Scott Martin

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    I was NOT happy when we LOST EVERYTHING because of a freak accident. This is going to be COSTLY $$$.
    We apologize again for the lost footage. We are currently working on recovering the footage and will release it if we get it. Thank you for all your support and patience.
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    Cinema Camera (SONY A7s II):
    Cinema Wide Lens (SONY FE 16-35mm):
    Cinema Main Lens (SONY FE 24-70mm):
    Vlog Camera (SONY A6500):
    Vlog Wide Lens (SONY 10-18mm):
    Drone (DJI Phantom 4 Professional):
    Chesty & Dash Camera (GoPro Hero 7 Black)
    Memory Cards for Main Camera (Lexar 64gb SD):
    Memory Cards for Drone and GoPro (SanDisk Ultra 64gb Micro SD):

    Shotgun Mic (RODE VideoMicro):
    Windscreen for Shotgun:
    Wireless Mic (Sennheiser Lav):
    Audio Recorder (ZOOM H6):
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    1. Scott Martin

      If anyone has any suggestions as far as avoiding this issue and file recovery please let us know! Thank you for all the support Team SMC.

      1. Savage Elites

        Rossmann Repair Group will get your files if they can be got.

      2. Shawn Lai

        Looks like yall are using macbook so check your backup. If you're using an external hard drive, try calling the manufacturer. There should be various data recovery specialist in most major cities. If you are using an SSD or, they should be able to pull the data off pretty easily... if it is one of the older ones with a spinning disc they will have to probably swap the burnt motor out. Usually data doesn't get lost unless you run a magnet or actually destroy the disc containing data (assuming you have a disc). If its SSD they should be able to pretty easily save the data.

      3. Charles Smith

        @Bassing around 😅

      4. Bassing around

        @Charles Smith good , they still looking for the Clinton's e-mails

      5. davidjrojas

        @Scott Martin I am a data recovery specialist and have recovered data from drives that have experienced drops, electrical surges, etc. If the data recovery company you sent it off to can't recover it, feel free to him me up.

    2. The Finnigans

      SSD's boys. Ditch those HDD's.

    3. Richard Godwin

      Really enjoyed seeing you guys come together for dinner and enjoying each other’s company. Makes me miss a guys trip for sure!

    4. stacey clark

      spinner worm would not let this happen

    5. Chris Eagan

      I think Billy is jealous of Castledine and Hallman lol

    6. Greg Williams

      Just go ask dad for more.....

    7. Rui Valentim

      It sucks...but always remember...'Digital DATA does not exist unless in two places'

    8. Jacob Bovara

      No worries my friend. Contact Drive Savers in California they will recover your data.

    9. Rob Fike

      Cloud storage backup. You need a decent internet connection and to purchase some cloud storage. Start backups before going to bed.

    10. chaseerry

      Hallman - That's some east TN sh**. That's what it is. LOL.

    11. Joe Watson


    12. David EasyD Maddox

      As a colleague of mine use to say, it's okay to keep all of your eggs in one basket as long as you have a duplicate basket. :') Microsoft SyncToy (or FreeFileSync for Mac), two hard drives and discipline boys. Love the content, keep it coming!!!

    13. Logan Crizer

      Dang bro that sucks

    14. Pringals

      Get 2 SSD hard drives and run a tool like "SyncToy" to mirror data on both drives. Don't just move data to a "backup drive". Always have 2 copies and even a 3rd in the cloud or thumb drive. Also, get backup software like Acronis True Image. If you ever loose your drive, simply put a new drive in and run the recovery tools and it will restore the new drive exactly to the old drive and everything will operate as if the drive never failed. No reinstallations of your software necessary. (For Windows, not sure how to do the above with Apple products).

    15. Leslie Tincher

      Hunter Biden could set you up with a great computer repair shop. 😉

    16. Carv

      Neely Henry done drove them guys to anger drankin 😂

    17. justin time

      I know computers pretty well. You should definitely buy a solid state drive for any new laptop you get. They work much faster.

    18. Southern Life Forever™️

      Back up hard drives to external portable drive. Not a huge fan of the cloud but that’s an option too. Chin up, good luck & tightlines. 🎣

    19. jason rayburn

      Bradley is definitely hella cook. Have experienced 1st hand..

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes he is

    20. Tyler Durden

      High- got to watch another video in the series Low- Bummed about the lost footy High- Hallman was cracking me up 🤣🤣 Keep up the good work!

    21. Bassing around

      Hillary foul , she bleached it , oh sorry wrong Hillary

      1. Scott Martin


    22. Brian Weiss

      Scott not sure if it’s a future option, but maybe look in to a cloud storage option. I know with video storage you’ll need a decent amount of storage, but again I’d take a hard look at that.

    23. Jeremy 77

      Sounds like a side by side to me,you ain't from around here are ye boy. S10 my a$$

    24. midwestfisherman

      Always back up and back up often!! Tell your techie to look up the rule of three's when it come to backing up your data. Follow that rule!

    25. PirateDelo

      I'm not computer savvy but tell Billy if he's ever back in Spartanburg and wants a beer and a burger at Ike's hit me up, I'm buying

    26. Evan Fagerty

      Does Billy have a KGup channel?

    27. James W

      For years I filmed hours of Canadian wilderness fishing with friends and family. My go to was backup the sd card to the hard drive and then store the sd card without formatting it until I had uploaded the video. One year I lost most of the trip to a bad go-pro. Now I use two go-pros and still follow the same procedure with the SD cards. Cards are cheaper than memories.

    28. Sally Forth

      Call Hillary Clinton she is an expert at cleaning hard drives and deleting files . Maybe she also knows about file recovery as well. As far as it not happening again always back up important data video on a secondary hard drive frequently

    29. brian gentry

      I know what actually happened to the hard drive. Billy GAVE IT HELL!!!!! HE WAS GIVEN IT HELL!!!!!!! GIVEN IT HELL!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    30. Kelly Lewis

      You guys crack me up. I’d love to hang out with you guys.

    31. Jason Toth

      This is one of the best videos you have done in a long time. I will take more of the behind the scenes stuff then the actual fishing

    32. Rios Outdoors

      Dude billy is a different fn breed.. funny dude 🤣😂

    33. Jeff Johansen

      NOTHING gets erased or written over until it's saved in AT LEAST TWO other places. Take enough memory for the camera with you so no media gets erased until you get back to HQ if needed. That way, the original content would be there to fall back on while you're on the road no matter what happens to the laptop in the roughhouse, er. . . . I mean bunkhouse. Time for McCoy to level up on his professionalism in that respect. He's young and will probably make more mistakes (better not make this one again though), but he really does produce some excellent content. That said, protecting that footage is JOB #1. Without it there's not much point in having him around. Let's go McCoy, you can do this!

    34. Jason Gudgel

      Yall should do high low high more often

    35. West-End Fishing

      Someone burned the shit out of the sausage!

    36. Eric The Red

      Ain't nothin that a beer can't fix!

    37. Ernest Clements

      To heck with a hard drive they can be replaced, what about the Hurricanes? How much damage to your home and family?

    38. Steven Ray

      Great video

    39. Bob Morrow

      Dude that Hallman East Tennessee rant was hilarious.

    40. SF7Dragon

      Backup, Backup, Backup, is all I can say. External HDs are great as a backup for all your hard work. I'm surprised McCoy didn't do this. I learned this lesson the hard way as well a long time ago in the Military when my work computer crashed with all my work on it. Luckily the info was salvageable, but again lesson learned keep backups of everything on EHDs....

    41. SF7Dragon

      The funny which is Jake's low is "What the heck is growing on his chin?" Dude if you're going to grow a beard, grow a beard. Funny....

    42. Danny Cal

      high low high is an excellent tradition

    43. Roger Young

      A couple of thoughts. 1) There are several companies on the internet that specialize in recovery of hard drives. If this did fail due to being dropped, then it may be possible to remove the disks from the unit and place them in another unit that these companies have a recover at least some of the data. 2) you should always back up to another type of media. SD Cards are one option. I think the best is to subscribe at least one of the Cloud companies. MS, Apple and Google all offer very good possibilities. Hope this helps.

    44. Alex Jones

      Used to love watching him when I was a kid about 10-15 years ago when he came on the static tv

    45. Brian Cunningham

      I love that y'all indulge in a adult beverages. It opens everyone up to laughter even when the fishing is tough

    46. Thomas Johnson

      Here in eastern sc, still own my great grandfathers s10 in mint condition. Muffler edition

    47. Bassfisher78 !!

      That is a awesome looking house 👍. You guys crack me up lol lol. Good luck at Cherokee.

    48. Caleb94

      Reach out to LTT aka Linus Tech Tips. They might be able to comeup with a mobile server solution to protect against data loss.

    49. Shenanigan King

      Adversity builds character. Anyome can master being awesome when things go perfect but it's your bounce back game that shuts the trolls up. GIVE EM HELL SCOTT!! Oh and Billy is 1 amazing dude. So.positive and a great guy!+

    50. Rowdy Broomstick

      By the time you retrieve that footage DVD's will be a thing again 😆 Like billy said just forget it and move on, apparently y'all wasn't catching anything anyway! This video reminded me of what to be thankful for with the high low high game. Good friends! Andrew

    51. George blanchet

      Billy said big log. 😆

    52. Richard O'connor

      BACK UP ALL DATA, do not delete any chips, use new ones until backed up. If using a single hard drive back up to the cloud, send the data to your home system. But please start backing things up. I have the skills to rebuild older drives and the data would still be on the disks until wiped. We could switch the disks it to a good drive and 99% of the time all good. So my hope is your drive still can be saved.

    53. Alan Lister

      Give it hell hahahahahah

    54. Roland Mcclendon

      Did you place under 10 and won some money

    55. Kevin Wells

      I had a hard drive filled with videos from trips around the world. With special events with my kids. With just about everything in the past 30+ years... backed it up to what ended up being a 2nd failed hard drive, after the first one died. That was within about two weeks from one another if I recall. Moral is, one drive fails, buy another immediately, and restart the process to back up the main hard drive. I lost so much, it's hard to even be here saying it again. Always, always, always mirror the main hard drive. And if it fails, then buy another one immediately, and repeat the process. Easy to say I know, but it does take commitment. Oh, yeah, there is this thing called 'the cloud' - and you can buy a lot of space directly, and save the data there as well. In your case Scott that is probably even more convenient because you are on the road (water) a lot. Sorry bud.

    56. Brett Ingraham

      wow! that must suck being a millionaire!!!

    57. dfhipp

      I think Billy needs to practice with Todd one day.

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes that would be good

    58. Stephen latimer

      everyday is a gud day wen u r with ur mates. the bad days, well there just not anymore. cheers from australia.

    59. Dustin Deese16

      Hate you lost your footage but this is definitely one of the best vlogs y’all have done! As much as I like watching the fishing, I enjoy the brotherhood of the whole group!

    60. Lewis Marshall

      Neeley Henry was good to me in the Crappie Master Classic. Ran with the big boys and finished second. In a John boat.

    61. chris wells

      Truly best travel vlog ever. So sorry about the lows, but still seeing good friends enjoying each other is awesome. It’s why we do it.

    62. Zack Lee

      Bradley was the star of this video lol

    63. Phillip Hobbs

      I would more content like this with the fishing this was awesome. Sorry to hear about the hard drive

    64. Erik Larrison

      There is a place you can google that you can mail your hard drive to and they can pull anything off of it and put it on a new hard drive!

    65. Ian Bellomo

      High Low High was great, you guys should do it more often!

    66. Chase Shaw

      I’m about 89% sure I grew up playing in that house. If it’s on lake shore drive in granger county tn, and the lake is behind the house. And off to the side is a mansion with red tile roof. And then agin it may not be the house I’m thinking of. There is a lot of houses like that in East Tennessee.

    67. mcvideo8686

      glad you guys are watching your girlish figures with the ultra light guys remind me more of white claw guys

    68. Ronnie White

      Today was a rough day boys, but keep your eyes foward, your heart in it,your mind on it, learn from yesterday, and live for today, Good luck

    69. Mike Patterson

      Sorry for your loss of everything, my high was watching your video.

    70. DC Slapout

      Y’all sure do eat good . Enjoyed it

    71. Kelly Lewis

      That’s why you have backups.

    72. dustin harris

      didn’t sound like a s-10 or ranger. Definitely Sounded like a can am 1000 with a exhaust on it😂😂

    73. Jeremy Stalker

      high low highs every tournament from now on!!!!

    74. Randy Grimes.

      Where is the video with DC?

    75. Steven Deville

      I see Tony Chachere's!

    76. Hunter Fair

      Billy such a dad gum goof ball😆😆😆

    77. katiedid713926

      I wondered what was up. I've been looking for your Neely Henry stuff

    78. Doc Phillips

      Scott, If the Drive is a name brand most offer some sort of recovery process, check with manufacture web site. My professional suggestion as a broadcast engineer, is G-Technology G-Safe series and their portable RAID systems and. we used them reliably in broadcasting on both MAC O/S and Windows Pro O/S. and they answer phones. We also keep raw video on SD cards and store in a SD Binder. SSD external, I use Crucial by Micron and now the new X6-2 TB has 3 year warranty. I traveled all my producers and camera persons gear in Pelican Cases. Believe me the last call I wanted at 1:00 A.M. was a producer that had what happened to you and it has happened. I have no personal investment with any of the companies, but their stuff is pretty good and been around for a while. Keep up the vids they look great.

      1. Scott Martin

        Ya we are getting some SSDs and are looking into a portable RAID and even some cloud storage for more redundancy. Thanks for the suggestions!

    79. Jason Mausteller

      Conecuh Sausage

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s the bomb

    80. Don Flanary

      Killer video. Liked the high/low chat thing. Billy is a blast.... would like to just hang out with you guys!!! Now, Hallman just killed it!!!!! Dang I have heard that saying a thousand times !!!! I’m still smiling about the deck scene.... Living and working in East Tn, it’s a adventure..

    81. Junior Waldrop

      Bullshit y'all! But I hate that place too. But state the fax y'all not camp ppl. Nor tough fishing people. Lmfao

    82. Shane A

      everything on a hard drive? this the 90's?

    83. Billy Arnold

      He ain't lying about that East Tennessee shit. lol I'm just about an hour or so from Cherokee, near Bristol Tennessee. Doesn't get any more East Tennessee than that.

    84. Rick Lovall

      High Low High was a win. Y'all need to do this every Vlog.

    85. Kip George

      Sitting around watching SMC with the family. My wife decided that we are stealing the high-low-high. Pretty cool to see the personal side of these guys.

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you like it. I think we are going to do it more often. It’s a good way to end the day.

    86. Michael Durham

      Billy trips me out every time 😂😂😂

    87. Mongo Fishing

      I have lost a bunch of footage this year. I go to edit the video and the footage is all corrupt. This has happened 6 times this year on 4 different SD Cards. The only thing in common was my GoPro Hero7 Black. I haven't lost any footage on my other cameras.

    88. Dean Lilly

      Where is Brandon????

    89. jon jon’s BBQ and Catering

      Oh, forgot, when you do your ck next time, add mustard and coat each piece lightly then add your rub. The mustard acts as a tenderizer, it also holds all your seasoning on the meat but you’ll never taste it!! I put it on every piece of BBQ meat I do and I’ve never lost a competition including food truck comps. If you want me to send ya some rub and my famous sauces just inbox me your PO Box. I do a Cherry/Chipotle called Cherry Bomb, a Blueberry/Black Pepper called Blue Velvet, a Mango, Peach, Habanero called Mango Tango, an Original, and Hell’s Bells my spicy!!!!! I’ll send them to ya my treat.

    90. Ray Herndon

      I like the high low high at the table. I'm gonna start that up with my family. Thanks👍🎣🎣🎣

    91. BASS n BEER !!

      Billy Cracks me the hell up 😂

    92. Jim Snyder

      Dear God! How good this have happened?

    93. Carson S

      My advice is bring Brandon back

    94. Bryson Gray

      Why do you got to throw us Tennessee under the bus for thoses ugly clapped out pieces

    95. I Don't Know Fishing

      I lost all my video from Stockton last weekend. Was the best trip of the year.

      1. Scott Martin

        Dang, ya it hurts when that happens.

    96. Jerry Glenn

      Have a backup. Could be disk or thumb drive

    97. Bruce Thivierge

      Billy always pokin' pokin' pokin'...."what's that smell? smells like somebody burnin' up a hard drive or somethin'" 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Scott Martin


    98. J Tee

      Oops! Dude, you gotta' backup on at least 2 separate drives, Bro, first thing, before you do any editing, transfer ALL "footage" shot from every source onto a laptop then IMMEDIATELY backup (copy) ALL of it to two separate drives before you do anything else, I mean anything. It's very quick. Write off the cost of the drives, don't wait for a drive sponsor, and don't use the cloud from a remote location, it's too slow to upload. Get two Crucial X6 1TB portable SSD drives, $310 + tax delivered, plus after the write off the drives will actually run you $200 total. They're frickin' tiny - 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" by less than half an inch, they weigh under 1 1/2 ounces! You've got lures that weigh more! Order direct, Crucial memory, search for the X6 portable SSD, 3 year warranty, 6 foot drop (& McCoy) protection and human beings in America that you can talk to on the phone. Yes, if you have an issue you can call them and talk to a human being. They use Micron chips, excellent well respected stuff. There is no case to deal with, the housing IS the case. Now all you'll have to worry about is McCoy losing them😁

    99. Grasshopper

      I was married (was) to a girl from east TN. No offense to any natives of that area, but that's the only place I've ever lived where people would drive two hours to save one cent per gallon on gas, and then put in like $10.

    100. TheRossMadness

      Systems Admin here. Going to throw in my two cents alongside everyone else. The rule of thumb is "Data is not safe unless it's in three places". Normally the computer itself isn't one of those three places, but since you're traveling, we'll count the laptop as "1". Location 2: External drive. Again, since you're traveling, you may not have reliable internet access so cloud storage may not be immediately available. I think I saw a MacBook somewhere in the video. Thunderbolt drives are more expensive, but wicked fast. You can even edit video directly from the drive with better response (timeline scrubbing, etc) than USB drives. Location 3: Finally, cloud storage. I don't recommend iCloud or Google Drive. Expensive as your needs grow and many tiers of Google Drive have upload speed limitations. Moving large videos can be a problem. I HIGHLY recommend Backblaze. Fantastic service, fast, and relatively inexpensive. If you have a ton of data to recover from the cloud quickly, they will even overnight a hard drive full of your data to you. They're a great company. These things do happen. Don't beat up whoever is responsible. A Pixar employee deleted the entirety of Toy Story 2 during production. Help them learn from it and move on. Best of luck to everyone.

      1. Doc Phillips

        Scott, My professional suggestion as a broadcast engineer, is G-Technology G-Safe series and their portable RAID systems and. we used them reliably in broadcasting on both MAC O/S and Windows Pro O/S. and they answer phones. We also keep raw video on SD cards and store in a SD Binder. SSD external, I use Crucial by Micron and now the new X6-2 TB has 3 year warranty. I traveled all my producers and camera persons gear in Pelican Cases. Believe me the last call I wanted at 1:00 A.M. was a producer that had what happened to you and it has happened. I have no personal investment with any of the companies, but their stuff is pretty good and been around for a while. Keep up the vids they look great.

      2. Scott Martin

        Ya we are moving over to SSDs and are looking to get a portable Raid to back up on the road. Backblaze sounds good too for some extra redundancy. Thanks!!