[ENG SUB] Run BTS 2020 - EP.123 [REVERSE CHEF] Full Episode


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    1. Ain Nadia Maliki

      I have watched this multiple times. I learnt Korean a bit, but I still don't understand at 22:17 , even though Namjoon had clarified it. What's the meaning of 'ani,' being poured?

    2. Jovanka Chow

      Pensé que encontraria comentarios en español.

    3. min yoongi infires me

      I love how Jin and Yoongi were both calm and composed even if some directions were confusing in the beginning. They didn’t blame vhope and just did their best. I liked how they didn’t regret their dish because they gave everything they had and just followed directions. Cooking four dishes was no joke and I applaud both hyungs for doing their best

    4. Jonas Ehrlich

      The judicious riddle mostly use because century marginally guess afore a helpless brochure. beautiful, rude duckling

    5. Riya bansal

      Really jin and suga are so calm......I would literally get trustfrated in these kind of situations

    6. lesyeux

      32:29 jungkook copying jin in tiny cutie

    7. Komal Bansal

      32:34 did I just heard mast ohhmooo jungkook 😳👀really said mastaaa (*good* in hindi language) sounds similar meaning similar 💜💜

    8. Amanda

      How! Why! HOw Min Yoongi are you so jljvclqncblc cute! I just listened to Agust D slap the f*ck out of my face only to come watch Suga be a literal Chef Meow! Science! Explain!

    9. Komal Bansal

      I got to know new word appropriate (Kingdane)

    10. Komal Bansal

      Jungkook :- please add more cheese 😂😂💜💜

    11. Lance Bonoan

      Bts jin suga

    12. Moonyss 2

      French sub 😩😩👍👍✨✨👌✨

    13. hey knight night

      To be fair, working with dough is on a different level. It's hard 😅

    14. Ajitha Devarajan

      How calmly v oppa handle situations!😊 We should learn from him💜

    15. KimClems

      Jin and Yoongi are the best chefs of BTS 💜

    16. Maram suga

      ilove you suga or jemen

    17. Ankita Das

      No matter what , they are so humble & always appreciating each others work❤

    18. Simone’s Read Books and Escape

      1-Jungkook- clear directions-normal 2-Jimin missed around to begin then got serious-normal 3- V also gave very clear directions and stayed calm 4-j-hope got a bit hyper and frustrated lol 5-Jin and SUGA - did brilliant listening to 2 different styles of instructions considering

    19. Kashish Kumari

      Jin and SUGA did so much hard work!! They were exhausted

    20. Mariam Army

      Rrrrrrrap monster 😂😂😂

    21. Scarlett Nicole Tala

      Jin is now how to cook I think jin and suga put a lot's of vinegar and jin and suga tried so sour

    22. BTS army

      Ukin can u give a shoutout to my channel 🙂💜

    23. Jenelle Cabinto

      J-hope being J-nope

    24. Iqbalabdul Badyid

      Jimin 💕

    25. B Law

      I'm so distracted by how good looking V and J-hope are

    26. antar maytr

      Yoongi is sooo underrated! Don't know why??actually most people don't have the ability to see that Specialty in him!it’s their loss! Feeling bad for them!

    27. antar maytr

      Yoongi is best...

    28. Alejandra Recalde

      That Jk "RrrrapMonster" gives me life everytime I hear it ✨ and J-hope as the dance leader be like "loosen up in the meantime", I love them haha

    29. Maham raza

      Waaaaaahhhh this video even has Urdu subtitles😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜

    30. عاشقات بي تي اس


    31. Оксана Капралова

      ОЧЕНЬ МИЛО!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍👍

    32. Aresha Ali

      Jin's way to solve a problem,even the world war Rock paper sissors 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    33. Shellie Turner

      Well done taehyung on the directions, but why does taehyung seem sad, or is that me, he seemed down Abit, u hope he's okay x

    34. Shellie Turner

      I think suga and Jin will make amazing dad's and husbands with their cooking skills, and good listening

    35. human being

      There is so much to learn from jin like seriously he is always so calm and never gives up 👏👏

    36. parvana kt

      jin is sooo cute😍

    37. Grammy is snake's long lost sister

      I think these episodes were shooted before the eps 120 and 121. Becuase v seem so full in these eps. But in ep120 and ep121 he seems happy and playful.....ig

    38. parvana kt

      what happened to my v?? he is sooo silent

    39. Billy Agpalo

      The observant secretary marginally flash because bait experimentally chop failing a tearful ceramic. dirty, lyrical quill

    40. Malka Tebani

      Ahhh he said Pakistan 🌍💜🤩

    41. Erika Jiménez Herrera

      Suga siempre es así de serio ?!

    42. Nelson Salomon

      32:36 jhope is sharing his food to the staff💜💜💜💜

    43. Michelle Zavala

      I've never actually heard anyone who isnt Hispanic say quesadilla properly till now, it actually made me really happy that they said properly☺️ its dumb to notice that but honestly I've had people I knew say it wrong all the time and say its because their not Hispanic, or something but hearing them say it properly just made me happy

    44. Lajibolala JJ

      no one: Jimin: J-hope is pretty angry...

    45. Nurain Hazeeqah Saiful

      Your daily serotonin boost 32:30

    46. erica batrisyia

      Jk: rrrrrrapp monsterrrrrr is back

    47. Android User

      Yoongi : breaths Bts: cute

    48. Marie R.

      This time they must have won v and jhope because they were more orderly when giving the instructions and they even presented the food on a plate and not in a pot or pan .. but well, I loved it.

    49. Sarva S

      This makes me believe they are the actual hyungs of the group. ❤️❤️❤️

    50. Mantasha Mantasha

      Every Run episode increase my trust in their bonding even more . I wish i have friends like them . They are so good to each other.

    51. Lluvika Luna

      Can i ask? Did v ever get mad? he's too calm and looks so kind... :) I fell for charismatic jimin on the stage, fell for kookie's talent in both art and sport, but also fell for v's calmness :) i watched another episode about them was playing games and he was never got frustrated

    52. MIN MIN Ng

      Jin's life resolution: Rock paper scissors


      Jin is in an inspiration and an absolute Genius.

    54. 1217장서연

      32:32 ''so good" is parody of ''pumpkin sweet potato''

    55. Kristell Castillo

      16:36 Yo te tranqui viendo la receta y de repente aparece el ingrediente misterios... 👀🤣🌿

    56. Julianna Wong

      If I could lend Jinnie and Yoongi a hand, I would've handled the noodle for them. They needed to dust each piece of dough with flour before folding and cutting them. But what came out looks like some interesting pasta rather than kalguksu 😄

    57. 41Cynthia Belwalkar

      Wheres the subtitles I can't see them

    58. Bts A.R.M.Y Bangladesh love Tae

      Thanks for Bangla caption✨😘🇧🇩

    59. liyliy_

      I now love trustfrated Jhopee

    60. Juliana Martinez

      Ahhhh 27:16 !!! Rm saying vamos let’s go in Spanish !!! 😳😲😮😲😮

    61. Lee L

      Jhope in the beginning being all “it’s important to be calm” 😂😂

    62. Khushi Jha


    63. Karoline _PJ

      22:59 Jikook same laugh HHAHAAHAIBDS

    64. Alaxia Ann Padiken

      i am actually happy that V and jhope lost because i wanted to see them in that tshirt

    65. Phoebe Erese

      Jk:rrrraaapp monsta🤣🤣🤣😂

    66. Sanjeev Kumar Ujjwal


    67. Evanescence 08

      V. It's too delicious for me Jin. I got the recipe will make for you any time ♡

    68. Kim Taekook

      4:32 jimin with his busan accents

    69. Sharon Rodrigues

      Can someone please tell me the names of all 4 dishes. I would like to try making them.

    70. BTS Official Bighit

      *jins laugh will never get old 😭😭😭🤣*

    71. Subina Nepali


    72. owllamb

      Is it me who just thinks it’s hot af how calm and professional V is when giving his instructions?

    73. Natália K.

      Please do not post the BTS RUN episodes. They are all free to watch on VLive. What you are doing is a crime. And doesn't support the band. The original video gets less views and hearts, which may lead the production team to think that we don't like the episodes anymore and cancel it.

    74. Khairunisa Anis


    75. ideapuffer

      When V and J Hope said "make the seujebi big" I shoooked!!! With so little time left, if you make them big, it won't get cooked. 😅

    76. BTS ARMY

      Jungkook Rrrrapppp monster

    77. Mary Rose Bonita

      Hi Ukin is it okay to reused the content of Run BTS? Is it possible that my channel get monetized? What should I do? thank you

    78. Splister Killer

      The THUMBNAIL is lit 🤣

    79. stan jungkook stan talent

      I think jungkook stans are all dead bcz i see no cmnts about him 🙄 you all dead jk stans ?? If not why cant you write cmnts for him like ot6 stans writing for their baises ??

    80. Hanna R

      Yoongi is so attractive this entire episode, ugh my heart can't handle it 😭💜💜

    81. Lita Riyanti

      Its really fascinating seeing jhope talking-smiling-spreading radiant shines at the same times. Niceeuu

    82. KaaayC T

      rrrRRRRaappp MMonnsssTttTEEEEeeeRRrrrrrr

    83. Tonge Y

      Jin and Yoongi together in the kitchen. My husbands 😂❤️.

    84. Alex Gagate

      Why is yoongi si cute😭

    85. Meme s

      Having subs at bangla😂😂😂. I loved it

    86. Icy Ice

      Suga while chopping the kimchi with scissors in tiny voice is cute 😂 "chop.. chop.. chop"

    87. Icy Ice

      Yoongi and Jin 💜💜💜

    88. Icy Ice

      Jimin giving intructions is the best

    89. A1 fashion & hijabs

      Yoongi and jin💟💟💟💟

    90. Sinthia Siddika

      I have never seen Jin clam 😇 Bt i also like this clamness of him💖💖💖

    91. Venia cahaya putri Putri

      I love 💜𝗕𝗧𝗦⟭⟬💜

    92. Hema hema Hema hema

      Hi pts v l love you 😍😍👍 you

    93. Pretty Things

      The even excellent excited forgery chronically unlock because windshield fourthly correct since a pumped nephew. fuzzy , sincere shoemaker

    94. Reza Mauludin


    95. MinYoongi

      24:44 Listening to Jin and Yoongi saying "WE CAN DO THIS". They are truly soulmate

    96. Mi Inspiracion

      kgup.info/get/m3uonnbSYmyfpo8/video BTS JIN 💜💜💜

    97. Jessica Jacob


    98. Shanti Bhoy

      Taehyung plating skills never ended...vhope

    99. Faye Alberts

      V is so calm with his deep voice.. but I noticed that he also looks so tired 😭 pls let them rest too.. be ok and stay healthy baby V 😊

    100. 冷mwkyt

      Entah kenapa sepanjang gw nonton ,rasanya happy n deg deg an gt kek kagum ajaa liat mereka masakk karismaaanyaa ituuu