How XBOX players felt when the system launched with NO EXCLUSIVES!

The Keef Crew

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    Spider-man: Miles Morales and Demon Souls were two big laucnh titles for PS5, but Xbox series X/S do not have any for their console as of yet.
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    1. The Keef Crew

      Next Gen gaming about to go crazzzzzyyyyy!

      1. Lobitking001

        You do know you can get spider man miles morales on ps4

      2. mazen college


      3. Z9000

        PS= pretty shirt 5(the 5 in ps5)= how many games gay station can handle, probably less

      4. Aventknight17

        @Ninjababy blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

      5. Ninjababy

        @Aventknight17 Your white knight for sony of all companies who couldn't care less if you lived or died tomorrow

    2. Super Irod

      I love how he says that his PS5 is coming in today, yet he pops it out to play Demon’s Souls😂

    3. Oz salt on 60hz

      Maybe if they gave us halo we would

    4. Akaski7

      I have Xbox and I don’t care about exclusives

    5. تركي الغامدي

      When he said (one day Microsoft will buy Sony) i got scared

    6. Plumbuster

      The Interstellar music in the background 🤣

    7. Jotaro Kujo

      Yo rlly 60 fps ps5 has 120

    8. Isaac Petzold


    9. Luks

      "Microsoft is gonna buy Sony" Remember the times when Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo

      1. Air ツ

        I mean, nintendo was the biggest console company in the world at the time, it was the Wii Nd3ds times, or maybe i think even older

      2. Cody Anderson

        imagine if Sony played the audio of Nintendo laughing at them for a potential meeting if it happened

    10. Dr3amy DragonBall

      Lol I have both

    11. Anti-Latios Faraaz Qmehr

      I'm surprised he didn't bring up Developer mode

    12. Christian Police

      I still have to say this but the Xbox is a better console than the PS5


      Nice vid

    14. Atlanta Hawks

      the ps5 only has demon souls and a astro bot like nobody even knows wtf that is, spiderman isn't a exclusive

      1. LitGamer

        I’m an xbox fan but I will say demon souls is very popular and has a huge fanbase.

    15. Cozmix

      I only got one word FACTS

    16. John Attinga

      Get that miles Morales away from that controller, get it out of your house

    17. Cori2011

      Xbox still better

    18. Baconator_Slayer

      I thought he was going to show him BOY of War in the Halo part

    19. ConnXZ

      7 hours well does that include the Cutscenes?

    20. SirBruhAlot 123

      xbox has halo and forza and sea of theives

    21. sup bro

      i got my ps5 from Amazon on launch and i had it in storage till Christmas and i love it its awesome, but i think the xbox is still cool so I'll probably pick up the series S for fable and halo

    22. DoodleFartt

      Hey look faster loading times

    23. Lxt _xd

      929 who unliked are Xbox fans

    24. GameKage X

      0:56 Cant beleive this man really said "AfPpeS" instead of "F.P.S" 🤣

    25. Anthony Dimgba

    26. Agam works

      Why you making xbox low it's the best consol this year compare everything

    27. Blue Sky

      As a PS owner, I concur.

    28. Zyler

      Plot twist he wanted to tell xbox players how he feels about them

    29. Tesh Fernando

      X box sucks

    30. Jason Salinas149

      Spider-Man is 7 hour game Me: took me 5 days to finish the game

    31. Banana Boi

      Play Station is an Arcade Machine Edit: I'm not lying, it originally was

      1. Asmir Čerkez


    32. Muneeb Tahir

      sad xbox noises

    33. Phillip Dale gadd

      Forza your a grown ass man just go out and drive a car

    34. Kaan Huseyin

      >:/ Xbox 👎🏿 💎ps5 💎

    35. Rxli_ FN

      Oh I just downloaded fortnite

    36. stealthy4583 b

      Plot twist: they both ditch there consoles and start playing games on the laptop

    37. abdulhafeez nawwab

      I didn’t bother getting the ps5 cause all games I can play on my ps4 graphics don’t matter cause I got a tv that doesn’t support hdr and 4K so what’s the point

      1. No

        Rtx and 60fps

    38. good name lol

      Such a pathetic comment section lmao

    39. theBRANDOProductions

      Wait if you’re behind on your car payments why did you buy an Xbox series S?

    40. Eletricalisn'tthatbadguys

      “Fpuss” lol

    41. Moammel Janjon

      Microsoft flight simulator 2021: laughs with xbox series in the "real New York"

    42. Ryan

      It annoys me so much when people say go and drive a car, yeah I have a £2.4 million pound Bugatti Chiron in my garage and I can totally drive over 200mph without getting fined

    43. Badphysio TDX

      the new xbox is still in stock 😂

    44. Exotic Plenty

      Sony is way better

    45. W I l b e r :D

      Sony is good as Microsoft :c

    46. Multi Popcorn

      You playstation players be sayin this shit but tell me. Hows cyberpunk doin for ya?

    47. Z9000

      This is.....dumb xbox has a 4 letter word better that any peice of trash ps5 has and thats called 'halo' and BTW did you know that the ps in ps5 stands for pretty shitty. Also search up the best console it will say xbox on most sources

    48. Gaming With Nicko

      Pc master race. Imaging being a console peasant

    49. Huskers YT

      what game is that in 1:30

      1. Brenda Wright

        Demon soul

    50. Ride the Gamer



      x box players must be happy because theres some people who cant buy it

    52. jo li

      SPIDER MAN SUCKS ! i was a ps1,p2;ps3 and ps4 old ps fan !until i see xbox series x and spider man never played lol so take my account with 150 platinuns and turn ito x box !more power! and ps5 is a big brick and less power !wait wait exclusives yeah not for now but they will have for sure and think about game pass and all that .

    53. Ailing Galaxy702

      I hate when people say "what games" like let me vibe 😭😂

    54. Frosted FreeZe

      You know someday I really want xbox to do better in every way

    55. Wocky Slush

      i have a series X, Ps5, and switch. i play my ps5 the LEAST out of all 3 that i own. my ps5 is basically a 500$ youtube machine

    56. joe

      It launched with halo😐

      1. Brenda Wright

        Oof halo infinite not looking good right now

      2. LitGamer

        No halo got pushed back sadly.

    57. Darth Sidious

      When he asked what games u should had said forza

    58. Samuel McMillin

      there are now Xbox exclusive they are all on pc as well

    59. Grimsyxd

      Xbox has no games... ...coming to PS5

    60. Game of the Year 2020

      Full cover of Goofy singing the song

    61. sup bro

      as a sony fan boy and ps5 owner i can say hopefully next year is a better one for xbox

    62. Shock Pulse

      So glad I switched to PC 😀 Most "exclusives" I can get on pc sooner or later and I can mod better than playstation and xbox combined. I just wish playstation and xbox would stop trying to be the most polished of 2 turds. Vast majority of playstation exclusives is just the same rehashed crap and Xbox cant budget proper for more exclusives.

      1. Shock Pulse

        @gabriel cabrera also fyi PC and laptop isn't the same thing 😂😂😂

      2. Shock Pulse

        @gabriel cabrera lol wut? I have a laptop as well but no it can do destiny 2 at 60 on medium settings. Plus my laptop is only $400 plus it also can use graphics card upgrades. But I mainly got it for travel. My pc started at $600 but I can keep building on it over time. XD You really show what little you know about PC's. 😂👍

      3. gabriel cabrera

        Dam that’s crazy well have fun on your 600 dollar gaming laptop that caps out at 30 FPS on low settings

    63. Xz Slicey

      Spider-Man was wack

    64. Reloudad

      Pc gamers: Real jo jo jo

    65. Mr D

      the medium be here soon

    66. sandwiches bomb cant lie

      being a broke ass nia

    67. keylimetom

      i bought the ps5 even though i play xbox

    68. Frostbbite

      Just saying Xbox has no exclusives because they are all on PC

    69. Jeff Gato

      When he said Sony is a pu*** at the start I was like jeeeeeez now ik why Xbox is bad Fun fact I’m a ps5 player Edit: the title makes no sense Xbox have halo

    70. Andrew Kane

      I own miles morales

    71. cringy_io

      Well i mean the $70 version of miles morales come with spiderman remastered

    72. Adam Hamed

      halo infinite though

    73. Jayden Royer


    74. Durmus Kuru


    75. Yeenhla

      Xbox Series X is clear of PS5 anyways.

    76. Asphyx Noir


    77. Roger Ayala

      I dont know man but a remastered game and a terrible Godfall!... Idk man doesnt sound that amazing!... Oh yeah theres another remaster exclusive 🤣🤣🤣 damn!

    78. ejjk ejjejej

      God bless everyone,,.

    79. YTcrisgaming 402

      why do exclusives matter?

      1. barcster2003

        @YTcrisgaming 402 For example Persona likely isn't coming to Xbox anytime soon.

      2. YTcrisgaming 402

        @barcster2003 oh thank you!

      3. barcster2003

        Because you can't play it elsewhere. Games you can get on both platforms aren't really going to sway people because the performance on them will be similar.

    80. lner

      1:02 I have that game

    81. jews beans

      This is funny and all but i honestly hope Microsoft buys sony. Sony has great games but everything is terrible for the consumer

    82. Beth H

      Xbox is better than Sony, Sony is shit

    83. Juday

      What’s the song in the background

    84. Clanplayz

      ya this is why I don’t play Xbox cuz ya no exclusives cuz why would it have any 😂 Also should Xbox be dead already has shit games and ya no exclusives and don’t give that “uh ya it does” .-. swear this is why I don’t bother with my friends saying this and that about their games on Xbox if they ask me to join them on there heh we gonna have problems cuz I’m SICK AND TIRED of everyone saying “oh Xbox is better” swear to god if I hear someone say Xbox ima fold em

    85. Max Megahey

      So, I played “Spider-Man two for the first time on the original Xbox back in 2019 and mind you I’m sixteen and I’ve played web of shadows, 3 , freind or foe, now so all the other Spider-Man games were disappointing and I’m a Xbox fan so I waited over 11 years bruh 12 now and I still haven’t played the new Spider-Man that I waited years now😭😭😭

    86. themanateecat

      xbox fucked up in the games department and they got shit on by sony 2020 and i know that, but what so many people don’t understand is i don’t care about exclusives cause as much as it sucks that xbox don’t get some fire games, that’s fine it’s all about preference, and i personally prefer xbox cause it’s where my friends are and it’s what i’m used to playing

      1. barcster2003

        Honestly Xbox has let the problem go on for a long time.

    87. X-IEI-X

      Imagine paying console and games that is only on ps5 and 4 This post was made by the people who hack and get the game for free on pc gang

      1. X-IEI-X

        @Potato_ nyin_ or just hack it and port it yourself pc to xbox one but it will be pay in ass to port it

      2. Potato_ nyin_

        Nah spiderman ps4/miles morales exclusive only on Playstation Pc players gotta pay twice the price for a pc than a ps5

    88. OriginalBoxAdam

      Wait a min.. Xbox has GAME PASS AND GOLD =OVER 100+ FREE GAMES BROOOOO

    89. Letuserhack

      Still in search for a reason get an Xbox

      1. barcster2003

        That's the biggest problem. Why would you get an Xbox over just buying a PC or any other system?

    90. Jezzer Reyes

      You got the S though

    91. X-Angel Love Snow-X

      ppl enjoying gaming and u making war stop acting like child and let console ppl alone we gamers not console war

      1. X-IEI-X

        This is joke don't take it seriously He even say it

    92. Gus Alcon

      This is Gold lmao funniest guy ever

    93. Ghostella and Ghost Vortex

      well from what I know of i better get myself some GameCube games and PS2 games since they are playable on the Series X and S


      Damn we need to give y'all our exclusive games like spider man series horizon series God of warAND MORE

    95. SaimonSSL

      Stop being an ass PS5 you won all right. Stop rubbing salt on the wound.

    96. Cristian Gameer pro :V

      Banjo-Kazooie (nuts n' bolts) be like:

    97. Arnaldo Wilson-Ramos

      Was that dark souls?

    98. taylor bloom

      Still got the new Xbox tho 😅

    99. Blank

      i couldnt give less of a shit about exclusives i just want fast loading and good graphics plus my friends play xbox too

      1. barcster2003


    100. Hunter cumming

      Feel the pain Xbox lovers