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    We are so happy to finally share the happiest news - WE’RE HAVING A BABY!
    Kristin's reaction video - kgup.info/get/YYtphKrNk3B7Ym4/video
    Kristin’s Dress - bit.ly/3bZnt0W
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    1. Marcus&Kristin

      We really want to say thank you for being so kind & encouraging & also just so excited for us! We are so thankful that we truly have a special community here online that feels like family. WE LOVE YOU!

      1. Ilyssa Hagood

      2. Jerusha Darlene

        Wow!! That's an amazing news!! Congratulations you guys!! We love you ❤❤ God bless you❤❤May the Lord be with you!!❤❤Be safe kris!!

      3. ida alessandrini

        I still can’t believe your pregnant!! I’m so excited!! Congrats. I can’t wait to follow along the journey!!

      4. Mary Smith

        Congratulations. I'm so excited and happy for you!

      5. Hiba Hazeem

        yayyyy!!!!! :')

    2. Shagun Khajuria

      Both of guys just enjoy every part of it ❤️😭

    3. charcboi y labagir

      awww, congrats. i used to watch marcus all the time on vine. hope you have a healthy pregnancy!!!!

    4. kaur

      Congrats 🎉 and you can teach a girl how to throw a ball too Marcus 😉 make them a brave one whether it’s a boy or a girl 💛 I just know y’all going to be the best parents ever 🥺

    5. The Light Side Of Life

      Marcus talking about Kristins hips: "They're gonna spread open and birth that baby like a wide cow" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I think I just peed myself hahahahahahahaha

      1. The Light Side Of Life

        Or did he say "through a wide canal" ??? hahahaha I heard cow for some reason hahahahahaha. OMGOSHHH

    6. Haily Petersen

      I'm so excited!

    7. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Congrats 🎊 so happy for you two

    8. Stephanie Sui

      Marcus is an Aries.

    9. Hanna Ly

      he’s too traditional. why can’t you toss a football with your daughter?

    10. Ilyssa Hagood

      Ahh yay, congrats I had a feeling I knew someone was pregnant. I still do🥳🎉🥰❤

    11. Amy Morris

      miniurl.es/girlshotz9e0m Solo le azioni dei rappresentanti dell'opposizione sono riunite in interi gruppi della loro stessa specie! In generale, ovviamente, il nuovo modello di attività organizzativa richiede un'analisi delle direzioni di sviluppo progressivo.All'improvviso, i diagrammi di connessione aggiungono solo discordia tra fazioni e si dichiara che violano l'etica e la moralità umana. Il punto di vista opposto implica che gli azionisti delle maggiori società siano dichiarati in violazione delle norme universali di etica e moralità.💋 Em geral, e claro, a analise semantica da oposicao externa exige que analisemos o sistema de treinamento de pessoal que corresponde as necessidades prementes. O ponto de vista oposto implica que os sinais claros da vitoria da institucionalizacao sejam objetivamente considerados pelas autoridades competentes.

    12. Mandie Zangora

      Yesss Camper and Honey for SURE knew before even y’all did! My service dog loves my home health nurse and a few weeks before she told me she was pregnant he started acting different. Still super lovey but when she was here he half ignored me and was sniffing around her and cuddling her and super super gentle and we joked oh I gets he wants to go live with Auntie Anna now...a month later she comes and tells me she’s pregnant. No wonder why! He smelled the human puppy growing 😂

    13. Mimoza Aliu

      This made me so happy :D I'm so excited for you guys!

    14. Yvonne Chavira

      when do we get to see the reactions 😭😭😭😭😭

    15. C Marie

      Please PLEASE read the amazing Christian pregnancy guide “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize!! It totally changed the game for my husband and I’s journey and it’s absolutely amazing (sorry for commenting this again but I promise you you will NOT be disappointed!!!!) 🙏💙

      1. S L C


      2. Chronic Shopper


    16. Liv’s Life Journey

      Love these ♥️

    17. Stixmations

      God I haven't watched Marcus in a longtime. And now I came back to this, I never thought it would happen soon enough

    18. Alicia Price

      IM 15 weeks TODAY😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 We are due THE SAME WEEK!!!

    19. Bethany S

      Congratulations!! You two are going to be great parents. God bless! ❤️❤️

    20. Iza & Tren

      We are a small couple's channel and we recently got engaged! We'd LOVE if some of you would check out some of our videos! We just posted HOW WE MET pt 2 | Backpacking Europe Together video! Comment some of your channels and we'd love to subscribe as well! xoxo, Iza & Tren

    21. ReyT.Official


    22. Kelsey Fournier

      Congrats!! 🎉❤

    23. Noelle Boyd

      congratulations you guys!!!!! may the Lord bless you in this new and exciting chapter of life!

    24. yuoop noke

      When Cody and Lexi announced their pregnancy all I could think about was that you would be next!!!!!

    25. MoonSandy McBroom

      but how can this be such a huuge suprise for you? either you didnt use protection on purpose or you did use it. but either way you would know what happens. so? i am just confused.

      1. yuoop noke

        Kristin... you know you’re going to be a boy mom, and they’re going to do crazy daredevil things like Marcus and you’re just going to have boy mom anxiety, lmao. I can see it n

    26. Farheen Mayana farna

      Congratulations 👏

    27. neyu

      4:35 aww Marcus, even if Kristin gives birth to a baby girl you can still teach her football! My dad taught me football and I've been playing ball ever since I was a toddler. He usually throws and I run routes and catch, but I can throw a mean ball too! I used to always watch games every sunday/monday/thurs, but bc of college I've been too busy :(

    28. Rachel G

      Awww the cousins are going to be able to grow up together!

    29. pida siouy

      When I saw your Instagram posts, I LITERALLY gasped out loud and said “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??!!!!!”. So surprised! Yay!!!!!

    30. Emma Alter

      I can’t wait to see all the reactions!!!!

    31. zush

      My baby was born on the 16th November 2020!!! Congrats guys 😘

      1. pida siouy

        Love love love you guys!!!!!!! So excited for you! Sending you so much love ❤️

    32. Sam Jessie

      I too got the 'gut' feeling of my baby's gender the second I found out, I felt I had a girl right away and I was right! 💕 So happy and excited for the both of you! ♥️

    33. Meg Says

      Oh my gosh I'm sooo happy for you guys!! You will make the sweetest best parents ever everrrr

    34. dolita windo

      When I saw your Instagram posts, I LITERALLY gasped out loud and said “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??!!!!!”. So surprised! Yay!!!!!

    35. 09kaybabyy

      "Give him a kiss"... Kristin at the end of the video. Whether they know for sure or not. Gut instinct and calling the baby a him already.

      1. dolita windo

        I just can't wait to see lexy and cody's reaction 😘😊😊

    36. Angela Rocha

      Owwwww I don't know why but I feel it's a boy💙

    37. Sara Barill

      Awe so excited for you guys! I just had my first baby boy & it was truly an amazing wonderful experience! Hypnobirthing is such an amazing helper with anxiety surrounding birth/labour. But I promise everyone makes it seem worse than it is. I absolutely LOVED my labour & birth experience. I did an at home water birth & it was so peaceful & cannot wait for my next bubs & birth experience!

    38. shoshi walder

      brb crying


      Ohh. How Did it happens. How did u do it?? Lolz

    40. Inka Jung


    41. miko foin

      Kristin... you know you’re going to be a boy mom, and they’re going to do crazy daredevil things like Marcus and you’re just going to have boy mom anxiety, lmao. I can see it n

    42. Esmeralda Gonzalez

      girl and a boy cousins will still be best friends. my nephew and niece are the bestest friends. they hold hands and always play together. they get so excited to see each other it is the cutest thing ever. they are like 2 so their personalities are coming out and theyre just the cutest.

      1. miko foin

        Woooohoooo, congratulations!!!!

    43. Riley Kirk-Johnson


    44. Stephanie R

      I can not wait to see Marcus's reaction!

    45. x lady

      Oh my god I got so emotional congratulations to you both not gonna lie I've been waiting for this moment hahha you guys are amazing

    46. Amy Poo

      Love love love you guys!!!!!!! So excited for you! Sending you so much love ❤️

    47. bilishu aliss

      Marcus acting out the hips spreading has me rolling😂😂😂 “birth that baby like a wide canal”

    48. A

      no joke, all of my favorite influencers are pregnant right now and expecting in June/July (my birthday month)!! i'm so excited for you and Marcus, Lisa Cimorelli and Chad Gilbert, Tess and Patrick, and Arie and Lauren :')

      1. bilishu aliss

        said, "Four months after the accident, we conceived." I'm lost

    49. Katie

      So happy for you two and can’t wait to watch you on this journey! Sending love and prayers❤️

    50. kaat burnham

      This is going to be the cutest family ill ever see.

    51. Elina DeJarnett

      I just can't wait to see lexy and cody's reaction 😘😊😊

    52. Jennifer Martinez-Gudiel

      I KNEW that was why you were moving! Congrats !!!!!

    53. e A

      OMG YES 😭😭😭😭😭 I'M SO SO SO HAPPY! 🙏💕💕💕💕

    54. brooky manning

      When I say my jaw dropped-

    55. A M

      The first time I heard my baby's heartbeat😭😭😭😭😭

    56. Caroline Mary Frances

      My gut reaction is Boy too! So happy for you two❤️

    57. Janelle I.D.

      So happy for you guys!!

    58. Bekah Moten

      Woooohoooo, congratulations!!!!

    59. loveazlen

      THIS IS SOOOO EXCITING !! congratulation you guys !!

    60. Karen T.

      'We got them in the mood' 😂😂

    61. animllovr

      All my favourite YT couples are pregnant now around the same time 🥰🥰

      1. gioyu comi

        Honestly so so excited for you two!!!! Congratulations and much love to your growing family!!!!!!!

    62. Vaneta R

      Oh my gosh!!!! Such a great surprise!!! Congratulations!! 🎉

      1. gioyu comi

        marcus you know that you can throw a football with a girl right? :D

    63. Fatima Marquez

      God bless your family 🙏🏻

    64. Deanna

      Someone help me out..4 months after the accident you found out? or 4 months since..because if it was the first one, you didn't have a period for 4 months? Idk Marcus at 1:14 said, "Four months after the accident, we conceived." I'm lost

      1. b

        they got into a p serious car accident last year...

    65. Sha

      yall are going to have a girl

    66. Ella Mould

      “Birth that baby through a wide canal” I NEARLY SPAT MY DRINK AHAHAH I can’t

    67. Sally Traxler

      I wanna see marcus’ reaction!! Congratulations 😁😁

    68. Millen

      Please stay away from ultrasounds and dopplers! Congratulations god bless you!

    69. Jayda S

      I’m so happy for you guys, I hope everything is going well ❤️

    70. Somaya Gigi

      Congratulations 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    71. Birdy

      Congratulations! 🎉❤️ I know you two will make amazing parents 😊💕

    72. Erin Carroll

      I died laughing when marcus imitated kristin throwing up lmfao

    73. Andrea Rivera

      love you so much!!! the baby is loved already. thanks for sharing this with us!

    74. Kylie Crawford

      I can just tell you guys are going to be the best parents!

    75. Sarah A

      What is actually wrong with Marcus. Describes his wife's throwup in disgusting detail. "Her hips are going to spread out and birth that baby like a wide canal." That's not funny, that's disturbing. I have no idea how Kristen deals with him.

      1. Anestassia

        Well its a good thing your not the one married to him then, huh

    76. Luisa Gehm

      marcus you know that you can throw a football with a girl right? :D

    77. Anneliese larrinaga

      Honestly so so excited for you two!!!! Congratulations and much love to your growing family!!!!!!!

    78. Anneliese larrinaga

      MOVE TO TEXASSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    79. y a n a

      Wow just recently I watched a video where she said there's no baby planning anytime soon and next thing u know boooom God had other plans

    80. Scar Love

      It wasn't a secret to me...I have intuition about this stuff

    81. Nicole Leigh

      Love that you guys are having a baby the same time as Cody and Lexy. My cousin and I were born 6 weeks apart and he was my best friend in the world growing up. Don't worry if they aren't the "same." It's a true gift! 🥰🥰

    82. Elle McLemore

      You guys are adorable!!

    83. Osaa Agyarko

      OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG CONGRATULATIONS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    84. anna londonheart

      CONGRATS 😭😭💕💕💕✨✨✨

    85. gioyu comi

      Marcus acting out the hips spreading has me rolling😂😂😂 “birth that baby like a wide canal”

    86. Sharvari Dhumankhede

      Congratulations 🎉👏🏻❤️

    87. Mindi W

      praise GOD! Praying for you all!

      1. gioyu comi

        Oh, i want it! :)

    88. Naomi Wambui

      Aww congratulations...🤩 pray for a supernatural pregnancy..

    89. Jehe Ghi


    90. Jehe Ghi


    91. bethany

      So happy for you guys :,)) praying good health for the whole family!

    92. Sarah Rose Diaz

      omg yesssssss

      1. dutoiu hour

        SO EXCITED!! YAY! God is so good!

    93. karah

      what a miracle!! congrats!! so glad you guys get to be parents🤍🤍🤍

    94. RaIYA

      ahhh congratulations!

      1. dutoiu hour


    95. audrey earley

      HOLY SHINGALINGDOODONG I KNEW IT!!! I have been following y'alls journey for years so I literally cried when I watched this. Much love from Austin, TX ¨̮ !!!

    96. Denisse Aguilera

      My sisters mom and I had the same reaction while brushing our teeth and we both had girls.

    97. Tess Jones

      Amazing. So Happy for you. You are such a great family. Now its growing!

    98. Nathan Lastiwka

      Hey Dude, my wife and I have a 8 month old daughter, when I found out we were having a girl I felt the same as you! I’ve always said I’d have a daughter and be good until the teenager years and then a lot of praying and hard work to get me through those years! But I’ve been reading a great book called She calls me daddy by Robert Wolgemuth. He’s a great Christian author and the book has been so helpful to prepare me for the future. Give it a read!

      1. Amber Dennis

        How does a woman become wifey material and what eye color, hair color, pants size, and bra size do guys want a wife to have?

    99. Nallely A


    100. Nallely A