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    1. Mia Vera

      That's cool

    2. Maria Perez

      Hey how come you don't talk in your videos like you're always using something to talk into your videos how do you do that

    3. ᑕÏTᖇᑌՏシ

      It's the second one for me 🤣

    4. Shinigami13

      Guy at the end drank it R.I.P. Jk

    5. Tuza Nesa


    6. Chloe Reeves

      Cool 😎

    7. Joel8 D

      Is sooo cool 😎 I wanna just wanna play time Ashely in today’s no

    8. Antanae Reese

      BRO THIS WAS MY NEW SHIRT👹👹👹😂😂😂😂😂😂

    9. iliako

      How you are alive of that car crash 🤣🤣

    10. pulpit mupit

      Did you see his face

    11. noobert boi

      Acting was filmed in 1869

    12. Lily Bouse

      Bruh why do u look like Jack from titanic 💜☺️😎

    13. Apavaloaie Ana


    14. Joseph Kim

      Thats a big house

    15. Zredn2000 2.0

      I miss when youtube was funny and vine was alive

    16. Marylove Camacho

      100 000 000 000

    17. Mr Brayden903

      I wish people would realize that you don’t have to lie to entertain people

    18. ninjapro_ killz_roblox

      JAVERE ASHLEY'me know if you need anything let m

    19. Ms. Lullaby

      The last guy his glasses were looking at you😂

    20. De'Aujanae Robinson

      Second person took it seareas

    21. Kaiden Williams

      I live with the last guy just so confused and not even getting mad at anyone but all the other ones do

    22. Mady Ramirz


    23. ¿That MF?

      Why da acting gotta be so bad tho

    24. D-Jay F

      The wish house is full of trash youtubers ngl

    25. Miner Nabeyama


    26. JcTYT

      alternate title: Being a jerk to my housemates.

    27. Kazekama


    28. Elieelleez

      The last one looks everywhere but above him

    29. Joshua Ramos

      You can see them looking up, the first guy who got silly-string’d suddenly realized and didn’t look up, everybody walks into frame when a person is or is about to get silly-string’d, these guys are intentional idiots.

    30. Aphry

      The last one was funny because the man was looking around like, "huh?? Where did this come from"😂

    31. lava hots

      You should do jelly friends slogoman

    32. Shotgunboiiplayz

      If ur hit from above try checking the sky

    33. Hamza Hahmoud

      Just love!! How fake this is. Disappointing

    34. Kelsey Hunt


    35. Anikin3279

      Wait isn't this house where twins from Russia is at?:

    36. arazy lazada5

      Boots jordan

    37. Jocelynn Spears

      Cool I like it

    38. isael benitez

      Dam creators should really take acting classes

    39. bløødxxy


    40. bløødxxy

      He got mad over silly string on his shirt

    41. Lorena Center

      He jumped that like nothing

    42. Kondor Gaming


    43. Ella Studios

      The first one seemed real but then the others didn't cut it. Like the second one took all the time to look around instead of up. The 3rd one was just plainly stupid and god dont let me start on the 4th one

    44. Y.G ff

      If we Indian tryed in india we will fucked up with slipper💩💩

    45. ᴍʀ.ᴍᴇɢᴀʙʏᴛᴇ

      _man I'm tired of shitty content that leaves me feeling like I'm wasting my life just watching dumbasses enter and leave my feed, claiming my view and pocketing another half a cent_

    46. david burger

      GET A LIFE!!!!

    47. المنتصر الهنائي


    48. Maya Bolt

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      So fake and dogshit, reported because of how trash

    50. Sanchira Vanity

      Now this is a funny harmless prank

    51. Pivot Gamer

      “This is my new shirt YoOo”

    52. Tigran Hakobyan

      yO tHaTs mY nEw sHiRt bRo

    53. Ryan Rector

      Thanks I can’t go to the radar base anymore because y’all made it so well known and now the owner booby trapped it and someone got hurt and now none can go back there because there still might be traps so thanks you just ruined experiences for other people for Tiktok clout like bruh imagine

    54. natalia sanchez

      Imagine naming your house the "Wish house" y'all gettin sponsored or something lmao?

    55. Teeann Taylor

      On target two the guy he blamed on he literally had nothing in his hands and if they all did not see it coming from u

      1. Teeann Taylor


    56. Eliška Králová


    57. XL KILLER 552

      Lil nas x ?

    58. Insert Name

      Is this Subway Surf ads?

    59. Mickayla Jackson

      First thing I’m doing is looking up cause it must have fell from heaven y nobody looked up

    60. Nicola Williamson


    61. Overhaul 7X

      Do you live there

    62. MrGodSir

      Oh wow silly string hit me from the top of my back coming upward and I definitely didn’t hear a loud silly string can noise coming from the roof I should probably look side to side

    63. Pucci

      I'm illergic to silly string ...

    64. Duc

      The first victim looks like zach king


      Is it the wish house coz the people inside are complete knock offs 🤣🤣🤣

    66. Ellie W

      How getting you down?!?!

    67. Kwtsalas Anestis


    68. Alexander Perales


    69. saurabh kunwar

      God pls help these children 🙏

    70. •Official•• ••Izuku•

      If that happened to me my first instinct would be to look up

    71. Tryonu

      I really do hope u donate to charity

    72. Gabe Kendall


    73. Duality

      Did someone order acting on... well... wish?

    74. MJFC129

      What ate these houses called, I see alot of those same grass and stuff.

    75. ᏃᎽᏟᎾᏁᎥᏟ

      Wow so real

    76. Anna

      Ok that is toxic

    77. Reena Salamanca

      Omg so funny

    78. Cdcrshguy YT

      What even is the wish house?

    79. Emalyn McClure


    80. Emalyn McClure

      Are you the tiktoker with the sister who always throws stuff at you I crack up but whne she gets very rude I feel so bad and cry

    81. Flash Dust

      Bruh get better actors 😂

    82. DocExpo

      Sauce? sauce? sauce? Sauce? Sauce?

    83. Elijah bear 2

      Imagine not thinking of looking up

    84. Sustenance Meals

      DA heck😠

    85. the fortnite gamer

      Umquick quistion wish, why do you guys scam so many people??

    86. Amina Braougui

      La piscine elle est plus grande que la maison👍💀

    87. INTERLIFE 2

      People before acting was invented be like:

    88. ThunderLordXr

      Twins from russia

    89. Troy Smith

      Staged asf

    90. Pete Tregear

      Fake ass content

    91. Vicky Micky

      Next: The Bed house

    92. Alpha wolfie

      More ples 😌

    93. LOT- Lots OF Troll

      Damn u not prank him It's a good way to flex ur damn house

    94. Ronald Geer

      Have an accomplice on the ground next time and have him tell the dude you spray that a bird shit on him.

    95. icem113

      Fawk u annoy me but u keep Cong you on my yt recommended

    96. Cakra Alamarya

      Lmao 😂😂

    97. Mickey Reyes

      I am die from this video I going to do that now

    98. SUV Transport

      Ur evil😹😹

    99. Crystal adkins

      Them all:wtff

    100. Mic Whoping

      "wish house"