Go Kart Paintball Battle (Behind the Scenes)

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    Comment: R.I.P. DP Tripod & Derek's arm!
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    1. Liam McGinnes

      Why do Americans call it football when they use there hands

    2. AR Beats

      I liked the video 60% For Tim and Chad's effort 40% For all the 5 dudes

    3. Hunter Bryant

      Great editors!

    4. Saritha Ajay

      Tim and chad pls give us Dp editors edition 3 plssss plsss🙏🏼

    5. Big Booty Judy

      It’s not a mullet it’s a rat tail hair cut

    6. Chris Wells

      We need more Sparky

    7. Bethany Campione

      Editors never get enough appreciation!

    8. Huckleberry Lachow

      Is anyone actually on team Cory? How could he be your favorite hahaha

    9. Phoenix

      1:44 Was the funniest thing a bearing the tripod


      In Ohio here it is negitive 3

    11. Otto Schellhammer

      1:44 thank me later....

    12. Q Mann

      Funeral for the Tripod only the cameramen were there The dudes don’t care

    13. Heather Pron

      Of course me i love behind the scenes!

    14. Brandon bki

      I don't think there is any team Corey fans out there

    15. Austin MacAulay

      His Goatee memory also reminds me, of my old high school days. Cuz I remember the time I was 16 in Grade 10, I first started growing a Goatee.

    16. Austin MacAulay

      I’m guessing Tyler was probably, either 13 er 14 in 8th Grade. Maybe his Goatee started off as a Light Stubble.

    17. Blair Colvin

      Go Tall guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. moose nation

      Tyler my boy is balding

    19. Malynn Branham

      The tripod funeral was one of the funniest things I've seen on this chanel 😂🤣

    20. Malynn Branham

      Keep the mullet! But you should probably shorten the top a little bit.

    21. Alex Martin


    22. CDOG

      I love how Chad says that he is excited about one of the rounds and you think he is warming up to sprots and then he starts talking about the camera angles and then you go welp, maybe next vid.

    23. Aidan Wells

      Team Garret

    24. Andrew Varnum

      Don’t do the mullet

    25. Saul Thiessen

      Honestly Ty you gotta drop the mullet but great video otherwise

    26. mack Slater

      Ty+mullet= No. just no.

    27. Jacob H

      original seeds are better Cody

    28. Erica Magaru

      Dude perfect plus -> dude imperfect

    29. LEGO Bros Vlogs

      don’t keep the mullet

    30. Biscuit Bo


    31. SIB 6

      Loose the mullet

    32. teresia anderson

      Garrett, You are wrong, Sparky as a judge was the best idea Dude Perfect has ever had.

    33. Allison Gesford

      I think that Tt should go back to his normal hair cut

    34. Josiah Ping

      Love the mullet ty! Keep it! Shorten the top!

    35. King Milo2772

      grow a jagr mullut

    36. Kathryn DeNecochea

      shoutout for the people not wearing masks ❤️

    37. kB fan 18

      Who else hates sparky

    38. Oscar JenningsWhite

      I think it’s derek not will

    39. karson novel

      Hahahahah 1:44

    40. ZACHATTACK 131

      Ty might want to get rid of the mullet in my opinion

    41. Katie Welch

      the poor camera men :(

    42. abridge277

      Poor Ty got that hair loss goin on 😟

    43. Kylie Deweese

      Bro, I saw Dorris and I was like, “Merrill Streep”

    44. Cortney McComiskey

      the hair looks good Ty

    45. Harrison Byrne

      No don’t keep it

    46. Tyson gaming

      No mullet

    47. Justin Ellis

      Definitely stick with the original sunflowers you're never disappointed and you feel on point

    48. Michael Schroder

      Can I work for you

    49. Cloudroid

      RIP Tripod

    50. Kyle Whitcomb

      Ty needs to lose the mullet

    51. Rylie Tinajero

      So I actually love how excited the camera men are getting talking about the cameras and filming. It makes me smile

    52. Aikansh Jain

      got me at the tripod funeral xD

    53. Carter Strauss

      It is fun to meat dp

    54. 5th Son Gaming

      Sparky really has lost his mind on the Get Crafties

    55. Cookin' Smart with Angie


    56. AJ Shron

      Guys, can we see more steryotypes

    57. Johnny Patronis

      did cory cuss?

    58. LLJW RIP to a LEDGEND

      Is no one gonna talk about tys bald spot

    59. swayam sambhu swain

      This is not a ghost account. Sparky u r a s****y judge. Worst ever

    60. Idk What my name should be

      Hey, It’s Doris Burke from 2k!

    61. Emma McConnell

      Yeah no mullet😂

    62. Caroline mering

      ummmm why was Tim wearing a mask???!!!sheople

    63. Salem Little

      Team coryyyyy

    64. Mr. Bacon

      I Ike to see the camera men!!

    65. Matthew Faidley

      Tim, Chad, Will you guys are LEGENDS!!!!

    66. Emily Selle

      "Bro you broke the tri - pod" "I did, iso tough!" ~ Coby / Cory (Sorry twins, cant tell you apart) "Your paying for it" "ooh" ~ Coby / Cory (Sorry twins I can't tell you apart)

      1. ItsRBLXGabriel

        Cory broke the tripod btw.

    67. Lazar colin

      no mullet

    68. Somthingneat EliasBlade

      love u editors god bless u for your hard work

    69. Joshua Kemble Bluegrass

      3:06 typical excuses guy lol

    70. Nate O'Brien

      This is amazing

    71. Sara Lopez

      Cut the mullet plz

    72. LittleLogan

      RIP Tripod...

    73. Matt Randall

      i'm confused why the tripod, with all that stuff on top it it (heavy camera, head, mounts etc) is being set up using the weakest, smallest bottom legs and not the big thick heavy top legs? no wonder it broke

    74. Alyssa Boyle

      I think you should get rid of the mullet, Ty.

    75. Matthew Katigbak

      ADD F

    76. D's Boys Toys

      R.I.P Tripod

    77. Серёга

      Кто с России тот ставит лайк💪

    78. Cloutsmith Yt

      Sparky is a terrible judge I personally don’t like him

    79. Blender taste

      Tyler looks similar to God of war

    80. Cazerburn

      Your problem wasn't the flavor. It was the brand.

    81. Lyndsey Moore

      Garrett got robbed🐼. He’s right 😂

    82. deathtrooper981 !!

      Ty no mullet I'm sorry

    83. soccer14blood08

      Ty is as big of a douche as I thought he would be. So that’s cool. Must suck to work for him. He’d remind you daily who is boss there.

    84. Marissa Carrell

      Could I just get a 15 minute video of just Tim, Chad, and Will? Please they are the BEST!

    85. Sophia Arntson

      Tim + Chad + Will = Hero's of the videos!

    86. Sophia Arntson

      RIP tripod

    87. Linganna Yadav

      Rip dp tripod very interesting sene full of comedy 🤣🤣

    88. Baylee Brooke

      Ty, please don’t keep the mullet! But keep it if you want to

    89. Javid d

      People are missing out, this channel is amazing !

    90. Fabian Vantassell

      Love coming back to 3:30 ish to hear him, and then the very next battle garret wins

    91. No Limits

      Kill the mullet Ty.

    92. Waylon Shelor

      Who else was subbed at 20,000 and watched the first vid new

    93. 2029: Geronimo Mejia Rueda

      Tim and chad were the heroes of the video

    94. Lucarionite 2.0

      Regardless of the multiple L’s,TEAM CORY FOREVER

    95. meet verma

      Man that tripod 😂😂😂😂

    96. Ima Person

      Press F to pay respect, For the tripod.

    97. Andrew Varnum

      do not keep the mullett!!!!

    98. Aaron Light

      Please noooooooooooo MULET TT.

    99. Hockey Nerds

      do not like mollet

    100. nellAyaR2034

      Please keep calling us hineys. LOL