Building a 3.5kWh DIY Solar Generator for $650 - Start to Finish


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    After having a friend ask several questions regarding a solar generator project he was working on, I decided this would be a good opportunity to build my own solar generator and fully document the process. The total build came out to around $641. This video provides an in-depth look at the process involved in collecting and assembling the battery pack along with the choice of components and some testing.
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    ■▬▬▬▬▬ COMPONENTS USED ▬▬▬▬▬■
    Craftsman Toolbox...
    Modem Batteries... (10% Discount Code "BATTERY")
    100W Renogy Solar Panel... (not included in price calculation)
    Reliable 1500W Inverter...
    50A Circuit Breaker...
    DROK Voltage Display...
    Recessed Outlets w/ USB...
    Surface Mountable XT60...
    Nickel Strip 2P 25ft...
    Cell Holders 4x5...
    Kapton Tape...
    DALY 14S BMS 40A...
    MPT-7210A MPPT Charger...
    Cigarette Lighter Plugs...
    Fan Temp Controller...
    XT60 Connectors...
    XT90 Connectors...
    48V to 12V Buck Converter...
    Pack-Sized Heat Shrink...
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    Batrium BMS
    DIY Lithium Batteries Book
    Contact Info:
    Business email is I am not available for personal project questions or consultation.
    Disclaimers and Statements:
    ► I receive a small commission on purchases made using my affiliated links shared the video description and comments section. The views and opinions expressed here are my own, unbiased, and not influenced by this commission in any way.
    ► My videos are in no way intended to be instructional "how-to" lessons. I am simply documenting my project for informational purposes. Property damage, personal injury, or death may result, even when following manufacturer's instructions. I cannot be held liable for such damage or injury. It is YOUR OBLIGATION to ensure that you are complying with any local and federal laws as well as code and permit requirements.

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    1. LithiumSolar

      ONE MILLION views!! I never expected this video would go that far. Thank you everyone for the support, feedback, and ideas!! I uploaded a new questions & answers video that addresses several of the questions and ideas that were shared. I also included a "stick-figure" wiring diagram - hopefully it helps :) Also, don't forget to check for the latest deals and pricing! (10% Discount Code "BATTERY")

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        Can I buy some of your SOLAR GENERATORS FROM YOU PLEASE 🙏🇺🇸🙏 I’m looking to have one on panels to be at a constant ready to power my house when loss occurs to automatically go on using your awesome ingenious works directly wired in to my 100 amp panel without it up routing into linesman killing them Also both having a minimum of 3,000 watt inverters with a house battery system of a constant 26,000 amp hour storage and the needed panel network to harness as well as a minimum of 1,000 atop my van having at least 1,000 amp hours storage and a 240 outlet in van and in house I’m at 203-727-3447 Tony I THANKYOU

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        @Kieran Braxton trying it out right now. Looks promising.

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        not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Facebook password using SicZine. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      5. Amal Irfan KC

        3 million views!!! I am mind blown

    2. Nick Benimble

      Great job!

    3. Yos Sie

      Awesome. Any Diagram Plan for this project, please?

    4. John Doe

      I was wondering how much the materials cost for this project.

      1. John Doe

        @LithiumSolarThat's not what I meant. I mean including the stuff he already had from other projects such as the solar panels and the inverter.

      2. LithiumSolar

        $650. The cost is in the title of the video lol :-)

    5. Electreco Ltd

      Join our group of DIY power station builders.

    6. Bajajoe Poker

      Nice job! At 3.5M views, you could have sold advertising space where the name of the tool box is :-) Great video!!

      1. LithiumSolar

        I had no idea this was going to happen lol... And thank you :)

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      Great video and perfect delivery. Not too tideous but all the critical steps where shown. AWESOME!

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      Don't worry about the length, it's very interesting to listen to you.

    9. 123 Up And Adam, Inc

      Great job, looks like a high-quality product. Do you make any to sell?

      1. LithiumSolar

        Thanks. No, I don't sell them unfortunately.

    10. AllRightsReservedWithout PrejudiceUCC1-308

      This video is one of the best I have seen here on youtube. No noise on the backround, no loud music and very clearly presented.

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    15. White Night Demon

      why do u have to wear gloves when taking apart the batteries?

      1. White Night Demon

        @LithiumSolar oh

      2. LithiumSolar

        The broken plastic and metal is very sharp and easy to accidentally cut fingers.

    16. Gareth Bruce

      Excellent video, very informative and well presented

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      One of the best battery pack instruction videos I've seen. Thanks and keep it up!

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      Amazing job ! Enjoyed vid and thank you for not having music....MUCH easier to follow your instruction. If I want music I'll go to a concert.

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      Damn it, had a power cut half way through...what happens in the end?

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      That's amazing dude! Really Good Job👍

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      Almost 4 million views awesome! Great video!

    25. Adrian T

      Hardest part of the build.... opening 130 battery packs :)

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      I desperately wish I could do this.

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      MAn, make them and sell them, is too much for non techy minds like mine.

    28. wrdrvr

      Learning: If instead you just wired two car batteries instead, you could get 24v out and it would last longer but be a lot larger and heavier, right ?

      1. wrdrvr

        @LithiumSolar great, thanks for your reply!

      2. LithiumSolar

        Car batteries are designed to provide a big rush of instantaneous current to start the engine. They won't last very long if you start deep-cycling them. Additionally, flooded batteries (car batteries) produce highly explosive hydrogen gas while charging.

    29. Robert V

      Why were you excited about the 7A vacuum drawing 70A from the battery? It seems like it would be better if it drew only 7A from the batter?

      1. LithiumSolar

        I'm not sure I understand your question. Inductive loads have a high inrush current. I measured that inrush current to be 70A at 48VDC for my shopvac. That's exciting.

    30. Gustav Gans

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      Would you be able to hook up a 12v, 100w panel to this system and charge successfully (albeit slowly)?

    35. 2H80vids

      Not a criticism at all, just curious: You kept things pretty neat but I was going to suggest drilling through the red plastic on the lid, to allow neater, more secure routing of some of the wiring. I then noticed that you 𝒉𝒂𝒅 done that, but only with 𝒐𝒏𝒆 wire. Any special reason, or just a pain to drill? Another thing I considered: depending on how/where it gets used, would it be worth putting wheels/castors on the bottom? It must be pretty heavy. A very interesting project, filmed in an easy-to-watch style and well-explained.👍👌😁 Cheers for now, Dougie.

    36. joebob3719

      Hey, how heavy is the kit when finished?

      1. LithiumSolar

        It weighs 57lbs

    37. Ronald Carter

      Why was there one cell with its polarity opposite of the rest of the row? Shows up at 6:16. Near the bottom of the pack, 6th column from left to right.

      1. Ronald Carter

        @LithiumSolar np. I was making sure I didnt miss anything on the setup. Thanks for the build!

      2. LithiumSolar

        It was a mistake.

    38. Sean Kelly

      That is the coolest bit of expertise. That box is badass. And I love the presentation. Also, we’re building a food truck and need layered power and propane systems. This looks perfect for running blenders and lights and even maybe refrigeration.

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      So how long would this power a standard size kitchen fridge, a furnace and perhaps some lighting in two to three rooms, a small radio, two cell phones charging and wifi/router setup? Can you use the voltage/current while its charging or would it be better just to use the panels in the daytime and generator at night? PS- havent read the QA yet, will check that soon.

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      1. Amr Elkassas

        @LithiumSolar Thanks

      2. LithiumSolar

        There are 2 levels of protection to prevent overcharging. The charge controller will stop charging once the batteries reached full-charge voltage. If that failed for some reason, the BMS on the battery would shut the battery down. Yes, it can work on 220V as well - just need to pick a different inverter that suits your needs :)

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      Harika yaptın tebrikler.

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      1. LithiumSolar

        These are not vaping batteries, very dangerous...!

    68. Andre Porter

      What do you use to test large quantities of 18650 batteries? I think I want to build a solar battery array but my idea is to have it all on a utility wagon, solar panels and all. Maybe even have a water and wind turbines as well. An AIO off grid emergency power service. 😀

    69. Andre Porter

      The Amp rating of XT plugs is right in the name of the plugs. XT30= 30a, XT60= 60a, and XT90=90a. If you need a connection to handle higher amps I recommend looking into industrial supply.

    70. gary nunyabissness

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      if i make this with car batterys how many batterys should i put ? and should i seri or parralel do it . probably both with a 48v dc ? and how much amp battery ?

      1. LithiumSolar

        If you make this with car batteries, keep in mind those produce highly explosive hydrogen gas while charging. Do not charge indoors...

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      Can someone explain why the lights dim while using the inverter vs the power grid?

      1. LithiumSolar

        The spot welder is essentially creating an instantaneous short circuit for a split second. The grid can handle the instantaneous current required much better than an inverter can.

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    95. Monty Daniels

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