Pay Day: 5 Semi Loads of Critters

Sonne Farms

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    Welcome to Sonne Farms! On this channel we showcase numerous jobs a Corn/Soybean/Beef producing operation takes on each day. Hop in the cab or sorting alley with Cole, Brian, and Jeff, to see how life really is for the people that help feed the US and the rest of the world. In addition to Corn, Soy, and Cattle, Sonne Farms puts up grass and alfalfa and sells pure bred Black Angus Bulls in South Dakota.
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    Philippians 4:6 - "Worry about nothing, pray about everything. Ask God for what you need, and thank him for all he has given you."

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    1. nattydreadlocks1973

      Be nice if you widen the turn out for the bull haulers.

    2. David VanPatten

      Farmers and ranchers are the salt of the earth and the hardest working folks on the planet

    3. Thomas Cooper

      Thanks for this video was good to watch hope you made a lot of money

      1. Sonne Farms

        Thanks a ton Thomas!

    4. Michael Hollingsworth

      You and your dad have a great back and forth with these videos. Entertaining.

      1. Sonne Farms

        Glad you like them!

    5. OldSquishyGardener PDX

      What’s so sad is they aren’t in their way to become MY food....LOL

    6. Super Trooper

      8:55 it’s all fun and games til you end up with 800 pounds of beef in your face. Not the first time I’ve heard those words spoken on the internet.

    7. Michael Scott

    8. Elvin Hoover

      We have changed the way.the hanging the meat in cooler for seven days is stupid.we have changed that up .any trucker that wreck load of cattle lose his CDL . because it is trucker is duty's take anamil . thank you

    9. Lane Hyatt

      In Texas we call those cubes not pellets

      1. Sonne Farms

        They are specifically named "Dakota gold pro pellets" but yes they also call them cubes!

    10. Antonio Nieves

      How did you put the hitch ball on the loader

      1. Sonne Farms

        screws on

    11. Jerry Dowell

      poke rods with out the flags on the end of them work just as good we dont use poke rods or any thing we just shew them up the shoot

    12. Jerry Dowell

      nice looking feeders and nice set up on loading

    13. Annah Kurtin

      What light switch?

    14. Jay Patel

      I love the stories from Brian when he talks about those knuckle head sons! Always makes me laugh out loud!

    15. Kristin Reynolds

      Your videos just never get old! Y'all are always funny! I sometimes feel for your poor Mom/Wife for having to put up with you guys! Much love from us down south in Oklahoma!

    16. Charles Kittler

      Dog taking a shzzz is classic 💩💩👍👍

    17. Jeff M

      Ellie is mad you locked her up-so she sh*t in the shed. Damn kids.

    18. Nosaj 002

      That sky gotta love the mornings

    19. Faze Rainbow

      Awesome video cole really enjoyed what u always provide for us also I enjoy watching u guys at work in the dark don’t know why but I like that man that’s a lot of cows didn’t realize u have so much thumbs up and share

    20. toska babar

      hello how many old the critters ?

    21. Brian Whitwell

      That's not very much pellets ???

    22. Marti Hetrick

      Thank you raising your beef to be put on our tables

    23. RJQ Vlogs

      Thanks to you I have the best Christmas present for my dad

      1. Sonne Farms

        That's awesome!

    24. Menno Schroeder

      I love what you are doing producing food for other people

    25. Vic Thomp

      do you know what plant they're going to be processed...??

      1. Sonne Farms

        They arent to that weight yet, they will be going to another feedlot for about 6 months

    26. Doug Beus

      I can totally relate to the part where your dad talked about him and the trucker liking each other a lot more now that they don't play basketball against each other...nice operation y'all got there too!

    27. Deb Lawson

      OK. QUESTION?? Where/how did Dad get the FDNY shirt?? Do you know someone?? Just curious🙃😁 Retired firefighter/EMT God Bless

      1. Brian Sonne

        The Bronx Fire Dept. are regular viewers of our channel and Joe Russo sent us shirts.

    28. Corey Nunn

      I'm curious. When the time comes to upgrade your tractor would you ever think about going hydrostatic? Or because of the standard transmission you are more consistent on your speed?

    29. Tanja Peterson

      6.30 am is the same to me as for you Cole, like in the middle of the night 😂😂😂 I know exactly how you are feeling.....aint my time of the day either 😉

    30. Nancy Siemion

      Oh what a beautiful cattle you raise by my dad would enjoy watching this Brian you and your son work so well together beautiful to see makes me miss my dad terribly and my mom. When I moved to town I had to bring my big dog with me and the neighbors kid always throwing firecrackers at her I came home from the BILLINGS and I went to lottery and see was laying in a pile of blood and fire crackers all around her she chewed through the galvanized fence I had put a piece of metal on there and she chewed out all the poor baby and what I was really wanting to say is when she was in the garage and I didn’t get right to her she dig a hole to get into the kitchen she finally got about 3 inch hole in the kitchen wall had to fix it but that poor baby Are IP moody dog you guys be safe God bless I hope your mom is doing OK are and your wife Brian

    31. jack kelly

      What's easier, to finish cattle for market or get them up in weight & sell them to finishing farms?

      1. Sonne Farms

        Depends on the feed you have available and what you feel more comfortable doing! we like to background

    32. NjutarN

      there is one invention its called a flashlight it can be useful in the dark bro

      1. Sonne Farms


    33. Lindsay Truscott


    34. Nick Feilmeier

      Brians pod cast. Full of Brian stories and jokes!

      1. david gerstenberg

        Whall that is alot of cattle your sellinh


      Grateful, for all the good meat.

    36. Drew Fish

      True price discovery 👌

    37. Jesse Bowers

      Airsoft light switch activation... ROFL! HA! Best "Did I ever tell you about the time" story yet! Thanks Brian!

    38. Jesse Bowers

      Half Slappy spent the summer training for the Olympic Ribbon event? ROFL, that really would have killed if you had started with "Did I ever tell you about the time Half Slappy was training for the Olympics? "

    39. Winkie Man

      Farmer's make cities possible.

    40. Diamond Heart Ranch

      I like you alley system. Gives me ideas

      1. Sonne Farms

        Glad to hear it!

    41. Nick Feilmeier

      Brian’s story’s are the best. Period.

    42. Erik Mallea

      Good timing on sale!

    43. Debbie

      Wait... Don't you breed and raise your own beef cattle and sell the babies? Why do you need to buy more? I know you have to replace some mamas now and then but... Why not just keep breeding them? Do you guys eat your own beef? I met a rancher that will not eat their own beef. They go to the grocery store to buy it. Never in my whole life have a met a rancher that did not eat their own beef. I was shocked!

      1. Brian Sonne

        Just trying to make money off all the feed we raise.

    44. Debbie

      I love how you slowly ook at the camera when your dad is telling his stories. Priceless!

    45. Brendon K

      I don't know what yur talkin about!!

    46. Blue Collar Paradise [Tony Warford]

      “You Allright” you and Brian crack me up!!!!!

    47. Brian Brovont

      How come you don't use the dog ain't that what that dogs for Chase cattle

    48. Gayle WATKINS

      Love the dad light switch story. 😁😁😁

    49. Can we go swimming?

      Ok let me get this straight: Jakes the trouble instigator, Robbie is the kissing fool and Cole is just looking for love

      1. Brian Sonne

        No Robbie is also the trouble instigator and this kissing bandit, Jake would fall into the trouble with them, and then regret it when it hits the fan. Cole you got it.

    50. Jamie Green

      So how many cattle went to the sale barn

      1. Brian Sonne


    51. Bryan Keator

      Cant wait for half slappy to get back. Right to work after a summer vacation lmao

    52. Antony Neary

      Great video again the best day in farming pay day😁

    53. Restoration Farm

      Did I ever tell you about the time... ? Literally love it when I hear that

    54. Sam Babe

      Awesome stuff Cole, Brian and team. Nothing better then a good sale ! I really like the look of your Angus. What weight do you sell them off at? And what price per lb do they average?

    55. Chip Vaughn

      Geez such a small world, about 8 years ago I was on my way to Montana on a hunting trip and we flipped our camper in a ice storm right at the MT Vernon exit. Because we lost the camper we didn’t have room for a lot of our gear after the accident. We gave what we couldn’t fit in the truck to the Vol. Fire department. Great guys! I found you channel as I am a cattle rancher from PA. Love the Channel!

      1. Brian Sonne

        Thats an awesome story! Thanks!

    56. Legend Hunter

      Are heifers used for meat aswell?

    57. Andrew Ball

      Now you know how us dairy farmers roll. Dark cold mornings LOL

    58. Cook Cattle Co.

      You need to get some Richardson 112 caps with the logo offset to the side

    59. Daniel J

      The stories from dirt farmers are hilarious. Cole looks at the camera the same way Jim did on The Office.

    60. Myakka Outdoors

      So no one is going to talk about the gorgeous sunrise at 1:50?

    61. S C

      Loved the drone footage of the new facilities in action looks great. Glad you will make on the cattle. People may moan about them being sold but you feed them well, keep them watered and give them treatments yoy respect them and that is whats important.

    62. Hogger_Captain

      Wow. Beautiful sunrise.

    63. Marky from Camp Itchy Ivy

      Great video! I really enjoy your channel. Question for you though. I understand selling the steers but why do you not retain the heifers to use as breeding stock in the coming years? Do you have a limit as to how many heifers or cows you maintain at any one time as breeding stock?

      1. Sonne Farms

        We keep our own home raised heifers for breeding. These heifers were purchased from other farmers and we don't need them or want their genetics for our own heard. Great question! We also don't have the facilities for calving out that many cows!

    64. Anonymous Person

      Those drone shots are superb.

      1. Sonne Farms

        Glad you like them!

    65. Meghan Plamondon

      Loved another of your videos! How about just quick sayings from your dad all in one video...ok, that might take a lot more then one video. He’s so funny.👍👍👍❤️❤️

    66. Steve & Bethany Van Voorst

      Hey guys! Steve Van Voorst here from Sioux Center, Iowa. We buy a lot of 8 weight heifers out of Mitchell. We have fed your critters before and have performed very well. Enjoy the channel

      1. Brian Sonne

        Thank you for taking the time to reply and for coming to Mitchell to buy our local cattle!

    67. Clarke Farms

      There’s always that rambunctious steer or two that make steaks taste so much more rewarding...

    68. David Ray

      Hello I was wondering where u sell ur Calfs

      1. Brian Sonne

        Mitchell, SD

    69. Bill Whitman

      We call that a "cow kick" Brian. Can't hardly load cattle without someone getting one, at least tossed at you.

    70. Max Meljac

      The slow head turn is killing me dude!!!

    71. Bill King

      The new cement worked very good for you

    72. Chad Hazekamp

      How many bulls do you sell each year ?

      1. Sonne Farms

        about 70

    73. Valley view Acres

      “Actually it went a little better than it did when it’s light out side!” “Steve the black angus steer: “if we just stand here in this corner and don’t move he won’t even see us!!!!”

    74. three6ohchris

      People saying "that so sad that they're going to become food," while eating their cheeseburger, putting on make-up, washing their clothes and using fabric softener, or putting on deodorant... 😂 There's so many things that beef byproducts go into that people have NO idea about. They wouldn't be able to live without a lot of these things. Especially eating their organic vegetables, that are fertilized with manure. 😂 Thank you Brian, Cole, and Jeff for helping to feed and keep America running! 🙂👍

      1. Melissa Neigh

        The continual conveyor belt, like Soylent Green.

    75. nebsons

      awesome areal shots of the cattle working!

      1. Sonne Farms

        Thank you very much!

    76. Galen Cox

      Yeah, good way to turn off the lights.... I could see those boys doing that... Cole must have been the better shot cause he hits with the shot darts pretty good...

    77. Cory Ferguson

      Hey so how much land do you believe you need to full time ranch? / how many head. Do a question and answer video I notice y’all haven’t posted one really. If so I scrolled passed 😒 noob lmao I’m jk on the noob part Cole

      1. Five minute Bush craft

        Hey head over to just a few acres farm it’s a small farm that breaks it down and is rlly helpful if check them out on KGup

    78. Cheryl Grimins

      Oh I love Brian’s jokes and stories. 1/2 slappy training for the olympics. He always makes me laugh

    79. Marc Kimbrell

      Now we know what Ellie thinks about it all.

    80. Kyle Wasson

      Very nice load out setup!

    81. Margaret Burns

      Think that was a guilty look at the end there Cole!

    82. Darin Bicknell


    83. Maty H

      You mean sentient social animals? You'll probably have to look up that word you empathy-less fuck

      1. Nic Lord

        Champ no one likes you get lost

    84. Ian Ketcheson

      I wonder if I have ever ate one of your cows?

      1. Sonne Farms

        Its possible!

    85. Chuck Henry

      Get to split a John Deere....Merry Christmas

    86. mickey asbill

      Lol I loved the half shapely story you dad can tell some good ones just can't hear him all the time you got put a mic on him he would have me laughing all day love the channel

    87. Kaylene Swadling

      That’s one amazing sunrise..

    88. M Eisenhower

      Beautiful sunrise

    89. Curtis Owens

      I ❤️ the looks you make with your eyes when your dad is telling his stories.

    90. Vinny Pinatelli

      Lol that was a great video man great ending to its just not good Cuz it was the end of the video!!

    91. Charlie Bowyer

      Serious question - why do North Americans use loading ramps instead of having a fold-down tailgate on your trailers? Here in the UK literally every stock trailer has a ramp tailgate and it's so much easier!

    92. Joseph Puou

      That’s a lot of roast lol just kidding 👍Aloha from Hawaii🤙🏝😎

    93. Terry Roberts

      Do you have y'alls new bennies in yet or yall call them ear warmers?

      1. Sonne Farms

        They are not in yet!

    94. Sandi Schraut

      The look on his face when dad tells his stories. Priceless!

    95. Derek Jensen

      Another great video by Cole and Brian!!! Love the stories Brian. That airsoft one was the best lol. God blessed you with a good sale on the cattle. Stay safe it's getting colder out there!!!

    96. Damon Coates

      Where's your night vision camera? Lol

    97. Gary Jones

      Your dad is a hoot Cole love his stories so if these are not full grown hamburgers you must have just loaded out three loaders of sliders 🍔 lol 😂 there not full grown so they must be 👍👍👍

    98. christina fitzgerald

      how old are you and how long have you been helping your dad on the farm

      1. Sonne Farms

        23, since I could open a gate

    99. Robert Hoyt

      Concrete cattle pad working pretty well!

    100. Detroit 60

      Glad you made out good at the sale. I’m sure now every time Brian goes by that light switch, he smiles now