What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 259! (Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz) Full Fight + Highlights Recap

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    Hey MMA fans, for today's we will be covering And for today’s video, we will be covering What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 259!? (Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz) Full Fight + Highlights Recap! The video includes Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz, Amanda Nunes Vs Megan Anderson, Petr Yan Vs Aljamain Sterling, and many more! If you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you're new! Also, don't forget to hit that NOTIFICATION BELL to always stay tuned in for our new content! We hope you enjoy What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 259 (Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz) Full Fight + Highlights Recap!?
    EXCRUCIATING Body Shots That RUPTURED Livers... below:
    MMA Fighters That KNOCKED THEMSELVES Out... below:

    Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz, Jan Blachowicz Vs Israel Adesanya, Amanda Nunes Vs Megan Anderson, Megan Anderson Vs Amanda Nunes, Petr Yan Vs Aljamain Sterling, Aljamain Sterling Vs Petr Yan, UFC 259

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    1. Regie N

      How was the fight? Jan: It was Izzy

      1. Villa Mara

        Slavic power. Greetings from Croatia. 🇭🇷❤️🇵🇱

      2. Gunna Down


      3. Desert Fox85

        Not surprised he lost. He lost against Romero as well.

      4. Desert Fox85

        You mad. And Romero was also adesanya right?

      5. CW DIEU

        @That Nigga Imagine being that pensive about youtube comments

    2. J Simo

      i didn't like how i saw Sterling say Jan lost the belt like he smashed him and took it from him. not game the rules and keep his knee on the ground cause he knows he'll be starched. otherwise i like sterling. seems like a decent dude.

    3. DocJ

      Arrogant adensya hahaha..if u go back down...things would be different...you will lose and lose......

    4. Lil Easy Gang

      🔥soon the whole world will be listening to my songs..

    5. Lari Linden

      0 respect for Fight Focus recap


      izzy will lose his middle weight title... holes has been expose....

    7. Jari Laakso


    8. The PacomanTv

      Izzy still undefeated In middleweight so many butt hurt people still butt hurt of Izzy everyone thinks they know skill and know how to fight Izzy has 106 fights he is 20 - 1 give him respect for stepping up straight to the champion of light heavyweight

    9. faded ghost

      "what do you think izzy should do next" umm keep destroying the 185?

    10. dragon ballz

      3 words on main card Yan vs sterling "why" Nunes vs Anderson "wow" Jan vs Israel "respect"

    11. RmTeam Motivational

      It was a good fight, sorry Adesanya could not take two belts of the UFC

    12. egymario

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    13. American pirate

      3:05 just wait till the Trans fighters start stepping up in class. SHE won't stand a chance, in the WOMEN'S class... 🙄 Thanks biden, you Dickhead!

    14. Jackie Oliphant

      Not impressed with that iron black fist lol. Not even a little bit

    15. Md40407

      Stop hiding from jones nobody wants to see you at LHW unless its vs Jones. We all know he would literally hurt you bad so stop all that talk and stay in your lane at 185 you 🤡

    16. DRGains

      Gots run that back

    17. MetalGamesAnimeNERD

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    18. Rodolfo Rusca

      There should be trilogy between valentina and nunes or fight claressa shields in a boxing match.

    19. Matt Wright

      I remember a kat destroyed Nunes

    20. Aaron

      *Hey, to you reading* ..... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    21. Christopher Morgan

      and yet not major richard star act... i guess vets take a back seat again..

    22. Thomas Nicholson

      They need too fight again soon. The judges took the belt from him

    23. Jay23 isBack

      What actually happened was that I watched the fight with my two eyes

    24. Master Contender

      Nunes gonna have to start fighting men

    25. Idontknow Iforget

      How the fuck are you gonna call this izzy vs blach "full fight+highlights"?

    26. PLRAHAPL

      He also out strikes and out kicked adesanya get ya facts straight he didn't win because of 2 takedowns garbage video

    27. Bolo

      To me before this battle I didn't believe neither one at all were underdogs because they both had so much fighting experience and success before they even met for this match. I think overall adesanya has more fighting experience than blachowicz, adesanya use to fight at heavyweight in kickboxing but obviously MMA heavyweight fighting is totally different than heavyweight kickboxing, Adesanya had a hard time for sure dealing with his grappling and especially when you're fighting in the UFC because you're more likely fighting the best in the world but in any competition there is always going to be an underdog no doubt that's just the way it is, and most of the fans and most of the pro media critics had blachowicz as the underdog by far for this one which is just totally ridiculous I find.. To me whoever blancho fights next defending his belt, he has to be the favourite by a good distance no doubt or else that will would just be blasphemous no doubt.

    28. Alan Peters

      Dude wasn't dancing around and showboating after that fight was he, can't stand that 💩

    29. Tosin Collins

      If izzy is going to light heavyweight,he needs to weigh more

    30. Mr. Mike

      Izzy needs to retire.

    31. Alien Encore

      Welp, never watching anything from this garbage channel again.

    32. Wondersome

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    33. Ray Zell

      Make better videos, dude. Wtf

    34. Chris Tuttle

      Let Nunes fight the lowest ranked dude and lets see how it goes.

    35. Still a costa fan

      Commentators hyping up izzy legs kicks like jan wasn't checking half of them

    36. Michael Mclellan

      If u watched the fight you think Jan won. If you only listened to the commentary u think Izzy was destroying him

    37. Average User

      Glad that racist black dude lost.

    38. FooGoneChill

      What happened is jan won

    39. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

    40. Skała PRP NPW

      Jano z Polska wersja xd

    41. Growth Mindset

      To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading!

    42. G Mcdoogle

      Trash content. This is what happens when you give a casual fan a platform which other casuals blindly follow.

    43. floss 2 da 951

      I think Izzy has to put on weight for 205

    44. Mihad Alzayat

      Not gonna lie, I’ve never watched UFC

    45. Villa Mara

      Slavic power. Greetings from Croatia. 🇭🇷❤️🇵🇱

    46. The Mutual Friend

      Adesanya better go back down. He bit off more than he could chew with Jan and he knows it .

    47. Brooke Roman

      259, really?

    48. Variety Jones

      Jan!💪 respect for Jan from Afrikaners where? Jan won He deserves respect. He is a real champion! Polish power 💪🇵🇱

    49. E

      Y’all really thought that fool could beat Jon jones 😂😂😂

    50. Roma Ezid


    51. Hitchslap

      Turned the fight with 2 takedowns You kidding right ? He was technically out striking Izzy for the whole fight. Izzy only took 3rd round


      My mom in her prime could've beat her. In my moms day fights were still Co-ed!! Nunez is bad ass nonetheless!!

    53. fshoji

      jan was too big, those takedowns were coming either way. he gets that good takedown defense at lower weight cause guys are smaller

    54. Champ champ

      “Adeanaya was the sharper more aggressive striker” what fighter were you watching

    55. Matt panov


    56. Josh Ruano

      No highlights at all

    57. Ratul Kingston

      tbh I don’t hate blacks but sometimes

      1. casie love

        I agree

    58. Hlehle Monster Fishing

      What actually DIDN'T happened. Have you watched the fights or just listened to Rogan's commentary?

    59. Notafratdude

      Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven, Like so more people can see this..

    60. Earth To Rex

      It’s pretty off to say Jan “survived the onslaught” considering he our struck Izzy and landed bigger shots.

    61. Adrian Q SOTX Grappler

      Izzy was clearly over powered. He the man for stepping up

    62. KrwawyLeon

      "Jan survived the onslaught" - an onslaught of feints? an onslaught of biased comments? an onslaught of Dana's depression?

      1. Tiave Oto

        Lol Izzy is def a beast but Jan stood for a long time and traded with Israel his jab caught adesyana a lot man but overall I think both guys didn’t land any sig strikes

      2. kingGhobra

        Why would a big man like Jan feel the need to go to the ground and weight bully his opponent? It was clear that Izzy was still advancing with strikes in the last round and Jan had no answer but to ground hug the smaller man.



    64. Yannick Frögel

      Karma comes always back. Love it.

    65. putri nabila


    66. Señoritas Top's

      It was a brutal kick, even it hurt me

    67. Raffay Hussain

      I wasted 5 minutes of my life watching this fool talk about nothing

    68. Malik Bibb

      Bruh then they got the nerve to move him to the light heavyweight on ufc 4 then max his whole skills out

    69. Raffay Hussain

      why is that even a video, the title makes it seem like a fight breakdown or something of that nature

    70. Miguel Soto

      Covid-19 😡👉kgup.info/get/nHucfI-mZp-KrYs/video

    71. 什麼都有的頻道哈哈

      Why am I watching this


      Herkese merhaba kısa videolara devam ediyorum takip etmeye devam edin kanala bekliyorum sürprizler var acele edin youtube için değişiklik olsun kanalıma destek olmanızı istiyorum engeller kalksın artık

    73. Zer0Diamonds

      Did you just listen to the commentary for the main event? Because I don't recall any "onslaught" Jan had to "overcome".

    74. Dark Knight

      So good to see izzy lose.

    75. hamidious

      Valentina beat Nunes before. She can destroy her no problem. Unless the judges do their magic again.

    76. Krystek Świstek

      Polska górą

    77. garlco

      What a horrible video

    78. Xavier Williams


    79. Sharku

      Blachowicz won 4 out of 5 rounds. Literally outstriked him in every round. I don't know what you're smoking, but you need to stop asap

      1. secterxgod

        i disagree izzy won 2,3 jan won 1,4,5 and izzy was outstriking him in 4,5 but the takedowns gave him the rounds

    80. Brandon Roberts

      He went up in weight sonit played out exactly like i thought it would

    81. Dopey Tripod

      take the money away & they are just barfights

    82. Christien Haddad

      Sorry but Petyr Yan was dominant the entire fight

    83. El Pacino

      did you watch the fight? 😂

    84. Eyyup Yalcin

      Where’s the Islam?don’t do discrimination

    85. Elmer Escalante


    86. Manish Gupta

      Then imagine what khamzat would have done to issereal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂

    87. patryk albert goliński

      Jan was born to practice martial arts.

    88. PixelStacker

      How was the fight : 100%!

    89. David Moomoo

      Just curious if a fighter would say I’m going to dominate my division with my iron white fist what would happen? Jk I know liberals will lose their fucking mind and talk about racism for five straight years and try to throw him in jail.

    90. that guy

      He got lucky izzy would of smashed him 1st round

    91. Ahsn

      Yo man you pressed triggered button with survived comment. Love it.

    92. the skull

      Our hokage has fallen it's time for him to go super saiyan

    93. Infidel-icious

      Who cares about women's fighting? It's just not that competitive probably because the pool of fighters isn't particularly deep

    94. Amandeep Singh

      Nunez's only real competition is Valentina shevchenko.

    95. Overland Wannabe

      Joe "I'm hyped so I'll kill careers" rogan

      1. James Nakamoto


    96. Jergis

      Izzy fans where are u lol

    97. OG_Dacs

      Give them swords, shields or other melee weapons then I might be interested.

    98. Phillip Feital

      “Actually happened” I thought you would give some deeper insight on this card especially on yan and adesanyas fight. If you watched the fight you would know more than what you stated in this video.

    99. Owen Sunuwar

      Survived the onslaught? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ He was winning the striking exchange going into 4th Did you even legit watched the fight????

    100. lawrence rico1220

      let's go adesanya vs jones..let's see what happens.