Fredo Bang - Don't Stop Believing (Official Video)

Fredo Bang

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    1. Fredo Bang

      Like & Comment If This Song “Motivates” You🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Lilsteppa

        #TBG #FMØ

      2. Yung Oj 9400

        So much respect for this guy

      3. Yafette Jr

        The realest nigga ever str8 gangster

      4. MARIE’ LASHAY

        So heart warming 😍😍😍 pure motivation 💯

      5. Lilsteppa


    2. lil 1


    3. cece bornleader

      Love u

    4. Cha ChaStity

      Make this song do a Bill y’all 🙏🏽

    5. kaceyy tommy

      almost at 1million!

      1. Baby Zoe

    6. Verdi Queen

      Yesss 👏🏽🔥🔥. We need this on Apple Music ASAP ‼️

      1. Kid Fly

    7. Kazzwest Witit


    8. kemo flex

      I pray be some in life💯

    9. FullMetal Eazy

      When dis droppin on spotify?

    10. Tashon Shannon


      1. Kid Fly

    11. Raheem Perez


      1. James Brown

    12. Niranjan Kumar

      Hey guys really nice music video

    13. Ben Fisher

      This deserves way more views.

      1. Dave Pierre

    14. CTC

      This video Makes me want to get a don’t stop believing tattoo😂💯

    15. Raczn

      800k views and less than 1k dislikes

    16. P22

      Ayo wtf? y’all better get my mans to 1m

    17. Cj 123

      Bout to be lit in SC💯

      1. Dave Pierre

    18. Leethy

      I bump this song everyday !!! Gets me through the day !!! 🤞🏾

      1. Leethy

        Fredobang Booking i followed you

      2. Fredobang Booking

        @Leethy yea thanks for asking I was just checking reading some comments on here so I came across yours then I decided to drop you a line. Would you like chatting privately? If yes my Instagram handle is @altrafalls will be waiting to hear from you..

      3. Leethy

        Fredobang Booking no problem .. i am thank you . i hope you’re having a wonderful night rest as well

      4. Fredobang Booking

        @Leethy I'm doing just fine thanks for asking, trust you're having a wonderful night rest..

      5. Leethy

        @Fredobang Booking I’m doing good hbuu

    19. Janesha Knight

      Damn this is deep🔥

      1. Dave Pierre

    20. Didi King


    21. 17khuram Shahzad

      Your content is very good congratulations

      1. Dave Pierre

    22. Ejthasickest

      You dnt hate on what another man is doin, you learn from him & make sure u take tha best advice if they not RIGHT Move On👌🏾

    23. Ejthasickest

      From Baton Rouge To a Star ⭐️

      1. Dave Pierre

    24. Nba YoungBoy

      TRASHH 🤢

    25. Eddison Magudu

      Eish man

    26. Joey Cavallo

      Fredo is one of the best out right now without a doubt the dude is inspirational

    27. Itss Amir

      Apple Music please

    28. Diamondsoversins


      1. Dave Pierre

    29. Mike Panthier

      Waiting for kodak and fredo to drop a single together💯

    30. Ladarius Williams

      U only get a song like this in 1 lifetime

    31. Tiana Palmer

      This shit motivates me to keep going 💯💪🏼

      1. Dave Pierre

      2. Fredobang Booking

        I sure promise not to let y'all down..

    32. Neicey Neicey


    33. Landbaby 6ix

      Love this song, got me gettin up workin out and shixt every morning🤟🏽❤️

      1. Dave Pierre

    34. Lady Goonlashay

      I’m with you on this song Bangman🥰

      1. Fredobang Booking

        Thanks so much, i really appreciate all ya love and support..

    35. Charles Leftridge

      How the hell this don't have 1M views yet. SMH!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Dave Pierre

    36. Marty Mcfly

      I'm into 90s rap(Pac,Eazy,Mystikal,Juvie,Dmx,Eminem,Bone Thugz) but I give Fredo his props,he did his thing.

    37. Shadie S.O.E

      One of the coldest songs in the world 🌎

      1. Dave Pierre

    38. Jason Cruz

      Was fin stop doin my homework but playlist won’t stop too motivated

    39. Louis Jimenez

      Shit gets me through a day fr 100

    40. Hope Bf

      It has helped me thur the struggle

    41. Cameron Lockett

      I did that time behind the wall so don't put me to the test

    42. Cameron Lockett

      We need a mil subscribers run it up for the bang man 💪💪💪💯💯💯

    43. Andrew Moore

      Where Rod wave at

    44. HollyWood Luv

      Did u pay attention to his growth soon he release from jail he was ready to learn an earn shine bro shine #1000

    45. Eric Giard

      Fredo getting better every song. Real talk

      1. Dave Pierre

    46. Thomas Johnson

      When your favorite rapper remix dont stop believe... 💪🏼💪🏿💪🏽💪🏻💪🏾 thanks for mixing up on this one. Much love

    47. sheloves AV

      fredo use to really be trash like y’all don’t understand how he grew as an artist

    48. Daniel Olmedo

      Gee money and blvd quick are so proud of you Fredo🙏🏼 You came a long way💯

      1. Juan McNeal

        Gee Money fasho proud. I miss that mane

    49. Logan Kreiner

      Damn bruh gee money would be proud forreal🖤🖤

    50. Stephen Tyler

      Yow fredo did you get that clearance for the journey sample? 🔥 🔥 🔥

      1. Dave Pierre

    51. ceerw buty

      You don’t understand the effect this song has 🥺💗 I was made fun of cuz my mother was gay

    52. Kyle Anderson

      Big banger fredo needs the recognition he deserves 💯

      1. Dave Pierre

    53. David Reyes

      If gee was here these niggas would be goin crazy

      1. ceerw buty


    54. Evan Spazz


    55. Tb Omari

      Damn imagine if his daddy wasn’t gay ... geemoney would be alive would dead already... and Fresno woulda just been another nigga

    56. Kain Barnard

      Fredo the best

    57. Shelly Barnes

      I love it !!!!

      1. Fredobang Booking

        You sound so sweet and wonderful

    58. Zel

      Ion see how Cuzz don’t have over a mil yet mane on this song

    59. S.O3x !!!


      1. Bryant Pierre

    60. Patrick Williams

      Need a song with you and Morray. DJ CHOSE

    61. chance Diamondbach

      I trust myself and not these people People fake that's what my daddy say Remember they use to talk and pick on me when they found out my daddy gay- straight music from the soul

    62. Live Feedz

      This that yb flow

      1. Pto_Youngan

    63. G2G Bullies

      On God My Momma use to tell me this 🙏🏾

    64. Jalen WALKER


      1. Pto_Youngan

    65. ComeHonor Face

      Can’t wait to see u and shiesty in concert on my bday,💯💯

      1. Pto_Youngan

    66. oldboyry

      jolo raw asl

      1. KIG Icyy

    67. Naser Ibrahem

      Drop it on Apple Music

    68. Yung Milli


      1. Pto_Youngan

      2. Dave Pierre

    69. Alex Lopez

      Don't do attempts -fredo

      1. Pto_Youngan


      This shit so hard Jack 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Pto_Youngan

      2. Dave Pierre

    71. Corrine .


    72. KoKane

      Wait he's dad gay?

    73. Desmond Baker

      A real dude fr

      1. Pto_Youngan

    74. Trey Blaize


    75. Money Gang



      Fredo good ngl but will never be like Yb

      1. Dave Pierre

    77. CottageOne

      Ngl this stuff is Motivating me like im speaking from da heart.

      1. Dave Pierre

    78. Tim S

      Show em fredo!

      1. Dave Pierre

    79. White Nussie-Badazzz

      This shit make me not wanna commit suicide rt

    80. reyreycapalot Butler

      Real nigga

    81. reyreycapalot Butler


    82. Life Of Marion


    83. jd

      Had top on repeat now he drop this thank u bro 🙏🏽🇦🇺

      1. Dave Pierre

    84. Violent zy

    85. Keys To the city

      My brother fr this is truly great 💯💪🏾👣🔥🏚🙇🏾‍♂️

      1. James Brown

    86. IceTreyBaby

      The anthem 🔥🔥🔥

      1. James Brown

    87. Lee B

      Big up to the original song but you done this good no cap 🇬🇧

      1. James Brown

    88. li_skotty


      1. James Brown

    89. P. NARD

      "I left the fake ones in the past, and shit'd on the rest". This more like a "I did it gee, mission accomplished.....closing credits type shit!! Boss up fredo mad respect bruh #LLGeeMoney, #LLQuick💯💯💯💯

      1. James Brown

    90. VIP snips

      Is this song being added to spotify anytime soon?

    91. Carlos D

      i’m a yb fan but can’t deny this slapped 🔥it would be cool to hear both on their melodic songs but sanely can’t happens cause of beef

      1. Mc Hoodrichkell

        Bruh wtf y’all say shit like that in the comments just say you like the song y’all yb fans be annoying with that shit it’s not y’all beef so why say I’m a yb fan

      2. James Brown

    92. ZayNoLimit

      Nobody go talk about how fredo having amazing year?✨🔥

      1. James Brown

    93. kenneth jones

      Put this on Spotify already

    94. George Lowe

      This literally what the world been missing 🏹🤙🏿

    95. Cosmos Ford

      I love this song! This song 🔥 🔥!

      1. James Brown

    96. Samson Fikadu

      Didn't expect this form fredo shit is a banga.

    97. Zoe Black

      On snap I made the cut I thought its was just my Jordan's and Bel air bottle ayeee

    98. PraiseWorthy Omen

      He is blessed even at low time😌😌😌

    99. Football Wonders

      I listen to this jam eery day

      1. James Brown

    100. Kahi ._

      I heard dis n decided I don’t want to be evil nomo😌