Megan Thee Stallion - Shots Fired [Official Audio]

Megan Thee Stallion

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    The official audio for Megan Thee Stallion's “Shots Fired” from her album ‘Good News’ - Out Now!
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    Imagine n***as lying bout shooting a real b***h
    Just to save face for rapper n***as you chill with
    Imagine me giving a f**k it was ya f***ing birthday
    You in your feelings I just thought it was another Thursday
    Now imagine me c**k blocking n***as on some dry sh*t
    I don't want you on a b***h believe you wouldn't been invited
    And if it wasn't for me same week you would’ve been indicted
    You offered m’s not to talk I guess that made my friend excited
    Now y'all in cahoots you a puss in boots
    You shot a 5'10 b***h with a 22
    Talking bout bones and tendons like them bullets wasn't pellets
    A p***y n***a with a p***y gun in his feelings
    He in the back seat and he keep calling me a b***h
    We all know the sh*t I could've came back with
    He talking bout his followers dollars and goofy sh*t
    I told him you're not popping you just on the remix
    Now here we are 2020 8 months later
    And we still ain't got no f***ing justice for Breonna Taylor
    Any n***a on that n***a side is a clout chaser
    A b***h that he f***ing or a h*e that he paying
    Who you taking shots at goofy-a** n***a
    Keep yo broke a** out of rich b***h business
    And that go for you b****es too that's tryna get picked
    Talking s**t I'll slide on you thinking that you slick
    Ouuu s**t it's a lot of weak n***as in this b***h
    They confused
    They hate me but watching my videos beating they d**k
    Who a snitch I ain't never went to the police with no names
    I thought a b***h that got her chain snatched called the laws had something to say
    I be speaking facts uh they can't handle that huh
    They want me to be the bad guy let me put my mask on
    I was chose I ain't ask to be this motherf***ing cold
    Still the brightest star and not just the ones that's up in the rolls
    Keep it p**pin always actions do the talking
    I know you want the clout so I don’t never saying y'all name
    Oh you out here balling huh who you get that money from
    10 toes down for whoever get the pedi huh
    I be so content cause I know Ima real b***h
    And anything I say I'm never scared to repeat it
    You would think I was a killer how these n***as scared as s**t
    It’s only one of me but n***as bring they whole clique
    Who you taking shots at goofy-a** b***h?
    Watching me succeed from yo knees sucking d**k
    I know you want attention from the n***as that I get
    Ima steak you a side plate shrimp stay in yo place
    Real b***h yea yea I ain't selling fairytales
    FaceTime a n***a while my other n***a laying there
    B***h think she sabotaging something tryna run and tell
    B***h I got a bond with my n***as and they all aware yeah
    Who you taking shots at shut up wit yo scary a**
    No profile pic b***h yo mama shouldn’t have had
    Kick me while I'm down bad I remember all that
    Next n***a send a shot ima sent it right back
    #MeganTheeStallion #ShotsFired #GoodNews #OfficialAudio
    © 2020 1501 Certified Ent LLC under exclusive license to 300 Entertainment

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    1. camulthaup24

      Tory should’ve went for the head

    2. QueenD27

      ''you in ya feelings i just thought it was another thursday'' ''i told him you're not popping you're just on the remix''

    3. Peter Koosh

      That’s biggie beat I SEE U MEGAN

    4. Corrupted Seed

      Time will tell if this is enough to destroy their friendship for life. So far I'm hearing anger, confusion, hurt and they may talk it out in the near future. I think other celebs besides Tory shouldn't say one word.

    5. Abigail Lannon

      Best song on the album. Her voice on this beat is amazing

    6. A. W

      Yes You Did That F**€k A Clap Back You Just Caught A Body 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    7. empathy empathy

      okkkkk bich

    8. gingerbreadprime23

      This is the first Megan the stallion song I’ve heard where she wasn’t rapping about her body,money or sex

    9. Missy Woodfork

      Did she just call Kelsey Nicole a prostitute at 1:42?

    10. Lee Sotiros

      Ayyyyy this littt🔥🔥

    11. diamond peterson


    12. a human being

      I'm sorry for Biggie Smalls, and his family for ruining who shot ya and using to make this garbage

    13. a human being

    14. PopXir Official

      Girls On Fire on Yodays History than Anyone male rapper from old school to New School...Female Rapper gettin' popular...

    15. Goochcast ✅

      How was this made the day after but she referencing what tory said in his live 🤔

    16. Champagne Abuelo

      this was cool at the start but it gets cringier with every listen like seriously wtf lol

    17. Charley Harris

      Dang meg went AWFFFFFF

    18. vsco girl

      Meghan dragged Tory Lanez so hard i feel it...

    19. Bea

      A degree in health administration and a hugely successful rap career

    20. Radvilė Sparkles

      I saw WAP and savage and thought that Megan is just another artist with few hot tracks but the more I dig in shes brings back respect and level to rap music! Finally

    21. Force Stormier

      biggie beat ruined........

    22. Latoya Blanton

      I love her she can ride any beat 👑👑👑👑👑👑

    23. Antonio Adair

      I see why he popped her😂 mouth bad...

    24. Mobiledust academy

      And she did it to a remix of “Who Shot ya?” Damn...

    25. shaggy 420

      I think ive been sleeping on meg for way to long

    26. Allen Tatis

      Ima let u finish Meg.... but that tory album better than this by farrrrrrrr

    27. Life as Rylee

      this for keslys and tory damn

    28. Terrance Allen

      Megan thee satilion🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

    29. Malcome Robinson

      who here after hearing bussin back ?

    30. Ava Claire

      So fireeeee

    31. Junior

      Beat ruined

    32. vFendi x oG

      All this female in the comments smh stfu😐

    33. bube udeh


    34. da rubiks

      She didn’t even make a point as to prove those claims of being shot. She just dissing like she’s hold a big grudge on him a long time even before the shots. instead or at least she could’ve told us her own part of the story.

      1. marcus davis

        Then on the cool look up the history or this beat.... it’s a shot beat... #history

    35. Meg Griffin

      You're not popping you just on the remix took me out !!!!

    36. Monica Matos

      I really like this side of Megan. More please!

    37. Carl Forrest

      He deserved this 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

    38. Yk Senzy

      Lol Megan said tory not popin but he pulls more views 😂

    39. Pat Rick

      So trashy. Rest in pork Biggie, you were much better

      1. marcus davis

        And you compared to Biggie...... #hater #texas

      2. marcus davis

        You sounds like a hater..... What’s crazy is that you never said that she wasn’t going live..... that how we know...

    40. Trent Tillman

      I like her rap part like "Here we are 2020, 8 months later."😎😎😎😎😎

    41. Miss Lonechild

      She never said noones name. If the shoe fits. Lace it up, or trip.

    42. Stop motion Steve

      Tory not gon respond but if he did it would be the hardest song ever

    43. I’m just That guy

      I'm touching up on the story and piecing it together more and I really think I know who's gonna win this beef

    44. simply kendy


    45. Joshua Browne

      she said his gun was weak for shootin 22s but 22s are more effective than 9s

    46. Joshua Browne

      ruined this beat for what

    47. Richard Horlback

      Jay Z wrote this

    48. postman aka bluestrip

      This was ok by Tory diss was wayyyyy better

      1. Brandon Paxton

        what was Tory's diss?

    49. tiktok_ virals


    50. tiktok_ virals


    51. Stunna gurl

      Tory lanez just got shorter

    52. Truly Buciie

      A dis track? 😳😳💯

    53. MY world my way visuals

      I bet you she doesn't even know the words to the beat she used . That sounded so elementary

      1. Info Tech


    54. Carlos Running Shield

      The dislikes are Tory Lanez fans 🙄💅

      1. Info Tech

        The dislikes are from people with common sense lol

    55. Darryn Dean

      Idgaf whether u like Meg or not, there is no denying that she went off on this.🤷🏽‍♀️simple as that

      1. Info Tech

        @Darryn Dean I don't like her flow or word play, has nothing to do with her as a person lol

      2. Darryn Dean

        Info Tech if u don’t like her just say that🤣

      3. Info Tech

        No there actually is denying it because she did not do well on this, she sounds Mad Mediocre lol.

    56. Lamar James De Souza

      im on tory side and im not a clout chaser

    57. That Crazy Kid

      anyone else confused why it's frozen the whole vid

    58. 360zuko

      Tory didn't do anything wrong big foot tripping

    59. Malik Holmes

      I knew he shot you from the jump Meg!!!! Real niggas know that nigga a fraud. I honestly never liked him💯

    60. Abasha Cisse

      Hayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!!! 🙌

    61. Jacob

      Cmon megan, you could’ve done better. It sounds a little forced

    62. AkPedrito

      megan or who ever made this beat ruined it 😕

    63. Conrad Hurdle

      #BussinBack #Kelseynicloe #megantheehoe #megantheeunloyal #1501 #fuckumegan #megantheeliar

    64. Smokey


    65. Adam Rodgers

      I want the story on her chain n getting snatched lmfao I need to laugh

    66. Fe Luvu

      Wow she talking about her ex bestfriend and Tory..OMG! This is so sad. It sucks that this situation ended this way.

      1. kendra williams

        @Dalyntai Tyson dang fr that's crazy

      2. Dalyntai Tyson

        Yeah They Beefing The Bestfriend Made A Diss

      3. kendra williams

        I was wondering who she was talking about, then I realized that everyone keeps talking about Kelsey.

    67. tammy deetz

      You just on the remix lol fave line ever!

    68. Tay Skalez

      Disrespect to BIG

    69. Tay Skalez


    70. Pa po

      She's rapping on the beat of "who shot ya" by biggie smalls yet She's the one that got shot bruh I'm dead

    71. Tyrell Thomas

      tory need to use the hit em up beat

    72. Tyrell Thomas

      Tory should have used this beat cuz it fits his story better

    73. Blavk face Baby Retrospective


    74. Nilla baby

      A female rapper destroying a male rapper in a diss track !!!!! Yessss

      1. Info Tech

        @Joshua Ulofoshio How tf I'm a admit Tory lied when I wasn't there to know if he lied or not??? What's up with you and you delusional Megan supporters? Lol. How about this, why don't you admit Megan Lied Multiple times as her Own Ex Best friend of 7+ years pointed out in her diss song to Megan 🤣 clown

      2. Itsyaboiswish 06

        @Joshua Ulofoshio no, Megan lied

      3. Mu$ic Lover

        Ain't nothing new about that concept lol Kim in her day was going at Pac & Big foxy went at Nas and most recently dreamdoll went at TORY

      4. Joshua Ulofoshio

        @Info Tech bruh just admit Tory lied

      5. Itsyaboiswish 06

        @Info Tech Preach my brother

    75. Stevie Glover

      She. My hot girl 🤟🏽GMLENTSQ

    76. 4KT x TBG

      NBA YOUNGBOY "love my haters" Out Now

    77. Exotic Angel

      Kelsey bodied megan Tory innocent. Meg got drunk and acted a fool-but karma coming. When meg face perjury and intimidating witness charges-keep the same energy.

    78. Curious

      Both Tory and Megan have milked this out so much, I bet they both already made up in dms

      1. lalisqya

        Why would Megan forgive someone who shot her 😐

    79. Sunshine Green

      Kelsey Nicole song is way better

    80. Giovanny gutierrez


    81. Kelvin channel

      Who's here after expressive video?

    82. Melody Edwards

      The only reason she is in this industry is BC of Nicki Minaj 🤭

      1. Melody Edwards

        @Crystal Vidrine girl u gotta make more sense too luv

      2. Melody Edwards

        @Crystal Vidrine ughhh I ain't hating... I'm just saying she is in this mf industry BC of Nicki MINAJ boo so don't be coming for me hunnie

      3. Crystal Vidrine

        Stop hating cause can ride any beat. Go back in that crab barrel or to your couch. Either way she slaughtered him and you

    83. Jahaziel Tremblay

      U a snitch and this sucks

    84. BTK TRAY

    85. BTK TRAY

    86. BTK TRAY

    87. BTK TRAY

    88. BTK TRAY

    89. BTK TRAY

    90. lil smokljo

      Grammy and bet really said dis was better than lil uzi

    91. Rachel Jardin

      Her "hmmmm" remind me of Busta Rhymes but she on her own level

      1. Info Tech

        This record is mediocre level lol

    92. seba kurdi

      her voice doesn't match the beat

    93. kadesia juelle

      I swear she sounds the same in all her songs just a different beat

      1. Olivia Ivy

        Don't all artist have their own flow lol gtfoh

    94. Billies._.avacodo _

      Tory boyfriends coming

    95. Ferrari 500

      Megan is getting too cocky and big headed

    96. Sade Stitt

      Damn Meg that was once your friend. You hit lo. You gotta be the bigger person.

    97. Jungleboy Blaze

      Go stream Daystar 😂😂😂😂

    98. JTMonEyOnTheWii


    99. Antoliyah Morrow


    100. Carlos Sustaita

      Who shot ya...? Tory did 😂