2021 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r Stunt Bike Is FINISHED!


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    I spent 3 long days tearing down a brand new 2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6r with 0 miles to convert it into a professional stunt bike. IG: @reck_It_roland helped build this build in Chicago, IL at his shop Gorecki Motorsports using the best parts available for this motorcycle.
    #2021ninja #buildseries #perfect
    SNAPCHAT: DankWheelie
    HELMET - Ruroc Atlas - clcr.me/dankwheelie
    STUNT PARTS - www.righteousstuntmetal.com/
    BRAKES - themoto.store/
    2021 Kawasaki Ninja Zx6r Stunt Bike Is FINISHED!

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    1. Felix

      Is it even a stuntbike if it's not a clapped out r6?

    2. Drew Mitchell

      Bro.... my favorite part about this bike... is the effort and precision that went into keeping the stock tail light with the 12bar and titanium lol. Super fucking clean. Looks amazing.

    3. Djan Fox

      New Subscriber here from PH.. i want to build stunt bike like this in the future. I want to try this. Do you have Trick tutorials video?

    4. Bubs YT

      Hey @dankwheelie who made the remix for I won - Future at 1:00?? I love it!!!!

    5. Converse1993

      Gorgeous bike

    6. Xer-Xez

      5:19 song name ?

    7. SILVANA Stunt

      How much to modify the bike?


      Love the music 🕺🏾🕴🏽 MJ king of POP

    9. Twitch Kjscott_

      i honestly think that you should put some dank wheelie lanyards on ur sight i feel like they would sell rly well.... just a thought tho

    10. Bang Ryo

      I Need ZX636 so bad:(

    11. dylan Eckenrode

      i remember the diy dented tank

    12. Shane Snider

      Do u have to strip the bike and powder coat it or can u skip that? Or could I just do the mods like hand brake, gas tank, etc?

    13. Uleb

      señor dankwheel

    14. Dmitriy Panasyuk

      Beautiful bike !

    15. Denzil Harris

      song 6:45?

    16. Adrian Q

      4:20 what’s the song called ?

      1. Caius ツ

        poop by lil tjay

    17. Ethan Macheras

      Bike looks awesome!

    18. Gaming Time

      Fuckin litt

    19. Lydia Ali

      How come no voice are coming out

    20. Bulldog

      I used to ride motocross when I was younger, Im just starting to get back into bikes and this shit has been great to kinda just watch and ease back into it

    21. Isaiah Isaac

      What was the michael jackson remix called

    22. Kawasaki DownUnder


    23. RK

      Can we get a list of parts please and thank you

    24. Борис Мото


    25. Astro

      Does anybody know how much it costs to get ur bike fully built like this I want to do it but I don’t have very much money to build it up like this 🙁

    26. Empire_Grom

      I'm a new grom channel in Ontario, Canada. Just doing edits right now until I have enough time and money to start doing full motovlogs, come check it out only got 2 vids right now but still have a couple to edit from before winter and a bunch of footage from our crazy snow adventures I might compile into a few videos. Once the season starts there will be more stunt ride videos and group ride videos of all the shenanigans canadian mini bike riders get up too. Come check it out and give me some feedback on how to improve my content before the season kgup.info/must/GsbsJt9bpLcR6TAW4yyKhw.html

    27. halflife876


    28. Ham Borguer

      This mans body count is still 1

    29. Shaun balgobin

      Well good for u now u get a new toy hahah

    30. kingnick53

      Sick asf

    31. FT Stinga 666

      I’m dj Stinga very nice bike wish I have one for my birthday 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    32. Foxy MYMr

      it's so beautiful

    33. Kavish Sainani

      such a neat and clean built 👌👏😍🙌✨

    34. Py7_7кiй_4н1м[е]шн1к

      What happened to the guy you shot?

    35. Thomas Warmker

      Is the white/ grey not solely in Japan?

    36. VĶ

      Top 👍👍👍

    37. Kurt Nacasi

      is that twin brake rotors in front?

    38. In Tune

      Are y’all stunt bikes in human form? 👽🏍

    39. offical_tokoyami_ fumikage

      I remember when mr.wheelie took a street bike to a motocross ride 😂 with zack lmao

    40. Michael Young

      That thing is clean

    41. Chronicmayne

      wow it came out super clean well done

    42. Chronicmayne

      What song is that at 4:50 ?

    43. Malakai Madison

      Mike u should buy a Honda cbr rrr or a Ducati

    44. Malakai Madison

      It’s beutiful

    45. The Pooling

      9:17 What song

    46. Dj

      That bike is so ugly damn yo lol waste of money

    47. Black Tiger

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    48. Matthew

      Song list please?

    49. Forrest Taylor

      Beautifully done! Love it.

    50. Denzil Nawawi

      I need de song pls comment

    51. Ben Dover

      The Boosted boys are looking for a spot to mexico race some cars... You need to hit them up!!

    52. NixR6Fix

      What remix is The Kid Lori song?

    53. المعلم يوسف

      روعه ✌️✌️🇮🇶

    54. xsjado1air

      this dude has the resting oversupply on chromosomes face

    55. The Scrub

      Great vid great bike keep it up bro!

    56. Angelina Munoz

      I am sorry that I wasn’t there it was I was doing lot of stuff

    57. Iason

      Fucking amazing bro 😭

    58. Jess DeRizzo

      what's the song at 4:09

    59. shonSpoko

      i like the video

    60. RidingwithZeus

      Dank man if you started a business making stunt bikes and selling them! Brand fuckinh new like a dealer almost haha you would mf change the game 🔥🔥🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽 be great

    61. Luis Soto

      What song is that at 9:30

      1. Luis Soto


    62. GameStation

      have you ever rebuilt betty whites motor before? and your new bike looks sick, showed a friend you taking apart a brand new bike it was entertaining.

    63. Dallan Pehrson

      New to the channel and been riding about 2 years now, what are those vacuum seals on the air box for? Why not run the hoses like stock?

    64. Jody Inna Vic


    65. Austin Poli

      Probably the coolest build I've ever seen on a bike. Like not joking at all. These videos you made. Inspired me to buy a bike and now I'm about to start up school now that I'm 30 days out from being out of the army and be a bike mechanic as well hopefully opening up my own shop eventually. Congrats on the build its beautiful


      Doughnuts in the snow hahahahha miss that yard !!!!

    67. Ahmed Baksh

      4:18 does anyone know the song?


      Uh great cool friend

    69. Matthijs Beets

      Damn that looks dope af

    70. UhNeon


      1. UhNeon

        @Dankwheelie true but over there where you live, so much better weather and shit barely need grease, my bike would fall apart if I didn’t 😂

      2. Dankwheelie

        @UhNeon too clean for it yet 😂

      3. UhNeon

        @Dankwheelie huh?😂she looks great but I swear I didn’t see grease anywhere 🤔

      4. Dankwheelie


    71. col hughes

      Why spoil everything by playing shite rap crap music ?

    72. Iker Hr


    73. skate with me

      3:51 how does that even work? what about the injectors?

    74. Andrew Holliday

      Yoooo definitely play more Micheal Jackson like nobodies rn on that wave got an advantage

    75. Fluffy Fist

      Clean. Not the bike i would want but still goof job and looks sick

    76. Chris Rides His Bike

      Looks sick, except those bars.... 🤣 but i get it, it’s functional. Love the grey and white though.

      1. Dankwheelie

        Hate how they look, love how they feel lol

    77. John Doe


    78. Abner The basset

      Stunts are so dorky looking 😂

    79. KeepTheFeather

      Looks sick, especially the headlights!! whats the song at 9:47 ?

      1. KeepTheFeather

        remix that is

    80. Zu Gang

      Why its the sub frame so high up lol

    81. BigDirtyFo

      Never thought the day would come where Michael Jackson sings beautiful over a nice and raunchy trap beat. So melodic, so felonious.

      1. Derrick Bentley

        i dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      2. Sweata BK


      3. -mako-

        welcome to the new generation lmao

    82. Slimphattz MrJamdown

      I'm just here for the montage music 🎶 🔥

    83. Mr X


    84. Homer Simpson

      Best build of 2021 👌

    85. F4Eazy_Ryan

      Roland was definitely the guy to help you build this thing. Looks good man, makes me want one.

    86. Logan Mueller

      This is amazing🤤

    87. Buck Ray

      Awesome bro

    88. DJ 3K

      Anyone know the song at 6:45?????

    89. Alex Ventrov

      Builds a 2021 stunt bike, leaves baffle in the exhaust😅. I don't know why that triggered me lol. All jokes aside bike looks sick, well done.

      1. Dankwheelie

        Tastefully load with it in

    90. ruydiculous

      Prolly the best looking stunt bike ive ever seen.

    91. Supermotoslide

      Daym 😍

    92. George D

      FuggnEh she looks mint Let her dance fuggn cheers bro

    93. James Boudreux

      Hey dank I really need to talk u I have a very good investment we would both be going in half on hit me

    94. Justin Stephens

      Love the bike! I need that Michael Jackson remix song at 2:45

      1. Dankwheelie


    95. raylazuli


    96. Skye High

      Another DANK masterpiece Looks even better than the day you bought it

    97. TCOM_BallgazerRepsol

      That's dope! I have that same snap-on digital torque wrench. Also have the quarter inch one.

      1. Dankwheelie

        Baller stuff

    98. Jonathan

      I am VERY picky with my bike aesthetics, but damn this looks mighty fine. Stunning 🤩 Everything from the white and grey to the tasteful green accents. I’m in love

    99. xX_IM_ BAD_Xx

      Does he reply to his snap

      1. xX_IM_ BAD_Xx

        @Dankwheelie I have no words, keep up the good content. Bike is 10/10

      2. Dankwheelie

        I try

    100. Hector Puerto rican Rivera

      Frosty fresh 😎