ARE YOU READY FOR IT... AGAIN?! TRY ON REVEAL Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection

Whitney Simmons

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    The 2nd Whitney Simmons and Gymshark COLLECTION is HERE! Try on, review, reveal and EVERYTHING you need to know about the entire collection!!
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    GS X WS ROUND 2!
    Launching October 29th |
    19: 00 GMT | 20: 00 CET | 15: 00 ET | 14: 00 CT | 13: 00 MT | 12: 00 PT
    ‼️ I wear a size small in everything from Gymshark and a size small in my entire collection ‼️
    High Rise Legging | available in:
    - black
    - moss green
    - intense beautiful blue
    - amazon
    - pink haze
    - chocolate
    Rib Waist Legging | available in:
    - black
    - cyber red
    - intense beautiful blue
    - moss green
    - chocolate
    High Rise Short | available in:
    - black
    - amazon
    - moss green
    - intense beautiful blue
    - cyber red
    Sports Bra | available in:
    - black
    - unbleached
    - moss green
    - intense beautiful blue
    - pink haze
    - amazon
    - chocolate
    - cyber red
    Swing Tank | available in:
    - black
    - intense beautiful blue
    - cyber red
    - moss green
    - chocolate
    Longline Tee | available in:
    - black
    - intense beautiful blue
    - pink haze
    - unbleached
    - amazon
    Long Sleeve Crop Top | available in:
    - black
    - intense beautiful blue
    - cyber red
    - pink haze
    - amazon
    - unbleached
    Recovery Hoodie | available in:
    - black
    - chocolate
    - moss green
    - unbleached
    Fitted Jogger
    - black
    - chocolate
    - moss green
    - unbleached
    Reversible Oversized Jacket | available in:
    - black
    - unbleached

    My Measurements:
    - waist 27"
    - hips 35"
    - height: 5 feet 6 inches
    - weight: unknown, I'd estimate 130-135lbs
    - bust: 32"

    #tryon #haul #review
    This video is sponsored by Gymshark as I am a Gymshark Athlete and this is a collaboration between the brand and I | Gymshark, Alani Nu, Amazon and Reward Style are affiliates links. Tula is a commission code. Thank you for supporting myself, this channel and helping me continue to create content for you♡

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    1. Lauren

      Personally didn’t have a problem picking up the items I wanted last time. And I even went back 15 mins later and picked up more! I understand people’s frustration but can we pls give this collection the hype it deserves. Whitney has listen to so much feedback and improved on her last collection but everyone’s focusing on the one thing she can’t control. Welcome to 2020, everything is supply/demand/generate hype. It’s how most businesses run. Can’t wait for this collection to release!! Love the darker green!!! And the bag and the jacket! (Also special thanks for introducing more non cropped items as a tall gal, cropped always ends up sports bra length on me!) EDIT: did not expect this comment to get so much attention. I am in agreement that it is frustrating, let’s all voice that to gymshark! The first comments I was seeing were were all talking about the stock level last time however I love all the positivity I’m seeing now!!!

      1. LC LC

        @arthurtheaardvark13 Becca Sills? She hasn’t posted in 4 months.

      2. arthurtheaardvark13

        @LC LC she is very active on her IG and her IG stories!

      3. Kaitlyn Sallee

        @arthurtheaardvark13 I've seen companies that say estimate numbers. Like less than 100k units, less than 10k units. I work in retail currently and theres nothing against us disclosing how many units of an item is on order. If someone asks me about a launch item, I can give them an estimate like. " its super limited, they're only putting 3k units between online, and the 70 retail locations, so id act quick on it!" Obviously all retailers aren't the same, but it at least sets a realistic expectation for the consumer. Which in turn gives you better customer service ratings. Which then budd a loyal clientele. Etc etc.

      4. arthurtheaardvark13

        @Kaitlyn Sallee I just wonder if there are rules against disclosing the number of available units; I don't think I've ever seen another company disclosing theirs, which makes me wonder

      5. LC LC

        Has anyone noticed that Becca Sills has been missing for four months? Does anyone know if she’s okay? 💛

    2. Luvnbabes

      Where’s the purple ??!! Love the collection! Congratulations!💜💜

    3. Kasey Stratton

      I wish we could see these pieces in action! I’ve had issues with some long sleeve crops where it rides up on the bottom :( I like the Adapt Marl Seamless crop because it has elastic at the bottom, but I don’t see that in this long sleeve crop and I’m worried. Also curious how the fit of these compare to current GS leggings. Is the ribbed legging comparable to the compression level of the vital rise? Would the high rise legging compression be comparable to camo or adapt animal?

    4. Julie Øverås

      Why aren't these available in Europe???

    5. Karina Kangur

      I think you should just take over Gymshark

    6. Mikaela Aiko

      I love alll of these. I just wish Gymshark would go maybe a few sizes up. Big girls want cute sports bras too 🙄

    7. Pamela Dakik

      so you don't know this, but you inspired my weight loss journey... Just thought id let you know.... Mostly though, I want dto ask about the white joggers/leggings. THAT COLOR IS EVERYTHING but I need to know about the transparency ? like will I be showing my underwear to the world ??? :P

    8. Christine Danielle Tran

      WHIT, CAN YOU PLEASE POST THE MEASUREMENTS/INSEAM for the collection. I need to know if my short 5’ legs will be enough for your leggings 💙💙💙

    9. Sarah-Anne Perry

      I am used to lululemon's sizing but really love that collection. If I am a size 4-6 in the lulu aligns, what size should I take? Small or medium? Thanks!!

    10. Toni Elease

      Just sell me the wholeeeeee rack. You are so beautiful and funny. I love how you incorporated feedback and took your time. I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Megan Irvin

      will prices be released before the launch??

    12. Sage James

      It’s funny bc the day this video came out I had just been thinking, “when is Whitney going to make a version 2”. Here we are 😭 it’s beautiful.

    13. KmD448

      Halfway through the video I paused it and told my husband the significance of October 29th this year. Whitney this line is gorgeous! Love you!

    14. Hannah Duthie

      Whitney!! You have OUTDONE yourself mama. That Amazon is calling me

    15. iLaineyflex

      Do you think you could size down comfortably in the high rise leggings and shorts? I've been a true size small for years but lately my gymshark size smalls have been loose in the waist so I sized down to an xs in the adapt animal leggings and they fit perfectly. Wondering if these are stretchy enough that sizing down would be an option

    16. Allison McFarland

      “Creamy sports bras”

    17. Allison McFarland

      Whit, this is totally random and has nothing to do with your channel but there is a girl on tiktok/Instagram and her handle is fiddyshadesofgreen and she and her fam grow hemp but that’s besides the point. I think you guys are Long lost soul sisters you both radiate the most beautiful bright energy and I just need you to check her out. Love you and your channel and your gymshark collection babe;)

    18. Ihsani Jackson

      OMG that dark green thoughhh yes

    19. Delaney Vaughan

      a week away until the launch 😍😍😍

    20. Brooke Austin

      i’m literally stressed i know it’s going to sell out too fast and i won’t be able to get it 🥺

    21. Bella S

      How much is the bag?!

    22. shino h.

      When will we know the price?

    23. Justine Fabian

      I want it all :(

    24. Em VT

      Congrats! Looks great! Maybe for the whitney simmons x gymshark 3.0 (🤞) you can make that legging in a full length for girls with longer legs, because that's the only thing holding my back from buying these 💙

    25. -ihhssan-

      My birthday is on the 25th sooooo I think I'm gonna treat myself to one (or more, probably more than one) of these beautiful beautiful pieces !!! Way to go Whitney !!! Love you ❤️❤️ And honestly I cannot stress enough how nice it is to see someone actually thinking about EVERY BODY and EVERYONE when designing clothes. As a muslim women, I don't personnally like to show of my bum or my boobs in the gym (but like, it's me personnally, if YOU want to rock it, do it girl 🔥) and the fact that you thought about that for us, either modest wearers or a bit self consicous people is SO amazing !! Like really, you don't even imagine how important it is !! ✨✨

    26. Megan Do


    27. Anika Szabo

      You’re so beautiful

    28. Mei Rios

      I just wanna know the prices 🥺

    29. Samantha Varney

      casually spending all my money on this collection and im not even mad

    30. McKenna Cartt

      I wish she would make a full length legging, I'm 5'11 these are way too short 😭

    31. Zandalee Leonard

      How do I get this collection if I'm in Australia? I missed out last time as I couldn't access it. I'm dying for that foresty green set and would do anything to get it. PLZ help a Aussie out

    32. sabrina bruk

      im already sad when this is sold out before i get my hands on them AGAIN :(((( this shit too cute

    33. Jess R. West

      Whitney!!🤗 I absolutely LOVE this collection...seeing your pride and excitement while explaining each piece was everything!!! I love how thoughtful you were with each piece, and it’s so refreshing to see someone put so much effort into making pieces that will make everyone feel comfortable and beautiful. I just adore you girl!!! So happy for you!!❤️🥰

    34. KEB Operations

      can we please also talk about 14:40 miss indylu running up the stairs soooooooooo cute

    35. Nadia Vasquez

      Can we get the prices for this collection I need to know before this banging line drops 🥺

    36. arthurtheaardvark13

      Just a FYI for everyone wanting a presale ordering system: I believe presale is difficult for large companies because it takes too much time between the placement of the presale order and the delivery of the finished product; customers would place their presale orders then hypocritically complain "omg a company as large as this is taking 6 months to deliver me package" etc. The reason it takes so long is because raw materials are generally sourced from multiple different textile mills and sometimes the mills are unable to comply with quantity orders, so if Gymshark received all their presale orders, then ordered say 5 million yards of xyz fabric in xyz colour from mill A, mill A might respond "oh, we can only get you 1 million yards within your time frame of xyz months," then they'd have to either wait longer to receive all the fabric required to make all units ordered, or they'd have to start from scratch with another mill (which I don't see as an option because that's a huge waste of resources). Another problem might be that mill A can product and deliver enough fabric (let's say enough for 5 million sports bras) within the given time frame, but the supplier of those metal rings on the back of the sports bras might say sorry, we can only give you enough for 1 million sports bras, then Gymshark is screwed again because it wouldn't be fair to send out 1 million sports bras preorders before the other 4 million, ya know? It's these logistical problems that I think a lot of consumers overlook. Also these are all hypothetical examples, I definitely don't work for Gymshark or know their situation, but I have experience with another very large apparel brand where all this is relevant.

    37. Ashley Michel

      Do they come in plus sizes?!

    38. Paige Elizabeth

      ok now i have no money to spend on every item but i WANT every item. how do i choose

    39. Bradley

      I really wish gymshark made plus size clothing. I recently started the gym and only have some Wal-Mart leggings and a sports shirt I bought at a yard sale.

    40. Lauren Braun

      What are all the colors that the hoodie comes in? I only saw two but she didn't show the swatches for it. Trying to plan ahead!

    41. Shannon Donovan

      Definitely breaking the bank for this collection!!!

    42. Jordan Hoagland

      we need prices 😰😰 bc i want everything

    43. Alexa Petross

      Okay, but I need all of it.

    44. jennydoll 98

      What about pricing?

    45. Tiffany Groccia

      Does anyone know if we will be getting the prices before the drop? A girl has a budget but needs some pieces out of this collection!

    46. Jeanne Balvers

      just by watching this video im so excited to go to the gym

    47. Marie Blair

      Where is your chair from?? Love it!

    48. Raven Brooke

      I remember watching you and Navy when you only had 2000 subscribers. I'm so happy for you and all of your success. You deserve it girl. ✨

    49. oiuet souiu

      sell out too fast though!) Well done, Whitney! 💞

    50. Melani T.

      I love every piece I have from the previous collection. I am really excited about this one as it has even more colors that I loooove and it is going to be hard to choose. However, there were no comments on the squat-proof and sweat-proof. Is it like the previous collection as some colors look almost the same? Also no price.. I need to prepare ;d

      1. Melani T.

        @oiuet souiu Yes, how much each piece costs. Last time there was a price for every one of them...

      2. oiuet souiu


    51. Lethal Britt

      Are the prices listed anywhere

    52. Victoria Murray

      I need this whole collection 😫 congratulations Whitney!

    53. Natalie Adie

      I need that tank top in my life

    54. Jessica Cruz

      Take my moneyyyy! B

    55. Sierra Ford

      i have never bought gym shark before but NOW, i have to! rip to my next pay check 😂

    56. Keely

      Why am I so emotional watching this?! I'm just so proud of you Whit!!!!

    57. the silent world

      You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen

    58. canndyxx

      What time does this drop for Australia ?

    59. jessicajohn92

      I was not planning on purchasing anything at all since I am low key poor right now (grad student working part time) 😢 but those t shirts!!!! I think I NEED your t shirt. That’s the exact problem I have. I love my leggings but I wear big old oversized men’s shirts to cover my booty and lady bits. These shirts are so cute and feminine but still cover you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    60. Patito !

      I wish she would of talked about pricing

    61. Kiersten Dorey

      i think this is my 4th time watching this lol i’m so excited❤️ love you whitney!!

    62. mascaralover92

      Can you also post the sizing guide for this collection 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    63. Sabrina (main account)

      I'm so excited for this. I swear I'm on a budget BUT I may have to make a purchase 😆

    64. Lyana H

      the shorts is a must have!!! I have only 1 black shorts (Whitney V1 shorts) and I legit wear it everydayyyyyyyyyyyy 😍😍 Aiming for the Amazon green set 💚

    65. Kayla Lopez

      I’ve always loved watching you, but I will NOT support a brand that doesn’t back up the police. NO THANKS 👏🏻

    66. Monica Nguyen


    67. LaurenOLauren

      I didn’t get anything last time this time I’m crossing my fingers 😭😭😭

    68. Hannah Wilson

      I have never seen a set I want as bad. It’s so stinking cute!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    69. Romy Mangelschots

      Hey whitney! Do you know the prices already so I can prepare for the goodieeess😍😍😍

    70. Nga Truong

      What size would I choose if I’m a 0-2

    71. Mariah Etten

      Did anyone else have trouble wth the back ring on the sports bra tarnishing? I want the new colours so badly but my first one tarnished so fast :(

      1. arthurtheaardvark13

        Whitney said on IG that they did a ton of testing this time round to make sure the metal would sustain!

    72. Gabby Ricci

      Are the sizes the same an gym sharks normal sizing?

    73. Brittany Annelynn

      Omg please do the hoodie and joggers in the color Amazon 😱

    74. Madison Hazel

      I literally HAVE to get my hands on all of the items in the color AMAZON. My wall is painted that color. It’a a NEED

    75. Yasmin CB

      PRAYING I get something!! Bout to send back my previous order so I can buy your release!!

    76. Edith Cortez

      I’m super excited!! These pieces are super cute! I love the detailing

    77. Mesara L Roberts

      God bless my bank account when this launches. I want so many pieces!!!!!

    78. Caitlin Sucgang

      Whitney... for the next collection can you just come out with 2 things?? My wallet can’t handle this

    79. Deirdra M

      Hey Whit!! 1) I'm obsessed with all of these beautiful goodies you are about to grace us with lol 2) I am trying to get prepped for the launch so I have a question about the legging fit. I find with gymshark that because I am a short gal (5'2 to be exact) I find sometimes the leggings drop low on the crotch for me so I have been feeling the need to size down so I don't have that problem. BUT now you have the 7/8s and I'm not sure if I should size down anymore. What would be your recommendation? If you need more information on measurements I can provide lol

    80. Róisín Grant

      I love the Pink and White! I might get Black too for the winter!

    81. alwayshardwork3

      Congratulations Whit, I love them all ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    82. karl heinz

      Okey I am impressed, are these outfits even available in Germany? 🙈💜

    83. bocoy noiu

      Gym Shark just emailed me about how their Shopify got hacked and now my personal information has been affected. Lol

    84. Emma Goodbred

      I’m actually so obsessed with this whole collection. Thanks for remembering regular length tops!

      1. bocoy noiu

        stuff was sold out before I could check out 7 min after it launched

    85. Sasha Alexandria

      I just wanted one pair of shorts last time and wasn’t able to get it so I’m hoping I can get one pair this time!!

    86. LuLu Templeton

      Ugh!!! OMG!! I freakin wishhhh!! Christmas is too close!! I’m gonna tell my kids Santa is switching it up this year 😂 only mommy’s are getting presents hahahaha!! That Amazon is gorgeous and the chocolate WoW!! Great Job!!

    87. Julie Caird

      Have they not launched yet? I can’t find any of this collection?

      1. Ashley V

        It launches on October 29th :)

    88. Sierra Powers

      wow there literally isn't one thing I don't want to buy lol shitttttttt. my bank account is going to be hella pissed lmfao

    89. Lindsay Drawn

      I’m so proud of you!!! So excited!!!!!

    90. nhi hoang

      Can't Wait!!!!

    91. Breezy Aliyas

      Girl I was so excited for the bomber jacket 😫 bring the bomber jacket back from the first launch. That jacket is literally perfection 😪

    92. Serena Burton

      Just watched this video for the 3rd time because I'm so excited about this! Whitney everything you come out with is amazing but this is the next level! Will this collection be more permanent or will it be unavailable once it's sold-out like last time?

    93. Marissa Pollack

      omg I literally need every piece in the chocolate color

    94. Cristin Mitchell

      I was really staying so strong until she showed us the joggers! Girl my wallet isn't ready!!!!

    95. AnnyT _9

      So beautiful collection!!

    96. Natasha Fuertes

      Love everything about this collection!! You did such a great job ✨

    97. kstare

      Everthing looks fab. Will this collection be available also in EU?

    98. Sarah Stone

      Sooooo pumped for this drop! Literally about to get one of everything 😂💖💖💖💖

    99. Mayra Francis

      ive been struggling to find new cute gym clothes, ive tried gym shark in the past and was not happy, but this looks absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to drop 500 dollar for a Whitney Simmons "delicious" haul on my channel. unfortunately my try on will not look this amazing 😭

    100. Amber Greene-Tessanne

      can this please please please be a permanent collection or make millions of every size because it was so so so incredibly disappointing when I was on the site and all of my stuff was sold out before I could check out 7 min after it launched

      1. Amber Greene-Tessanne

        BUT ALSO I AM GETTING MY HANDS ON THE SAGE OR AMAZON! EITHER ONE! its happening this time lol