Why The Web Is Such A Mess

Tom Scott

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    Tim Berners-Lee envisioned a "universal information system". What went wrong? • MORE BASICS: kgup.info/channel/PL96C35uN7xGLLeET0dOWaKHkAlPsrkcha.html
    Written with Sean Elliott SeanMElliott/ • Camera by Tomek • Graphics by William Marler wmad.co.uk
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    1. Tom Scott

      The thing behind me is the Centre for Computing History's Megaprocessor. It plays Tetris.

      1. ???

        Wtf this is older than video its really a mess

      2. [Hello- It’s brandon]

      3. GBOYG and GCOKYG SenorOggy Pack

        4 months ago

      4. PIXEL

        Watefoc el comentario es más viejo que el video

      5. Lita Pita

        This comment was made before the video

    2. Untouchable Players

      I came into this expecting to learn nothing. However, I learned a bit about reader view and how it has been abused. Thanks :)

    3. Evan Monsisvais

      Your Comment Glitch

    4. Neil Robinson

      How about mess with the cookies and have some sort of 'fix' apply false data for advertisers to then acquire? Instead of trying to stop them data mining people, overload them with data.

    5. Zydrex

      When the pinned comment is made before the video was uploaded

    6. Andrea K.

      Tom :"advertisers are not people" me: an advertizer 😲

    7. The Champion

      Bro this was uploaded 1 month ago and his comment was posted 5 month ago. Can someone explain to me how this is posible? Ar i am just blind.

    8. Jesse Lindsey

      And then Facebook bought Oculus and charged only $400 for a VR headset, and now you get ridiculed for valuing privacy at all.

    9. plica06

      What annoys me is pop ups that my ad blocker can't block.

    10. mosyemessy

      Kind of disappointed this didn't end with a vpn ad. 😁😁

    11. JONSON

      advertisers enable content like this to be produced.

    12. Krishan

      I'm not going to consume many ads, period. Give me a viable, unified micropayment system and fair pricing (maybe 2x, 3x or 5x as much as you would make if I was clicking on an ad) and I would pay you for reading your articles.

    13. YS Production

      The newsletter pop ups blow my mind... I mean does it really work on people? On me it has the opposite effect. But I guess it must work (otherwise why would the web designers bother) and that is mind boggling to me.

    14. mini crewmate

      admit that you come there to see if timeworks is right

    15. สมชาย ชีช้าง

      the video is 1 months ago and the pinned comment is older than the video

    16. สมชาย ชีช้าง

      i love how the comment is older than the video

    17. MsAlfred1996

      Wonderful video. Conclusion: use only free software if you care about your privacy

    18. ?

      When T...

    19. シArixiello

      Watch the video carefully because the web (including KGup,) is a mess.

    20. kashii chan

      Thanks for ending on such a positive note, Tom!

    21. TheBobBrom

      Anyone else notice the Doctor Who E easter egg?

    22. Harrie Goston

      I love the little Easter Eggs in the ads in the beginning, like the joke about Tom’s biggest f*ckup, and the DW reference.

    23. Eddy

      my personal solution: no cookies at all. only if it's crucial to view content then I might choose to allow only the ones original website needs. drawbacks: you need to know a bit how a website work in order to decide if either website is broken or it's because a cookie. also using an adblocker with a lots of filters. plus have an antivirus. with all this efforts still there is tons of information google can get. just incredible. this is not the WAY! shouldn't be this way 😔

    24. semiku•

      Any one else is here for timeworks? 👇

      1. some person on planet earth

        stop asking for likes

    25. drego5

      LOVE the "Vote Saxon" popup!

    26. Mason Miller

      Thanks capitalism

    27. Silvia Sánchez

      Bottom line: Use add blockers.

    28. Sticky Steve

      Thanks for explaining what cookies are

    29. RT EDITS

      I like how no one is talking about " video was made 1 month ago and comment is 5 months old -_-

    30. Last

      They should hire a line monitor like they used to in grade shcool.

    31. DDORV

      This is the reason why i enabled Ad blocker extension!

    32. Christina Marie Hicks

      Keylock vpn..ur trapped in..

    33. Elizabeth Del castillo

      Oh no... i’ve just been reminded of those “game ads” you get when... you watch your online enthusiasm stuff... along with some “pill” ads You know what I mean everyone... Oh also forgot about that Iphone spin wheel thing... my god that’s a scam...

    34. Skraftz I guess

      If they track me they better stop giving me Grammarly ads everywhere when I already have it.

    35. Ajc 7575

      Wait, Google is one of the largest ad companies?

      1. ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ

        Google adsense. KGup ads are all ran by Google.

    36. MICheeHL

      Saxon for President 2020

    37. Bhargavi 1521

      Y isn't anyone talking bout' the date of the comment 🤔

      1. ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ

        Uh no.

    38. IronBahamut

      Thank god for Adblockers

    39. jeffykkcc

      Why is the comment upload before the video was made

      1. o laul

        Because the video was made multiple months ago, got uploaded to youtube but was still marked as private. So somebody with the specific link to that video can already watch and comment on it. In conclusion, this video was just published a month ago

    40. S H

      Ironically the vid is just riddled with adware.

    41. Minteck

      5:40 And some websites doesn't even let you say "no". If you say no it just send you to about:blank

    42. t0m 23

      I appreciate the vote Saxon thing

    43. Bunny

      site: get do you want me to use cookies? me: no site: sorry you don't meet the requirements to access this web page

    44. Olivier Pirlet

      "Vote Saxon" I loved it !

    45. DeestriosX

      This was uploaded 1 month ago and it has a comment from 5 months.. ago?

    46. Emma Dudman

      VOTE SAXON 🖤 We love a Who reference!

    47. Natasha Reed

      why your pin say 5 month ago it was made 1 month ago

    48. lMagicalMerlin

      This video is posted on Nov. 23'd, 2020. Tom's pinned comment is from 5 months ago... I am watching this on December 31st, 2020... a month after its release--- Thank you for blessing me with your knowledge kind time traveler.

      1. o laul

        Thats no time travelling

      2. Natasha Reed

        i did the same thing

    49. Zerobloodify

      Every time I watch one of Tom's videos on computer science I feel like we are living in some sort of dystopian nightmare future.

    50. Raptor Jesus

      i think its funny that when the sites give you a switch for different cookies they don't actually tell you which is "on" and which is "off" we all just assume that black means off, but it would make more sense for these info hoarding Aholes to make you think you've turned everything off when infact you've turned it all on.

    51. Connor Bell

      Vote Saxon

    52. WillBill

      Those Superman Easter eggs. Brilliant, Tom and William.


      Tom scoot comment is 5 months old while video is 1 months old

    54. RO IHU

      They should make these illegal. Everything should be off by default.

    55. Moley Kun

      Vote Saxon!

    56. All The Mikeys Are Taken

      NoScript > Ad-Block

    57. All The Mikeys Are Taken

      5:23-5:27 NO means NO

    58. Paul H.

      0:17 "Vote Saxon" Who's gotten to you

    59. Abi Robins

      Vote Saxon 😂😂😂

    60. SockBot

      The cookies is the scary part yet most of the comments are focused on ads in general. I work in online ads and FYI too many ads absolutely drives down a sites traffic. We know this. In our industry, execs try to balance how many ads they can show with how many a user will tolerate e.g. user experience is important. But these ads also allow people running food blogs, for example, to make money off that blog, make more content with that money, and eventually make enough to turn that blog into a career. But yes we know the ads can be annoying. Every suggestion I make involves less ads. But just like supporting youtubers, these ads allow higher quality content to exist for free. Cookies are where it becomes greedy. They let advertisers pay more money to target specific groups, which isn’t surface level bad, but allowing random companies access to detailed profiles on us is a recipe for disaster.

    61. ANUJ GUPTA

      at 6:26 , right after you mentioned Google Chrome and Google search, I got an advertisement for Google ads ._.

    62. RealDarkBlade

      Like in the South Park episodes...it's becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between an article and an ad

    63. Iraijus

      I love the "content" joke at 0:45.

    64. Luxic

      Thats just sad.

    65. Field Marshal Gaig

      vote saxon

    66. rickster4k

      This is why i use a Adblock, because websites are too annoying with the crap they want to throw in my face.

    67. Pate Jate

      This is why I've disabled JavaScript by default

    68. Alison Ste

      Well, let me go and delete my cookies....

    69. ohifonlyx33

      👀👀 VOTE SAXON ❎

    70. Mia E

      Any one else really want a cookie now? Like the chocolate chip kind

    71. Jim Dery

      Irony not lost on me...... video on privacy interrupted by youtube adverts......

    72. E030E03

      Or, just disable Javascript.

    73. marc the furry

      Nice superman reference

    74. Pited Apollo


    75. L H

      Joke's on you advertisers - I'm broke. Advertise whatever you want.

    76. Ayman Arabi Gaming

      Who is here after timeworks video "This video's comment is older than the video"

    77. Allec De chavez

      Fact: Look Her Tom Scott Comment *4 months ago* right? and look her description created *November 24 2020* *And Her Comment Is Older than her video*

    78. Blaxxun

      The most infuriating thing is when the site in response to a "no cookie" request deliberately takes it so literally as to not store a cookie with info about that "no cookies" preference. Instead, one of the million "third party" vendors or whatever is the option that enables the "yes/no" cookie, disguised behind some obscure company name. The advertisers and site designers will take the absolute piss at any given opportunity to try and squeeze a few extra cents. The ony thing i've seen work against the ever repeating cookie popup is, ironically, an adblock filter blocking that site element from loading.

    79. Jacek Plays ❶

      brave users stand up :sunglasses:

    80. eeggplanto eggo

      Wait that comment is illegal

    81. Aaron Gillis

      Time works did a video about you

    82. weekndotter

      Claim your 'free cookie' here

    83. N K

      Do I get milk with my cookies?

    84. Robert Lundy


    85. TheOneTold

      You don't have a right to go on someone else's website and force them to not to allow cookies on you. Websites are the private property of their owners and you have no right to go on websites if you won't follow their rules. If you don't want your privacy invaded, don't go on sites that you know are taking away your privacy.

    86. Rafael Marvelous George Tanudjaja

      pov: u were looking for Tom Scott comment

    87. Willton Wira Wibowo

      who is here from timeworms video?

    88. sajjad hossan shimanto

      And your comment is also a mess. Your video is 1 month old and your comment is 4 months old

    89. Oscar Macintyre

      “Vote Saxon” *Doctor who music intensifies*

    90. Quang Sơn Lê


    91. Michael Moore

      After watching the latest video (about the greatest title sequence), I went back to this video and looked for the small details. Picked up on the "renticulating splines" joke, as well as the reference to work being replaced with "content" (see Tom's video on the onosecond).

    92. Darwin Maisner

      I started using Google because of no ads, but their business model has put ads on every website except theirs.

    93. Eatay Mizrachi

      Can anybody explain would happen in the UK in terms of GDPR after brexit?

    94. Akeldama


      2. yetgamercool123

    95. Edvards Kaļva

      did you add the reverb post recording?

    96. rock hayter


    97. Supss_

      0:17 vote saxon that’s a doctor who reference

    98. XIceCubeV

      whos here after timeworks video?

    99. Holden Caulfield

      CNN won't let you view news articles if you have adblocker. No news without advertisement