If Its Red Leave It In The Shed????

Larson Farms

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    Chet explains Why we wash our semis as much as we do.
    Watch us replace the vibration Dampner in Quad Track.
    Mice molest the corn head.
    We are a family farm located in west central Minnesota. est. 1918
    We enjoy to share our part in agricultural with you and show our followers the ups and downs of farming.
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    1. D Font

      I find this interesting. Typically vibration dampers are on the front of the crankshaft and dampen vibrations and carry a crankshaft pulley. Your damper looks like clutch. Is this to take some of the torque out of the driveshaft.

    2. casy casy

      shop like that and no over head crane?make a gantry and use a chain hoist, much safer

    3. Bret Lambky

      Have you ever used mothballs? They are a good way to keep critters out. Ammonia is also another way to get rodents to leave. They think that there is a predator around because it smells like urination.

    4. Bret Lambky

      You need a nice gantry crane in your shop!

    5. Thrillhunter

      MOTH BALLS ! rodents hate it they chewed my wires up bad . just put moth balls when u store it they actually evaporate so theres no residue left over to plug things up ,not to mention its super cheap.

    6. Michael Ward

      Great job guys. Love the banjo music. Look forward to more videos. God bless.

    7. Magnus Eriksson

      Nice work . you guys work hard whit that traktor

    8. Alexis DeVille

      Come on you must get paid !

    9. Tim Wade

      Put grease are the holes and the wires mice don’t like grease

    10. Justin Wilhelm

      Moth balls

    11. Vacuums and Shampooer Boy

      You guys should share pictures of your farm with giants software to create a farming simulator 19 map...that would be really epic...😀😀😀😀

    12. Vacuums and Shampooer Boy

      My uncle always says if it's red leave it in the shed also...he's a big John Deere fan

    13. Vacuums and Shampooer Boy

      Man you guys are really awesome people keep up the great work cuz you do a lot for people.....

    14. Jim Larsen

      Do you have any idea how many you tubers are peddling t shirts and hats? I lost count. So, here's the plan, grow cotton, make your own t shirts and get steenkin rich hombre. 😆🛀

    15. Jan Trzesiara

      An just so u guys know that’s called a flex plate. It takes the motors energy and transfer it to the hydronic pumps

      1. Jan Trzesiara

        We have the same type of things on our snow groomers

    16. adven ture

      Are these tractors service friendly or not?, And are the new ones better on that?

    17. Josh Pitts

      Smells like a John and hides in the Woods...

    18. J Edwards

      Looks as if you needed a mechanics course fron Case just to own one of these.

    19. Terry Stearns

      If it's green throw it out the door...

    20. Nicholas Trado

      why don't you put some heat shielding on the turbo so it stops melting the cover gasket

    21. Robert Mecalis


    22. Dale Miller

      Mothballs in an old sock is the best deterrent

    23. Tyler Goetsch

      U should sell the qaudtrac and get a jd 9rx

    24. Kevin Klingner

      Soy bean and corn based plastics have bean used since the early 90s. The first headers to have this type of plastic was the 9000 series headers is 9400 ,9500 ,9600, 9700 and9800 harvesters.

    25. Jeff Hunt

      I've heard they dont like the smell of moth balls either

    26. Kevin Klingner

      It wound be as heavy as the oldl green stiegers would it? It would still be heavy.

    27. quik9r

      I laugh the way the too boys interact. Awesome

    28. Mar M

      A few taps on break drums will break the pads lose on your trailer . Chew operator but for him. That's good way to ruin tires 😡😡

    29. James Payne

      Have you ever thought about using a ultrasonic repeller that you just plug into Outlet

    30. Craig Flatley

      I put bounce sheets in my camper to stop mice!

    31. Mark Overly

      Need to add a shop gantry crane to do that kind of lifting.

    32. Maurice Fancey

      fine job men

    33. Trystan’s Farm

      NOoOoOoOoOoOoOo CASeSEEeeEsSEe that should be something nobody says

    34. Justin 'J Money Show' McClure

      no loctite on the flywheel/cluth/dampener?

    35. PatentDude

      Try dropping a couple moth balls in each of those holes. They'll last awhile (hopefully about a year) and rodents tend to avoid areas with that smell.

    36. Peter Shute

      You should get onto Nerta in the us with their cleaning system for trucks and machinery great products spectacular finish and no hard scrubbing 🧽

    37. richardj ellis

      Why not 'impact' on a chrome socket.?🤔?.

      1. richardj ellis

        @dunes7 Right. Got it. Thanks for your reply and explanation. 😁

      2. dunes7

        Chrome sockets are normally meant for hand tool use, they are not as heavy duty (thick walled) in their construction as "impact sockets".

    38. richardj ellis

      I see that the 'lift with your back and definitely not your legs' rules apply on your farm🤔. Excellent example to set the younger folks Douglas 😂. Rich UK 🥰

    39. richardj ellis

      Bounce dryer sheets.? I've never heard of this before. Do mices not like spring fresh, silky smooth living conditions.?🤔...😂. Rich UK 🥰

    40. richardj ellis

      Would be funny if after all that work, you realised that it was completely accessible from underneath.😂. Rich UK 🥰

    41. richardj ellis

      What's the 'pusher' axle actually for.?

    42. Russ Post

      Get some cats ....no more rodents

    43. andreas

      Is the Swede your brother?

      1. Larson Farms


    44. Jaysen Sterling

      I live in northwestern Pennsylvania road salt is horrible

    45. glennwaldner

      Put 2 by 4s under the vents. Then use the straps around the 2x4s. Way sturdier

    46. Jared J

      I know this is old, but if you see this, check out Honda rodent tape. The wire insulation is also soy based. The tape is basically infused with pepper spray.

    47. Archibald Tuttle

      Since at least 1975 rats and mice like to eat plastic. Probably since long before but I never knew it -- but it surprised the cheez-whiz out of me that they would go after plastic and not eat sugar!

    48. Alexis DeVille

      Chet you often say Yuit work for nothing???

    49. Matt Wagner

      I'm not sure but I know ford is starting to use wiring harnesses in their cars that actually have pepper spray and him makes the wiring spicy than the mice don't like to eat it

    50. mike ford

      Steal wool or sos pads put ln mouse holes will stop them from chewing threw again

    51. Fred Ellis

      If it's red leave it behind the shed.

    52. claes mansson

      Wonder if new dampener is improved compared to old one.

    53. Grady Wells

      Chet you must have started working on the farm at birth. You are so knowledgeable and mature for your age.

    54. Don Bray

      How often do you drive on the salted highways ?

    55. Ronnie&Marlene Barnes

      use moth balls for the rodets

    56. Dave Ferguson

      Covering on the wires are made with peanut oil. I learned from another farmer.

    57. Allen Neal

      needs metal covered wire and metal gourmets for the holes

    58. Jan Franken

      Screw hardware cloth screen over the holes in the head snouts this will keep debris out of the corn head where they make homes and it will also keep them from entering this will be cheaper than repairing every year,

    59. Mr. Fatty

      Put blue blocks in the storage shed to kill rodents off.

    60. Mr. Hutt

      Wrong! If it ain't red, keep it in the shed! 😁

    61. Dieter Lethmate

      Try fluid film underoating

    62. Wallace Loan

      Chet and Erik well done for taking such a big job on your quad track. Great team work with you two and Erik is a great team player and this is a big thing formal at Larson Farms. Great video Chet keep them coming

    63. souldragon121

      I assume you guys stay away from Nuhn's stuff if ya dont trust red lmfao

    64. Karrie Falon Johnson

      At least ya guys got modern battery power tools we hadda do most repairs with good ol hand power wrenches and liftin was ok you grab there ect ect ect and grunt till off. And changin a clutch ect was lay on ya back in the gravel

    65. jba36420

      Hey Chet, how old are you and your brother. So imagine that in addition to farming, you guys have to be master mechanics. Takes a lot of "smarts" to farm on the scale you guys farms. Enjoy all your videos and await the next one.

      1. jba36420

        Larson Farms Chet, there is no way you're 24......you don't look old enough to buy beer, bet you are "carded a lot"🤪🤪🤪

      2. Larson Farms

        I’m 24 years old.

    66. Tom Preiss

      Yes soy based just ask a KIA owner every one how lives in the country found out what car not to by LOL

    67. Steven Davis

      Chet, it's if it's green keep it in the shed. Lol

    68. cobrasvt347

      Just run the forks through the grill and lift. No. No please don’t. Lol

    69. Steven Hobbs

      The big seed is an engineer. Put him on that dampener!

    70. BigFoot Bubba

      Boric acid, now you have to finalize this thought, with what is the plastic will it harm the plastic and so forth and so on. If you soak cotton balls or filler material with a water soluble Boric Acid solution, (in my small knowledge will stop all varmints, Roaches, Insects. Critters, for invading)... to test this theory costs less than new plastic parts for hells yeah.... Soak your cotton, shirt, cloth, what eva.... in .... let it dry and stuff it in the rat holes... see what happens and report back to us... I win!!

    71. TrulyUnfortunate

      With all the crap you guys have I cant believe you dont have an overhead crane!!!

    72. Brady Streich

      The title of the video is right, if it’s red leave it in the shed.

    73. Air Force 1

      If it’s green, you bought the wrong machine.

    74. SirDigger420

      Nobody came up with the pun "If its Chet, leave it in the shed"?? scnr

    75. bob herndon

      SEE just like Mike Bloomberg said ANYONE CAN BE A FARMER. Hahahaha

    76. Kevin Klingner

      The external plastics on John Deere harvesters since the 9000series ie 9600 have been corn derived and soybean as have the rest of their gearrodents are bad on any plastics and rubber wiring coatings.

    77. D Lux

      Why are you guys working so hard? Bloomberg said all you have to do is dig a hole, put a seed in it, and cover it up............LOL

    78. highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl

      Very good work Chet.

    79. Dan Finley

      Love the banjo 🪕 a little bluegrass

    80. Dan Finley

      Great job saving big bucs for the farm love the maintenance videos

    81. John

      good job boys !


      Those trucks are sick!!!

    83. Jay

      The solution to the rodent problem is to use stainless steel braided wire loom on the sections that need to be repaired. Mice, rats, and squirrels do not have strong enough teeth to chew this type of loom. I also use stainless zip ties on those sections- the loom can abrade a traditional zip tie. If you do this you will save thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime- thank the US military, they are the ones who've pioneered it for expensive and/or mission critical items.

    84. Thomas Björklund

      Nice one! Just startet with digging videos. Here is my first with Yanmar SV100-2 & Engcon tiltrotator :) kgup.info/get/Yaujen3QjLF6Zpk/video

    85. marty

      Toyota has a TSB for rodents that like to eat the soy based insulation on the wires. It is basically hot sauce. So you should be good with the application of the hottest sauce you can buy unless you have Mexican mice.!!!

    86. Rod MakeStuff

      Ur title is very true

    87. Scott Hintermeister

      Where do I find the clothing?

      1. Larson Farms



      60 dollars an hour, they re getting 105 dollars an hour over here...///

    89. olivier salaun

      How many hours on that tractor ?

      1. Larson Farms


    90. Tyler Cummings

      I sure love the KGup channel! But I think back to at one point on the ole Instagram when Chet said no we won’t be posting KGup videos because I don’t have time for that and my wife isn’t going to be editing them for me! Well I happy it wasn’t true and keep up the great work Nikki and thanks for the great videos Chet! Maybe someday we will meet up!

    91. Charles Beasley

      Rodents don't like steel wool Plug the hole with it

    92. Duane Erickson

      Awesome shop and equipment, how many acres does your Family Farm?

    93. Ed Crego

      Try some strong scented soap like Irish spring cut up into smaller pieces and put in nylon socks or some kind of breathable material and tie in the area your having trouble seems to work pretty good

    94. James Will

      Where is your safety harness young man. OSHA is coming your way soon! LOl

    95. yard ape motorsports

      Mice and rodents hate cinnamon, pour cinnamon around cold storage and leave some containers of it open

    96. Spork- Ey

      Plug the holes with steel wool. Rodents don't like steel wool. Might still eat the plastic.

    97. Curt Weatherbee

      Chet I didn’t know you had a sister 🤠

    98. Sundown Angus Farms

      What’s your Snapchat so I can watch your snap story?

    99. Joe Scheller

      have you considered getting a green quadtrack yeah i know dollars commodity prices

    100. Terry Taylor

      I am surprised at how few farmers on youtube have these big shops but don't have an overhead gantry hoist.