Ice Camping for the Biggest Trout of my Life - Weekend In Small Tent


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    I went Ice camping for my favorite fish to catch, Lake trout. watch my friend Dan and I land two giant Trout on opening weekend. This was truly a fish of a lifetime.
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    1. AstrOrion

      How did the heat from the tent not melt a good amount of ice underneath him?

    2. NowhereFast12

      I could watch ur ice fishing vids from Florida all day. Great stuff man

    3. Edy _Chanel

      Hi, im from Indonesia.

    4. Brendan Hughes

      Just to let you know wen using your bank card be more careful as you can see your details Be careful

    5. Long Vacation

      This guy suk

    6. My Offers for adopt me pets

      I wanna do that so bad it looks so fun I’m jealous

    7. Jacob B

      Love the videos man keep up with it got the bell notifications on

    8. elteescat

      That was one hell of a large Larry! I don't think I've ever seen one so big!

    9. Ahmed Alkaseri


    10. Alpi Saputra

      Bla bla bla subley bla bla

    11. Israel Rika

      Awesome vid guys thanks for sharing

    12. يحي هروبي

      اكو عرب بطياره

    13. يحي هروبي

      لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

    14. Gustavo Andrade

      12:19 wow !!!!!!!

    15. Taraki Vlogs & Tour

      Great catch bro

    16. Fernanda Mendes

      hello I follow your videos here in Brazil. Very cool✌

    17. เสรีชน คนภาคใต้

      ผมชอบคริปวีดีโอ คุณมาก

    18. Andrian Wicaksana

      Amazing guys...

    19. Jenn Graham

      That's the biggest damn trout I've ever seen!!!!!!

    20. joshua thomas

      Reminds me of my twenties in Thermopolis Wyoming!

    21. Magan Ahmed

      BIG AYO @4:37 mark

    22. Chip Forster

      Mysis shrimp. Our idiot biologist stocked them in Moosehead lake and added more competition for the already depleted plankton. They only rise in the water column around 2 am when there are no fish eating.


      Small tent ? Lol

    24. Krabby Patty

      Damn wish I had a friend like yours very nice and caring guy

    25. VcP x Legend ii

      Fellow Minnesotan here. Love the vids boys. What lake were you fishing?

    26. Suzanne Elise

      That was amazeballs!! Thanks for sharing and I was happy to see you put them back in the water. I wasn't sure about that 🙈😂

    27. YaNa TuK CKM

      Wow so Happy

    28. Markus Møldrup

      I wanna be like you

    29. It’s Kam !!!!!!

      21:47 ????

    30. Nobita FF


    31. mesharab

      Nice work

    32. Brooke Langham

      WATCHing cute fishing boy 🖤🖤brings me serotonin

    33. Brooke Langham


    34. Landon Sheils

      Is that on Clearwater

    35. Pradeep Ram

      Good on you bro for putting those big boys back. Alot of folks would just keep them and eat them and not care about keeping the numbers up.

    36. Tonlekhmer Movies

      Why you do't eat that fish?

    37. Zhemchuzhnikovite

      you could eat fresh water shrimp straight out of the water

    38. Mike McCarthy

      May want to blur your card next time lol


      whos the guy flying the drone while your driving

    40. Tony Fox

      CO2 poisoning an issue?

    41. құлагер ]ьь[

      О мәй гәд

    42. Tricia

      Any moose down there, lol

    43. Jp Adajaf


    44. FishChiBo

      I’d be scared of falling through the ice.

    45. Cody Corona

      Wow so cool

    46. lee laural

      imagine, young men out enjoying the outside.

    47. senar gapok

      This is mbabat suket

    48. Jack haha

      whats the point you catch the fish and you let it go ?

    49. Saul Loya

      Did you just pull off a Josh Turner in a igloo? Man my hats off to you and give it hell little brother!

    50. t_ n_rasberry

      I learn some things watching this video. Thanks it’s was really entertaining

    51. Edgar Arzola Camacho

      I asked her too about why the hole was so big and strange enough she said because they were really big, now I know she ment the fishes, good to know:)

    52. John Contos

      such an awesome channel! im curious how you get the drone shots while youre driving lol

    53. Rhi

      These guys are cute asf. And this looks so fun 😍

    54. Robert Jeter


    55. Mary Jane

      Homie was opening that tent so quick he almost fell through lol😁🤣

    56. Adam Peters

      Pro Tip #7,830 Bring someone with a Northern Name like Sven along with you to do Winter Sports, their naturally inclined at this point of the seasons

    57. Liz M

      Absolutely amazing

    58. Monica Sanchez

      How come they don't keep the fish????

    59. Ben Johnston

      Why dobu throw them back? Is it the law or just being nice?

    60. Alex Monceaux

      man you scared me, thought you showed your credit card to the whole world..

    61. Quincy's Bus Stop

      How did you bring so many stuffs with you in the snow mobile.

    62. Michael Villalpando

      Hahaha your buddy running into your tent like the cool aid man when you got your first fish

    63. Lucas Oldaker

      Why would you keep the little one but yet release the big one?

    64. Tiny Dragon

      yay we killed a fish. we are big boys.

    65. Salvador P

      Next time eat that fish 😪

    66. Yuri Boyka

      Gua tersesat disini toloong 😅

    67. NooB becoming pro

      Pork haram

    68. Red Pearl

      Who's control drone...????🧐..when you driving

    69. cameron rios

      After he said ice glizzy I had to stop the video

    70. john doe

      5:15 that’s strong asf accent 👀

    71. Nightman

      Bro I love getting stoned an watching your vids.

    72. Nando Lopes

      Que rolê do caralho! Top

    73. Aj Gutierrez

      What a monster!!

    74. Ken Colon

      Ice glizzy

    75. David Henry

      How do you keep your sonar battery charged? Mine only lasts a full day at most

    76. Bradley Martinez


    77. Jodian Campbell

      I don’t understand why would you spend all that time to catch a fish and let it go.

    78. ichvvhov xugcvuhi


    79. JaySun Blaze

      Did you guys just touch Glizzy's? 🤔🧐🧐

    80. Just Being Me

      What knid of boots are you wearing? Turn dial to tighten.

    81. Doomzyy

      The dinner looked great both nights

    82. El Guapo

      “Ice Glizzy” 😂

    83. Applekid O

      Bruh this is so cool

    84. Hail Koosh

      ice glizzy

    85. Chris Billings

      Two beautiful fish

    86. Mr Redux

      Any food cooked on a lake or in the woods always just tastes better

    87. H 1990

      Good brother ☺️😊😊 like video brother

    88. azhar ady

      Muncul di beranda youtube +62 wkwk

    89. xcxv xv

      why’d the ice not break

    90. Boston Nate

      Why you release the big one??

    91. Amber Isaac


    92. snapees

      I live that fakeout on grabbing ice mountain. Gotta go cost effective and also fuck Nestle!

    93. AllyGames

      IMAGINE the heater fell in that hole😂😂😂😂😅🤣🤣

    94. Higgo

      I clicked on this vid, knowing absolutely NOTHING about ice fishing. (doesn't happen here in Australia) Blown away at everything, the camping set ups, how well you eat, not even thinking twice about sticking your arm into a freezing lake, and THAT FISH! Mad respect guys. New subscriber here.

      1. 187

        I just caught up in Adelaide

    95. GFG_Biggs

      What do you use for power?

    96. First name Last name

      I want to do something like this so bad

    97. Michael

      Thanks man boss vid chilled me out from being pissed off

    98. keving people

      The way dan came running like ninja or something with that speed 😂

    99. Gsm Gsm


    100. J Bang

      I don’t fish, if it’s a dumb question, I’m sorry. So you let go of the big fish and eat little ones?