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    Saved by the Bell is streaming November 25th on Peacock.

    The highly anticipated reimagining of SAVED BY THE BELL will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 25 on Peacock. In the new series, when California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many underfunded high schools, he proposes they send the affected students to the most well-funded schools in the state - including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the privileged Bayside kids (who never have a problem that can't be solved in twenty-two minutes) a much-needed dose of reality. Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez star in the new SAVED BY THE BELL series, reprising their roles as Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater. John Michael Higgins also stars as Principal Toddman alongside the new class featuring Belmont Cameli, Dexter Darden, Mitchell Hoog, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Josie Totah and Haskiri Velazquez. Tracey Wigfield serves as writer and executive producer for the series, alongside executive producer Franco Bario. Peter Engel also serves as executive producer. SAVED BY THE BELL is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group.

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    1. just_call_me_may

      after jessie Stewart did something.....

    2. zyro


    3. Cutietine 0801

      Oops i only came here to see abraham rod

    4. Nae Nae Shell

      Um is it just me or does this look & feel kinda ridiculous? I have watched several clips & well in my opinion they should have just left it alone!!!! stop remaking shows or at least remake them to be more closer to the original JS

    5. Omar Tafur

      *NO* -Everybody

    6. Ok Ok

      I can’t wait to watch it! Loved the originals and excited for the reboot!

    7. Death to Slater

      Can't wait for season 2!!!

    8. P Yan

      Where's the nerd ????

    9. El Gato Güili


      1. Melissa P

        He died.

    10. Maria Casares

      Maria Cazares Wilmington and Saved by the 🔔 Bell and ❤🌹👍😃

    11. Sarah Ross

      I don’t get the hate especially since everyone is just seeing the trailer. If you watch the show it’s actually ok it’s not best but most tv shows aren’t give it a chance before judging I enjoyed the show and I’m happy it got renewed

    12. DinoBoy_ 51

      Don’t do it

    13. Cinematic World of Benji

      This should be called “Woke by the Bell”.

    14. Luke Wain

      This service is unavailable in your region. i guess you can say I'm saved by the bell

    15. Caleb Hall


    16. tech2017

      More like WOKE By The Bell . This show is trash

    17. S Maslan

      What’s that smell??? Oh, It’s an ad for the reboot of saved by the bell #schit

    18. Genius Music Inc.

      RIP Dustin "Screech" Diamond Jan-7-1977_Feb-1-2021😭🙏

    19. Sam LSD

      no thanks.

    20. Rob P Z


    21. Rambo

      Zack Morris is still trash.

    22. JUDD EVANS

      NO SCREECH????

    23. adnan naemaz


    24. Garreth Tuite

      How to do a reboot = Cobra Kai How Not to do a Reboot = This

    25. Frozen gamer

      Rip Dustin Diamond.

    26. Spinelli Fame 1997

      This one is for you, Dustin. R.I.P. 😭

    27. A l f r e d 0


    28. antoinec822

      Now Screech definitely won’t be part of it. May he RIP.

    29. OddBox VHS

      wait wait wait a minute - the ORIGINAL CAST ARE IN THIS????? Makes me interested.

    30. James smith

      I just found this out but the blonde girl is a transgender. It was the little boy who played Stuart on the Disney show Jessie. I wonder how many of y'all could tell the actress was transgender without already knowing

      1. tsntana

        I honestly didn't. What's funny is that I recently rewatched the pilot episode and found out that the character she plays is also transgender.

    31. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

      no thanks

    32. mariam Xoxo

      My childhood living right now

    33. Kirsty A


    34. Allison Velasquez

      Please nooo

    35. Khaalilah Muhammad

      I'm intrigued....I don't hate it lol. And I love they have some of the OG cast members

    36. hey girl hey

      Lisa 🥺

    37. El Hermenéutico

      No Screech, no deal.

    38. Naty B

      Vivement en France

    39. xamot80

      Zack time out...Did the writers get covid when wrote this garbage? Just watch the original

    40. Geoff A

      Worst idea of all time...smh

    41. Michael W Carmeci Sr

      The show is not the same without Screech. How do you do a remake with only 80% of the original cast. #SHAMEONYOU

    42. Chris Su

      too bad this isn't multi-camera

    43. Dr. Loomis

      Yea this is a big nope

    44. Cleopatra da3rd

      Whoa!!! I really want to see this!

    45. -Marie-

      So I can't watch Peacock because I live in Canada>? Are you serious>?

      1. Peacock

        Hi Marie! Thank you for reaching out. Currently, Peacock is only available in the U.S. We are always looking to spread our wings. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach back out.


      When that he she thing came out I was hoping zack was going to run out and say TIME OUT !!!!


      Ruined the show with that he she or whatever it is trying to be a girl 🤦🏽‍♂️ don’t watch it , definitely not worth it .

      1. Its_R

        Josie Totah ?

    48. onio nio

      Peacock...learn something from cobra kai, old cast and new cast ARE important... Old generation wanted to watch the old gang in new adventures and you didnt...i dont care new generation

    49. Jeff Torres

      With the way the season ended, I really hope there isnt a season 2 of this. Bringing in Screech and Mr Belding is the only way this show can be saved

    50. Fairy Dreams


      1. Peacock

        Hi There! Thanks for reaching out! We appreciate your feedback. While we offer thousands of hours of free content, we reserve some exclusively for Peacock Premium. If you’re interested in exploring what our Premium tier has to offer, we have a 7-day free trial available! Please feel free to DM us with any additional questions. We are always happy to help!

    51. h193013

      I was thinking what if instead they did a reboot of the show with the same characters but updated and made it more of a drama kind like Degrassi or Riverdale.

    52. Tj lomin

      I want to like it, but the whole millenial thing makes me cringe.

    53. John Dough


    54. Hazmat Guy

      I'm glad I never watched the show back in the day, saw a few episodes but never stuck to it. If I did, this would have ruined it for me.

    55. Flyingeagle123

      0:47 Tesla cameo

    56. IAmAZygote

      Dang these comments are HARSH. I got so excited when I saw this commercial!! It may actually get me to subscribe to Peacock!! 😜🙌🏼

      1. IAmAZygote

        Nicki Millennium that’s so awesome!! I loved the first episode 😁👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      2. Nicki Millennium

        I binge watched it. It's way better than the trailer implies

    57. ams914

      I laughed at the last line. I'll admit that.

    58. Jackie D

      What did people really expect?

    59. Amy Gonzales

      I watched the first episode; HORRIBLE! It's cheesy. HORRIBLE ACTING ALL THE WAY AROUND 😖😖

      1. Nicki Millennium

        I enjoyed the first season. I found it improved with each episode; maybe give it another shot. It's nothing like the original show, it's more like a Ryan Murphy show, like Glee or Popular.

    60. manuel martin valdivia orihuela

      Samuel Powers

    61. William King

      This looks nothing like saved by the Bell, guess they're just using the name and a few familiar faces to sell it....

    62. fleurxelle ꧁꧂

      Belmont Cameli is my bffs cousin nabajaisviskagaiagsjsisi

    63. Dave Hud

      I guess its for the kids but its a no for me lol not hating but cobra Kai really set the bar high. That's how you blend the old and new. This is beyond cheesy. The original was successful because it was just teens not older people except Belding. This is a teen show with a let's throw the older people in somewhere smh terrible. Just stop with the reboots unless u can successfully pull it off. Why not just make a new teen high-school show? Call it a different name. And if u want u can do a separate show with the older cast in the REAL WORLD.

    64. AJ breitung

      So far from the first episode, Mac and Lexi are total entitled and only care about themselves. The new theme song is a joke. They should have just used the original theme song. By far the original series is 1000 % better then the new reboot.

    65. Kings

      If schools were like this,lemao.

    66. SomeGuyOnThisPlanet

      Reason these shows were what they were back then is because of the time. The 90s was a simple time which we can never get back.

    67. Keeley Eubanks


    68. Kendall

      Anyone know the name of the first song playing in the trailer?

    69. Mia G


      1. Mia G


    70. Christopher Happel

      We live in a cycle, no more original shows.

    71. James Laumand

      Whe re is Lisa where is Lisa where is Lisa where is Lisa,don’t car don’t watch

      1. Nicki Millennium

        She pops up for one scene later in the season

    72. avalonnn

      but the fact you have to pay for the other episodes besides the first one

    73. infringinator

      We needed this! Just like we needed the conners and fuller house...Looks like the end of TV guys.

    74. cosmic hustler

      I'll watch this cause of respect for the original 🤷🏾‍♂️ it's not the best but hay , wat reboot really is. I'll give it a chance

    75. EhCloserLook

      So Mario Lopez just straight up doesn't age, right?

      1. Rambo

        He is a vampire.

    76. Von Bon

      This is a different reboot without a laugh track that’s weird lol

    77. Dom Paul

      Mario Lopez... Did. Not. Age. 😍😍😍😍

    78. Coolboyluchy123 ZGL Finley channel

      One of the poeple was in a show call Alex and katie

    79. Quigs Anton

      Woked by the bell

    80. Ava Unknown

      two words JOSIE TOTAH

    81. Squicx

      This is like a really bad, lighthearted version of Riverdale. It’s just. BAD

    82. Squicx

      Look how they butchered my boy

    83. smallmouth addiction

      So Im watching the 1st episode... and im only a few minutes into it.. I liked the beginning with ZACK's Story.. but THE THEME SONG>>> >>AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should of really stuck with using the original. And I really hope they do something with SCREECH, LISA AND MR BELDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so I just completed Episode 1.. Not bad...

    84. laughing.introvert

      I know everyone doesn’t like it but I actually find it entertaining

    85. djessie

      This series was actually much more enjoyable than I expected. Loved the dark humor! Hope there will be another season!

    86. Walter Schivo

      Just a reminder of another lousy show, the Connors.

    87. Geography Now

      Cool but it's on Peacock TV and I'm sick and tired of having to pay and subscribe to new streaming services

      1. Petite Explication

        Didnt expect to see you here

      2. Brain Girl

        It's also on Amazon Prime I think

      3. Fairy Dreams

        @measel Catches The first episode is free the rest you have to have premium

      4. measel Catches

        @Kong it is free. I literally have peacock

      5. Kong

        @measel Catches that is what they make you think

    88. Jim Bob

      Not gonna last...from having transgender characters to all of the spoiled kids just happening to be only white...this show is gonna be a huge flop. It has way to much California all over it.

    89. Joe Lonsdale

      No Screech? I shan't be watching...

    90. Ryleigh

      They ruined Saved by the bell.💔

    91. DronPlayzGames

      The original is better And I’m 11 years old 😐

    92. Barbra Wolford

      It's okay but I like the old Saved By The Bell better.

    93. Phoebe Moon

      this looks absolutely awful!

    94. alonso contreras

      i think is a bit better this reboot than beverly hills 90210

    95. Allen Florencio Official

      Old: Saved By The Bell 1992 New: Saved By The Bell 2020

    96. Ricky Ruiz

      Right when you think you seen it all. This is like the movie speed part 2 on a boat ! TRASH!!!!

    97. Mr. goodtimes

      PC culture is ruining every new comedy or sitcom for the future.

    98. datdudeCollins

      Why are all their faces weird, and fake, and deformed?!

    99. H. Cain

      Cringe intensifies-

    100. Marianna

      I saw a couple of episodes, and surprisingly hated it. :(