How to Catch a Bass on a Plastic Worm - Scott Martin

Scott Martin

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    Scott Martin shows you the basics of HOW TO Catch a BASS on a Plastic Worm. This How To Series is a easy to understand instructional video that will help choose the right lure, color, line and rod for your next fishing trip. Please share this video as we want to educate as many new fisherman as we can.
    Drop a comment and let us know what “How To’s” we should do next.

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    1. Scott Martin

      SHARE THIS Video with people that need help catching bass on plastic worms! Comment below what "how to catch a bass" tip you would like to see in the future!

      1. B Z

        This video would be a lot better if you showed the rigging of the different set ups. Maybe that could be a future video. I think most new fisherman probably have no idea about half the stuff you are talking about. If this video is just tips for people who already know how to fish then you good. But most new people are not going to know what you mean when you say "peg" or "bobber stopper", or even "water column" for that matter :)

      2. Cole Slaw

        Tips on all sorts of baits like this video and how to rig bait. What reel/rod combo cross the board. Would be and are the best videos IMO. Technique for all baits is what’s most important I think. Then learning how to judge weather, moon phase and all that can come next.

      3. Punisher75

        Jon Boat build?

      4. Hunter Pearson

        Would love to see a video on how to use the bobber stopper to peg. Bought some and for the life of me can’t figure out how to use them 😂

      5. The fish kid

        I was it Roland Martin so I can fish with you but you was out of town making a Video

    2. Axtra Colt

      Scott Martin, i love to fish but I bought a fishing pontoon and has a 75hp merc marina and needs a 1500$ lower unit so I bought another 75 hp merc and found out that it didn't run after they said it did and now I'm stuck with motors that aren't interchangeable, so I bought a John boat with a 35hp Johnson and wouldn't you know every time I fix it something els breaks and can't get it running, lol my wife is mad and won't let me buy a 300$ troler motor from the store. Worst part is I sold a boat with motor because I wanted to upgrade to a bigger boat, BUYER BEWARE WHEN BUYING A BOAT MAKE THEM PUT IT IN GEAR AND RUN IT don't get snaged like me.

    3. capnrob97

      Just subscribed. Do one on the helicopter lure :) I just got some in I bought off eBay.

    4. Carolina shooter 1982

      Good video

    5. Eric Stowe

      Tried and true

    6. Hunter's locked n' loaded

      Im stickin with my zoom red bug finess worm

    7. Hog Wild

      Your a wealth of knowledge and a great guy! Thanks for all the great content!

    8. Steezy Franklin

      Video starts at 2:15....

    9. Bryan Duke

      Worm fishing is #1 if the fish ain't bitting usually a worm will work

    10. Jay Henley

      Great videos. Easy to learn from. I watch your dads stuff too. Keep em coming.

    11. D.J. Nassar

      What a Teacher Scott is Roland and You are the World's Best Number 1 Thank You Much. SONNNNNNNNNNNNNN, SONNNNNNNNN. Smiling.

    12. Brandon Dotson

      Just started bass fishing again after a 15 year hiatus, do you fish a senko the same way?

    13. Scott Davis

      Thank you for that video. I have never fished with a plastic worm before. I have always fished with top water.

    14. 9210IBJ

      Thanks for all the info Scott, caught my biggest bass on a straight tail worm, would love to see weightless soft plastic techniques


      Great tips!

    16. James Williams

      Love watching you fish Scott, have learned a lot from watching, please keep up the great work you do

    17. John Eberts

      Simple and sweet great loved how you just make the basics so easy thanks

    18. Cole Slaw

      How come all the videos I watch are guys fishing way better water then what is in NE Oklahoma

    19. Tracy Johnson

      Amazing tips Scott, thank you!

    20. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      Thank you Scott!!!!!!

    21. Jim Grady

      Really liked this video! very informative, looking forward to more of the same series.

    22. Jackie Adcock

      Hey I met you at bass pro one time

    23. Jonathan Dunstan

      Can you please do a video in South Africa

    24. jonathan defoy

      Difference between shank and off set hook?

    25. BassGeek

      Man it's hard to beat the trigged finesses worm this time of year.

    26. Patrick Schaefer

      Can you do a video on spoons?

    27. Taylor Fenoglio

      I so wish more people would do how to fish videos like your dad and this. Never had someone teach me how to fish so I've had to learn on my own.

    28. Matt Crugers Angler Addicts

      Nothing like promoting Googan 😂

    29. Anthony Lawson

      Love the tips. Awesome video

    30. The Best Of !

      Only people making money off fishing want to "grow it"!

    31. mr555harv

      Hi Scott. I am here inNorthern California. Any advice re the Ca Delta? Or, reservoir fishing. Also, do you ever do trout? I really like your no nonsense direct how to videos. I really feel that you walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

    32. PAULYDLT Videos

      This is literally the most underrated video in Bass fishing right now. So many people sold on many different styles of baits, but if someone isn’t able to pull out the worm, and connect with the fish, then be ready to miss bites 😭

    33. Michael Cobb

      Thank you for taking time to teach. Looking forward to meeting you at Lake Ray Roberts 2021

      1. Michael Cobb

        @Scott Martin I believe you will. I have confidence in your ability as a fisherman. Next to my son, you have had influence on me as a fisherman.

      2. Scott Martin

        Hopefully I’ll be there 👊🏼

    34. Derek Bowen

      Awesome video. One of my confidence baits. Cant wait for a flipping video

    35. JC Hyde

      What’s the best knots to use for worm fishing.

    36. Jack Reed12

      I love it u can make me a better fisherman


      Bandito bugs are 🤯🤯

      1. Scott Martin

        I know right!

    38. Dustin Ginder

      Love the tips, thank you!!

      1. Scott Martin


    39. Jolly Giant

      The world needs movie theaters and other forms of entertainment to open up. I am tired of all the boats on my water.

    40. Kevin HAYES

      Love the tips keep them coming my new favorite worm 8inch slimshake


      Nah dont wanna share the sport tbh lol waters are pressured/crowded enough... great vid

    42. Jacob Iz Fishing

      In Norris lake all summer a 10 inch worm is 🔥. I went Sunday night after church and used my go to Okeechobee blue flaked worm with a chartreuse tail. I casted onto a couple of rocks and almost instantly a five and a half pounder hit it.

    43. Dustin Anderson

      Wht abt a glass bead? U ever use them ?

    44. Everyday Fishing

      Pretty good info here about rod tip and rod movement... often over-looked but important stuff! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more videos

    45. Schmidty

      Awesome tips dude! Loving these! Great video and good in-depth learning experience! Thanks man!

    46. Jeffery Michael

      Hey Scott Just want to say that this is by far one of my favorite videos you have made. I'm just the average joe weekend Fisher if I can go and love all the tips you give they are a big help to me have used some of your tips in the past and caught some nice bass. Thanks again for making videos like this keep them coming.

    47. Backpacker365

      These are great. I grew up watching Bill Dance, Jimmy Huston, and your dad fishing and I learned a lot. This new stuff is great but sometimes I just have to go back to some of the old techniques to give the fish a little different look at a bait. Or I have to throw some old stuff i know there not throwing...( banjo minnow, and the helicopter lure.)

    48. Marshall Eng

      Y’all keep tellin me to smash the subscribe button. I don’t know how many times I subscribed and unsubscribed. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    49. Daron Privett

      So who made the mondo lfg or Scott 🤔 idk I believe Scott would have before I would lfg I don’t think them kids did who knows

    50. Andrew Prioli

      The tip series are my favorite type of videos you put out. Thanks for the info.

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Scott Martin


    51. Jaylin Lucas

      Do you use fluorocarbon or monofilament line?

    52. Kenneth Westbrook

      Thanks Scott. I liked the part about colors in the winter time matching the water.

    53. Kent Konecny

      Loved the show. This is what is really needed and has been missing on fishing shows for ever. On TV they show people catching fish and having lots of fun but never really get in depth on how it is done or rigged. They may said rig it with a Texas rig or Carolina rig or use this size weigh or that but never show you what they are talking about. You have to guess or go looking else where to see what that means. Then fishing it and explaining what you are doing and why is great. The other shows that are fun and entertaining are good too but when you want to learn something it needs to be broken down and shown. AS far as what I would like to seen is maybe how to keep from picking up weeds and grass when using this method. some time you can drag it along the bottom but sometimes there isa so much junk on the bottom that you are dragging half the lake bottom into to you. do you just not try this methon in those situations or is there a better way to rig it to not pick up so much junk.

    54. True Blue

      Thanks Scott, great to know and you just helped me a lot.

    55. Joel Schibi

      You need to do another video with trash talking James what do you guys think

    56. Jeremy Sims

      Very good video! I’m a sucker for worm fishing. I would however like to see a bank Fishing video. What areas to target, and your opinion on what’s baits to use?

    57. AS3 SXP

      Maybe show the hook tying and rigging as well. I know a lot of people who could benefit from that. Including myself. I can Texas rig with the best, but I don't ever use flipping hooks. I never peg the weight...does that really make a difference? I guess with fall rate it would

    58. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      Need to work out 💪 Brothe 😁🍺🍺👍🇺🇸🎣🎣. Your out of breath after 1 bass 😁🥳🤔 and your not overweight. I’m overweight and I walked 6 miles yesterday to catch 5 good bass lol 😂. That Mando Worm 🐛 is one of the best if not the best Bed 🛌 Fishing bait. I caught the same fish off the same bed 3 times lol 😂. 10 inch worm might be intimidating to trow especially for a finesse fisherman, but Texas Rig it like Scott in this video and I promise you it’s a fish catching machine 💪💪🎣🎣🎣🎣👌👌👍👍👍😎😁🥳

    59. Rodney Hanbaum

      Another fun and informative video! Thank you! Also, really glad to see that Hilary's vlogs are doing well. I believe she gets her enthusiasm from you! 🤜

    60. chevytechb

      Love the tip videos consider it shared brotha

      1. Scott Martin


    61. Rich Doss

      @ScottMartin what type of reel are you using? That thing just sings when you cast it out. Sounds like it goes forever.

    62. Marinus Reister

      Could you make an advanced series along with this beginner series?

    63. Tim Phillips

      Junebug is FIRE in stained/clear-ish water too especially at night. Sometimes it's equally as good or better than watermelon & green pumpkin. For super clear water (6ft + vis) Zoom's watermelon seed is hard to beat.

    64. Chris H

      Thank you brother 👊👍

    65. Mark McMullen

      You forgot to mention Googan is a Chinese company. Just lost whatever respect for you I had. 😑. Say NO to the dragon!

    66. Dougs Flippin show

      Just when think you fishing a worm wrong. Thanks for keeping my head in the game

    67. Tim Fitzgerald

      What size hook are you using for the different worm sizes and plastic thickness?

    68. georperr

      Love the info Mr.Martin!! Thank you for sharing. Please keep em coming. New to bass fishing and loving your channel.

    69. Doug Hendley

      Scott we are planning a vacation to Florida. My boys are big fans and i want to take them fishing while we are there. Do you do guided tours? how do i go about getting info on the cost of a tour for 3 of us with you?

    70. Fishigan Milligan


    71. Jason Thomas

      So what engine company did Scott move to

    72. Zach Hamilton

      i would love to see a spinner or crank bait video. keep it up love the content and appreciate you!

      1. Scott Martin

        Possibly in the future!

    73. Gary Hanna

      Come show me how plz

    74. Coach H

      Good stuff Scott on breakin down worm fishing. Love the content and am looking forward to this series

      1. Coach H

        @Scott Martin Also love the Trump flag on the vice versa! Way to represent!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    75. Jason May

      Outside of a shaky head, I get frustrated fishing worms. Dragging worms just seems to do nothing for me, I just don't get bites. I know its still a great way to fish.

      1. ManVS BaSs

        It all varies on the body of water buddy. You've got to learn to adjust on the fly and know what baits and color and action and location is hot for the day. Dont give up and fish on brother. Ive got frustrating days too. Just learn from everything and let it make you a better angler.

      2. Michael Cobb

        Once you learn to fish worms you'll like it

    76. Nathan Cross

      Yes! These tips and techniques videos are my favorite. Keep it up! This video made me realize that I was typically using too much weight. I'm gonna try to lighted it up.

    77. John Magana

      Love it

    78. 305Miami fishing

      Thank you

    79. William Albrecht

      Uh oh next generation teacher. dad gonna be proud

    80. Jimyn San

      Great tips Scott.on. Choosing color dpeneds on the seasons too.Makes me wanna fish right now bwhaha😁

    81. Eddie Rector

      Love it... I have exclusively went to Googan Baits products and caught my PB bass this year... A 10 lb Largemouth. Keep it up Scott. You're the best... BAM..

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome!! Thanks! BAM👊🏼

    82. Clint Engel

      You are awesome Scott Martin, I love your work!!! I am so addicted to you channel!! Please keep these clips coming !! God bless from Australia!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks for the support!!!

    83. Punisher75

      Favorite way to fish right there. Thanks for all you do TeamSMC for life!

      1. Scott Martin


    84. JAG

      Great information can’t week for the next tournament video. Need more of them!

    85. David Stowers

      I have such a hard time throwing soft plastics and slowing down. I 😍 to pound crank baits, jerk baits, etc down their throats. I just want to fire casts feeling like im doing some work. However, on those days id crank and crank with the sun too high and hot, producing little to no results. My grandfather would slowly start putting it on me by fishing simple soft plastic setups. Specifically a 7” yellow ribbon tail worm. I know how good they can be. I still have a hard time with just wanting to use soft plastics and slowing down. This was and awesome video. Thanks for the motivation!!!!! Now i wanna jack one and hammer down on a big ole slunger with a worm!

      1. Scott Martin

        Grandpas are always right:)

    86. Dbars19

      looking thin and fit dude.

    87. ThatMulletboi

      What if I only have one reel and like to throw lots of different types on worms ??

    88. Piya Chetty

      Great video love the tips 🎣

    89. Long Thao

      when’s the repower vid coming?excited for that one. but this is a very nice video

    90. kason mcmullin

      Scott, I would like a how to fish a frog video please. I can’t seem to get a bite, let alone keep one hooked if I do get a bite on one

    91. Aaron Krause

      Great tips Scott, thanks!

    92. Brody Watkins

      We want james

    93. Jake Peters

      You should do these how to videos more often

      1. Scott Martin

        Planning on making it a series for y’all

    94. Jarrod Wilson

      Pretty much how i learned to do it. Always tips and tricks when it comes to worming. Great info Man!

    95. Bruce J Galletta Jr

      On the rod selection what action is recommended I have a heavy moderate 7’6 favorite sick stick in the same make I have MH fast 7’3 and 7 &6,’6” in a base pro model

    96. Ps fishing

      This is a great vid Scott thanks for the tips👍

    97. Britt Dillard

      Fantastic video thanks Scott

    98. Russell L.

      Great video and tips. Where's the Senko?

      1. Scott Martin

        We’re going to do a separate video on senkos!

    99. Easton

      I really like these types of videos because they always help you learn good fishing tips.

    100. Arturo Gonzalez Jr.

      Always my go to on fishing tips, and Scott never fails to answer! Awesome video.