New Tour, New Boat, New Goals - Unfinished Family Business Ep.1

Scott Martin

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    This is the beginning of something I have been dreaming about for many, many years. This is Unfinished Family Business episode 1 for the Bassmaster Elite event on the St Johns River in Florida.
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    1. Scott Martin

      I'm super pumped to get this Bassmaster Elite season rolling! What are your predictions for the year? Also, be sure to check out BoatLogix for your graph mount needs!

      1. Devin Clark

        Sense you and matt are back together will yall be bringing back the ice cream sandwich coffes

      2. Scott Frost

        I’m a professional pool player and I play my best when I’m nervous. My prediction is that IF YOU KEEP THIS SAME INTENSITY all the way through by being “nervous” you will finish high this year NO DOUBT! Good luck Scotty!

      3. Jim Walker

        Win FOR POPS

      4. Texas Bassin

        U will win the bass master elite series

      5. Scott Clark

        Imma say top 10 AOY and u make it to the classic,good luck buddy👊

    2. Good Ol Boy #76

      Sounds like a great mounting system for folks who own boats. I hope to some day own another boat. I would make the new boat unsellables so my wife cant sell it LOL.

    3. Christopher Coyle

      They got Bart doing some camera work?!?! I love watching him and sam sobi kill it up in Minnesota!

    4. Will Grant

      It like a whole different planet because nobody is wearing masks at all

    5. Wade Madness

      Just picked out some things from favorite. Probably the most excited I’ve been in awhile to fish.

    6. Army_Outdoors 88N

      The comraderies among you all is so awesome. Best of luck in 2021 Bro!!

    7. Kevin Baesel

      This is going to be an awesome year!! 🍻

    8. Mark Fulwood

      Hate to say it, but.... Get rid of Bad Luck Billy... that ridiculousness ain't helping you brother... jmo...

    9. Kuuttila Family fishing

      Hey Scott I was to start by saying that you're my favorite fisherman in the entire world and with that being said you are on my rapala fantasy fishing league for the bassmasters on St John's and all the other ones and with your advice I even took my ears as my partner in it and tried to get Scott Canterbury but he was on the same thing as you so I couldn't I need you guys to step up and get me in first place I'm a father of three I'm married so I live paycheck to paycheck and this is my first big chance to win a lot of tackle and step up my stuff so I can start having a lot more Lourdes you're my favorite and I have the most faith in you I was so hyped when I seen that you were on the fantasy fish and you are my first person to pick so please please please help me when you admit are going to kill it this year please thank you for everything thank you for all the content thank you for everything Scott you are the man literally you're the best in the world!!!!!!!!!

      1. Kuuttila Family fishing

        Hopefully if God doesn't bless you with the championship this year and me a bunch of tackle which is the same for me lol then I win a giveaway to help out with future fishing career it's hard living pay check to paycheck but at least we have a job and a beautiful family like yours but still could use some stuff for me and my boys!!! But thank you Scott for the best content and literally teaching me how to flip into cover and cast a baitcaster I have been watching you for years!!!!!

    10. Johnny B

      My son is 26. He and a fishing buddy started the fishing team at their high school. I captained the boat every other tournament. There was literally 250 boats at the tournaments. Two fishermen, one captain, and five boats per school. It was a beautiful nightmare!

    11. WILD N OUTDOORS Waterfowl

      What truck cover do you use that has the overhead storage

    12. Casey Dangar

      Imagine your high-school fishing coach being Roland Martin. Thats like having michael Jordan as a high-school basketball coach. She's one super blessed young lady. Thats a heck of a fisherman to have in your corner.

    13. Antoinne McKinney

      Hey Scott, just wanted to say thank you for always providing awesome content about your fishing career and journey. I started fishing when I was kid ans was always encouraged by watching Roland Martin and Bill Dance with my father. Now to see how you've taken the reigns of the family legacy is also very inspirational. Also, I'm very proud of how you got your children into fishing and I'm eager to learn how to teach my kids about fishing and the outdoors experience! I wish you the best in the Elite series and I hope to learn as much as possible as I'll be participating in my first local tournament series in NE Ohio. God Bless!

    14. Lake Rollison

      Next time your in the area Scott my grandmother is a realtor in salt springs mayb 20min from Palatka she has a lot of places she rents out and one is a nice lodge right on big lake Kerr. Has 2 apartments on it and a nice house with plenty of parking with a boat ramp to the lake

    15. peter devit

      fart bart is filming for Scott !!!!!!!!

    16. Malcolm Greene

      Looks like ur gonna have another great year with friends..wear them fish bro

    17. Chris Miller

      Fart Bart

    18. Sir Yarwam Mowray

      What an awesome family

    19. capnrob97

      Scott had a 5 fish limit, 8 lbs and change. I was scared for him, the online BassTrax never showed him having caught any fish. I thought he got skunked.

    20. Tyler Merwin

      Any top tips when fishing the middle basin area of the St John's?

    21. brian gentry

      It’s 10:00 tournament day 1 and I’m watching a fog delay🤦🏾‍♂️. Hope you guys get started before I have to turn it off. Aw the hell with work I’m watching day 1. (Multitasking) go get em scott

    22. Jared Pope

      Hey Scott!!! How can someone buy your boat at the end of a season?

    23. Jim Walker


    24. redfishreilley

      Omg.... its bart. Life made.

    25. Kenneth Roth

      Holy shit he's actually towing his own boat 😯

    26. KSLamkin0003

      So I’m thinking Candyman is a nickname that could stick with Matt.

    27. Larry Warfield

      Very cool the new wrap. I have always been fan of blue.

    28. Steven Mcgehee

      Pretty cool that Billy's back and having a good tournament. Pretty cool that you're fishing or north Florida St Johns River is cool cool

    29. Hamod Golladay

      Smc o.g’z

    30. Fisherman612 612Fisherman

      Hi Scott My name is Leon, I met you in okeechobee. I wish to fish with you some day, I understand it’s only a dream.

    31. olebiker

      So tell me, how did you like that boat ramp? Our bass club stayed in that house a few years ago.

    32. Jackie Reeves

      Its Great to see the year getting started. Great news to see Hillary fishing. Scott I have watched almost all your videos and learned a lot keep bringing them. Great luck in all your tourneys. I love your goals and pray you make them come true.

    33. Family Budget Fisherman

      Congratulations to Hillary! Congratulations to your family on continuing the fishing dynasty. If I remember correctly you have two daughters. Is your other daughter into fishing as well?

    34. BennyBryantMusic

      “Met a fisherman that didn’t have a KGup channel”. Haven’t laughed that hard since the first time James was on the channel.

      1. S Lange

        Lol true it’s getting a out of control and now the bank fishing catfish guys are doing live streams about as entertaining as watching paint dry

    35. carlilej100

      drinking white claws. when did John B start traveling with you.

    36. TheSwackster

      Can't wait to get the season started and good luck. Tight lines and Rip some lips.


      What happened with Hillary's tournament

    38. Brad Root

      Fart Bart!!!!! He does some great work.

    39. Brian Wulff

      When will you open your owen marina? Getting vaction book for rolans aka (pops) place

    40. Rodney Hanbaum

      Best of luck in the Elites this year! Excited for you!

    41. Roger Watson

      Great video. Lookin forward to the season.

    42. Kevin Smith

      This is going to be a great seasons with this group!

    43. Bryan J. Smith

      Damn man I'm so pumped up to get to meet you this yr at st johns. I tell you if I could be so lucky to Marshall for either of you guys this yr be awesome.. Gl fellows

    44. Robert Dyer

      Decided to just bite the bullet and start coangler and see if I cant start hitting it hard

    45. William Plunkett

      Hey Scott, don't know if you will see this at all but if you do I wish the best of luck to you and Hilary.

    46. Shawn Eikel

      Huge fan, pulling for Hillary, I grew up watching Roland, best times I have had is fishing with my daughter

    47. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Tell Canterbury all the odenville/ Moody boys pulling for him!!

    48. BamaBassFinder04 4

      The best SCOTTIES IN THE DAMN GAME SON!!!! Hell yeah..... Canterbury's my dude lives right down the road from me him n Aaron martins both!!! But Scott's a really really down to earth good ole country boy, u can hear the COOSA RIVER in his accent!!😂😂

    49. Jonathan Durand

      Good luck Scott! Will be pulling for you at St. John’s!

    50. John Falasca III

      Good luck Scott !!! Go get em !!

    51. Shaun Roberts

      Nice Good luck this year Scottie....

    52. Chad Heck

      How awesome is it for Hilary to have on of GOATS of Bass Fishing as her coach. Good Luck Martin Family.

    53. Shaun Roberts


    54. Kluck Fabrication

      Holy shit Bart! Nice to see a Minnesota boy!

    55. Shaun Roberts

      Nice. PUMPED UP. You go girl. Nice Hilary in you 1st tournament. Good luck Hilary and Pops...

    56. Rob_d

      Gotta love florida , everyone packed together and no masks

      1. s turner

        I was going to mention that fact masks, no social distancing or hand washing. Guess folks in sunshine state don't know about a pandemic going on?

      2. capnrob97

        That's how we roll in the Gunshine state!

    57. Matt Portscheller

      Good to see you Canterbury and Arey fishing together. Reminds me of watching you guys in the FLW. Go finish what your ol man started!

    58. Nathan Gibson

      If fishing falls of the planet, you would.make one hell of a car salesman!!

    59. Martin Gomez

      Great video, team seems solid and great chemistry. Question for the viewers, when people team with Scott, they all have to be recording and filming their tournaments? Got the feeling when Canterbury showed his cameras.

      1. capnrob97

        I think it is almost becoming a necessity if a pro angler. Sponsors want to sponsor people with a social media following, so if the choice between 2 relatively equal anglers, they will probably pick the one that will push their brand exposure further in social media.

    60. Alex Heimberger

      Tight lines for everyone! Thanks for videos.

    61. Delta Parker

      Love me a scott Martin video to end my day after work Ty Scott??

    62. Gregory Chuhta

      Now more pressure man, everyone betting on you comin in worse than 15th on first event. (BTL above/below) You'll be solid

    63. Jed Steelwell

      Dude your Daughter is a star in the making!

    64. Robert Douglas

      you are a blessed man to have a family that is "tied" together! Soak it up my friend!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you so much!

    65. jason daniels

      1000k says Hillary is gonna take 1st in a classic in a few years

    66. Chris Young

      Oh my goodness. Matt Arey, what a knucklehead. Why not have Natalie? 😂😂😂😂😂 Good luck guys.

    67. PeterParkerFishing

      Following boatlogix on insta from Cooran Queensland Australia mate

      1. PeterParkerFishing

        @Scott Martin do it for Roland mate.🤞

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks so much!!

    68. The Woodshop

      Oh yeah bringing the alcohol before you carry your clothes in. Lol

      1. Scott Martin


    69. Andra Hayes

      Good luck to you an Hillary. Hope your both have a successful season

    70. Tim Fontenot

      Good luck big daddy!!!! Smoke dat ass !!!!

    71. Derrick House

      Billy has earned a bed guys come on now lmao

      1. Scott Martin


    72. Stephen latimer

      so cool hilary gets to fish her first high school tournament with pop martin, go big girl🤜🤛. scott the classic awaits u in 2021, cheering u on mate. cheers from australia.

      1. Stephen latimer

        @Scott Martin how did hilary finish up.

      2. Scott Martin

        She was so excited

    73. rickey hall

      good luck

    74. justin time

      Living the good life my dude. I need to win the lotto so I can buy me a boat and a truck to pull it.

    75. wesley harrington

      Man I fished that big bass tournament that you were on the phone talking to the guy about and I got SKUNKED

      1. wesley harrington

        @Scott Martin it’s all good man I just love the sport. Good luck this weekend and I hope the people of north Florida and the saint johns treat you well.

      2. Scott Martin


    76. Rowdy Broomstick

      Governor DeSantis is awesome, so glad to see smiling faces everywhere! Florida is great!

    77. katiedid713926

      Good luck, Hillary. Good luck, Scott.

    78. Roger Moore

      So glad the off-season was short. Couldn’t wait to see y’all kick off the elites. Good luck Scott

    79. javier pepin

      Where is bryan?

    80. javier pepin

      Good luck bro 👍💪🔥🙏✌🎣

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    81. GOT'EM!!!

      Love it when Roland your Dad is in your videos... I'm such a big fan of him since the 80's... As I said before Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin and of course my Dad is the 4 father of my fishing life... Sad my dad left 93 to a better place but I still had the other 3 to show me how to fish...

      1. Scott Martin

        I am glad he can still do what he loves. Sorry for your loss

    82. Doug Schneller

      what the hell is up with White Claw and bassers.... never white claw

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Doug Schneller

        thats Googan stuff

    83. Tim W

      ur partners where firing last year. step up!

    84. Brandon Myers

      I like all the videos but these tournament series videos are awesome.

    85. Fishinwith Ryley

      Team smc !!! Love the videos Scott!!!!

    86. Rusty Wells

      All you new subscribers are in for a ride because I know Matt and Canterberry and you all better buckle up because your in for a wild ride boys!

      1. Scott Martin


    87. Fletcher Klatt

      Hey it’s fart Bart 😂😂😂. Happy to see he’s getting exposure

    88. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      I swear I love Billy. Makes me proud to be from the Carolinas lol

    89. Rusty Wells

      Was anyone else say we gotta go right after he said Hillary was fishing her first tournament? I was yelling it out loud! WE GOTTA GO!🦅🇺🇸🦅

      1. Scott Martin


    90. The pondfisherman

      Hey Scott I’m trying to start up a KGup channel fishing content of course but I was wondering if you had any tips for me?

      1. The pondfisherman

        Ok thanks man

      2. Scott Martin

        Just make it interesting and do what you like to do

    91. Dakota Chapman

      Good luke to u Scott martin hope u do well this year

    92. Darbz9

      Well time to call it. Greatest one liner of 2021 had already been found. “Breakin Hearts, Turnin Necks, & Cashin Checks” is an absolute all timer.

      1. Scott Martin

        American Dream!

    93. Brady Harp

      4:00 he did NOT wanna hear it

    94. Mark Rickertsen

      I got the Garmin Force last summer and love it! But what is that blue cap on your prop?

      1. Scott Martin

        Bobs machine shop stabilizer check it out..

    95. Larry Stolzman

      Prediction: 1st day of the tourney Scott, Matt. & Canterbury each catch a 25# bag and tie for 1st. (And the crowd goes wild!!!!!) Have an amazing event guys. 500,000 + fans are in your corner! God Bless!

      1. Scott Martin

        Heck ya!!!

    96. 219 Surfrdude

      Best of luck 🍻🤙🏽💪🏾💯

    97. Kati Persinger

      First thing good luck to Hillary. Second thing I want to see you hoist one of those big trophies. I believe in you scott you can do it. Keep your head up positive attitude and charge forward. My prediction is we all will see you in the classic.

    98. Lloyd Kirk

      where iss just do it

    99. St.Clair Eric

      Lets Go !!! Lets start with a top 10 and the road to A O Y..!!!!

    100. Carolina Angling. Co

      Been a sub for so many years. Still here, still crankin

      1. Carolina Angling. Co

        Absolutely! You've taught me so much over the years. I Cant wait to watch this next chapter unfold! Congrats on making the elites! You deserve it.

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro!!👊🏼