Superman & Lois 1x01 Fight Scene (HD)

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    Watch a superhero battle with incredible visual effects from the epic series premiere of Superman & Lois. Missed the premiere? Watch it for free on The CW website and app. Future episodes will air Tuesdays on The CW after The Flash. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on KGup for more Superman & Lois season 1 promos in HD!
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    Superman & Lois 1x01 Promo/Preview "Pilot"
    Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 1 Promo
    Superman & Lois 1x01 Promo "Pilot" (HD)
    #SupermanAndLois #DCTV
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    » Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Emmanuelle Chriqui

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    1. Mateja Ivanov

      How is this CW? HOW?!


      I hate the series Of the chain the cw they are often zero shit and badly made like the chain SYFY, nevertheless I must admit that superman and lois are ultra successful I was even surprised.

    3. TheMrColeTrain

      suerman ded teim for woman supr man

    4. Иркутный Кекер

      I would like to see him fight Snyder's Superman.

    5. Justine Jhay

      1:16 in split seconds his body mass was reduced and his cape become slim and short

    6. PhoenixFires

      Cinematic levels of VFX and they apparently didn't go with the Supergirl writers. That's already a win in my books. Superman still seems pretty weak in this universe considering how old he is but I suppose in this universe he never had to push himself beyond a few cats saved, natural disasters stopped, and the weekly rogues' gallery. No Darkseid, Mongul, Doomsday, etc. Yet.

    7. John Lancer

      General Zzod?

    8. Robert Lewis

      That is one way to open the show.

    9. George Rodriguez

      good effects but this superman and Lois still doesn't convince me. it's hard to see this two after you watch smallVille but the story line is good. I'll give it a try once it comes to Netflix.

    10. Geekcessive

      Oh god 01:20 he looks badass in those quiet seconds floating in the stratosphere!

    11. Darth Jonic

      Came here not expecting much. Because you know.. cw. But damn this actually looks good.

    12. Caner

      they are trying hard to make the tv show like man of steel lol

    13. geeze

      1:22 There is wind outside Earth? WTF?

    14. Chris Ferguson

      This is cool

    15. PR4 N4V

      This is what you get when you cancel crappy shoes like supergirl

    16. Abhinav Raj

      1:16 ,WHAT THE HELL!!!!,he flew like a game glitch

    17. TheFallinOfficer971

      Holy Smokes, this is a CW television show....I'm going to IN.Demand, binge watch this....I have some catching up to do...

    18. Rin Dere

      my question is why even try freeze breath in space? isn't it already like cold out there??? lmao

    19. marshallmeeps


    20. Mirrsub Adnan

      I can't be the only one who thinks he should've been casted as batman instead of superman

    21. darkevilazn

      Wow, no way is this the CW. The quality is wayyyyy too good to be on the CW.

    22. zachariahh

      Holy shit this is better that supergirl lol

    23. soulfull M.

      did he die ? i'm so anxious. did superman die ? what could the answer possibly be ? i mean there are so many possibilities other than "fuck no". right ? i'm right, right ?

    24. Jynxed Koma

      Oh my god... The CGI and sound is awful beyond belief.

    25. MaddStone

      Almost Snyder...

    26. JLo™

      the suit makes him look like ya padded his muscles.....doesn't look natural.....did ya???

    27. FRNW Eclipse

      Might watch this to actually have hope for other shows

    28. Commander Captain

      King Dork of the nerds: weh flying fights are terribad weh This clip: *I need to speak with your manager*

    29. Thomas Lam

      this fight scene is movie worthy.

    30. Andrew Gavincii

      All of this and we can't get a decent DBZ?!?!

    31. nizakat iqbal

      Ok I'm considering watching this. Normally I avoid anything CW

    32. Thiago Borges

      Esta versão do superman só serve para saco de pancadas.

    33. starkingbiker

      how to make a tv show look good: time budget talent

    34. Bamboo DV

      terrible TV shows.

    35. Vykintas Narkevičius

      Is this a real clip from the series or just a parody? Cgi looks like shit

    36. Dimitrios Desmos

      super mikonos more like it

    37. Michae Thompson

      I didn’t know Doom Slayer could talk

    38. WheyLand Fitness

      superman vs the doom slayer? jokes aside I gave up on CW years ago but this looks promising, may have to give it a go

    39. Dimvou83

      Superman falls down, dies cause he got stabbed with kryptonite - series over gg bb

    40. seizon sha

      No heart or soul.

    41. Shane Stocks

      Is that Zod?

    42. Semisi Kaitani

      Sounds like Jon Jones from Supergirl

    43. hylianchriss

      This show blew me away with how good it was and how great the production quality is. The flying/fighting scenes through the city look 100 times better than the "cgi flash running in a cgi city" scenes we get every episode of The Flash. This show hit at the perfect time for me. Right when amazing WandaVision ended and I thought I had to go back to the Flash which just gets dumber every episode, I discover this gem. I had very low hopes because I thought this would be like Supergirl and act like a spinoff of that show. But this is great! It's truly great so far!

    44. Tyrone Lugo

      Superman's muscle pads looks extremely bad 🤣

    45. Rossi Dannial

      I’m impressed

    46. Rossi Dannial

      Yo how the camera man fly and survive space ?

    47. Benj6i

      Although he's no Cavill, this makes Supergirl look trash (which isn't hard)

    48. UE5 Project Storm

      Very very clear inspiration from Man Of Steel. The angles, the color grading, the pacing is 100% inspired by man of steel

    49. Average Guy

      The clip of Superman flying through the wall is well done, but they cut out the impact, going from Flying towards wall -> past the wall. Having the satisfying impact of fist against concrete and breaking through would of been so much nicer

    50. Average Guy

      "But somehow I managed to survive" Good writing.

    51. Panovision

      Chinese guy @1:17

    52. Neo

      And how could it be???????????

    53. Jarom Flores

      Is it just me or superman's heat vision here looks different, when i last saw it it was blue like supergirl's, did something happen or....

      1. Bradley Vensent

        Did you watch Crisis of infinite earth?

    54. Ну Как Так То?

      это же Думгай! так то его весь Ад боится! куда уж там до супер мена то? -_-

    55. Joyeuse

      2:26 I think that the funder is sweating

    56. Gorban Gordajev

      impressee finally with the cgi. Might give it a shot

    57. SulonenMedia

      How can you throw someone in the air who can fly?

    58. Kemal Alomerovic

      This fight scene alone is better than the justice league movie

    59. UndercoverGodzilla

      So Superman loses to Doomguy ?

    60. γιουργια chanel

      This gives me BvS and MoS vibes.

    61. The Blaqbuckeroo

      *UNPOPULAR OPINION:* Superman & Lois excels as a storyline because Superman/Clark Kent FINALLY has a compelling archenemy/antagonist in this new reinterpretation of Lex Luthor! Having mulled it over for a few days, I realized that's exactly why Batman has been so commercially successful in recent times: *A Hero is only as good as his Villain!* Traditionally, Batman has served as the Avatar of "Order" against The Joker's Chaos... and that stark polar contrast WORKS! It makes for highly effective storytelling. The classic Mad Scientist/Evil Business Tycoon "Lex Luthor" just isn't as interesting or culturally relevant enough for most audiences nowadays! But in "Captain Luthor," Superman has to spar against someone who is his total ideological opposite, but nonetheless still sees himself as the "hero" in the story as well!!! (Captain Luthor is a spiritually defeated, broken man with nothing left to lose against a godlike being driven by hopeful optimistic purpose, with EVERYTHING to lose in the form of his loving family... a brilliant creative stroke, I might add!) Human v. Alien / Urban v. Rural / Traditional American Values v. Progressive Multicultural & Multiracial America. And yes, Captain Luthor's "Blackness" does help to accentuate and highlight those character differences!!! Captain Luthor embodies everything that Superman is NOT, and that's what makes him the "perfect" adversary!!! Though Superman & Lois does many things right, for ME at least, Captain Luthor is the secret reason why the latest Superman Show works so well. And I think in time most will arrive at the same conclusion, and this new "Captain Luthor" will become the Lex Luthor standard interpretation!

    62. Сергей Юров

      It seems that all the storyboards, camera work, and color correction are peeped from a man of steel.

    63. Martins Danisevics

      wtf is this indian show?

    64. DerCamperSchreck

      The effects are amazing for a TV show !!

    65. Satans Pit

      Wow this looks amazing. CW has a hit with this show.

    66. Wild American

      Wind howling in space Hmmmm

    67. Alex Spectre

      0:31 In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon....

    68. Nozyspy

      That CG is... really rather good.

    69. Christopher Acosta


    70. Pete Smith

      Only problem I found is that Supes wouldn't just up and leave everyone in the street after he came blasting in like a cannonball. He's way too much of a goody-two-shoes for that. I think he'd at least have scanned around himself to see if anyone was injured. Is this a darker, more realistic Superman than we're used to? Or am I reading too much into it?

    71. INTMAX

      still the vfx is so lame. ughhhh

    72. Kaffein persona

      Hans Zimmer spoil my taste. This is the kind of music I would actually enjoy in the past but now it suck comparing to his master pieces. DCEU also might has some flaw at story writing, but their action scene always nail. And this is NOT nail.

    73. GamerNautico

      Superman's body looks super fake.

    74. Мистер твистер

      why superman become indian?

    75. Allan Kimuli

      Hold on....wait a minute! Just saw the intro vid and now this! Seriously who made this, sure not the CW?!

    76. Animeshun

      Well, judging by how cw goes, this'll be good until mid season 2 or 3.

    77. He need some milk

      The VFX is actually really good

    78. Lickalot Lickalot

      CGI was great, but why did they have to make Superman so weak!

      1. Alex Spectre

        he's not so weak.. he is face to face with Doomslayer..

    79. Samnold Telfort

      then you havent seen them masterpiece that is Black Lightning? BL was darker and better without a huge CGI budget

      1. Viktor wusten

        To bad season 6 is the final season

    80. Virat

      CW cashing out the money they made from Arrow and The Flash

    81. RedMage

      Are you sure this is a CW tv show?? It is too good...

    82. T U S A R BEHERA

      trying to copy henry

    83. Constantine XI


    84. Jon H

      Superman vs Doom Guy

    85. G MIX

      I feel like I don't want to watch this show, because Flash + Legends of tomorrow and Supergirl have disappointed me so much.

    86. Gina Hasa

      hit and run?! is he going back to that Asian store and pay for the damage. not to mention the civilians who got hurt.

    87. incredit

      Suit made me think of the DOOM Slayer

    88. Selphwraith

      You can thank Zack Snyder for all that visual effects inspiration .

    89. mark s

      1:17. Old man busting out some sick dance moves

    90. PHIFan-MIA

      HBO budgeted the show. They also got good writers for the show not your typical CW crew.

    91. JanuszWonsz

      Why the hell Doom Slayer fights Superman?

    92. VladosPlay


    93. Sam Sam

      Worse casts ever both as Superman and Lois... I guess they were the cheapest actors they could find... Any how nobody can take Henry Caville's place as Superman... He is the best... This is one is so lame.

    94. Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин

      Why is this superman so weak lol

    95. Ash Crow

      Doooooom Slayer!!!!!

    96. Opinions Welcomed

      Hbo saved this shit.

    97. Opinions Welcomed

      That's what kills dc... Their fucking shows, are better than their movies... (Post Nolan films). Snyder was the worst thing to ever happen to Batman and Superman

    98. fugitive88888

      Is it woke garbage???

    99. Felipe Saints

      What the fuck you doing, Derek?

    100. DrTixs

      red vision!? there's no way this is CW