Hilary’s First Classic

Scott Martin

92 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

    Hilary and I hit Birmingham for the 50th Anniversary Bassmaster Classic. We take you through the mother of all fishing expos. So cool meeting so many of you all!!
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    1. Todd Smith

      Bro 1rod is the goat that’s crazy

    2. Jeff Fournier

      Hilary your dance was awesome and the hit of the vidieo. When you turn pro you need a dance like Ike use to do but yours is much better the "Seawall Crawl" lol.


      I'm trying to visualize Hilary's custom pro sponsored bass boat a few years from now.. much love to the Martin family....

    4. Parker Shaw

      I was there also and I saw yall

    5. Extra Point Sports

      4:48 that didn’t age well

    6. Liam M

      Are these all pre recorded?

    7. Gerard Gearity

      How old is Hilary now?

    8. egomaniac247

      You don't wanna know what she's gonna do with that banana....."you gonna make banana pudding with that banana"...her: "uhh...yeah"

    9. Jenny M.

      Take Trash Talkin' James to the next classic.

    10. Brandi Whitfield

      Yeah Scott I'm worried about it to I'm the kid that met you on lake Okeechobee my partner he had red hair we are in junior Florida b.a.s.s Nation

    11. Christopher Pitts

      Called hank cherry

    12. Trinidad Diaz

      Lol Hillary crip walking lol

    13. Trinidad Diaz

      What happened to brandon ??

    14. TVC_ peytonsteele11

      Is this in Birmingham every year

    15. Ranger569 H

      The kid saying he can sing but not dance, over and over lol

    16. Xbox Gamer

      When Hillary started C walking Ik them guys got nervous cause they said Nah nah I ain’t doing that so they wouldn’t embarrass thereself

      1. Mid Alabama Bassin TV

        Yeah man that was me🤣

      2. Xbox Gamer

        Mid Alabama Bassin TV 😂😂was that fr you

      3. Mid Alabama Bassin TV

        Xbox Gamer ha ha ha I was that kid😂

    17. Eli FishingTV

      Yoooo 1rod what's good dude

    18. Giovanni Suarez

      Scott Martin: is that the C walk ? Me: Damn 😂😂 Hilary hit it dope 👌🏽😂

    19. Ben Powell Ben Rhodes

      I was there

    20. Jaidens Outdoors

      They canceled my whole football season

    21. GStu

      U gotta check out impulse.... amazing rods

    22. aqHD

      Did she just crip walk

    23. Avery Floyd

      I live in bham

    24. dennis hartsock

      I’m sooo glad you went with B.A.S.S. They should have put you in the Elite Tour. Best of luck. Tear ‘em up!!!

    25. DixieFishin With Charles Adderhold

      Bud its setious in jeeferson county. I live 7 Mom. From the legacy Arena and we just got the word today. Our boys are out of school for the rest of the 2019 2020 school year in Birmingham. Glad U get to fish it next year. I hope u stay prayed up and safe!

    26. DixieFishin With Charles Adderhold

      Man i cant believe i missed u in my home town bud! Hope I enjoyed urself! I only hit the last day on Sunday. Didn't see u but glad u and 1 rod came!

    27. Mr w wh

      Yeah Scott this is getting very scary now..I can see more cancellations coming. Considering that I retire from may normal job at Ford this week and plan to fish many FLW tournaments. Go figure....stay safe everyone.

    28. Carson McFall

      Fish at Smith Lake in Curry/jasper plz

    29. Branden Graham

      Man I day I hope my dreams come true.. and get to fish with you mr Scott.. And the googan guy's love the baits..

    30. Branden Graham

      Scott if u go fish in ga by Macon at all could I go with you.. one bay to learn more about getting ready for a tournament..

    31. The Hunting and Fishing Channel

      Who else lives there

    32. Chxyse FN

      Hillary is so hot 🥵 sorry Scott

    33. Kenneth Oliphant

      Wheres brandon ?

    34. Red Bandit

      Missed a bunch of videos were has spinner worm been?

    35. Callen Miller

      Random kid in the back: I was in choir..... I can sing

    36. Jorrdan Hendricks

      Where is Brandon

    37. jasontheryan

      Keep creating content, you are in a position to keep making money if you keep putting content out. While everyone is stuck indoors, everyone will still consume content. You're in a unique position to keep making money while this is happening. Do it while you can. Its about to get ugly, unfortunately.

    38. jasontheryan

      the awkward 1 Rod transit, hahahahaha. I feel your pain.

    39. Col Col

      Its gonna het sot worse, dont plan on fishing for a very long time as of todays date

      1. Dan F Fishing

        Col Col fishing doesn’t give you the corona it’s going to publicl places and tounchkng poeple and things

    40. clinton johnson

      What happened to Spinnerworm?

    41. Asian007

      Why does 1Rod look so much better in this vid than any of his other vids??!??

    42. harry larry

      Scott knows about c-walking....new found level of respect

    43. John Olivarez

      Keep calm wash. Your hands

    44. Bigbearded Mexn

      You know what’s more random than 1rod being on the same flight and him riding a bull.........is Hillary busting out CWALKIN OUTTA NOWHERE..........and ps cwalkin ain’t a dance it’s a way of livin and if you don’t believe me as uncle Snoop doggy dog!!!! Nice vide by the way!!!!!

    45. Drew Wagner

      Can I date your daughter I’m 14, 6’1 blonde hair and blue eyes.

    46. Debbie Stanley

      I was there

    47. ASH MOH

      There is always the next year and we like to see everybody safe Scott

    48. stacey clark

      where is spinner worm

    49. flygare films

      Corona time

    50. JR87

      One of the first videos I remember watching when I first subscribed to your channel was you and Hilary fishing the canals. I remember Hilary caught a giant bass with nothing but a hook xD

    51. Charles Crews

      Ain't no virus on the lake

    52. ReelFishinWith Mike

      Need to do another hilary vs James challenge again ....

      1. Nathan Kaufmann

        How old is Hillary any way?

      2. Avery Floyd

        CentralTXFishinWith Mike Yah

    53. CV Fishin

      It should be ok. The Lord will guide us all. Just wash your hands yall. :)

    54. Jonathan Stogner

      ha. good to see ole buddy mason make it big time on scott’s video😂

    55. charles brown

      That color green bass boat screams, 70s???🤓😎🎺🎳

    56. SouthernBassHunter

      4:21 BillyGottaBass 👍

    57. Billy The redneck

      You should bring back trash talking James

    58. caja ormand

      Hank and bryan Carolina anglers dominate Flw and Classic. Step it up Scott

    59. Dalton Collins

      Dang got it rid of Brandon cameraman??

    60. SACO Trev

      That boat is perfect for St. Patricks Day

    61. Joseph Reed

      Were is spinner worm. Brandon doing ok.

    62. Ricky Dooley

      It would be not good for bossiness but would be safe for everyone.

    63. Matthew Johnson

      Did that guy go get a tattoo with your name on his arm?

    64. ronald cross


    65. Rod Royal

      They closed lakes I'm Illinois. Why? So far the insane panic has been a thousand times worse than the virus.

      1. porthos6914

        @Benjamin Howey We are quarintining on lake chick everyday! rough life but somebody has to do it!

      2. Benjamin Howey

        Wait they did i had no idea

    66. N D

      Can you get your dad's autograph for me

    67. Fafnir Icingdeath

      Your dad has such a warm and helpful fishing channel I thought Id sub to this one as well and check it out! Who says nepotism is a bad thing right? HaHa my best to your entire fishing family!

    68. Mike Phelps

      If they cancel the whole season then just do what you do best and keep fishing and posting KGup videos and catching them bass.

    69. Bryant Hardin

      I Met you there

    70. Rodney Hanbaum

      It's all in God's hands Brother! He's got this!!

    71. Kevin Sandells

      Well if it gets canceled I guess you could have Hillary teach you how to dance. Lol

    72. Perry Bailey

      The Coronavirus BS is pure political hype. The panic it created was deliberate, and it's far worse than the virus itself. Now I know this is going to trigger a bunch of the snowflakes, but they can ALL kiss my arse in advance. Maybe if they didn't spend the last 3 years fighting Trump trying to keep illegals coming in so they can protect their voter base (illegal voter base), this wouldn't be a problem here in the US? But as Rahm Emanuel-Dead-fish always said, "never let a good crisis go to waste. I came here to escape all the hype only to see that it's being shoved down everyone's throats even on fishing shows on KGup. They just closed all the restaurants and bars in Michigan at 3pm today. This has gone way too far.

    73. Mike Graham

      Where’s Brandon???

    74. Phillip Hill

      You can’t get no more isolated on a boat in the middle of a lake. Bass can still fish and stream the weigh in. MLF isn’t stopping

    75. JFergus7

      Love the channel and all the videos. Can you post an episode showing all the filming gear you use and how you use it? Especially curious how you have your chesty rig set!

    76. Zachary Gardemal

      Excuse my language but This Corona virus bullshit is ruining everything.

    77. slayer 88

      Hil is hilarious. Her dancing skills could use a bit of work but...

    78. GrapeApe OrDie

      One rod!

    79. Cliffy Brown

      Way, way too short!..

    80. Chace W

      Couldnt make it there. I live in Birmingham but I didn’t have a ride because my family doesn’t like fishing but I love it. My friends told me all about it. See u next time

    81. Happy Dancing Musky

      Enjoy these times with Hilary. The magic will not last forever, but keep those boys at arms length for as long as possible.

    82. John.E.ssippi Fishing

      Made me laugh when Hilary didn't know who Mike (one rod) was. Looked like he got his hair cut

    83. slayer 88

      Scottie YOU ARE the man. But T. Sanders.... you CAN'T be serious.

    84. Southern Treasure Hunters

      You should do a locals open bass tournament in disguise and make a video about it.

    85. TJ Montoya

      One rod is the goat

    86. Hernan Contreras

      I love the Martin family like father like son than Granddaughter great family. Very informative.

    87. ClayDog

      I like watching ONEROD. so cool u saw him

    88. The Angry Bass

      Scott living that rock star life!

    89. Dustin Anderson

      Ppl r over reacting to this virus

    90. Ledgerboyz


    91. Check Mate

      Don't you dare... We cant be there're with you.

    92. Troy Harper

      Great video Scott 💯💯

    93. Ian Bellomo

      If the coronavirus cancels the whole season, you’ve always got McDonalds! 😂

    94. The Great White

      The virus isn’t even that bad is what’s the scary part. Over here in Georgia our governor is calling in the national guard. Tinfoil hat on but I think there’s some shady stuff going on behind the scenes. We might have to unite as bass fisherman and take back the country! Lol

    95. Roland Mcclendon

      You can have a fishing guide service my friend

    96. Brandon Palmer

      Hey Scott.. I'm fishing the KBF NC in a few weeks - They announced they're not cancelling.

    97. Rory Littleraven

      This too shall pass, God has everything under his control!!! Jesus is the Truth, the Life and the Way!!!

    98. Jake Schisler

      Just wondering I was hoping to me you at Bass Pro on March 22nd in Fort Myers is that still going to happen ?

    99. Angler Atlarge

      Great to see your daughter enjoys fishing. You are a great father figure.

    100. ChrisGnarley

      Keep making videos so we have something to do in quarantine 😲