      2. michael ward

        @Jermaine Jackson that proves that when they were there, those teams competed regularly for Championships. Florida and Texas supposedly have more talent in-state than Alabama and Alabama is still dominating. Gotta give the GOAT (Saban) credit.

      3. michael ward

        @Jay Anderson it depends upon the coaches that go to those schools. Alabama use to be an easy homecoming victory not too long ago during my lifetime and I'm 40. Of course I think I'm young 😁😁

      4. Sean Dunn

        They need to open up the “playoffs” to more teams

      5. Jay Anderson

        Wont happen because none of those schools in those states cant win constantly like they used to

    44. Vin Pen

      Congrats young man, humble and thankful.... will fit in perfectly with our culture. Glorly to God. Good luck cant wait to see you put in the work. ROLL TIDE

    45. mike newbill

      The GOAT

    46. Lynn D

      I am glad I didn't click off the video after that first clown spoke. I enjoyed hearing Terrion!!!!!

    47. Ricky Brannon

      you cant find someone thats been in football you have to have some woman

    48. Lynn D

      Negative recruiting tactics? Why does ESPN let that first guy on the video talk? Roll Tide!

    49. Craig Odem

      To Mal Moore: "Mal, you've hired yourself a horsesh** football coach, but nobody will out-recruit me." Nick Saban, 2007.

      1. Craig Odem

        @Zeus Deuce But the Bham news version sounded better... much more quotable. So, I'm sticking with it.

      2. Zeus Deuce

        @Craig Odem The story was told in his autobiography, I doubt they butchered it that bad.

      3. Craig Odem

        @Zeus Deuce sorry. I wasn't there. Just quoting the Birmingham news.

      4. Zeus Deuce

        lol Nick never called himself a horsesh** coach. He asked Mal if he thought he got the best coach in America and when Mal replied “yes coach I think I did” coach said “well you didn’t, but you did just hire the best recruiter in the country”.

    50. Terence Wright

      Wendi Nix is a 🦊🦊 DJ Khaled:All I do is win win win no matter what!!

    51. Terry Freeman

      From no email a year or two ago to recruiting via ZOOM this year... Is there nothing Saban can't do??? Dude is the picture of "WHATEVER IT TAKES!"

    52. Buddha Lova

      Finally ESPN is giving credit to King Saban

    53. David Cole

      Smart Man he will be a great Fit in Bama Defense.. He is very Versatile.

    54. David Cole

      I remember back in 2007 when we got a 4-Star I was so excited. We technically had 9 - 5-Stars over 3 Recruiting Sites... That is just crazy..

    55. Fishing

      Roll Tide

    56. Trent Lomelino

      As an UGA fan 😡

    57. James Stallworth

      Lil greg, sounds good now, but whenever Bama struggles he's a hater ?!

    58. GT noobs

      The cumbersome octagon dentsply copy because mattock uniquely glue off a accidental minister. efficient, shallow hospital

    59. Chris Lane

      An 18 year old recruit was 6 years old when Alabama beat Texas in 2009 for the national championship. Alabama is 170 - 23 under Saban. 6 of the 23 games he lost were in his first year. In 14 years Alabama has lost 2 games or less 12 times. EVERY player that has signed with Alabama since 2006 and stayed 3 years have won at least 1 National Championship. These recruits do not remember a time when Alabama was not winning national championships.

      1. Esprit De Corps

        Those are excellent points. I just think that regardless of people liking Alabama or not what Saban has been able to accomplish with that program and with the players that go there even with position coaches and coordinators leaving every year or every other year is amazing. This type of dominance is not supposed to happen in college football anymore. Not with media and conference networks. Not with national recruiting being "even". This is crazy and I don't think it is unrealistic to say that Bama has two more rings in the next four years. One minimum.

      2. Billy Vance

        @Travis Battles can you believe that last win by the Vols happened before the first iPhone came out?

      3. Travis Battles

        I like the facts. My Tennessee Vols beat Alabama in 2006. Which was the last time the Vols have won that game. 14 years is ridiculous.

    60. J Johnson

      Congratulations TA..Stay humble and hungry. Welcome to the Crimson Tide family.

    61. GL Rustic Design

      We’ll look back 20-25 years from now and remember how much of a GOAT Saban was

    62. Michael Knight 88

      College football is incredibly unbalanced its becoming trash. At this point the NFL is more competitive.

      1. Sean Dunn

        they need to expand the playoff system

      2. Jay Anderson

        CF always been unbalanced stop it. You got Power 5 Group of 5 FCS kill that noise

      3. dennis robison

        Winning isn't for everyone


      I’ll tell you how he cheats

      1. Mike S

        Do tell...we wanna hear it


        @BamaFanForLife don’t really think it would matter if I tried to explain it to you since you’d just deny it bandwagon boy 🤷‍♂️

      3. Jaki lee

        @John Covington stfu your just your team is straight dog water 🤣

      4. John Covington

        @BamaFanForLife lol paying all that money to them 5 STAR recruits lol

      5. BamaFanForLife

        Come on HATER, tell us how he cheats.

    64. Lance G

      Don’t overlook the elephant in the room. Alabama has the most beautiful girls on campus. Shots of the players gorgeous girlfriends on their arms don’t hurt recruiting at all lol.

      1. Jay Anderson

        No they dont. Alabama State, Tuskegee, Alabama A&M, Miles yeah

      2. Josh 15

        ehh... aj McCarron's tho...

    65. Christopher Thames

      The window to beat Bama is this coming year with Bryce being young, kinda new o line, receivers have bigger roles, and a defense that is getting better but not quite elite yet. If a team doesn’t beat them this year there not winning the next 3 or 4 years.

      1. Christopher Thames

        @Justin Blevins I’m mainly talking about replacing Dylan at MLB not positions that are already filled. That position beside Christian Harris is one of if not the most important of them all.

      2. Justin Blevins

        @Christopher Thames you haven’t seen it outta Allen/Harris/and Anderson? lol. That’s 3/4 of the starting LB’s who all had great seasons. Roll Tide!

      3. Christopher Thames

        @Justin Blevins oh yeah we definitely have the talent on the roster to be great I just haven’t seen it on the field yet. Just cause your a 4 or 5 star talent don’t mean your automatically good enough to play for Bama. We will see though. I’m real excited for the A game in April to get a better idea.

      4. Justin Blevins

        @Christopher Thames LB is def not iffy. Christian Harris/Chris Allen/Will Anderson/and we’re probably getting Henry To’oto from transfer. If not we have 4 five star LB’s on the bench and one of them will emerge at MLB. Probably Demouy Kennedy.

      5. Christopher Thames

        @SPH' Huntsville Hopefully a championship and potential 1st round draft pick

    66. Trey Referee 100%

      Successful programs are pretty much automatic first choice for 4 and 5 star recruits ✊

    67. Trey Referee 100%

      Schools(currently successful) like Alabama recruit itself 😜💯🤷‍♂️..

      1. Gabriel RTR

        @Trey Referee 100% Not really....Saban recruits Alabama. Nobody was beating down the door to come here when the aforementioned coaches were running the show. Now, what Saban has built will likely continue to draw recruits after he is gone....but it won't last without the right coach to succeed him

      2. Trey Referee 100%

        @Gabriel RTR successful schools like Alabama (currently) recruit themselves

      3. Gabriel RTR

        Dennis Francione, Mike Dubose, Mike Shula and Mike Price would wholeheartedly disagree

      4. Savage South

        Kinda. Wasn’t like that for 20+years before Saban. He woke up a sleeping giant

    68. Hideki Tojo

      at 0:56 I thought I had a hair on my screen

      1. Kendra Sprinkle

        🐘🐘🐘I did too🤣🤣😑😑

      2. Chris Lane

        Looking at your thumbnail it is safe to say it didn't come from your head.

    69. Trey Yama


    70. aaron short

      ROLL TIDE ROLL awesome man loved the speech let's get another Natty

    71. elastic towels

      Because the recruits lack a personality

      1. elastic towels

        @Sir Dex im not mad college football just gets boring and repetitive

      2. Sir Dex

        @elastic towels because they wanna win you can’t get mad at that

      3. elastic towels

        @Sir Dex cause all of go to Alabama do somethin new for once

      4. Sir Dex

        @elastic towels how they lack a personality

      5. elastic towels

        @Diamond In The Sky wut

    72. RedSkaal

      I love hearing Arnold give praise to God 🙏

    73. RedSkaal


    74. timmytide1

      GMac needs to frign eat something!!

    75. K1ng Cast7

      McDonald’s bags

    76. M J

      Here’s hopin for 4 more nattys!

    77. Travis Williams

      🗣️📢 ROLL TIDE 💪💣💥💯🏆🥂

    78. Trevor Garland

      Just go ahead and give them the dub.

    79. Zee Rie

      This young man gave God the glory. He confessed our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

      1. Kendra Sprinkle

        The best reply

      2. BamaFanForLife

        AMEN! This young man has already got a solid foundation to stand on and if he continues to trust in our savior, he will forever be blessed. Jesus is the only way.

      3. Diamond In The Sky

        I love him already🙏🏽

      4. RedSkaal

        It's such a beautiful thing to see and hear!

    80. Blake Hall

      aRe wE iN tHe DaBo SwEeNeY eRa???

      1. mike newbill


      2. BamaFanForLife

        Not quite but you can tell he's an Alabama breed because of his success and his character. Alabama folks stand for integrity and compassion and that's why Bama is where champions are made, in every walk of life. RTR

      3. Diamond In The Sky

        Dabo is good, but Saban is The Best!!

      4. Carlton Atkins

        Keep Dreaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      5. Walker Texas Ranger


    81. Jing Qi

      "When you come to Alabama you will have the chance to play for the National Championship ever year." 💪

    82. Fit Fogey

      Haters: “Ohhh they got Saban recruiting on undercover video.” Saban: “This is why you should play here. Fact 1, fact 2, fact 3, etc. etc.” Haters:

      1. Lance Harris


    83. Nate Lowe

      ROLL TIDE.. Automatic reload

    84. Pac Meez

      USC won’t do anything with that class as long as Helton is the HC

      1. mike newbill

        @Puxur naw

      2. Puxur

        @mike newbill no it not,. it’s university southern california

      3. Pac Meez

        @Ennis Whalen To me I wish it was Herm Edwards but he's at ASU so now honestly can't think of anyone right now

      4. Ennis Whalen

        @ P M - Then who SHOULD be the head coach ?

      5. mike newbill

        @Eric C South Carolina is USC

    85. Grayson DuBose

      wendy is very unsettling to watch

      1. RedSkaal

        What? She's gorgeous. Ten years ago, she was by far the hottest sports reporter on TV.

    86. Reginald Williams

      All Nick Saban has to do to recruit is say Hi I'm Nick Saban.

      1. John Wills

        @Brandon Stone 2009

      2. Brandon Stone

        Craziest stat that I saw was that, if you’ve played at least 3 years at bama you have at least one ring since 2011

      3. Chip Bailey

        A huge amount of work went into getting to this point

      4. D News

        Wrong. You have no idea the incredible and in depth format that involves recruiting at Alabama. Four or five different evaluators have to sign off on a recruit before Nick Saban will even start the recruiting process. Alabama doesn't have a lot of players arrested for a reason.

      5. Jeremy Cremeans

        I know right!

    87. Reginald Williams

      Alabama has sustained success Alabama is a pipeline to the NFL and Alabama is the king of college football under Nick Saban.

      1. OTB Mar

        @J Serv may never be the same??? They collecting more and more nfl coaches I’m a Michigan fan but Alabama is a straight line to the nfl nick saban is like thanks right now

      2. J Serv

        enjoy it while you can, once he retires, it may never be the same again

    88. boon Doggle

      well the first step is, well, being alabama is a solid step

      1. GlockMan945

        @Billy Gibson - We still won a Natty in almost every decade. Not too many teams (if any) can say that! RTR!

      2. Billy Gibson

        Easy to say that now, but you must not remember alabama from when gene stallings left until nick got there. For about 15 years, we sucked bad... Had some stud players, (shaun alexander for example), but terrible coaches. (Dubose, price, franchionne, shula).... Alabama had fallen completely off, saban brought us back.

      3. Ennis Whalen

        @ bD - Hey, Coach Saban earned EVERY inch of it . . . .