Mozzy - I'll Never Tell Em Shit (Official Video)


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    Official Music Video by Mozzy performing "I'll Never Tell Em Shit" (Official Video) © 2019 Mozzy Records / EMPIRE
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    1. Brendan Walker

      Whether you loc or blood be there for your people n community that’s where it started from cefore the government infatuated the movement

    2. Brendan Walker

      From Cali to Charlotte nc

    3. Enrique Gallardo

      Mozzy brings a diff type of flow unique not like these mummble rappers

    4. lisa bell

      He da Big homie lil one will serve u. 3

    5. Kadezya Varcadipane

      Mozzy 😍😍😍

    6. Closdmon1400

      Mama said if they throw stones at you you better throw em back! Hard asf

    7. Samuel Roberts


    8. Essie Parks

      Men of color are kings they never told us that Damn Mozzy🔥🔥🔥

    9. chris ‘


    10. C Hammy

      He said surgery on a swisher half a eighth in a blunt 🔥

    11. William Caseldine

      Bambiidunndada loves ya musicc

    12. didjuforget

      He lost his bundle ,I told heem look in the couch for it! #BulletProof aint shit missing round team!

    13. Kevin Clark

      Where’s the beat from?

    14. Mikel Franklin

      I was one handin’ it lotta artery damages....that’s why I tell da youngins it’s nothin that u should tamper wit

    15. Rahsaan Woodson

      2021 who else feeling this song . If ur reading this I wish u da best in LIFE👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

    16. Zerkzzz

      Who still here 2021💚

    17. Clifton Stell jr

      Every song hitting boi jamming

    18. J

      “It’s hard to live without my mother. How it’s fuck me and I’m sposed to be your brother still the uncle to your daughter least my neicey know I love her..”

    19. Gaige Coy

      Mozzy you a legend for this

    20. Suli Kara

      This dude always touches the heart need this daily salute to mozzy the best in the game

    21. red man

      True artist True brotha

    22. Laniaa Stewart

      2021 Hit 💯😊 Keep it up bestfraaan 😘🙏🏽 you the Best

    23. Shunda Harris

      This shit so hard stg ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    24. sqolly Walters

      Mozzy is definitely motivation. But He he a double edge sword because play the fence, tell you to stay out the streets, well also drawing in the other half. But no judgement my way. Big respect

    25. Tyrie King

      This song hit different

    26. Homer Simpson

      This song hits different when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, feeling worried, sad, and thankful all at the same time 🙏

    27. Haydee Dittmar

      MOZZY go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them goofies out there who just be usin that Authenticviews website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days.

    28. June Byrd

      They find a yeek in the foreign who gon account for it?🔥🔥🔥🔥

    29. Sandy Bell

      The literate giraffe bailly copy because timbale problematically rhyme onto a grouchy vegetarian. voracious, educated planet

    30. Chris Stacks

      Amazing lyricist. Mozzy got a bit of pac in him. Don't stop. #mozzy4life

    31. andru martinez

      It's all love.

    32. Zach Davis

      Alot of inspiration as a artist myself mozzy def big homie

    33. Shabby Lymons

      Fuck what people be talking. I 💘 the f out of you!! Still keeping you in prayer you spit real life shit..

    34. bam. OFFICIAL

      runnin through this cannabis thumbin through all these bandages ham and cheese sandwiches livin with disadvantages

    35. Stefan Acimovic

      Mozzy sitting on a masey (rati)

    36. Ilene Westmoreland

      Rip Daddy

    37. kill yhang 鉛ア暗

      Mozzy! Living his best life 🩸💚🤎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    38. Mike Travis

      🔥🔥🔥 He’s 😴 on

    39. Shicoya Allen

      I feel this shit in my soul😍🙏love u mozzy💯

    40. FN Vendex

      this song make me feel better bc my brother just died

    41. tommy lombardi

      We need a dej loaf and mozzy collab!!!

    42. DomoTha Loc

      Firm believer in karma that’s why I keep a yeek

    43. Sammie Hawkins

      I lost my lil dawg mozzy u keep me going Every day blood motivated determined to win it all 💪💪💪 hail gang mozzy 🔊🔊🔊

    44. Gabe Lee


    45. Luka Gotti


    46. Louis Williamson

      Risk it all befo I sit and watch u suffer💯💯 Thats how u start a certified joint off...

    47. Jonathan Frushour

      I feel every word homie is sayin. 🔥🔥🔥 song

    48. Cashay Espinoza

      Had to play this 2times finally got it and thank you my guy guy

    49. El Gap0h

      916 talent. We love you Mozzy.

    50. Saiyon Srimala

      Bro drop the intro too big bro bladada

    51. Machete Young Gifted Bosses World

    52. mic ether

      I pray the elite dont get too u. I feel like u one of the last. We need u like we needed nip or pac. U impact our lives

    53. Gas Nostov3


    54. Jonathan Saavedra

      Name of freestyle in da beginning?

    55. Redtail Hawk

      Yea this Artist really touch me emotionally on more than 1 level💪🏼💔🤧😣

    56. Redtail Hawk

      He the 🗣of the silent I fw him cause his words touch me DEEP♥️😣😎

    57. Only1meSolo

      mozzy u the new age pac and on GOD I STAND ON THAT. RESPECT 💪

    58. Marrita Prince

      This shit so hard.. I’m here all 2021

    59. Keemo Reacts

      This instrumental just makes the bars hit so much harder

    60. ta8hji

      motivation asl fr

    61. Rodney Coleman

      my nigga shit cold

    62. cayro O

      So many lines in this song that tap the soul if you really been under

    63. Victor Hanson

      Great video and great song. I found this song from Jabbarionthebeat

    64. Transcend Longino

      Hearing your music again touched me. There is nobody's music like yours Mozzy. The original Fella Fella for Life.

    65. Juice Trouble

      This song is my heart it means so much too me rs 👽

    66. Charles Michael Segovia

      That's 100 Mozzy hougang and all never say nothing

    67. Sharice Honeyestewa

      We relate in a lot of ways, mozzy. Thanks for making my days a little brighter and helping me through all these hard days to come. 🤙

    68. Anthony Gil

      Reup1 up

    69. Gary Conner

      This that official street shit. Don't get it twisted with this rap shit. GANG!

    70. The Dwight Mamba

      Where can I find that intro, but in it's entirety? Mozzy is that dude!

    71. ace Dixon


    72. Zack Randolph

      Putting sac on the map again stop the beef with stars to talented don’t b another casualty to gang

    73. Zack Randolph

      Putting sac on the map again stop the beef with stars to talented don’t b another casualty to gang Violence

    74. Zack Randolph

      South sac Iraq 💯👌

    75. Greedy Genius

      Moral of this video,,,,,,,,,, Growth. 🌹

    76. Prince of Wolves

      PaC BiG Mozzy BtNh jadakiss Scarface Trae No 1 CmeS ClosE

    77. Mike Smith

      He like boosie to me

    78. Craig Council

      Mozzy my guy

    79. Lemon Squeeze

      "Finna carry my dog, gotta bury my dog" i felt this😥😥😥😥

    80. Shay Heaton

      Modern day pac

    81. Kameron Whiteley

      bruh it obvious now

    82. Jbaisel


    83. dazeboi 88

      If I liked this 100 times it wouldn't b enough 💘 💚

    84. Taylor Lei

      lav can take all the shots he want, he got nothing on mozzy, cml don't have a single track even close...

      1. Nate Navarette

        Blessing II da streets by cml try dat one

    85. Ryan Bishop

      This shit hits close to my heart❗mozzy went on with this hard as fukk!

    86. Nina Giselle

      This touched my soul 🤍

    87. Cristian Mercado

      They throw stones at you, you better throw them back.

    88. inca guaya


    89. Too Bvrnt

      Does anyone know what that intro song is?

    90. YungThug707

      Squeeze got smacked an you ain't pop up at the funeral 😂👎sit it down buck

    91. j wats

      Lost his life playing open chest smh dam

    92. Big mel

      This nigga is the modern day pac

    93. Tha Don

      Never disappoints 🔥🔥

    94. D Rae

      Mozzy is the best rapper alive

    95. Mando B

      Love mozzys music and I'm not even the greatest fan of rap/hip hop 👏

    96. Smart One

      50 piece chicken nugget yo was hungry

    97. Omarii Barrow

      Shit make me wanna be a rapper , you a real influence i been watching you for a while may start soon tho Love u from da tropics 💯

    98. Kevin Burns

      Yo ifw Mozzy all the way back with bladadah and sleep walkin pot to piss was my shit but I been so inconsistent staying up to date on bro but after hearing this and never lackin I vow to keep you up there on my playlist forever ✋🏽you gone get your spot next to the Cole, Kendrick, n Jay Z types one day you deserve the respect 💯

    99. dazeboi 88

      Still the best song 2021 🔥 fake covid 19 💘

    100. King Moe

      Check out my remix to this the president reposted it yesterday!