Recovery Mission & SLAB Crappies for Dinner

Uncut Angling

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    Hey, I'm back.
    Here is the bait from this video that I designed with Frostbite:
    ►My Gear:
    Jacket - Simms Challenger -
    Bibs - Simms Challenger -
    ^^^^This gear is the lightest AND warmest stuff I have used. Lightweight may not sound important, but heavy gear in the past was very hard on my back and shoulders, and is brutal for long days on the water.
    Boots - Simms G3 -
    Strikemaster 40V Lithium Ice Auger -
    Strikemaster Lightweight Plastic Drill:
    ^^^battery powered augers make ice fishing sooooo much more enjoyable
    Rod - Frostbite ROYAL FLUSH 36" Light Power -
    Jaw Jacker Tip-up:
    Leader Line - 6# fluorocarbon -
    ^^^it is worth paying the money for expensive fluoro from Sunline, Seaguar, etc as it will last you a long time when using just as a leader, and is a massive difference in strength:thickness ratio from cheap stuff
    Main Line - 5# Power Pro Ice Tec -
    Reel - Sienna 500 -
    Toboggan - Otter Mini Sled -
    Garmin LiveScope Ice Kit:
    Garmin Screen I use:
    Garmin Screen you should use for ice fishing:
    ^^^^I use the GPSMAP series mainly for extra wire port to allow me to record screen, the ECHOMAP series is half the price and still AMAZING
    Dakota Lithium Power I use:
    Dakota Lithium Power you should use:
    ^^^^big money, I know, but ridiculous amount of power, lightweight, and 11 year warranty!!! I am using the 100ah for my big clumsy setup, and their new 18ah will be perfect if you use something more practical like the 9" Echomap
    Underwater Camera - Aqua Vu HD7i:
    Ice Chisel:
    Ice Picks:
    Ice Saw -
    Main Camera:
    Hat Camera:
    Waterproof Camera Case:
    Camera Post Monopod:
    Ball Head for Post:
    Aqua Vu Underwater:
    Waterproof VLogging Camera:
    Vlogging Camera mini tripod:
    Ball Head for mini tripod:
    Drone with kit:
    Drone Lens Polarizer:
    Waterproof Drone Case:
    iPad holder on Drone Remote:
    Editing Program:
    iMac Desktop:
    Waterproof Laptop Case:
    Twitter: who cares about twitter?
    Vine: is dead and it's not my fault.
    *Amazon Associate Links Included*

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