What Happened to the People Lost in Space?


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    Space has no boundaries. You must admit that there is something incredibly attractive and mysterious in this dark veil surrounding our planet. Space has been fascinating people for hundreds of years, since the very first time we looked up at the stars.
    But at the same time it can be frightening. Space is not only beautiful, but also hostile, and sometimes even deadly to humans. If you end up outside the ship or station, get lost, lose contact - and then... What exactly will happen to a person lost in space? We will try to figure this out today. So ... three ... two ... one ... start

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    1. Kevi Kir

      The answer starts at 8:30

    2. Woobie Jackal

      What is the movie where the face shield cracks and blows the fucker away?

    3. samuel juma

      Imagine getting lost in space and no one gives a damn about it. While in space, all u can imagine is a fellow enjoying sunshine along th beaches!

    4. cyber Bully

      what if we are trap in the matrix Air is the only key for our life that f scary shit.

    5. cyber Bully

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    6. UwU its Trisha roblox

      If i was william afton i would go take off my helmet to space 😒 bc hes dead already and he always come back to kill children

    7. Douglas Lang

      They were clearly taken by aliens and given an enemy the space aliens like to call “the shocker.”

    8. Douglas Lang

      I clicked on this to see if this was a real thing. Like, what dumbass.. kids are so stupid now.

    9. Genesis West Contracting Ltd

      Space worms

    10. Stacey Lee

      What movie is that with Keither Sutherland in ? x

    11. Stew

      Soviet Union probably lost a few, but never admitted it.

    12. Mudenda Chipenzi

      what's the name of that instrumental playing in the background ? 🤔🤔🤔

    13. Dimension Exo

      They're in "Asgard"by "Crom".

    14. Ankkit Singh

      My 40% of brains area belongs to this category.🤍

    15. David Airth

      "It seems that flying into space is about to become something 'mundane...'" 😆 Priceless!

    16. stone magic

      no one is out there floating around

    17. New News

      They don’t get paid enough should be 500k minimum a year top footballers make that on a week

    18. Mystery Man

      If space is a vacuum like we're told then how can a jet lack be used? How can it trust off of "nothing" to change direction???

    19. Draca Malfoy

      This is how they were lost: 1st:They got sus 2nd:The other crewmate pressed the emergency button 3rd:They got ejected "He is not an impostor"

      1. Rajat Mandavkar

        Lmao 😂😂😂

    20. ROB G

      10:05 supposedly the only human remains in “space”

    21. 1977TA

      8:57 What movie is this scene from?

    22. La chi Mo la la

      This is so scary

    23. Landen Dunn

      They went into creative mode that's what happened

    24. GodBless America

      This narrator is miss pronouncing manny manny wards

    25. GodBless America

      Yuri Gargarin?

    26. Crypto Hero

      Video starts in 8:30

    27. Toni Roberts

      It sounds macabre, but I’d love the idea of my body floating out in space for eternity after I die.

    28. Divij Dutta

      quick death is better than a long painful death

    29. Michael Q

      The hosts voice is so dang piercing…. Jesus

    30. Nyxia Master

      Luca Parmitano had to return to ISS (In School Suspension) as soon as possible!

    31. It doesn’t matter What your name is

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    32. Mavis Griffiths

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    33. Cecilia Gago

      Bitch I just wanted to now what happens if u get lost in space I don't need all this extra shit

    34. bingo fuel

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    35. ItzB6lane

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    36. Eisen Hower

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    37. Tenya Peter

      They vaporized

    38. Nipun Sawant

      Who are here after watching Interstellar 😁

    39. Evez Orebe

      A women was heading to earth and something was wrong in his capsule and it set on fire andddddd he died

    40. Evez Orebe

      They died and has been never seen again or.... They were reborn into a new identity and never do the same mistake again

    41. Taylor Horne

      So you haven't told me what happened if you get lost in space.

    42. Lee Wardle

      Take a small cyanide gas cannister that can only be released with an emergency code, just in-case.

    43. Britannia Buchanan

      I will never ever, ever, ever, ever ,ever, ever leave earth, to go to space, for any one nor for any reason. The farthest I've ever been from the ground was 3 stories high. I love the simplicity of breathing without worrying. I love the simplicity of my feet being able to touch the ground.

      1. Britannia Buchanan

        @It doesn’t matter What your name is ☺

      2. It doesn’t matter What your name is

        Shut up

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    45. Craig Carmichael

      I thought you were going to talk about the 1960s TV show. "Where are they now?"

    46. bad74maverick1

      No Astronauts have ever been lost in space. 3 have died in space but died after separation with their space station and the auto pilot brought the bodies back. Those 3 were Cosmonauts Georgi Dobrovolski Viktor Patsayev and Vladislav Volkov who died on June 29, 1971 after a booster valve failed and released the cabin pressure and the vacuum of space took over. It was an incident that later became a rule that all astronauts, no matter nationality had to wear their pressurized suits upon re-entry. There I saved some time and provided some history.

    47. Owen Berg

      good thing no ones ever been lost in space!

    48. Mohd Shahrul anizam

      if Lost alien rescue you

    49. Steve Rebman

      Your not really lost, you know where you are.......which is in space.

    50. Harish Rossi

      What ! Dude, You only showed the clips of movies.

    51. Fokian Flame


    52. M Asif

      Or was he sent the the moon first

    53. M Asif

      Wasnt neil Armstrong the first person sent to space

      1. M Asif

        Or was he first on the moon

    54. ThatGuyYouMetToday VLOGS

      I just want to know what software is doing this voice and the voices on other channels like this...Anyone have some insight?

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    57. Noe Nos

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    58. Lighters Up

      Half way in the video I knew this video wasn’t going to have the answer of the title and I was right 🤦🏻‍♂️

    59. Nicole's SpeechTherapy4U

      Astronauts are extremely brave to do this job. I have a lot of respect for them and the work they do.

    60. pher35

      19th century? Do you mean 20th century?

    61. Red Planet

      Anwser starts 4 minutes into the segment. Way too long.

    62. Jarred PlaysYT

      What if there's another planet to discover.

    63. Daniel Leca

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    64. Daniel Cook

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    65. Kevin Hill

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      1. Gamer Muffinzz

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    66. Colin Levasseur

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    67. declan yucha

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    69. Sharanya Ravindranath

      @6.30 here's where the actual answer to the question starts. 🤷

    70. living for YAH

      No one ever went to space.

      1. CrazyCactus5736_YT

        your brain never stayed in your head

    71. G J Hunt

      Before you watch this rubbish, no one has died in space.

    72. JunJun Camacho

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    73. Chris Lewis

      Nobody was ever lost in space. Save yourself 10 minutes of watching this dumb clickbait.

    74. Balthazzaar Montague

      what is the name of the movie that you show bits of when you talk about our brave and beloved Yuri Gargarin.

    75. Selever

      Nice transition into the docking scene from interstellar

    76. Aly pixar

      Great video

    77. nicholas sanchez

      imagine being lost in space. floating away from earth alone seeing different kinds of planets while waiting to die from starvation.

      1. Evez Orebe

        Now im scared to go to space cuz MAYBE I DONT HAVE ENOUGH FOOOOOOD

      2. Nutmeg Schmells

        @John Studd Oh yeah, I forgot about the limited amount of oxygen in a tank.

      3. John Studd

        You oxygen would run out in a matter of hours.

      4. Nutmeg Schmells

        You wouldn't get very far from the Earth by the time you died from dehydration.

      5. EVIL SOUL

        That hurts

    78. FTRSB


    79. samuel rodriguez

      They became space aliens

    80. J.J. Lemon

      if you came to find out "What Happened to the People Lost in Space?" then skip to 6:15

    81. Tesfaye Dugul

      So how do they deficate and urinate if the space suite is forbidden to open. How can a fecal matter drop from anus into a toilet if gravity is null?

    82. Glenda Johnson

      This was very lame 😒

    83. Selvaraj Chettiar

      what if space has boundaries?

    84. Doug Stitt

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    85. Steve Arthur



      micrometeorites are the reason i dont believe they really went to the moon. how u gonna travel all that way without hitting not one little rock at all

    87. Mysteries Beyond Science!

      No Mysteries Here!!!

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    89. Dennis Johnston

      Space , pure vacuum no problem, , -270 to -454 kelvins , no problem , good luck on your trip to Mars

    90. Ryan Ortega

      no one has ever been lost in space. clickbait and thumbs down.

      1. Rakesh Mehta

        What about Apollo 13 ??

    91. google gmail

      stupid mix of movies and facts, you should finish your study first! Why the mumblings?

    92. Noir Abstract

      I wonder if a govt ever sent a prisoner to space to die?

    93. Roy Crawford

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    94. James Pettigrew

      The info in this video is all false. A number of Soviet cosmonauts, both male and female, were sent into space and were killed. Their breathing and cries for help have been recorded. Yeri Gargarian was not the first man in space. He was the first man to return alive. This video deserves 👎.

    95. Ultra Warrior D64

      💀They will die.

    96. AlphaTitanAzGamingYT

      I also recorded it on a tablet I soon lost.

    97. AlphaTitanAzGamingYT

      I once watched a rocket take off, But it was on a TV not in person

    98. Joshua Chaves

      VIDEO STARTS AT 8:05!!!!!!!!

    99. CD MineCraftSkits

      the aliens got the reboot card to save the astronaut

    100. Kandys Torres

      when movies look better than real life