West Coast Chaos with the BOYS!

Scott Martin

29 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Spur of the moment fishing trips turns into one CRAZY DAY of fishing. This is why Fishing is so awesome! Total chaos with my BOYS Brock and Rylan! We catch every species...lol
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    1. Sk8 Cali Diverse fisherman

      Is McCoy related to Brandon? Fuaaah!!

    2. william valdemar

      When’s the next tournament

    3. Bravo Bassin

      Some epic fishing there! nice!

    4. John A

      That was awesome Scott!! Thats on my bucket list!!

    5. High_Noon

      Scott another nice video, if you don't mind i kind of would like to know how you edit your videos. i am trying to start a you tube channel and am sort of interested.thanks!

    6. Carbon8dd

      McCoy seems like a cool kid.

    7. Javyn Maxton

      I was wondering if you are going to be at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic this year?

      1. Javyn Maxton

        @Scott Martin Can't wait to meet you!!

      2. Scott Martin


    8. TexasRig

      His face @ 11:18

    9. Christopher Snider

      Yup, nothing like offshore fishing. It's been a while for me. Kudos to the camera man 👊!!!!!!

    10. John Splant

      I want to see Scott Martin go fish with Blacktiph

    11. Chase Adams

      Scott, id love to see a challenge using freshwater lures for saltwater fish

    12. Bill Brasky

      We really need a "Where's Spinnerworm Video?!"

    13. Check Mate

      Oh, and McCoy congrats on the salty. They're feisty...

    14. Check Mate

      Absolutely Superb, that was the GREATEST, sorry... my Fav. Ummm... It seems kinda cold and y'all still hammering. When we gonna get a Marlin??? Thanks for letting us tag along on all your Superfun adventures.💪🐠

    15. ADR Logic

      Nice video but there is a lot of fish you could of thrown back. Look out for the future

    16. Clint Lucas

      I see the bridge and pier behind you!...your in my neck of the woods!..I fish there all the time!..wish I was with y'all!

    17. David Morrow

      That young CAMERAMAN is a pretty good Fisherman, are you sure he is not there to get the PRO'S tricks and then you will have more competition on the TOUR Scott!!!?

    18. Dbars19

      those fish in the beginning were like the white bass around me. doesnt matter what you throw at them.

    19. E.S.D fishing

      What happened to brandon

    20. Adam Smith

      I worked for Gray,s taxidermy in the 80,s and we used to get A J ,s up to 70 lbs. Seems like those Giants aren't there anymore

    21. Adam Smith

      That poor kids gotta run with the big dogs now. I'm rooting for him though.

    22. Brock Johnson

      Ya boy Brock has an awesome name, lol!.,.,,.,!good show fellas! Keep the reef donkeys coming man!

    23. Patrick McMahon

      Scott you probably don't recognize my name but you are familiar with my wife kimberly. I am an huge fan and have total respect for how you have introduced fishing to the youth and the next generation of anglers. I have had a rough start to 2020 with a surgery to remove an tumor from my nerve sleeve In my chest but you can ask my wife that I was up the next day in the ICU watching your Harris chain of lakes and Toho videos. I missed the elite series that came to Palatka on my birthday weekend but next year will be worth waiting for when you and brian are on the tour. Oh yeah still waiting on them Costa's lol

    24. Roderick Hannah

      What is the song being played bc it is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    25. BASS & GRASS

      Who else misses Brandon...😭😭...Not that the new camera guy is not good just miss Brandon lol

      1. Arkie Outdoorsman

        Hunter Davis that sounds dumb. Why wouldn’t you want to go on amazing fishing trips around the country

      2. Hunter Davis

        Arkie Outdoorsman I think he’s still working with Scott but just doesn’t wanna go on the trips

      3. Arkie Outdoorsman

        BASS & GRASS what happened to him? He quit or get canned?

    26. Gerald C Classic

      The title of the those video should be “Going to the gym”

    27. yankeesfan1964

      Nice job Mc coy. That was an awesome fight you all had

    28. yankeesfan1964

      Where is Brandon? Why isn’t he your camera man anymore?

    29. James Erickson

      "I want to see bass fishing around for my son, Scott, to enjoy when he gets to be twenty-four years old, and that’s another twenty years from now." Scott I just read that in one of your dad's old books. In the midst of discussing a sport he was obsessively passionate about, he was thinking about his son. That's a pretty special thing. Your family is a great, positive influence on the sport. God Bless y'all.


      Sea sick pills get some.

    31. Tim Vaughan

      Who won the last giveaway

    32. W3LCOM3 HOM3

      Love seeing a lil salt in the air! Keep em comin

    33. Cape Nelson

      Looks like you all had a blast. I miss Brandon, but the new guy seems really cool.

    34. True Nature Stormers


    35. True Nature Stormers


    36. Kuuttila Family fishing

      Oooo and Scott when do we know the winners of the free lure giveaway I have been checking every comment everyday lol let me know what's up brother!!!!

    37. Kuuttila Family fishing

      Sick video as always bro your the fishing g.o a.t and that is facts!!!!! Keep slaying them dude....

    38. Eugene Lee

      That was a almaco Jack not a lesser amberjack

    39. Kevin B

      I love fishing saltwater on vacation and it's fun but I hook into a big largemouth and the adrenaline gets the best of ya lol

    40. Rodney Green

      AWESOME guys. Bringem Up.

    41. Scott Johnston

      I miss Brandon. You guys wrecked em.

    42. Mike Rhew

      Where is Brandon

    43. Average Fisher

      Hi Scott my names Logan Riley I’m 17 years old and I’m from Ohio me and my grandpa are huge fans of yours, last year my grandpa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a pretty big surgery last year to hopefully take get rid of it but unfortunately they were unable to they found out he has more cancer and is getting another surgery April 3rd one of his biggest dreams is going to Florida and catching monster Florida bass I was wondering if you could possibly help me make his dream come true before he gets surgery

    44. Mike Seal

      Awesome video bro keep them coming we love them #BRINGBRANDONBACK

    45. Jared Eckles

      awesome video!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!

    46. BIGbass addict

      Mangrove snapper is in my opinion the best snapper to eat. Love me some mangrove snapper. Lanes are good too

    47. Eduardo Trujillo

      Lol that fish jumping like superman was awsome

      1. Scott Martin


    48. recneps

      What happened to spinnerworm?

    49. Howard Stout

      Love me some Scott can't wait for you to hold up one of those elite trophies and i will be watching to

      1. Scott Martin

        Me either..:)

    50. Aaron Granger

      Mangrove snapper is the best eating critter on this planet! A little butter, herb, minced garlic and parmesan cheese on the traeger baw! Excellent sir!

    51. Kenny Kocian

      This camera guy looks like a young Robert Terkla.

      1. Scott Martin


    52. Kevin Sandells

      Frkn awesome video. Tearing them up out there.

    53. Vue Xiong

      Awesome day

    54. Kasey Funston

      Capt. Brock and Tarpon Coast Fishing Charters always on the meat!

    55. Stanley Shelby

      That was a compact, action filled, day of fishing. Thanks guys.

      1. Scott Martin


    56. Darren Mudge

      the Skyway bridge. great fishing the old bridge piles.

    57. Dave Rasnake

      Damn to much like fun. Awesome as always. The Real Macoy is passing some tests. 👍

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes he is..:)

    58. Msb_Fishing

      Scott what happened to the lure giveaway?

    59. DG Mills

      Scott bring some "Ginger Root Tablets or Capsules for your cameramen and even other fishing partners! It will help for the motion sickness after it starts, unlike dramamine or patches!

      1. DG Mills

        @Scott Martin i learned about these on a cruise from a sailor! 2 ladies in our group succumbed to some motion sickness on our cruise, i had some with me they took 2 pills each and within a 1/2 hour they were back up on there feet. They took 1 about every 4 hours to keep the ginger in their system!

      2. Scott Martin


    60. Rusty Lee

      Let's hear it for the real McCoy!

    61. CLDFishing

      Bring Brandon backkkk

      1. Chad s

        @Scott Martin Hi Scott I have been a very big supporter of yours i love what you do but i would like to know what happened to Brandon he is a big part of the channel their is alot of people who miss him so would u please do a video and let us know whats going on with him Thanks from Father and Daughter fishing

      2. Scott Martin

        You’ll see him around time to time...

      3. Andrew Pickens

        He's not coming back. He got a promotion.

    62. stacy gowan

      Nice fish gonna have to meet up in the keys soon.

    63. Reel Journey

      I was waiting to see if thereelmccoy threw up. Your boy can edit I'm just saying lol. You all did good. Looked like fun.

    64. Nick Witkowski

      Great video Scott! Sure brought back tears and one of best memories I ever had with my Dad who sadly passed away in November of 2018. 40 years ago when I was 10 years old, my family and I went down to Daytona Beach to stay with my Grandparents for a vacation. My Dad took me out on a guided trip and it was one of the most fun trips ever! Catchin' Amberjacks, Bonitas, Grouper and everything else under the sun...Thank you for this Scott. Keep up the great work. Love it.

      1. Nick Witkowski

        @Adam Smith Thanks bro. Really appreciate your comment. Means a lot.

      2. Adam Smith

        God bless ya bro. Those memories are precious. Lost my Dad about the same time. He made it to 93. Can't be mad at that.

    65. Mattyjay88

      Love the offshore, and saltwater videos!!

      1. Mattyjay88

        Will do

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks!! Do me a solid and share it out for me...🤙🏻

    66. Jens Eriksson

      Bam bonito in the boat

    67. Chuck Steele

      Nice video. Love the off shore excitement of never knowing what you might catch.

    68. Tyler Babbitt

      Scott back at it again with another killer video

    69. Greg Gulledge Fishing Adventures

      Reef Donkeys? That’s what I’m talkin about!

    70. Flysofishing

      Super vlog my friend !

    71. Salem Shales


    72. Bigbass _Jay


    73. bryant fleming

      Luv u Scott keep it up

    74. NNYFamilyGuy


    75. Rocky Evans Jr

      Have fun, Scott Martin.. Teachers are great people to learn from. Mr Roland Martin. EXACTLY, Listening and learning.

    76. Jace Lacoss

      You fished with my dad Td Lacoss or Terry Lacoss

    77. Salem Shales


      1. Salem Shales


      2. Salem Shales

        @6thSenseIsKing FOREVER WILL BE...

      3. 6thSenseIsKing

        Always was

    78. Klae Battrick

      Hi bigfan

    79. tdkman28

      Yall fire Brandon or what?

      1. Bill Brasky

        @i Bee Amazin "should do a video explaining the change up because a lot of people think that." 100% agreed.

      2. Evan Legath

        They explained in an earlier video what happened to Brandon, he's still around but doing his own thing now

      3. i Bee Amazin

        Promoted. Pretty sure he runs everything when it comes to production. His TV show, sponsorship videos, networking, and all that stuff. They should do a video explaining the change up because a lot of people think that.

    80. Jeff casey

      Love the vids

      1. Scott Martin


    81. Jace Lacoss

      Yo nice video

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks 👊🏼