SIDE HUSTLE | Ep. 1: “Start Hustling” (Series Premiere) starring Jules LeBlanc & Jayden Bartels

Jules LeBlanc

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    Side Hustle follows best friends, smart and sarcastic Lex (Jules LeBlanc) and confident and tough Presley (Jayden Bartels), as they devise a plan to make money when fireworks accidentally destroy a boat belonging to the dad of their quirky friend and neighbor, Munchy (Isaiah Crews). Catch new episodes of Side Hustle on Saturdays at 8:30/7:30c only on Nickelodeon!
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    1. Jules LeBlanc

      what is your favorite part of the episode? 💜

      1. Chxrry

        I got u got me we got this . Love u jules ❤

      2. Asif Farooq

        Everything l love you very much annie

      3. disco bean

        everything about it❤️

      4. Amayaaa Playz!

        Wait I sent your name Annie?

      5. tyler clemons

        I love it

    2. abigailll*

      Lovee 💘💘❤

    3. Majid Qayyum

      This is the set of THE THUNDERMANS.

    4. TB - 02BR 893601 Treeline PS

      when you say i got this

    5. Monita Kalsi

      This reminds me of Alexa and Katie

    6. Jeminia Parland

      Jules i love your music and stay safe.

    7. eksoj 2110


    8. Fluffy Cake


    9. Seth Kelton

      Hi Jules Leblanc

    10. Seth Kelton

      My favorites episode

    11. XtraLargeEgg

      this show mad cringey

    12. Patty Block

      I love you 💖

    13. Mjchael Soury

      Iam your biggest fan when would upload another episode of side hustles season 1 episode 7

    14. Loreanna Sinaloa

      me thinking this was a trailor 😭✋


      “Did someone say Munchie?” Audience: AHAHAHAHA “Munchiiiiiie!” Audience: AHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAHAHA THEY SAID IT AGAIN!!!!

    16. Madelyn Conto

      i thought your name was annie

    17. shalom kaela

      Never knew ryhme acted in Nickelodeon

    18. Comments Only

      NEXT EPISODE 🥺😩😭😭 PLZZZZ and I still miss #HANNIE4LIFE 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😩😩😩😩

      1. Brat Edit

        Here the next episode

    19. •Coffee Bean•

      When are you gonna continue bratayley, we all miss it 😢

    20. onlyforthebrave

      I wish i had Nickelodeon:(

    21. onlyforthebrave

      Finally a show when teens are teens

    22. Justin P

      does jayden play roblox

    23. Aalisha Panwar

      Each time they speak the "audience" goes AHhahahahahahhhahahahaa -.- kinda funny NOT Lex is the only person whos lines don't have a trail of "fake audience" laugh

    24. cookie here

      see y’all in 7 years where everyone that was born this year starts watching this

    25. Melisa Öztürk

      I'm watching you again after a long time. Annie was a baby back then. and his brother was alive. I did not speak English at the time and I was just watching visually. As you understand hahaha.I was dreaming of you when I was little.anyway, I still love you guys. greetings from Turkey .

    26. Josie Cusden


    27. Moza Ali Al-Maadeed

      guys w-herfe is ep 2

    28. Dezia Robinson

      since when is her name jules..

    29. Yogeeta Narine

      Why is your name Jules now?

    30. Chelsea Neera

      Alvin and the chipmunks

    31. Chelsea Neera

      I'm watching it now

    32. Chelsea Neera

      I watch nickelodeon all the time

    33. Chelsea Neera


    34. Gymnast_Forever 0925

      Luv dis show

    35. Natural Skin Herbs

      Who Else Grew With Jules

    36. Natural Skin Herbs

      Dude keeps saying DADDY

    37. Natural Skin Herbs


    38. FantaBlox

      Hey Jules I recommend you watch this it is so good it will make you happy : Annie and Hayley - fight song. It’s really good

    39. Megan Schnitker [SSD]

      Jules I love your channel! Can you please post more videos?

    40. Talia Vlogs

      I miss your old name Annie/jules

    41. Harper and Danielle’s Horsey life

      Why did you change your name from Annie to Jules?

    42. Bella Hicking

      Ep 2 plzzzz

      1. Brat Edit

        Here you

    43. NolxveFader

      Why is your name Jules isn’t your name Annie

      1. Shamaine x

        she goes by jules now

    44. ExplosiveAmir

      i never realized how much the laugh track played but the comments made me realize 😭 anyways i love the show!

    45. angeline


    46. Khofifah NS


    47. zhedrick jhon

      heeeey annie🥺 here I am supporting all the way from philippines🥺 you're my idol since i was 8🥺 i really miss you and your video🥺 this is again my firts time to watch your videos because this is again my first time to have a phone🥺 hope you notice me🥺 i miss you annie🥺♥️

      1. zhedrick jhon

        @Shamaine x ohh sorry i thought annie🥺

      2. Shamaine x

        her name is jules fgs

    48. Desiree’s life


    49. mandy nook

      Did she change her name?

      1. Shamaine x


    50. Isabella Hyatt

      It's Feels So Wierd Because I've Been Calling You Annie Ever Since You Started .... But Now Your Juless

    51. Jehova Moreno Velasquez

      Nah Im cool hey Jules What sup gurl do u wanna date??

    52. Asif Mohammed

      The fav part of mine is when the guy always says "ok daddy, ok daddy, yes daddy" xD

    53. SaffronGRAPH Yt

      Didn't her name used to be Annie

      1. vTrustedv

        She is called Jules bc its her real name and Caleb used to call her annie

    54. Fakhran Noorwala


    55. Jess Florea

      Here's a fun game: take a shot every time the laugh track plays

    56. Tima Queenyt

      Hey I liked when ur name was annie nit Jules why did u change it

    57. Swanika

      Prestly was Payton in would you wrather

    58. Marcela Alvarenga

      I’m so happy for Jules 🥺 I remember watching bratwurst every single day, then the question of the day 😭

    59. Kyle Dinnel

      So why did she change her name to Jules ?

      1. Shamaine x

        her real name is julianna and she only went by annie bc caleb couldn’t pronounce julianna so he called her annie and it just stuck but now she goes by jules x

    60. Norma Castillo

      Omg I love all of it can you do a video of the chicken girls

    61. Paulina Camacho

      Did she change her name ???????????

    62. Andrey Christina Nicole

      Fisher should ask Ace of chicken girls about that app Just Kidding hehe i just miss Chicken Girls😅

    63. Laci AI

      Oh so this is where she's been all this time-

    64. Beatriz

      Hold the phone a sec- I came back here cus I randomly rembered watching this channel when I was younger, and now she's called Jules... *confusion intensifies*

    65. Madilyn Prior

      This is really cringe if anyone agrees

    66. Lily Broughton

      I cant stop looking at annie because shes so pretty,amazing, good actor and a good person at jump scares

    67. Toota Plays

      I miss Annie Leblanc.

    68. Toota Plays

      I miss Annie Leblanc but Jules is a way different person 😒

    69. Toota Plays

      umm not every letter they say needs laughing 😐

    70. Brenda Sanchez

      Why are you not posting some videos are you with your boyfriend 👩‍❤️‍👨

    71. sad quotesss


    72. cytnq

      since when was your name jules wasent it annie

    73. Madalyn Harpster

      Hi Annie I really want to see that show!!!!!

    74. FantaBlox

      Annie I love ALL the stuff your in and Hayley what I watch with Hayley is in is mani, hotel daloone, chicken girls and u chicken girls, my sister jo this and i have seen all ur videos of ur concerts once I played little do u know concert snd my brother thought u were a bad singer cause the crowd was all singing lol keep up the amazing work I love u so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 (sorry i sometime think I’m typing something but I fully skip a word so it’s sounds really weird)

    75. Elizabeth Baldon

      Jules is 16

    76. Chita Unicorn

      Ok so why did Anne change his name I actually loved your actual name Anne but I Support and love your new name

    77. Keshia DucharmeCowan

      i love you jules

    78. BigBrained Individual

      10:56 Who else thought "Ant farm 👁👄👁"

    79. Lauren Meehan

      When I Was younger i thought that laughing sound was the people in the background but i released now that I'm Older it's just a Laughing track

    80. Marta Garcia

      They remind me of Zack and Cody a lottttt 😂

    81. Emma Girl

      Who else really wants Jules to post a yt vid we miss youu 💗💗

    82. Marla Aubourg

      Why she change name i

    83. Charles Lewis

      My favorite part is when they have to wear the itchy suits.

    84. MANIT SHAH

      I love chicken girls

    85. I'm doing stuff


    86. StarBucks 42367

      Wow Jules finally knows how to act 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    87. Addie Bay are

      I can’t wait 4 new mussiccc from u and I hope u make more vids I miss u!!!!

    88. Evalyn Huested

      i thought ur name was annie

    89. Stargirlsohappy

      whenever i see Jagged i get so mad! lol

    90. Jobingg

      stop living

    91. Anna Hutchison

      Why did the Front of the house give me good luck Charlie vibes!

    92. Executive Branch

      My name is Jules 🦋

    93. Asif Farooq

      I love you annie. i am your big fan❤

    94. pauuualvarado

      Why is this so cringy?

    95. Nino Jariashvili

    96. Jessica Stratford

      the set is the same set as the thundermans!!

    97. Gia Yana

      I kinda wish she changed her name to Julie instead of Jules

      1. Harper White

        No no no

    98. champ art

      Wow that's amazing video my friend 🙏 let's stay connected 👍 ❤️ New subscriber 🙏🙏

    99. allan coleman

      Is it just me or is fisher sooo cute😍🤤🥵😻❤️💋👄👅💓

      1. Harper White

        Just look like Lex and your good!

    100. Horse_lover 11

      Hey Jules just wondering if this is u link underneath I’m sure u have been asked this. A lot