How I Won On Lake Okeechobee

Skeet Reese Fishing

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    Talk about a start to the 2021 season! This is how I clenched my MLF Big5 trophy on Lake Okeechobee.

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    2. TripleAstyle1 A

      Loved the channel! Glad your taking the time to record this lifestyle, should add more on the road life!

    3. Cunnington Alonzo

      This is the best video ever

    4. Chris Foley


    5. Chris Foley

      You make the best videos period! Your knowledge of the wind is unbelievable. Swimbait bite is on at smithmountain,ride on up and we will wackem!

    6. Johnnie Gaines

      Did you come across any crappie?

    7. Ray Traylor

      Smooth commentary and delivery by Skeet with solid editing, subscribed!

    8. Wayne Brasher

      I really enjoyed the high quality editing and capture. I caught myself cheering for you while watching. You sir are a true champion. Press on brother.


      Skeet love watching you fish. Which sunglasses do you use

    10. Bob Cruse

      Skeet I heard you mention Jesus Christ. Let Him lead your life any your joy will only increase. He alone gives everlasting LIFE

    11. GoT HeeeeM

      awesome vid skeeter

    12. Joe Reyes

      Fun watch. Thanks for sharing. 👊🏽

    13. amparo hadad

      The berserk request additionly stir because wine alternatively terrify with a swift crow. merciful, powerful priest

    14. Sean Gilliam

      when you cull 3 pounders...

    15. CGreat Things

      Your camera man is the real deal

    16. Ant Dube Fishing

      Love it!! That final day was just jacked up!!

    17. Olivia Apolo

      I really love this recap. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! ❤️

    18. Geronimo Calvillo

      You've always been my favorite angler since you won the classic, keep it up man!

    19. dre day

      you need to train LunkersTv :D

    20. Chase

      That final day is what makes us love the sport so much. Great job SR!

    21. Smokn Aces

      Cali takes it home FTW

    22. OhioSteel

      I remember I bought Skeets Tackle Bag a while ago and thought I was the coolest kid on the block! Seems like a good dude! Humble!

    23. Austin Personal

      Skeet you have been my guy to watch for the past 15 plus years. I have always admired the way your treat fans and especially kids. Ever since the Lake Fork tournament last year I have seen the old, free spirited, fun Skeet Reese. I am excited to watch this next Chapter of your career. I truly believe your are out of the burn out stage and have a refined passion for the sport of Bass fishing. Stay true to yourself, always give God the Glory and make 2021 special!

    24. WayneRc

      What Bladed jig did you did you throw what color

    25. Deltadawg660

      This was great video editing. I'm A.D.D. as all get out and I watched the entire thing. The content breakdown of the weekend just kept me glued to the screen.

    26. Jerry Thao

      When u say BEAST MODE....just say SKEET...dam right if some beat me when im holding 27lbs...youll be the man

    27. Mike Johnson

      Skeet, you plan on fishing california any time this year?

    28. Marvin Hesler

      Skeet you are a completely new kind of inspirational fisherman I thoroughly enjoyed this video...well done Freind !!!!

    29. Everyday Angler

      💯🙏, get’em Reese

    30. florida bass edition

      Thanks for the information and the break down. Great job

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you very much!

    31. Joe Culler

      i thought mlf was weigh on boat and release??

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        That was a Pro Circuit event! They do a five fish limit

    32. Tim Ruiz

      What an awesome final day, wow!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        It was unbelievable! thank you very much!

    33. Foothills Fishing

      Congrats Skeet Reese!! I’m from Weimar ca so I’m a big fan, you’re a local legend! Go get another!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you! Gotta keep that California pride going!

    34. John m


    35. Team Mainlake

      Awesome! Thanks I feel like I am fishing with you.

    36. kitemare4321

      Great editing & character in a professional competitive competition! Bass fishing at it's finest

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I appreciate that, thank you so much!

    37. Kayak Angler

      next time I'm in Florida I'm hitting up this lake !

    38. DAG Vikings

      Oh i can feel the anxiety !! thanks, now waiting for open water

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Oh man... There was some SERIOUS anxiety

    39. J Simo

      with a name like Skeet Reese you automatically become a professional fisherman

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Now THAT'S awesome! definitely made me laugh with that one!

      2. John Bracewell

        true statement

    40. Keith Scragg

      Awesome keep it up all season you can do it blow them away

    41. Adam Day

      Awesome recap!! Great to see and hear what goes through your head during a big event!! Congrats on the W

    42. Aaron Davis

      I'm glad to see you have a channel, I subscribed instantly. I hope 2021 is great for you.

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I appreciate that A lot!

    43. Dang Huynh

      You are always the best . Good health and good luck brother.

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you!!

    44. John w

      Awesome win and great story!

    45. Brandon Smith

      Congratulations Skeet what a great tournament

    46. Mrpajero21

      Why doesn't he use wright and mcgill's yellow rod ??

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I'm coming out with my own line of rods!

    47. BmxBobby

      Dammit Boy !!!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Dammit Bobby!

    48. Cade Castles

      Good stuff that chatter bait bite is amazing

      1. Cade Castles

        @Skeet Reese Fishing anytime love watching you fish !

      2. Skeet Reese Fishing

        It's hard to beat when they are munching it! Thank you for the support!

    49. Michael Callahan

      Great video. Very entertaining..

    50. Abdel Avila

      Great Video Skeet , great Editing, ... super with the Music 🎶 ..👌🏽❗️

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you! I appreciate the support!

    51. Randall Robinson

      Great Video, I love the traditional tournament format.

    52. Paul Fontes

      Great video. Great tournament. Nice to see you back on top

    53. timothygats

      Love this recap. Very valuable and so entertaining

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you very much!

    54. dustin pitts

      you earned it and so happy for you congrats on a big win with alot of big fish you put in the boat , Congrats;;;;;;;

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you!!

    55. Denali Alaska

      I know you're a good guy and the video is great but it is hurtful when I hear people curse with the name Jesus Christ. I do wish you all the success with your fishing exploits!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I appreciate you reaching out. I didn't mean to offend at all.

    56. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      Where is the Black and Yellow🤔😁👍💪 ✊? My first bass fishing 🎣 rod ever was a Skeet Reese spinning 7’3” Wright & McGill 🇺🇸👍👌😁👏😎🎣🎣

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Oh they are coming soon!

    57. Barry Merrill


    58. Victor Salinas

      Congrats Mr. Reese thats how you begin a new year.

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I agree! Thank you for the support!

    59. T Rivas

      Congrats!!! Great couple days and awesome to see you figure it out. Always loved using your tournament series rods hope to see them back again

      1. T Rivas

        @Skeet Reese Fishing oh really! Really liked your rods with eagle claw, so I’m excited for you and to try your rods when they come out

      2. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I'm coming out with my own line actually!

    60. Fakhruddin Rahimi

      Awesome 👌

    61. Bradford Fields

      Skeet Congrats!!! All eyes on you with BIG W!

    62. Basshole51

      really like how you narrate this and delve into the mid tournament decision making that led to the win. great video and congrats on the win!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you so much!

    63. Bryant

      Excellent video... amazing story telling

    64. Fishing with T

      So inspirational

    65. hoss011

      what tour is this??? mlf pro tour. link??

      1. hoss011

        @Skeet Reese Fishing thanks mane!

      2. Skeet Reese Fishing

        It's the Pro Circuit! If you download the MLF app, it has links to all the good stuff they do over there!

    66. Thai Vue

      Congrats, loved it

    67. Andres Fishing

      What’s up skeet!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        What's up Andres!

    68. Michael Lukas

      Awesome job, even better recap! Congrats on the W

    69. 178vxranger

      Congrats Skeet. Lake O is my home lake...and in tourneys the big question Is always... north or south? You definitely hammered them on the south end.

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        It's crazy how important it is right from the start! Thank you for the support!

    70. john talbert

      Awesome Skeete ! Congrats

    71. Jasen Perry

      Nice job brother! Hell to the yeah!!

    72. Rob Abbott

      I'd love to know how many of those fish are still alive.

    73. VitaminDee TV

      What a story! You watch other fishermen do well in the tournaments and then they go weigh in and they don't place so high in the standings. So you think, "Man, the ppl in first and second place must've really been whackin' em!' Well, hearing this story and watching all the action puts it into perspective. Sometimes it all comes together and happens within the hour! Great job, brother! Thanks for sharing! -D

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        It can all be a mind game! it's easy to get in your own head on championship day! it was just one of those times you dream about when tournament fishing. Thank you so much for the support!

    74. Kenneth Dennis

      Nice job Skeet!! Congrats man!!

    75. sidewaysrain

      Lake Okeechobee is 730 square miles. It is impossible to cover by boat in 2 days no matter how you divide it up!!!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Right!? it's either you stumble upon them, or you are nowhere near them!

    76. Mr. Skeptical

      I thought mlf threw fish back. I thought u caught as many as you want

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        That was a Pro Circuit event! They have the 5 fish limit on this side!

    77. Luis Leitão

      Congrats from Portugal, awsome video

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        That's awesome! Thank you for the support Luis!

    78. Brandon Norris

      I’m sure the announcer is a nice guy but I can’t stand the WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! He uses it way to much.

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Chris is a good guy!

    79. Chasing Fish!

      "Skeet Reese The Beast!"

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I like that!!

    80. Rob Bogin

      Wow great video, great win🏆🏆🏆 Congratulations Skeet👊👊👊

      1. Rob Bogin

        @Skeet Reese Fishing Being born and raised in California and watching and reading about you for decades has been awesome! Always a huge fan of you Skeet and your brother Jimmy!! Best of luck always👊👊👊

      2. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Than you for the support Rob! I appreciate it!

    81. Niners MAN

      Great video Skeet

    82. Clifton Moss

      That was a great video. Would love going fishing with you.

    83. The Invade

      Dude, that was awesome! I was hyped watching that footage. Good luck this year brother.

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        It was mind blowing that first hour... Thank you for the support!

    84. Barry Kern

      Skeet your excitement gave me chills!!!!! Awesome win

    85. Michael Johnston

      I have now become a fan because of how Dave mercer talked about you on the LD and the MC podcast. What he described is the type of person everyone needs in their tight friend group. Congrats and good luck on the next one.

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        wow.. I really appreciate that. Thank you for the support!

    86. Joe on the go!!

      Congratulations on a great win! I would love to become a professional fisherman one day. I'm working towards that goal.

      1. Joe on the go!!

        @Skeet Reese Fishing Thank you

      2. Skeet Reese Fishing

        The only advice I think is valuable is work at it like it's your only option. If you have the passion and the drive, you will get there. I wish you luck Joe!

    87. Jeff Kindy Fishing

      Awesome deal! Love the recap format. I hope you keep doing them no matter how you finish. I love hearing how the tournament went and how you work through it. Congratulations!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        We will for sure! not all days are good, and you will see some bad days 100%

    88. David Galloway

      Congrats, it was awesome to watch!

    89. Shadow Swordfish

      Wow this video was really well edited I sincerely enjoyed it. wishing you luck and good fortune this season, Skeet hopefully you win some more so we can these amazing tournament recaps!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you!!!!

    90. Joseph Ference

      Bustin those gums. I meant

    91. Joseph Ference

      Love your passion Skeet! I kinda felt you lost your Mojo for a short time..... You Got It Back my Friend!! That is so cool to see! Once a Hammer always a Hammer. Keep Bustin this Gums!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        If it was gone, I defiantly feel a re-surge! thank you for the support!

    92. Steve Grimm

      I watched this whole tournament, and was pulling for you brother. It was a great win and your recap video was just as exciting. Keep it going dude. 🤘🏻

      1. Steve Grimm

        Go get’em brother. I head down to Okeechobee on the 24th. I hope they’re chewing.

      2. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Thank you! Smith Lake this week, so I'm hoping to pull something special!

    93. Cheez miller


      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I'm hunting for it! Thank you for the support!

    94. GreggD Sciotto

      Great job Skeet, any day that you can beat Lane you worked your ass off for it! Keep it up!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        I was scared that whole last day... Chris on championship day on the Big O?... could be disastrous for everyone else in the top 10! Thank you for the support!

    95. Donny chakster

      glad to see it

    96. scott allen

      Way to represent N.Cal !!!

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      What an incredible day on the water!

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      You the man I've always knew it !!!

      1. Skeet Reese Fishing

        Na, you the man!

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