CRAZY IL-62 Takeoff! - Reaction

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    This is one of the CRAZIEST takeoff videos I have ever seen. A friend of mine sent me this clip and told me to please explain it, so here I am.
    This takeoff was filmed a few months back in Niš airport. It portraits a cargo IL-62 aircraft, a 4 engine soviet freighter.
    As you can see in the clip, it only marginally manages to clear the end of the runway.
    In this video I will react to this clip and explain a bit more about takeoff performance and why it is so important to adhere to it!
    I hope you will enjoy the video!
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    1. jeep6242

      Ilyushuns are like the Harley Davison of airplanes. They are much better at making heat and noise then they are at actually accelerating lol. 😂

    2. I Mukherjee

      Don't get so upset as is evident from ur body language. This is a Russian creation and it can withstand much more than European standards. Don't worry.

    3. Stan

      There is actually a very simple and logical explanation for doing this kind of takeoff, and given the same circumstances, I would probably do it the same way. I think that the pilots of these Soviet-era planes are deathly afraid of engine failure, especially on takeoff, and most especially on the Il-62, which has a history of multiple catastrophic engine failures because all four engines are located close together. It has been pointed out on this channel that pilots often take off with reduced power when the plane is light or they have a longer runway than they need, in order to reduce wear and tear on the engines. I think this video shows an extreme case of this practice. Because of the poor reliability of Soviet-built engines, and the dire consequences of an engine failure, the pilot uses the absolute minimum power required to get airborne. You might want to look up the wikipedia articles on two Polish Il-62's that crashed - LOT 5055 and LOT 007. The crash investigations revealed things that were absolutely shocking and almost unbelievable.

    4. JAG 0937 EB

      Maybe Russians have different requirements

    5. twistedmr

      look mom im a hovercraft

    6. David Matthews

      FO: Captain, can we trim the hedge at the end of the runway? CAPT: No, we won't be high enough. Let's mow the lawns instead.

    7. Gary Hochstetler

      When you do those little videos can you take into consideration that many of us are watching on our phone. Make the video bigger and yourself smaller.

    8. Eugene Sukhoi

      There is a 99.9% probability they pilots were in the air, before they even got on the plane.

    9. ThePerfectMantra

      Why aren't the runways made longer in order to make it possible to abort take off? Is this done in the newer airports, or are the planes just doomed if they can't make V1 speed?

    10. Stephen Grimmer

      Another Aerosucre 157 in the making. In the 90's I was in the jump seat of a cargo DC8-33F (S9-NAB) taking off from 21L at Johannesburg (5,558' asl). Our 0700Z takeoff was delayed by loading until 1100Z by which time it was a full 38°C. I remember the AC basically not rotating at all or climbing, and flying level over the East Rand shopping mall at around 500' before climbing out. Scary at the time!

    11. Toomas Argel

      05:46 This Il -62 was max load and runnaway is 1,8km ( 5,900 ft). But that plane need in max load 2,2 km.

    12. Kimdino1

      The pilots wife, mother-in-law & friends were amongst the passengers setting off for their weeks holiday in the Med. He had spent the previous evening trying to tell her "You can get your sun tan lotion, sunbeds, etc at the resort" & You only need two dresses" etc. etc .etc .... In the end the inevitable, in such circumstances, happened. Seriously though, I'm sure there are situations where an amount of overloading may be risked. Last flight out of a warzone, perhaps? The world is not always a sensible place.

    13. Matthias Endler

      EW-450TR is operated by Rada Airlines from Belarus. Rada Airlines has their base at MHP. Back in the late 1980s I flew with Il-62M then operated by Interflug (state owned East German airline) twice. SXF-LED and SVO-SXF ... SXF is now BER. I have also flown with Tu-134A (LED-SXF), Tu-154A (LED-SVO) and Il-86 (SXF-SVO) all operated by Aeroflot. Edit: There are only two other active Il-62M in the world as of today. They are both operated by North Korean Air Koryo.

    14. GeorgiaRocketman

      As a pilot, when you see something like this, are you required or obliged to report it?

    15. Nate Pacetti

      Aerosucre: BET

    16. Robert Bradley

      The Russians fly like they drive..😱

    17. Mad Scientific

      Maybe he wanted to see if the full 15% was there 🤣

    18. Covid One Nine

      You can bet your life that it was not the first time he has done that take off using those thrust settings! 🙂🙂🙂

    19. Paweł Lasek

      I wonder if it was the original Il-62, or the Il-62M. One of the big differences (other than later-applied fixes against uncontained engine failure on -M variant) is much more powerful engines on -M (same as on Tu-154M, similarly previously somewhat underpowered, replaced with very powerful). Combine that with too heavy and too short runway...

    20. Jesse 1437

      To be a commercial jet pilot in Russia you need a degree in: F it, I’m Russian. Everywhere else you need degrees in: physics, psychology, mathematics, engineering, communication, and...oh... ...some pilot training.

    21. Karla 03

      That plane is 36 years old. It's pretty amazing that it is still flying :)

    22. Daniel Bliss

      Shades of "the Vodka Burner" takeoff of an overloaded IL-76 in very hot weather in Canberra, Australia a number of years ago.

    23. RandomReevuze

      Thats what happens when the cargo area is made up entirely of glass bottles of vodka

    24. Cristian Proaño

      Similar to Aerosucre Flight 157. Although that one ended tragically. I saw you posted that video on social media. Maybe you can review it.

    25. Kasey

      Until I started watching your videos I had no idea about all the calculations you guys had to do..... luggage weight & loading, passengers weight, etc. Here I was thinking "do,di,do I'm in, let's go"!" I have enormous respect for you guys, taking us safely from point A to point B, thank you!

    26. Max F

      I used to watch those take off all the time, when I was a kid, that's their normal path off the runway... Feels very "shit your pants" when you are sitting in one........ :D Saving fuel, hoping for the wind... :)

    27. יהושוע שרודר Joshua Schroeder

      It’s Rada Airlines out of Belarus. This is confirmed by the flag and if you pause the video as the cockpit is perpendicular of the camera, you can see “Rada Airlines” and of course the tail Art

    28. mandarin125

      I absolutely adore the whine of Soviet engines...

    29. Bill

      I clicked on this video expecting a reasonable explanation of why it might look worse than it is... nope it's really as bad as it seems

    30. Wilhelm Beringer

      Like the IL-86 in EDDB (Berlin-Schönefeld) ... took the full length ... 😁

    31. Space Catboy

      he was showin off

    32. strongandco

      lol...that was like Spanair at Bournemouth in the early 2000s

    33. mike1977aa

      I was onboard of Il-62M during flight LOT from WAW do FRA, few months after catastrophe of this type of aircraft near WAW. We were a little bit anxious .... IL-62M were used at transatlantic flights these days.

      1. FrozenHaxor

        You're lucky to be alive. 8% of them have crashed resulting in complete hull loss, with more less serious incidents. Pilots must have had the nerve to go on a flight when there was 8% chance the aircraft would crash.

    34. taxiuniversum

      I thought this was going to be about the takeoff of the „vodka-burner“ (also a legendary video lol). I guess this is how you are required by law to take off when you’re a Russian lol. 😂🤣😂

    35. Dmac K

      We don't need no stinking second segment.

    36. Rodney Bleam

      In the late 90's a Korean 747 Cargo took off in ANC on the taxi way runway. It clipped several trees at the end of the runway but kept on going..

    37. Zsolt Raduska

      I love how the wake turbulence falls and throws the grass

    38. Arnold Romppai

      your videos have been getting far to short, one just settles in to watch and iits over

    39. memr

      I'm not sure what was the case here, but I know for fact that these russian cargo planes sometimes use runways way shorter than they normally should, just because there are no other options. IL-62 is an interesting plane, but the 4 engines are there for reason. It is because these engines are not powerful enough to use two or three of them.

    40. devendra dubla

      Instead of your lecture pls give some visual presentation........With voice......It will more effective.

    41. Damalia Marsi

      1st Officer: Captain, we are too heavy to take off. Captain: We will burn fuel as we roll, no problem. They put the good vodka in their bottles, and the lows test bad stuff in the plane. Would explain both the low performance and the bad decision making.

    42. RUSapache

      Russians be like: 'What the blyat are those feet you talking about?"

    43. Pilgrim Dust

      There's a video of another takeoff like this. It's called "IL-76 attempts to crash during takeoff".

      1. Tallorian

        I just wanted to say the same. Although the original video is actually called Close Call! but it's the same footage and scarier to watch than this Il-62.

    44. GT interactive

      Vodka in the tank. No not in the planes. I meant the pilots‘

    45. AGT0M

      I hope, the number of take-offs matched the number of landings for the aircraft in that flight.

    46. R F

      Runway: *exists* Russian Pilots: It's free real estate

    47. Suburp212

      Why are there no webcams All around commercial aircraft to allow pilots to see their engines, wings, tail, cargohold, etc?

    48. Seb D

      If you look at the specs of an aircraft and you look at the take off distance, is the take off distance mentioned with a full fuel and cargo load? for example: a 737-500 has a take off distance of 1500 meters. Is this value applied on a full load, full fuel and with maximum power of the two engines?

    49. anonymusum

      They´re Russians, that´s enough for an explanation.

    50. Em Vill

      It looks like he calculated everything perfectly. No extra wasted runway or anything haha.

      1. Pilgrim Dust

        Exactly. They just took as much cargo as possible. Perfect calculation.

    51. Ernest Fakudze

      OMG! It’s a bit like that take off scene in the Madagascar movie😂

    52. EricJ0hansson

      Bro, do you even lift.

    53. Göran Schmidt

      Scheiß Dir nicht ein..... Das ist ne IL 62 M (DDR SET), diese, unsere Maschine hat schon ganz andere Dinge überstanden......

    54. André Lederer

      Hello Mentour! I have something interessting for you, I don't know if you know that: in November 1989 the german Pilot Heinz-Dieter Kallbach landad an Il-62 on a 400m field near Berlin - realy crazy too!!! But it wasn't an emergancy landing - it was long time planed. Now this Il-62 is an musem there. And the same pilot later flew the 737NG for Germania and hat a "Mayday over Zaragossa" when a guy run into the cockpit and tryed to knock out the crew to crash the plane. Fortunatly the crew win the fight. That could be a very interessting topic for you as well! Have a great day!

    55. windh

      You're way too good to get into reaction videos. Keep your pride!

    56. Norman Echelberry

      V1 = 1 vodka, V2 = 2 vodkas, V3 = 3 vodkas! Maybe they got the wrong meaning of the letter V?

    57. Siret Dinc

      I have recently found your channel by coincidence. I think it is very interesting and informative. Thank you for your nice work. Greetings from Istanbul/ Turkey.

    58. Doug Stitt

      good vid sir like the explains

    59. EnhancedSC

      you should see some of my take offs in Kerbal Space Program :P

      1. EnhancedSC

        or landings.... those are even funnier

    60. Tony Su

      Those Crazy Russians! (Assuming no one else would fly such a plane)

    61. David A.G

      Seriously what is a few tiwgs and leafs going to do lol absaloutely nothing.

    62. Mats Eriksson

      In the 1990s, there was an airline called Tower Air that operated ARN-JFK with a bunch of old 747-200s. Just about EVERY takeoff looked like this - and they had (an obviously full cabin of) passengers onboard... I LITERALLY had my finger on the crash alarm button several times...

    63. nukapowered

      IL-62 was the first aeroplane I've even been on. 7hr flight across Russia. I was very nervous when yellow liquid started slowly leaking from the patch on top of the wing. However, frequent flyer next to me reassured me that's normal.

    64. T5rux Lee

      Reminds of a quirk "secret" feature on a long ago air base runway that consisted of a shallow dip, followed by a long slight hump, then the runway's end at a cliff edge. If all went well, the landing gear was quickly retracted just after launching off the hump, ground effect held up the accelerating aircraft from hitting the runway and it then climbed away after going over the cliff. Good times. The great grand daddy of aircraft carriers with "ski jumps" ?

    65. 1littlelee

      1 minutres and he makes a 8 minutes video about it

    66. Glenn Osmond

      So...If all else fails, you can take advantage of the curvature of the Earth...

    67. Pál Őz

      I think, since then, they changed the airport to Debrecen, and this might be the issue for that.

    68. Queen of Swords

      Anyone interested in the specifics of Russian aviation should also check out the Perm disaster. Pilot + Vodka = Boeing in a Ravine. The pilots had forged the papers that showed they had experience with that plane. Sad really because I am sure there are many excellent Russian pilots.

    69. Queen of Swords

      Check out the Wiki page for Tupolev Tu-154 and look how many failed to take off due to overload, and how many mysteriously broke up after landing. In the 90's it is reported passengers could buy a "standing only" ticket. 🤣🤣🤣 Plus ca change...

    70. Gordz

      if the gears were down, how would that help the situation flying into a forest?

    71. LosPepes

      It could have ended up like the Aero Sucre 727 in Colombia..

    72. Doug Gale

      That looks like one of my Kerbal Space Program takeoffs except in my takeoff, the lift is nearly ripping the wings off, and there are 48 engines.

    73. Pepper Harlet

      I kinda wish you would make the example video bigger. Theres no need to have all that empty space on your right, and then such a tiny example video thats smaller than a bloody phone screen.

    74. mmmartin261

      Any chance you can use the tail number, location and time/date to recognize the pilot and interview the pilot with regards to his performance. Would be a neat interview.

    75. Anders Bovin

      i head a story of a russian cabincrew asking for dunations too repairs for the aircraft ....

    76. Anders Bovin

      they are russians

    77. Charles Lacombe

      What is the importance of gaining altitude so quickly ??? Is it so you have enough altitude to make it back to the runway if there is a failure ??? Did i answer my own question ?

    78. ThatSly B

      I have no issue with this as long as it was pilot choice. No one else was endangered but themselves

    79. loganbaileysfunwithtrains

      Look into the Charleston WV Yeager Airport cargo plane crash from May 2017, where the crew was killed. My personal connection to that crash was that the tuxedo I was to wear to my high school senior prom was on that plane and that I had to wait last minute until they could send it over ground freight from Louisville Kentucky

    80. Alex V

      Russian pilot, safety margins are for wimps!!!

    81. Go Clunker

      IL-62 is a POS. Common for them to have slow rotation, the IL-62m flies with magic

    82. vnoockthebrain

      Заправились палёной водкой в этот раз... :-/

    83. Bertold Riesenteil

      As Frank Spencer once said. There are old pilots and there are bold pilot. But there are no old bold-pilots.

    84. John Airey

      Just as well the ILS antennas weren't at that end of the runway - otherwise that would have ripped open the wings and the fuel in them. Closest pass to them I know of was the crashed (well, glided) BA38 a few years back.

    85. Daniel schröteler

      Maybe ist overload with cocain 😅

    86. Tom Kitta

      In former Soviet Union every plane is overloaded. Especially cargo. Corruption plays a role. When I was in Tajikistan I had to pay cash for my luggage - never declared - nothing in computer - pilots never knew its there nor the airline. Everyone else was the same.

    87. kola sillers

      Maybe forgot to take handbrake off again?

    88. MrKotBonifacy

      5:50 - "if something were to happened, then..." - if "something" happen, THEN we'll think of it, no need to worry in advance... 5:59 - "I don't know what the background is" - Uncle Google is your friend (and Auntie Wiki helps too) - "Rada Airlines is a Belarusian carrier" - 'nuff said.

    89. vladchan

      The plane is tragically overloaded. This gig pays well but it’s dangerous work. This style of flying is often found in Africa. The client pays good money in cash and you have to fly a mystery cargo to Timbuktu. Chop chop

    90. Skyisnotalimit

      Tror dem skulle behöva lite mer "brus i burkarna" därbak!?

    91. EarlOfEasycore

      Aerosucre flight 157 - "Hold My Beer"

    92. LaurentMaitreK

      “It’s a four engines, quite rare Russian aircraft” If they all fly like that it may be a clue as to why they are rare.... ;p


        @Val Eremkin You're mixing crashes, the one that involved delaying checks was LOT 007. 5055 was an almost New plane, with many hours remaining on the engines. Maintenance had nothing to do with it, the reason for the failure was a Manufacturing fault.

      2. Val Eremkin

        @Kubboz Also the polish company to save money was using only polish fuel for the flights to US and back, not to pay for fuel in US. As a result planes was overwait and engines used maximum power on takeoff much longer then normal.

      3. Val Eremkin

        @Kubboz "In 30 year only in 2010 the information was open to public that polish company used the planes with overdue engines checks and repares to save money for which the company managment was receiving big bonuses".

      4. Val Eremkin

        @Kubboz Shit happened to any model of planes in the world. Just check it overall safety record. Russia used it for decades every day non stop. Could of be an act of sabotage by US pirat regime, to make Poland to by Boeings instead of russian planes. And that is what happened after this insident.

      5. Kubboz

        @Val Eremkin Then I presume you're educated about LOT 5055?

    93. tschagalaga 75

      thats russians maybe? they are hard in taking it...

    94. DJ Techno

      In mother Russia plane don't rotate Runway rotate

    95. Andy B

      When you use brute force instead of configuring for takeoff

    96. Hugo Moita Claro

      I have seen this before in Angola from pilots that learned from Russians pilots, for what i was told, it is how russian military pilots do it and passed it on to pilots that learned from them. In the video it looks like its a Russian plane... for what i was told it is to gain air speed before climbing

    97. calvingreene90

      The first time I saw the video I assumed the plane had been accidentally landed at the wrong airport and the runway was much too short.

    98. Killbird 334

      A few degrees hotter, a few hundred pounds heavier, slightly more forward center of gravity, and they are history

    99. Patrick F.

      I want you to be my pilot. On every flight.

    100. Matt Hendricks

      Disgraceful to our profession