New Boat After 26 YEARS - Change is HERE!

Scott Martin

102 миӊ. көрүүлөр22

    Changing to a NEW BOAT Brand after 26 years isn’t easy..but I couldn’t be more excited about the future with Skeeter Boats!
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    Memory Cards for Main Camera (Lexar 64gb SD):
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    Shotgun Mic (RODE VideoMicro):
    Windscreen for Shotgun:
    Wireless Mic (Sennheiser Lav):
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    1. Roland Caldwell

      Needs a good wrap job. Get that thing to pop !

    2. Jeff Wissing

      I'm so happy to see you moved up to the BEST BOAT ON THE MARKET!!!! CONGRATS SCOTT!!!

    3. feellnfroggy

      Hey Scott, how about a new vs old challenge. Milliken did a vid on your dad's old helicopter lure. I thought I was the only one who remembered it, lol. New Skeeter boat, and catch a bass, IN A TOURNAMENT, with pops old helicopter lure. At least one keeper. Let's see the faith, lol.

    4. feellnfroggy

      I'd love to see Skeeter make a come back!



    6. Michael Barata Sr

      I'm sighed up to Marshall at Champlain maybe I will be paired with you

    7. Greg Snow

      Well to team skeeter, great move specially with that yammie

    8. Trajan McBroom

      The real question is: does it have heated seats?

      1. JMoney

        That’s all billy wants to know 😂

    9. Bass Smasher

      As a proud skeeter owner myself welcome to the club! Glad you came over to the Dark side with us!!!! Hope you win every tourney in that bad boy!!!!

    10. Randy Boren

      BassCat would've been better but Skeeter isn't bad 😂😆

    11. The_NC_Bass_Slayer

      I’m here from team SMC

      1. The_NC_Bass_Slayer

        You liked my fish

    12. Vince Walczak

      Badddd Assssss boat

    13. Hot Rods Fishing

      Both Skeeter and Ranger are great boats! They have been sponsor a of the sport for a long time. Good luck on the Elites Scott Martin

    14. Poorboy_ Fishin

      Nice boat!!!

    15. Daniel May

      Would you ever run a Phoenix

    16. Carter Henderson

      Excellent decision on skeeter. I'm sure you were tired of your rangers coming in with Nitro carpet......

    17. Carolina Beach Bum

      Beautiful boat, best of luck on tour this year! Love your and Hillary's videos. Need more Brandon and Billy. Lol

    18. Stanley Taylor

      Nice boat and looks like you have the culling thing figured out lol. Good luck in the elite series and may God keep you safe and healthy.

    19. Brendan Stanton

      Can’t wait for the tournament trail to begin! Best of luck go and smash me up ! Long time Aussie subscriber !

    20. csoultrain80

      Should of been a Phoenix!

    21. Jeremiah Baldwin

      What Great Lake you going to??? I’m up in river city Michigan workin! It’s super cold rightnow but can’t wait for spring. It’s bass madness up here from what I’ve seen

    22. Tony

      Congrats this is awesome. I was 100% expecting it to be a Vexus tho

    23. Warren Ray Ledbetter

      Why do these intros always have to be so stupid?

    24. BEAR

      Change there is always change, it's growth it's expanding it's bettering yourself it's fine tuning ‼️ Knock em dead in 2021‼️ You Da Man‼️✌️🤟🙏👍💪🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

    25. Noah Armstrong

      Are you still going to fish the opens?

    26. Fernando Techicac

      Lemme have your old boat so I can go fishing at lakes😔

    27. Bassfisher6

      Onky thing better then a skeeter is a Phoenix.

    28. Livescope Fishing Logging Hunting Life

      Welcome to the Bug Family

    29. chizta xiong


    30. Sheepdog812

      Great looking new ride! Definitely needs a train horn though. I know, I know, just hear me out... Just picture trolling up behind Billy all stealthy and quiet and then laying on that train horn. LOL

    31. David Nadin

      Really two boats thats great at your leval of fishing you earned it.

    32. Mike stephenson

      What has happened to you. Are they giving them away and paying you to down grade your quality of life?

    33. Terry Mooney

      Billy said he’s not helping without his heated seat. It was his only request!

      1. Scott Martin


    34. Proangler47

      Why everyone leaving Ranger?

    35. Lloyd Rush

      Anyone who didn’t see this coming wasn’t paying attention

    36. DJ Combs

      Wow 🤘🏻

    37. Jesse Brock

      Hey Scott make sure you don't throw a pair of jumper cables in back of your boat. While back you were up in flames lol!

    38. James Shirah

      Looking all professional and stuff... great job Team SMC... looks nice!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    39. PeterParkerFishing

      You could add me to your boat mate. I will probably never own one so drive that like your Aussie fans would

    40. Juststatinfacts SV

      White privileged or Rolands son privilege!

      1. Scott Martin

        Sad very sad!

    41. Adam Freeman

      whattttt....heaviest bass boat on the market (2,275lbs) but heard its a good ride....wish you went BassCat or Phoenix :)

    42. 251 REELING

      never thought id see the day, but i do love skeeter boats and the yamaha sho motors

    43. Zachary Morris

      i wish you would have stayed with ranger but its ok you are still a great fishermen

    44. Tommy Rider

      I have a 2020 skeeter ZX190 and I love it and you're going to love your skeeter

    45. nebula3471

      Did you get a heated passenger seat for Billy?

    46. tuffdaddy1711

      Congratulations man!! Hopefully I will get a chance to say hey when you come up to Palatka for the St. Johns river tournament..

    47. Derek McCullough

      You will not miss the Ranger at all!

    48. Phillip Hill

      I guess when you went to Yamaha and since Yamaha owns Skeeter this was part of your deal

    49. Amur fisherman

      *Great fishing! Thank you!*

    50. william dobie

      Make Billy happy .......... Heated seats

    51. lee Johnson

      Add front entry steps on trailer

    52. IAM Crankinstein

      Scott, you good? Looks like you have something going on. Didn’t see the sparkle in your eye that you normally have, hope everything is good with you and your crew. Prayers

      1. Scott Martin


      2. capnrob97

        A lot of changes in his professional life. New tour, new competition, new sponsors. Plus he puts a ton of pressure on himself to excel. That would wear a mere mortal out.

    53. Jesse Elder

      I'm a Skeeter dealer for 6 years. My family was the biggest Ranger dealer in the southeast. Welcome to the Skeeter Yamaha family.

    54. woef man

      Nice a Yamaha Thank You

    55. Fishing MW

      Wow that's huge. Great choice. Skeeters are nice boats.

    56. Corey Miller

      Getting in a Skeeter after a Ranger is like stepping back in time 10 years. Martin is the man though!!

    57. chad morgan

      Color theme: Silver, Black, and that dark Yamaha Blue as an accent!

    58. Michael Smith

      I’d put the big fish on the port side. That way it will distribute weight from not having a co.

    59. Craig Holland

      I'm not really sure why I care if Scott runs a skeeter and a Yamaha, but for some reason I do a little. I was rooting for him to go Yamaha in the outboard video. I do like my skeeter but I love my Yamaha.

      1. Scott Martin


    60. Cody Jones

      Awesome I figured it was coming.

    61. Hook Sets Nation

      I’m glad to see that he is moving up to a skeeter

    62. paul in oregon

      he learned from his dad. "take the money and free stuff and laugh all the way to the bank" oh yeah also " act 1/3 your age, the kiddies will eat it up"

    63. Eric Veenstra

      Can I have the old one?

    64. Gregory Conti

      Funny watching pros change sponsors and suddenly the new sponsor's products are the best thing going.

    65. Phil Huchel

      Scott, I bought your buddy BLats 2019 Falcon F205, Falcon is definitely the way to go, but don't blame u from leaving Ranger, not worth the extra that brand cost anymore. Everyone else catching up. Falcon Forever!

    66. Heath Fitzgerald

      You and brandon palanick need to collab together now for sure scott

    67. Matthew Robertson

      Definitely a downgrade from Ranger....

    68. Chris O'Neal

      Step down from Ranger.

    69. Carson is Fishing

      Hi Scott, this is Carson Falk over at Mikes Marine Supply in Panacea Florida we put a light on the powerpole and it is fully waterproof and everything I even have one on my skeeter and it is even realiable, and u can have it in tournaments

    70. yadanivek

      Dibs on the old ranger/Yamaha!! Your new Skeeter is a sweet ride!

    71. DannyBTalks

      I know I’ve heard Ranger’s been trending downward, but Scott changing to Skeeter is definitely a shock.

    72. Logan whittemore

      Yes sir Scott you made a good choice with skeeter we have been running with them for a long time no problems hope we’ll for you

    73. John Richardson

      Sleeker. Are soooooo nice. Definitely a up grade scott

    74. Cherokee Lake Tennessee

      I'd be a terrible pro fisherman, Id say " Skeeter is giving me 2 new boats to use, I like free boats so they're awesome boats!!" I have a feeling you'll see less and less pros running Rangers, for some reason Johnny Morris doesn't seem to think suppling pros with boats is important to the brand but I disagree. Look at Phoenix, they went from a small company to one of the top selling bass boats on the market, why? Look at all the pros driving them. Boats like Allison and Bullet have a few pros but you don't see a lot of guys running them on tour, the boats basically speak for themselves and not everyone wants or needs a boat that will run 90 plus MPH. As far as Skeeter goes, I'm sure they're great boats and would probably consider one when it's time to retire my Triton but only if I could put something other than Yamaha on the back. I hear of way to many Yamahas blowing up that are just a few years old. Yamaha always made a great 2 stroke outboard but not sure they figured out the big 4 strokes.

    75. Joseph Pemberton

      Pull your box dividers out of your center box and you can fit about 4 more lure locks. I also pulled my steps out of my rod lockers to fit more rods.

    76. George Parker

      Great Choice you going to love it welcome to the Skeeter Family

    77. jaivette

      Add a Mercury four stroke 🤣

    78. Snapon 6919

      Glad to have you on the skeeter team amazing job on the vids keep up the amazing good work

    79. Keith Johnson

      Those colors are kick-butt!

    80. J Phillips

      Welcome to the Texas family!!

    81. Zac Pearson

      Why bobs over atlas?

      1. Scott Martin

        Way faster and bullet proof

    82. - Wood -

      Its not the boat boyz its how you wiggle your stick, but Id still like to have a SKEETER! -----still gonna watch your vids :)

    83. Sid Atkins

      Googan use mercury and Yamaha owns skeeter and he uses googan baits

    84. Jace Alford

      Looks awesome. I really need a 4 bank charger. I will buy it from you.

    85. Nicolas Lloyd

      You set off a fire storm in the ranger forums 😂

    86. Some_Weird_Dude_

      Livewell vents, adjustable jack plate and paint every screw incase one comes loose. Skeeter does a great job, but things do come loose.

    87. Shane J McNair

      Congratulations Scott

    88. Tim Roberts

      Go get 'em Scott! Scott in a Skeeter! How cool is that!! Best of luck to you this coming year!

    89. I Rod

      How does that sponsorship work? Does he gets both for free and money? Or just boats?

    90. Pamela Klemp

      Really like the new boat. Can't wait to see it in the waterways. Watching you release that fish at the end was like watching ELVIS'S hand movement when he was wrapping up an EPIC song...PURE PLATINUM hand moves‼️😎🤗

      1. Scott Martin


    91. Cam Yates

      Dude come on

    92. Kyle Vodden

      Super stoked your on the elites. Big fan of you and my Ontario boy Gussy. Go get em SM and say hi to your dad for me. He cracks me up

    93. Napalm !

      gonna get it wrapped? id love to see a vid of that whole process

    94. Brock Johnson

      Don’t forget your speakers too bro! Boats unreal man, congrats!

    95. Brock Johnson

      Dude I would love all that lighting ! Have to be able to see!

    96. Brock Johnson

      Dang man, we living thru you bro! I wouldn’t know how to act with that in my driveway! Well deserved tho sir, you live in a boat almost, and a lot of it is for films for all of us to enjoy. So for that, I thank you and your team! Godbless y’all man, feel like your gonna CRUSH it in 2021!

    97. Brock Johnson

      How bout the editing on these videos SMC putting out? Well done fellas! Good stuff

    98. Brock Johnson

      Oh snap! Been waiting on this one M

    99. Joshua Webster

      Scott will you please send me that jackplate !!! my 83 procraft has been blowing out since I got it and I honestly just don’t have the funds to invest in a plate at the moment Itd really help me stay safe on the water

    100. 1964krazyeric

      Wow, this is even bigger change than going from Evinrude to Yamaha, of course you had little choice in that one. I am curious why you are making the switch from a brand you have used in like forever? I love this move because Ranger is a sponsor to the FLW, and after what MLF did to the Forrest wood cup, I have to dislike them I really dislike them because of the division they created in my favorite sport. Will this move affect you and Bass Pro Shop? I am very excited to watch you fishing the Elites soon.