Friday night funkin Week 7 but Pico Runs out of ammo

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    Friday night funkin week 7 but Pico Runs out of ammo
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    1. pepelo4ek pepelo4kov


    2. codplays

      hmm well shi

      1. codplays


    3. Gusbub Gaming

      That song at the end brings me memories of Henry Stickmin Charles death 😢rip in peace

    4. Noodle Nutcase

      smh my head

    5. Richard the Gamer


    6. Techie Times

      *Hears music, starts crying*

    7. Seal Pup

      “Haha, good one, right...?”

    8. goonazoid Mc goonerboi

      My guy forgot to run scavenger on his class

    9. Zayden Shoemaker

      Pico: shoot (pun intended)

    10. P3ashooter025

      *FAIL* *Did you really forgot to bring your ammo?*

    11. Donglei Liu

      look at boyfriend

    12. rossy bossy


    13. Mr Buff

      This but pico has a realistic magazine

    14. Peter John Santos II


    15. Asrın Ünal

      0:27 WAIT... you did not really put that song to rip pico

    16. alan fernandez


    17. Dejavu220


    18. 8-Bit Misdreavus

      pico funny

    19. LolBit

      I like how Charles death theme plays

    20. Diablo.mp4

      Pico shouldve awakened his mangekyou sharingan

    21. ZD animation

      Fun fact: Picc's uzi's dont run out of ammo since they are lazer uzi's

    22. Gangsta rero

      impossible he shoots lasers also fun fact : pico's gunshots are part of the song

    23. Melleon ._.

      Clearly pico wasn’t the bold action man

    24. Cinamon _chan


    25. Avi M Schwartz-Vazquez


    26. Squidward

      **Bad Ending**

    27. runscape scape

      f for rico

    28. Josué Hernandez Sarmiento

      Pico: .__.

    29. Sema S

      Mmm the music in the game THE HENRY STIKMIN COLLECTION

    30. キEx0

      not charles' death song

    31. Hannah

      rip pico you would have loved midfight masses

    32. Dog'o 2.0

      Valiant Pico

    33. DaBurningSun

      know this is a meme but you can hit the guy with the gun lol

    34. Peter Todorov

      Whats even the point of bringing two guns if you have 1 bullet

    35. Marcellofp

      this is what happens when you shoots everyone in your way during the second song

    36. Memed up Gamer

      NO PICO!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!1!!!@!!!!1!!!11111!!!!!!!1 this is the bad the bad ending

    37. murdertoons

      It was at this moment pico he fucked up

    38. Francesco Palazzo

      The Valiant Hero theme hit me so hard that I heard Charlie's helicopter coming one last time

    39. Canan Pekiner

      GG PİCO

    40. James Lang

      unpopular opinion: this has no reason to have 2.7m views.

    41. poop

      steve lives :)

    42. Caliph BG

      Why dont pico uses the another gun huh!!!???

    43. Yinyan Katagoi

      Shotgun sound with a AR? Is this some power I don’t know of

    44. Logan northwood

      rip pico so sad

    45. Dan Fu


    46. Andrew

      0:27:Pico freaking dies. Bf and gd: smile!

    47. The boi cruiz_12


    48. Pedro Suarez

      f por pico

    49. OClxudyAriannaO

      Y'all talking about how just Pico died, but if he runs out of ammo that means Boyfriend and his Girlfriend die too. R.I.P.

    50. Kokomello

      He didn't have the bandana Let's see who gets the reference

    51. WKYX V2


    52. Чёрный кот


    53. isimsiz ninja

      hey pico wasn't here? wait what!!!

    54. MrWoolf 1

      Steve got his chance to finally kill someone.

    55. Mak PeiLeo li

      Rip pico :(

    56. Kitty k

      NOOOOO PICO NO😭😭😭😭😭😭 OH MY GOD NO😭😭😭😭😭

    57. ur mom something lol

      hes shooting lasers

    58. Coinsteel Gaming


    59. karen okewulonu

      Pico; Runs out ammo Also Pico oh crap

    60. Dee Fran

      Thats me when run out of ammo in a game

    61. Foxy_Gamer512

      F for Pico

    62. kaan malkoc

      i think i love steve more then pico i wanted to in orginal game

    63. Horary Pigeon484

      Your channel name Danny gamer is my actual name Danny well just Danny


      noooooooooooooooooo pico noooooooo :''v

    65. Miguel

      That Henry stickman music is so sad, remembers me of Charlie

    66. Darling 2.0

      You did NOT just Valiant Hero'd us

    67. crento roblox

      the school shooting was bullcrap. this is the real reason.

    68. ROBLOX KRALI #freeporçay


    69. The Saiyan with blue hair dye

      I love how no one cares

    70. Just some random guy

      Pico :*Runs out of ammo* Pico :*Becomes ditto*

    71. Zakari Anderson

      Where he go

    72. Larrykoopa

      F to pay respects

    73. Happy Dude


    74. Pico


    75. Daniel Baxter

      But Pico shoots lasers

    76. Моментчик


    77. ROBLOX KRALI #freeporçay


    78. Katlyn Dobransky

      Lmao the Henry Stickmin references

    79. Pico

      Oh fuck-

    80. Raini Water

      I got a FNF ad and I thought it was the actual video.

    81. Michael Ibanga

      The way she hugged bf was adorable

    82. TheNameless

      plot twist: sergeant skittles took him out instead!

    83. King Levi

      He should have counted those bullets like wade did in the deadpool movie X)

    84. Weeb Maskman

      Pico would use the gun as a melee weapon

    85. Raff

      Hey that Henry stickman reference

    86. Slavik Tankist


    87. ProXCas


    88. ProXCas

      I hate you tank Man you killed Pico

    89. ProXCas

      Stupid stupid Tank ManI I wish I could beat him up

    90. ProXCas

      Why did why did Pico die

    91. ProXCas

      I love Pico but he died

    92. ProXCas

      NOoooOOOoOOOo Pico

    93. Ayankrut TM

      0:26 this music..... No i can't.....

    94. Kasper van Geloof

      RIP PICO

    95. Khan F

      Waw oo

    96. Daniel Craciun

      v a l i a n t p i c o h e r o

    97. Fr0stmite

      c r u d

    98. Gabriel Medina

      I really like the henry stickmin Charles death sad music in the rip pico

    99. Akatsuree Katsuki

      Even through death of one of their best allies. Boyfriend and Girlfriend just smile.

    100. Ritu Guha Jash