Floyd Mayweather Jr interrupts comedy show


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    Courtesy of SHOWTIME. Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, rolling like 40 deep, interrupts the middle part of Gary Owen's stand up comedy show with his late ass. Gary also gives an on the money impersonation of Roger Mayweather

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    1. David Norris

      My favorite black comedian 🤣❤️

    2. Mr. Long

      For people wondering how he did it😂he doesn't write his jokes

    3. Scott Allen

      Gary is the only white comedian who does a "white guy" voice.

    4. Mark Mendoza Hernandez


    5. T J

      Gary Owens is an amazing comedian 😂🤣😅

    6. redbeams75


    7. dopex2xdeath

      Love this guy

    8. sauds88

      That is just so tacky. Showing up late with 9 million people behind you

    9. CeeJay611


    10. Tara Cherokee Native

      I'm glad Gary Owen roasted Floyd. Coming in there all late like it's his show.

    11. Patrick M.

      "Right, thats good advice. I didnt see the ha-simi-seme-now coming" Aaahahahaha

    12. O'n K'ng

      Top tier improv here.

    13. Stormy Winds

      Good one Gary.

    14. Arquimedes Caceres

      He’s real!

    15. pellettron2240

      Title should have said "Floyd Mayweather interrupts comedy show, and pays for it".

    16. Eld Cool

      Floyed what a asshole

    17. Chris Teague

      Kick-Ass freestyle right there.....

    18. Branz Xbranz

      This maybe the funniest stand up white guy iv seen 😂😂😂😂😂 he fucking funny 😂😂💯💯

    19. t fanning

      Maybe not as ON THE SPOT as ppl think.. Then again, maybe it was. The debate is pointless, it was funny

    20. DatingMatis156

      Floyd wanted to do a gran entrance but got roasted.💀

    21. J Jacobs

      Didn't miss a beat!!!! True Comic and Real Stand up Guy!! Hat's off Sir.

    22. Remarkable G

      Bruh homie nice for that shaq joke of the top like that 😂😂😂

    23. Ganu Rocks


    24. Mr. Hemlig

      Yoda and the stormtroopers at your service

    25. Tone Tone

      Me fartin is way more funny then this goofball!

    26. DieHardCards

      This dude is so cringey.

    27. Craig W

      This skit never gets old. 😂

      1. Craig W

        And Shaq is easier to understand nowadays.

    28. tony fitzpatrick

      is the white dude who won an all black stand up comedian contest?

    29. person

      That Shaq shit killed me 😂😂

    30. 100it

      What is grand rapids ?

      1. jim badaluco

        It’s the 2nd largest city in the state Michigan and Floyd’s hometown. The joke being all the black people from Grand Rapids just walked into the show.

    31. Alex Delesky

      the grammar in the comments is almost as funny as the video

    32. S M

      Gary is 24hrs/365days funny. I always burst out laughing. 🤣🤣🤣

    33. AMetalWorld

      Love how when he does his bit about the white dude looking at the black guy to know if he can laugh it cuts to the black dude laughing and the white guy looking at him

      1. Reemus

        i peeped that LOL

    34. King Oz


    35. Sound GOD

      Gary Owen's is a catalog of black innuendo....

    36. BX0207

      Not funny with that black accent..horrible..he was entertaining but not funny

    37. Darren Carter

      Gary killed it!

      1. Nicole Brown

        As usual😂😂😂😂

    38. Frank The Tank

      I guess it ain't first come first served the sits were waiting for Floyd.

    39. stryfetc1

      Floyd did that shit on purpose, he had to make even THAT MAN'S show about himself

      1. stryfetc1

        @Will Scrudato that's possible too!....lol

      2. Will Scrudato

        That stupid look on his face. I'm not sure he understood anything going on

    40. Aaron Odonnell

      That does sound like Shaq 🤣😂🤣😂👌🏻

    41. Ron Harris

      Wow this is hilarious

    42. 6AMER SAM

      Bro I'm weak Gary is the og for how he handled it 2

    43. Audio Destiny

      Could someone explain the grand rapids joke to me? Thanks

      1. Audio Destiny

        Old School Gaming thank you for explaining

      2. Old School Gaming

        Floyd's is from Gran rapids it's his home town

    44. Jesse Paulson

      I hate black niggas

    45. - Pacino773

      Yo why’d KGup suggest this Shit? I haven’t searched mayweather or comedy tf

      1. Leo Espana

        Angel Pacino you sound mad?

    46. Xclusive

      Nice freestyle went off scrict and kept it funny. He a Natural

    47. Yankeefan8995

      Floyd’s bitch sitting there looking around like she’s too good for this shit. 🙄

    48. James Fraser

      Trash bruh

    49. Rhaegar Snow

      All you people saying he did such a great job need to watch more stand-up. He literally stole 3 jokes from Joe Rogan whenever they all walked in. Great job remembering them on the spot I guess

    50. Gary Thompson

      Why aren't ANY of the women who came in with these guys laughing? The guys who walked in are. The woman are like..."Thud..."

    51. john doe

      Typical no class floyd

    52. neil k.

      Title should read: Floyd Mayweather is comedy show. There, fixed it for you.

      1. SmoothCoastin

        Is the^ I fixed it for you.

    53. Andrew Lux

      Floyd knows he can run.. thats what he knows. Haha

    54. daniel Laswell

      Who caresssssss stupid assess

    55. D wade

      Merry Christmas 🎄 HAPPY MUTHA FUCKING NEW YEARS 30ppl😭 iont even know 30 ppl I'm Crying💀

    56. The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube

      Floyds too stupid to understand any jokes

      1. 1Eluzai

        Yeah, Billionaires are too stupid!

    57. It's Free 2 Pay attention KP


    58. Spot on Picks

      Hash shiny himmi nimi now

    59. Brandon Dicks

      classic original funny

    60. Mike ivey

      Classic move just absolutely interrupt the mans whole show

    61. Cool tha Underdog

      Gary Owen is not just a wigger. He's America's Wigger🙋🏼‍♂️

    62. PoYo LoKo

      Lol gary owen a beast

    63. signodatimez

      Wow, almost 8yrs. ago and Still funny. 😆

    64. Benjamin Reaves

      Dry ass jokes

    65. Repro Man

      Great improv off the cuff humor... love Gary’s sense of timing

    66. mooky

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 That ish was funny af.

    67. Notpumpgas Anymore

      Met Floyd in Pensacola and he was the biggest douchebag ever!

    68. Lee Online Hustle

      Nelly did the same shit at one of Aries Spears' show...just with less people.

      1. Nathan Green

        That was a great set by Spears

    69. Fleadog Green

      Bravo bravo!! He pulled it off

    70. Patrick Martin

      Off the top of his head much love G O...😁😁😁✌✌✌

      1. Getting Jacked

        Patrick Martin dudes a beast for real

    71. Luka Muren

      This is gold

    72. Cwick Yo momma

      White people that wish they were black. Sell outs

    73. Silenciobob

      Arrogant prick Floyd shows up late like that

    74. Matt Gonzalez

      That chick next to Floyd looks like she has the personality and brains of a rock (just how Floyd likes em 🤦‍♂️)

      1. Hiawatha Clemons

        Matt Gonzalez Pretty much

    75. Enrique Montanez

      Fuck floyd mayweather a wack ass boxer. Paper champion nigga

    76. camrillem

      Spoiled rich brat Floyd maywheather cant even get there on time like everyone else

      1. camrillem

        Steve Jose dude he was being sarcastic you moron he wasnt really on time look at the crowd there isnt one open seat, and What good has Floyd done for poor people? Oh jack shit, hes a spoiled rich brat

      2. Steve Jose

        You ki da dumb to lie tru your teeth or you deaf????( comedian said that floyd arrived ontimemeaning he was not like most black people always late.. ( clean your ears?

      3. Steve Jose

        Hey idiot first he is not a spoiled rich brat,his parents were not rich...he was poor but worked hard.deserves all the wealth he got

      4. Limit Breaker

        He deserves to be spoiled and rich, he started off not having shit so fuck you mane. Dam internet thugs make me sick

      5. J C

        So you're spoiled if you can't make it to a show on time?

    77. Alex Gomez

      Mayweather is a pos

      1. Javi Ceni

        SRT HEMI lmao I don’t care about credibility lmao wtf and ok he might be the “greatest” to you but he definitely is not to me that’s all, no debate.

      2. SRT HEMI

        @Javi Ceni you sound totally clueless. He danced around your fighters? No point in even debating with you. You lost all credibility already 😑😑😑😒😒😒😒

      3. Javi Ceni

        SRT HEMI correction, he danced around your favorite boxers. Mayweather can’t do shit in the ring no more. He turned a sport into a joke lmao

      4. SRT HEMI

        He beat all of your dumb ass favorite boxers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    79. 20GWU20

      You know you're good when you can improv like that.

      1. 20GWU20

        @crysta nick Glad to know I'm so special in your life🙅🏾‍♀️fuck off!!!

      2. crysta nick

        @20GWU20 I have one thanks. I can still manage to take half a second to get a 5 letter word correct. You have a peachy day 😉😂

      3. 20GWU20

        @crysta nick Oh wow, so I was typing fast and misspelled a word...GET A LIFE!!!

      4. crysta nick

        You know you're even better when you can IMPROV like that.

    80. Niners 21


    81. Nolan Walls

      Look how they don't fuck with Floyd he is not a fav

    82. Yves Patrick Mardice


    83. Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

      he started doing Shaq and I couldnt breathe.

    84. Lynette Smith

      When he said he might be a bad my fighter😂

    85. a b


    86. DREN

      Who is he?

    87. Tony Samayoa

      Gary you are awesome, I'm here lmfao.

    88. therhinoceros1

      Ha simmanimmaNAHHH!

    89. Kain Deschain

      He was late because he was too busy beating women up in front of kids

    90. Canon Kingsley

      Is this before or after think like a man too? Coz they were both in that movie.

    91. Michael Smokesweed

      Floyd a dumb pos

    92. Cheesvake

      Why does it seem like he’s doing an impression of a black woman when he tells jokes

    93. MrBigT

      enjoyed him on the side down with Andrew Schulz, I figured his act would involve some "black voice" since that is his main crowd, but this is too Eddie Murphy, I honestly think he is funny just talking naturally, not this pandering

      1. Gavin C.

        Chris rock puts on an extra black voice in front of black crowds and you can tell that shit is fake

    94. MrBigT

      okay Eddie Murphy lmao

    95. jarg7

      Is that Floyd mayweather or did Jamie fox get 2 feet shorter

    96. bangmeister2012

      That takes balls

    97. Carlos Salenas

      He right about Rodger Mayweather I don't know what the fuk he be talking about either

    98. J Daye


    99. David Lewis

      This guy is funny man 😂

    100. Chris Devarro

      That shaQ impersonation lol