Yo FaZe Clan...


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    FaZe gave me 48 hours to make a submission so I thought I'd give a little back story on how I got to where I am now.
    @Justin Starling
    - Starter kit
    - Fed up

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Flea

      FaZe Flea? ❤

      1. Flavour

        Thanks for the settings btw

      2. Flavour


      3. V

        Faze SimP

      4. Tweezyy_8fs Zz

        i wish u join face 1 like 1 pray for flea

      5. Eli Yo

        Let’s go faze flea soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      FAZE FLEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 LETS F GOO

    3. I’m Gurjod

      This is how many people want fleas to make it into faze I I V

    4. Ammar Athar

      Thumbnail cringey af 😂

    5. TheRustyBadger

      FaZe Stevie sounds good too btw

    6. Danza Playz or dp for short

      Fire 🔥 lit 🔥

    7. A.K007

      Start is cringe

    8. Joseph-Btway Ψ

      Hope u make it

    9. Stephenie Cisneros

      You are not in faze clan d face

    10. Slimy

      I was hoping he would rap his back story when I heard the beat

    11. Gamer Yusuf_9635

      Yee I'm under a million veiws at 769

    12. TTV_Nathan Salmon

      ​he only trick shot trash

      1. Keyz FNBR

        Shut up bot

    13. Kevin guevara

      You forgot the part when nick eh 30 blew you're channel up

    14. TOBEZ ??

      Shourley flea should get in

    15. Colin Mulcahy


    16. Prowl

      Nrg is better my opinion

    17. MarsK

      Nice vid bro

    18. Alex Armani

      Faze clan are all noobs and bad hearted ppl

    19. juannny

      Such an inspiration to me

    20. Sam Albert


    21. Brumbaal

      Ryft be like: it doubles your edit speed Flea be like: It doubles your p...n...s size xddddd

    22. Lowkey Louskii

      Bro I miss when you were like in 100k and still streamed on ps4 it was always a vibe bro but now the content is so professional and that’s good for u man the old days are always the best.

    23. Wiry Mozz


    24. Grantas

      Faze is a joke at this point

    25. Swarit Swastik

      I am member of FaZe clan

    26. Swarit Swastik

      Ma’am plz make a game more and then the iPad games and then the app will not have a new version for me and the game to the game and the

    27. Swarit Swastik

      I love you bro your hairstyle is cool

    28. Jamir Ronquillo

      I like and sub

    29. Jamir Ronquillo

      I love you flea

    30. red fish yt

      Quality insane

    31. Rod 23

      Bro I’m not trying to hate but your views have gone down and your videos aren’t that good anymore especially if it’s for it’s content sorry man good luck on 2 million hope you make it

    32. Genesis Vanzy

      Your lucky it took me 3 years to get 100 and I'm still stuck there

    33. Beast Mr

      I had to wait a whole 12 seconds plus ads for the vid to START?

    34. Filip M1203

      Flea: today's sponsor is code flea Me: mom where is the credit card

    35. Filip M1203

      Your channel was growing fast af

    36. Filip M1203

      FazeFlea sound clean

    37. asioe kiou

      "double the size of" we all know what was coming next😂💜

    38. Moxie Visuals

      stop the cap


      Faze flea 🥳🤩

      1. asioe kiou

        Dammn cool down on the cringe with the thumbnail

    40. tidoyy

      Why am I getting fortnite content again

    41. Shadow Music

      This is the cringiest thing ever!


      Faxe flea sond soooo good to me

    43. Kai Grosse Pawig

      Is there a way to Block channels? Sick of seeing fortnite shit on my feed

    44. Orange

      If faze doesn’t take flea they are the worst trash group of selfish people ever if they do then I’ll say what they are

      1. Ciphen Samurai

        Ok I’ll be waiting

    45. thaffar maaitah

      Bro notis came 4 days later

    46. bouytt guyt

      I can’t lie faze flea sounds pretty lit

    47. ume1455 gaming

      I still hate that he is ruining his career for the opportunity to join faze lol

    48. shqip gamer


      1. bouytt guyt

        The journey begins now 😊

    49. YOSIAHH

      He should've created a quick Modern Warfare montage in 48hrs. Even though he isn't a Modern Warfare creator it would've showed diversity, like he isn't just a fortnite content creator... he's Flea😎

    50. BmTaYlOr2012

      Faze flea is going to be the best faze name ever

    51. The _Galaxy314


    52. jolo gid

      Taaa NOICE

    53. Rixiy Fn

      Hear before a million views

    54. bakbakbak

      Dammn cool down on the cringe with the thumbnail

    55. Giulio De Angelis

      i literally love your content from the begging. gg FaZe Flea

    56. Its Guedes

      FaZe Flea Yes to me❤️⚠️👀

    57. R7Blazeシ

      Me After faze5 * uses code Faze Flea * in the item shop

    58. Jenesky

      Anyone else think he was about to spit bars?

    59. Danny brought 83 2020


    60. Jacob Tussin


    61. SkullyPlayz

      FF FaZe Flea

    62. James McArdle

      I believe in you flea I have been here since day one hope you join faze I know you will

    63. Joely

      The journey begins now 😊

    64. TopHat510

      Lets go flea hit 1 mill, last time i watched my boy he had 250k

    65. jody

      when he asked the dude for some beats, i thought he was gonna rap...idk if it was just me but it was kinda a let down, especially compared to Milliams video.

    66. Picklerick!!!!!!! 7861


    67. Zhane Vibey


    68. Ghastify

      No worries. Code flea will make you 99.9% join faZe

    69. FAKE CLAN

      the grind you put in to making videos is what makes me wanna keep uploading. you're a huge inspiration flea and highkey you should do irl vlogs the way your camera is also setup is so smooth, i dont how to explain but it just looks perfect

      1. SNOWs


    70. Jen Zonts


      1. Jen Zonts

        Flea: hey

    71. LiesFN

      what dose beats brrooooooo

    72. LiesFN

      anyone not noticing his apple watch at 0:11

    73. ItzAbnormal

      I think I started watching you in 2019 or 2018 idk

    74. Celine Williams

      You’re so good I love you’re videos!

    75. Callum Croker

      I’m new to your channel but do you only play fortnite because most people are good at other games but are never added to a team

    76. Jugg10 Cee

      He Is Adapt Just With An Accent 🤣

    77. Austin Reece

      Faze flea sounds good actually

    78. Zarc

      I have been a fan since 1k subs.. Flea NEVER REPLIED AND PINNED ANY OF COMMENTS

    79. Tom Debski

      Faze flea more like gay flea

    80. sins oreo

      Lol cringe

    81. Ulises Lopez

      I wish I was in faze 5

      1. Ulises Lopez

        It’s never gonna happen

    82. YaBoi_Pxpcrn

      You look like seth macfarlane in the thumbnail

    83. Lj

      Faze flea u can do it ツ

    84. jaacob

      he said tfue, FaZe wont like that

    85. YT Vybz

      FaZe Flea

    86. Aaro

      I can’t wait until Flea joins Faze

    87. prem ghoghari

      I get your video notification after watching the video or after 2 to 3 days

    88. gabriel bailey

      Faze flea in the house

    89. LG _VIBZEY:}

      Faze Flea has a RiiiNG TO IT THO

    90. gloockies

      isnt flea already in faze?

    91. Stepz 6⃣

      Introducing Faze Flea-A 60 ping montage

    92. NRZ Playzz

      duoble the size of ur i think we know wat i mean

      1. NRZ Playzz


    93. PRO ninja Ronaldo

      r.i.p faze chemo you have ben a hero to us😭

    94. ItzJustSuper

      FaZe Flea does sound good doe

    95. Razo

      If they don’t pick you, they support a disorder

    96. Craktzy

      Now you jost need to be cod faze flea

    97. Craktzy

      Im so glad your in faze Fazeflea

    98. Kane St Pierre

      FaZe flea

    99. Ahmad Alemam

      You are getting FAT

    100. Ahmad Alemam

      You need to do some exercises