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    Saved by the Bell is streaming November 25th on Peacock.
    The highly anticipated reimagining of SAVED BY THE BELL will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 25 on Peacock. In the new series, when California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many underfunded high schools, he proposes they send the affected students to the most well-funded schools in the state - including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the privileged Bayside kids (who never have a problem that can't be solved in twenty-two minutes) a much-needed dose of reality. Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez star in the new SAVED BY THE BELL series, reprising their roles as Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater. John Michael Higgins also stars as Principal Toddman alongside the new class featuring Belmont Cameli, Dexter Darden, Mitchell Hoog, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Josie Totah and Haskiri Velazquez. Tracey Wigfield serves as writer and executive producer for the series, alongside executive producer Franco Bario. Peter Engel also serves as executive producer. SAVED BY THE BELL is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group.

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    1. IamJaySaul

      hey @Peacock, you can DM; ill help you prevent garbage like this from hitting the air ways, maybe even give you a hit show or two, if you pay me right.

    2. RICK DOGG

      The tone and atmosphere is just completely wrong 😑

    3. Briana MacArthur

      Why? Why. . . . why . . . WHY!

    4. Dave Webb

      Looks too much like Schooled, which was cancelled and still infinitely better.

    5. Mr. Anonymous

      Hoping this can pull a cobra Kai. I remember when I saw the trailer before cobra Kai came out and it looked terrible but then the show came out and it was amazing! Hopefully this will be the same situation cause this trailer wasn’t that great.

    6. Taylor R

      Me 2 minutes and 10 seconds ago: How can 2020 possibly get worst it’s almost over Now: Oh it just did🤦🏼‍♀️

    7. Grant Koeller

      How can they do this without Screech????

    8. cam george

      Is zack Morris still trash


      This look fun, but i need to say that zack morris is trash

    10. Dill


    11. Hokage Sigala

      “Lexi” is a mannnn

    12. Aimahoe

      I’m watching this bc Josie’s in it 🤩

    13. Brade Bronson

      After the first 10 seconds, I wanted to turn to the camera and say "time out." Then give a long speech about how to stop this.

    14. Doctor Strange

      Where is screech,?

    15. Sandy Santamaria

      *Holds sign* Sign reads: "They finna drag you"

    16. S. Arianne Velasquez

      I hope they keep it like a normal sitcoms and don’t riverdale it up.

    17. Phong Nguyen

      Copy from fresh prince lol

    18. Drowning Lemming

      I want it to do well, but I don't see this getting a second season.

    19. Der Jac How

      NOT. ON. BOARD.

    20. The Champ

      Just watched the 1st episode. New Characters 🗑 Theme Song🗑 Plot 😴 #dontwatchthisgarbage

    21. TC Tang

      didn't laugh once from the trailer...

    22. Shelby Apache

      Looks like the left took over this one hahaha

    23. Julie B

      If you don't like it, don't watch it. Give it to me !

    24. daxx0r

      It took me THREE seconds to stop the video and say "I hate it."

    25. Bennett Clemens

      This looks so cringe but I’m still going to watch every episode

    26. Scotty Falcon

      Yo where Screech at

    27. MahoganiQ

      Where's Lark 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

      1. Luna_Lotus

    28. jarry jayo

      I didn't see Screech in that trailer, I guess like all stereo type geeks he's a silicon valley billionaire. he showed them all who's the boss.

    29. aprhol8360

      Not everything has to have a reboot. Some should left alone. This is one of those!

    30. Rick B

      Corn chips?

    31. Best music today

      . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

    32. Freeman On

      The old People Gang So REALLY REALLY Goes with the Show Name SAVED BY THE BELL. The People Name Character's > Zack Morris,A.C Slater,Screech Powers,Kelly Kapowski,Jessie Spanio and Lisa Turtle. The Show Song is also REALLY SO MUCH BETTER TOO. This New Show Song of Saved By The Bell doesn't Really Go with the Show Name. Plus the People the Character's. The Character's Not Even Close to be the Show Name Saved By The Bell. They are So awful. Really Really Terrible!!!!

    33. Jeremy Medlock

      Where's Lisa & Screech?

    34. LamborghiniMarce

      Can they just not air this show?

    35. Michael Argenta

      Didn't 90210 already attempt to do this - just recently?

    36. Maniacus Games

      I wasn't surprised not to see Screech.. I don't think Dustin Diamond is welcome back to the group or any reboot of the show given his criticism of the cast and producers of the original run..

    37. Jessica Franklin

      I'm a 90s baby and loved the OG one but I'm here for this low-key lol

    38. Chig Chug

      Does this mean we’re going to get more “Zack Morris is trash”???

    39. Louis Wilcox

      Friends Forever huh then where Screech and Lisa

    40. cynthia rouse

    41. Michelle Dantis

      Josie Totah !!!!

    42. J T

      Old one is better

    43. Terrence Harris-Hughes

      Also, the new intro sounds horrible

    44. Terrence Harris-Hughes

      Won't watch this but if people want original content then explain why television has more one and dones than the Kentucky basketball team

    45. QBN_Mami6903


    46. Brandon Wright

      wth is peacock lol

      1. Peacock

        Hi! Peacock is a streaming app that you can download on different devices! It allows you to watch a lot of flocking content - Your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. For a list of our supported devices, click here: If you have any questions, feel free to reach back out. We're happy to help!

    47. savage prank films


    48. Twon McFry

      This looks awful! I've never went from excited to disappointed so fast and I've had COVID 4 times this yr.

    49. Net Felix

      The song is lit

    50. CycleCruza

      ....and 2020 just keeps on getting worst. lol

    51. Ejay420

      Cobra kai girl?

    52. Tony De

      it's like gilligan's island with no gilligan

    53. FutureLaugh

      No Screech , no me watching.

    54. Brooke Bishop

      Why can’t you put this on other channels too? Oh well. I am gonna miss it.🙁

    55. Brooke Bishop

      I don’t have that channel on tv.☹️ They should put this show on other channels too but they won’t.😖

    56. Bridget La Bella

      Where is Lisa Turtle? This is trash Lisa was there since the 8th grade before Slater. Kelly or Jessie... This 💩 is trash!!!!

      1. Luna_Lotus

      2. Tony De

        lisa went nuts, she has mental issues

    57. Frank Tobia

      This is before social distancing looks normal

    58. Ryan Peck

      On the latest episode of Zack to the Future, Mark-Paul Gosselaar said he only would watch old SBTB episodes for the podcast and not for fun because he is a busy actor and family man....but everyone should check out the reboot. Great marketing!

    59. Dina Marie 112

      Where's screech and Lisa? Mr. Belding? Honestly, doesn't look great but if it had all the og's i might have watched it.

    60. JoMas

      Apparently there are NO ASIANS ALLOWED at Bayside High lol (yeh diversity!)

    61. Alex

      RIP screech

    62. Eric M


    63. Noel Sheridan

      This looks soooo bad

    64. steve fargos

      They should of just left it alone leave it alone I said

    65. Krysti .Power

      Ok where’s Screech

    66. Richard wolff

      Is Zack and Kelly still married from the college years

    67. Matt M

      I think it just looks very written by adults and they just went to the teen drama section of Netflix

    68. Peculiar Groove

      This is awful. Plus there seems to be no buzz around it at all. Lots of woke nonsense in it also. I hope it fails.

    69. Marko Buenrostro

      Bring the homie Screech

    70. ron paul

      when are they going to learn girl meets world and fuller house both sucked this will too.

    71. egguhtoast

      Why does this saying exist

    72. Isabella Logan

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    73. Adam

      I had a feeling that the girl was a boy


      Look like power rangers movie..

    75. planecrazy400

      No Kelly and no Screech. Such a shame.

    76. dabeev

      They remake these shows and they feel nothing like the original except the cheesy references to the original.

    77. Coorslite

      This is gonna be woke trash

    78. cynthia rouse

    79. Deftones Dsm

      Wow so it took her how long after showgirls to get a job? This shows already canceled mark my words. Also blonde guy get plastic sugery somthing looks off....

    80. Nino Flajsig

      Ah. Saving the ol' Screech for the Christmas special. Got it.

    81. Yes Man

      Jessie didn't have the gap in her teeth back then, did she?

    82. geddoe316

      Wait....was that Mr Dewey ?????

    83. The Deadpool Who Chuckles.

      Spencer, was also nate in power rangers beast morphers.

    84. TreoView

      Lark is in the Show, and doing well. She was not cast until after the Pilot was filmed. Which this trailer was based on.

    85. Cyrus Fassihi


    86. Denver Denver

      This is just sad!!

    87. James Villanueva

      People wereing face mask at 0:12

      1. James Villanueva

        Was this filmed during the viuras

    88. Peter Owens

      This has be the dumbest s**t ever 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Why though smh is Hollywood bored or something smh lol

    89. 13strong

      One season and cancelled.

    90. Rogelio Gonzalez

      The new kids simply don't have It.

    91. Alonzo Wines

      I like it

    92. cynthia rouse

    93. Mr79Man


    94. Mark Tully

      Mario Lopez looks exactly the same

    95. TheKhaliente

      Cringey bad....

    96. cynthia rouse

    97. assembled 18

      Guys, this is not a reboot or remake. It's a direct sequel. The actor Screech is not coming back because he's in prison for stabbing a guy in 2014 and Lisa will be in this show soon.

      1. assembled 18

        @blackdogbrown Yeah I know that he's not coming back but the actress who play Lisa is about to be in this show.

      2. blackdogbrown

        Actually, Dustin Diamond is out of prison. Has been for awhile. But he's still not coming back because of bad relations he has with the cast.

    98. queen leath

      I didn't see Lark voorhies

      1. blackdogbrown

        @TheODLawson23 I honestly don't care. I'm not going to watch this. Lol

      2. TheODLawson23

        @blackdogbrown Yeah, right. Lark (Lisa) made a special appearance in one episode due to her health conditions. Someone mentioned that Kelly and Lisa only appear in the same one episode.

      3. blackdogbrown

        Because she was added late. She won't be in the promos. But she'll be in the series. No worries.

    99. Adam Rutkowski

      Brb gotta pour bleach into my eyes.

    100. Bob Stark

      Zack Morris is traaaaaaaash