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    1. Lilly O'KEEFFE

      Like the VIDEO like the VIDEO like the VIDEO!!!

    2. jessy c. dagalea

      i was so so so creep out when crainer is crying for floopy

    3. Subbarao Patelkahana


    4. Epic Gamer

      B-B-B bee town love you crainer

    5. inmhdjgbvfZafran Husain


    6. Junior Jai Robertson

      I died to because I love all of your pets

    7. Nikola Dimitrov

      Just truck flow

    8. capittalsniping

      4:19 BRU

    9. BTS jeonkookie


    10. Pia Mikaela

      I Tried to take care of one single fish

    11. O


    12. Devin Lin


    13. Devin Lin


    14. elijah


    15. Gurkirat Singh

      𝚂𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑 𝚓𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚜,

    16. Helen Sevillano

      Slogoman lives in a mountain

    17. Angel montanez

      um first time on the I watch jelly vid so um I think crainer lost it TuT

    18. Donna Morey

      Prank troll jelly and josh and play among us

    19. Jiazhong Zma

      And also Buh Buh Buh Buh BOAT time!!!!!!!!!

    20. Jiazhong Zma

      Crainer you are the best KGupr in the world and you are the nice guy in tree of you guys and I am new and I subscribe your KGup channel and you are my favourite KGupr pls make more videos and 😁😁😁

    21. Tiktok Daily

      Rest in fish Floppy

    22. Malek Mohamed

      It’s like you know my fav KGupr he is a fish a talking fish his name is Tiko

    23. Håkon Emil Bayard

      prøv stranded deep

    24. navi senigiro

      I agree I also don't eat fish

    25. Fam Hasperhoven

      Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh bee town time

    26. Pernille Melgaard Andersen

      Bu bu bote time

    27. Mr Fish

      You think your fish boy I love fish I am a fish and all my pets are fish

    28. jelou maq09


    29. Shem Junior Naidu

      Its bee butt juice! Flowers: well actually, no

    30. Lone wolf

      i love your vids i want it very much

    31. Refentse Mogorosi

      B B B B Beer town time!

    32. Vanesa


    33. Lonnie Shurtleff

      B bbbbbbbbbbbbb. Bee Town time

    34. VexMC

      bee but juice. anyone laughing as hard as i am?

    35. Reben Kurdبه ختي من له كه ل به له مول


    36. Sean Andrei

      B- b- b- b- b- boat tiimeee

    37. Youcefadem Arouanassima

      Beh boat time !!!!!

    38. Try Hong

      You well i well you LIKE. 500M LIKE

    39. Shaunthesheep

      Pig town , cow town , bee town...

    40. Dillon Burnham-Pretzer

      Not silence

    41. Dreamz

      Can you please say... HIT THAT LITTLLEEEEE BELLLLLLL!!!!

    42. Britt Playss

      Really Sligo hacked in and evrey one hates you ! Hehe!

    43. Alex Alton

      Dhosh hows is in de mowntin

    44. Mira Cizmarova

      crainer i know where is your pet fish your pet fish is in slogo scerate house in chest so i cn help you

    45. Stephen Mc Callig

      Can I tell that sligo lives in a mountain ⛰

    46. vex 1

      P.s. logo killed your fish

    47. vex 1

      And crainer but mountain from the farm slogos hiding in it with his secret base

    48. Kevin Moncada

      on the maontin

    49. Riya Jumani

      you should make a fish town

    50. Abd el Rahman Elsherif

      i love you

    51. 陳 CHAN梓旭 TSZ YUK

      I know where is Josh is he is in a mantin

    52. Nitin Kale

      Crainer, Slogo has a secret place in the mountain its true. Tell jelly also? Ok. He have your fish floppy and jelly's Diamonds. Remember In the mountains. Secret base.

    53. nurqiara adrianna

      Cow town

    54. xin wang


    55. Mitchell Bonello

      Crainer: HONEY COMES FOR THE BEES BUT Me: It’s from a hive...... and pollen

    56. AJAdilshameer

      @Crainer If u keep him in a bucket and name the bucket the fishes name will be what you named the bucket

    57. fariznizam

      just to be clear (no pun intended) honey did not come from bee's butt, it's their vomit

    58. Tay Baisch

      Just a man and his floppy... having fun 😏😂

    59. Ummar speedrunner Ahmad

      Yeh we eat chicken

    60. Aisha Aaya

      Josh lives in a mountain and he maked a mountain house in Be be be be bee town

    61. Juan Morales

      Josh is living in a mountain House next to b town

    62. Pratham Bhattarai

      when you don't have friends 8:12

    63. Patrick Gallardo

      Crainer slogoman has found you and his house is under heel

    64. BjarkiBoy_rl

      'We got a floppy, we got a floppy. Floppy time, eh, eh, eh, eh, floppy time, eh, e- what am i doing.'

      1. asioe kiou

        um u better make sure u put name tag on floppy so it will not gone

    65. CXASS

      2:12 Bean tower Lol

    66. Kongkrit Songtrakul

      Slogo take your fish he stay in a mountain bunker

    67. eioshen boboi


    68. angel bert reoveros

      slowgo hade from you

    69. Geric niño brillantes

      Crainer i love your face it's so funny I mean your fish lolo

      1. eioshen boboi

        Slow go live in the mountain Base

    70. angel bert reoveros

      it's Slowgo not jelly

    71. Kylie James M Sta Ana

      slogo house is in the mt.

    72. Neisha Sam

      Actually go in the Mountain and dig up😁🤗😅

    73. Neisha Sam

      Oh yeah in the front of jelly's house is a mountain,go to the mountain ant u will see a hole

    74. Yuan Burlaos

      Your crying is weird

    75. Myat Min Khant

      josh took your fish

    76. Arjun Bakshi

      Josh killed loppy not jelly

    77. mini crewmate

      New loppy:plz halp me Crainer:anyway lets go


      press F to pay respect to Loppy the clown fish

    79. Dylan Playz!

      It was slogo

    80. Hortense Smith

      Dear crainer you are going mad with that fish jelly bee the cool

    81. Kelai Isaacs

      Crainer: I don't eat fish Me:BRUH!!!!!! YOU ATE SLOWFIN SEAFOOD A COUPLE OF VIDEOS AGO!!!!!

    82. The Pangiean Mapper new videos

      Crainer enters boat without holy word

    83. Ian Morley

      Let’s say slogo found something

    84. khan296

      Crainer someone snitched on you

    85. Tiffany

      Slow go live in the mountain Base

    86. Arun Raj

      At that time josh was there

    87. Deepa Pattabi

      Is it just me or did he say I'm fish boy I eat fish 🤣🐟

    88. Gary Duff

      on the moutin

    89. Jaysen Anderson

      B b b b b b b b b b boat time

    90. Clara Meraz Rios

      Josh lives in a mountain

    91. Hero Popcorn T1D

      Josh moved in he is living in a mountain by bee town

    92. Stanley Romanoski

      Do you move out

    93. Vihaan Gangal

      slogo levs in a hil

    94. Zag Awang Jr

      Slogo move to another mountains not at bee tower but another just exploded those mountains and you trust me

    95. Chicco Ponela

      its not jelly its slogo he found you ok can you bee a cool cool guy so he lives in a mountain

    96. The glitch

      Jelly did it

    97. Kelly Porter

      Crainer)why do you like boats so much and say bbbbbbb boat time.

    98. Ziba Saleh

      Crainer slogo is hiding in bee town his in the mountains

    99. Jake Tantingco

      kid fraindly