Two GIRLS vs. Jacob Wheeler / Roland Martin

Scott Martin

111 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    If the Girls can beat these LEGENDS in this Challenge it will be the BIGGEST UPSET in FISHING. Hilary Martin and Amelia Martin challenge Roland Martin and Jacob Wheeler
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    1. wesjanz

      Funny seeing Jacob get back boated by the legend 😂

    2. Matthew Bousman

      i am a big fan man can i get a singed hat our shirt i live in muncie indian 1610 s biltmore

    3. B Winchester

      Mills for the kills!!!!!!

    4. Dillon Brumfield

      It is great to see you out there spending time with your daughters have to get the younger generation to love the sport

    5. Kyle Kilpatrick

      “The two #1 bass fisherman in the world.” 🤔🤔 can’t there only be one #1 lol

    6. john Lasher

      I am a good fishing person just like you

    7. john Lasher

      Hey Scott Martin when do you want to do you rent with me in Belleville ontairio

    8. Jeff Fournier

      Love your channel. Had to laught when Scott told Jacob that his partner was gonna be Roland against him and the girls, Jacob then said oh we'll be alright. Lol Yeah I would think so. Scott has his girls though and they are excellent in their own right and only watch the youngest one fish a few times but Son all she does is catch biggins.

    9. CatDogKY

      Wheeler said that little fish weighed 244 pounds!

    10. Tom

      does the pro series have micro guides

    11. Jeremy 77

      Fair and square without a scale?

    12. Live free

      I mean you scott

    13. Live free

      Lookat them legs lol

    14. Blaine Howell

      Let's be honest, pops is really pulling for his girls the whole time. Grandpa love is off the charts!

    15. John Eberts

      Family fishing fun nothing better the memories will last forever great vid

    16. Jesus Christ


    17. Mr Nuthatch

      Lol imagine shaming someone because of the rod they use. lol.

    18. Maddox Cope

      You are my favorite pro and I love watching all of your videos

    19. Gabe Sigmon

      No joke would pay you to take me fishing

    20. Rusty Worthington

      If anyone needed any additional proof that Roland is a real fisherman they only had to listen to him telling Jacob several times how the fish were a lot bigger the day before. Lol

    21. Layton Williams

      Scott Martin is the best pro fisher and his channel is the best I love his videos❤️

    22. Chad Duplantis

      And yet again a video of a father fishing with his daughters and someone gives thumbs down I just don’t understand

    23. Ilie Baitan


    24. Gary Powers

      Preparing for the annual LCI father's day derby at Champlain in a couple weeks. Been binge watching your videos to pick up some tips. I caught a real nice 3.8 # smallie there yesterday!

    25. Keegan Harrell

      To anybody in the comments, I am wanted to get a 7’ 3”- 7’ 6” heavy action rod for less than $80. If you can help me out please respond to this comment. I am open to any brand

      1. 10,000 subs with no videos????

        Vendetta by abu garcia

    26. Mark Acker

      Good lord, I know I suck at fishing, but to get hammered like that by two teenage girls. In my defense, they have amazing teachers!


      It’s Wheels and your dad vs you and the girls

    28. Zacuum_the_goat Goat

      Hey scott! What kind of set up do you like to use while your throwing spinner baits?

    29. koolkat11bloated

      16:54 "I have a bush" lmao I'm dead

    30. Jill T

      Let her run trolling motor daddy's rich he can buy new one we she breaks it just like the rod

    31. Jill T

      I would bet if you put Hillary in a torment she would not make it past the boot ramp

    32. Nick Baker

      I need one of those favorite rods to try... please lol

    33. David Alley

      Is that a Shimano reel your using Scott?

    34. Braden Warfel


    35. Lee Lively

      Casting that baitcaster like a pro. Awesome these two will have their own show soon.

    36. GreenPig Hunter

      Amelia just sitting in the back getting it done.👍

    37. Rance Warschak

      I bought a Okuma TCS ... actually really enjoyed that rod but broke it in half boat flipping a 2lber ... I may just have to get one of those Fav to replace

    38. C Bancroft III

      When Anyone hears Jacob Wheeler and Roland martin vs 2 girls : Bahahahahahah When you realize the 2 girls are Hilary and Amelia Martin: *crickets* GL Jacob and Roland your going to need it!!!!!!

    39. robert patterson

      You have Jacob ranked the same as me #1 in the world. A close second is Brent Ehrler. You aren't far behind !

    40. bassinmaryland top water boys

      Girl in Orange cutie gona have to fend off them boys

    41. EvanK Fishing

      I liked this video until the Kentucky Indiana upset 🤦🏽‍♂️

    42. audis4king7791

      Scott I sent you a D M on FB. Please read.

    43. Rodney Hanbaum

      That was great! Good job Girls!

    44. Brandon

      I would love to try one of those rods

    45. Willtheangler44 Official

      I've beating Hilary so many times in fishing sim world pro tour.... lol

    46. Heather Stelzer

      Why do I always go on KGup to watch fishing videos just to get sad because I ain’t got the money to buy rods like that

    47. Camden cheuvront

      How old are Scott’s daughters? Just asking for a friend

      1. Brody1007

        It’s one thing to be curious but the “asking for a friend” made it creepy

      2. One More Cast

        "Go ahead and have a seat" -Chris Hansen

    48. Offgrid Whitetails

      Should’ve kept that little tiger stripped bass and named him joe exotic or tiger king then look for a Carole baskins. 🤣

    49. Lloyd Rush

      Shoutout watford shot

    50. George Autenreath

      Amazing video! That is a memory those girls will never forget!!!

    51. Teresa Livingston

      Girl power

    52. Teresa Livingston

      Good job 👍 girls

    53. Lanny Seals

      Scott you have yourself a couple of great fisherwoman there,them girl's can fish! Awesome to see the next generation fishing and fishing very well!

    54. imr obot

      Need to order me a 7ft md-hvy baitcaster and a 6.5ft medium spinning rod Scott martin series. Scotty and favourite need to make it happen!

    55. derekspace

      Scott, your girls are the bomb! I know I don't have to tell you to thank God for them. Ya need to have Hill and Mill in your vids more often. Yep, they stole the show. Mill was on fire! Hill was a trooper. Matter of fact, my favorite vids are you with your family just out having fun on the fly. I see many professional fishing vids in exotic locations and they are catching big fish on every cast...but your off the cuff vids with you and your family are much better. Watching Pops in his canoe is great! Just say'n. Keep doing what ya doing. It works. Love you'all!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you! I will do more

    56. Mark Ardoin

      Great video Scott love the bond y’all have

    57. Dave Rasnake

      Awesome videos always. So refreshing to see the Joy in your daughters faces when when they fish, even better is the Dad joy.Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

    58. Illegal Outdoorsman

      That was cool

    59. datruth hurts

      Emilia needs to get back in the fish game!back of the boat and slaying the pros..great job!

    60. Phat Gunna

      I'm only 13

    61. Phat Gunna

      Hillary cute can I get her snap

    62. Evan Fagerty

      Love your videos but I don’t like watching old videos. I like to stay updated

    63. warrior patriot

      I love how excited the whole family gets about catching bass! Thanks for the tips and the laughs

    64. Anthony Trigueiro

      Great video of you and your girls beating up on an old man and Gomer

    65. Jordan Smith

      Hillary is a little jealous that Amelia caught a bigger fish. Hillary is definitely competitive

    66. imyoungp

      Enter your daughters into the BASS co angler. They are some hammers

    67. Kyle Reynolds

      I love the addition of the indiana kentucky buzzer beater

    68. Perry Rushing

      Great job bringing those girls up like that. They had fun. That’s what it’s all about!

    69. Mmm CHICK3N

      You should do another video with trash talking James

    70. Robin Hood

      Looks like they need to give dad some tips.

    71. Jake Brumfield

      HEEEEYYY I MADE THE VIDEO! Jake_be_fishing! Was (jaketb_fishing) Woop wooop! I Love the channel Scott! Keep up the great work and thanks for the shout out!

    72. BamaBassFinder04 4

      I'm getting a handful of those Pro rods dude the price is rediculous cheap for what they are!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    73. Chris Rudd

      Scott’s just a stand up guy. What a great personality. Hope one day I’ll get to meet him! My parents live on lake Rosalie which is two lakes over from Kissimmee. If you ever need lake info lemme know! Stay blessed and keep teaching the younger generation there is more to the world than a smart phone.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Chris!!!! 🙏🏼

    74. Caleb Blaser

      “To beat pops and Jacob wheeler” haha that’s best thing I’ve heard. The girls are hammers

    75. BIG pig

      Apple don't fall far from the tree !! Awsome job young ladies

    76. Asian CQB

      Nice rods I ordered some for my shimano DC and metanuim DC can’t wait to get some

    77. Horns n Hooks

      Amelia needs to start a KGup channel

    78. figueroa2191

      That is so awesome Hahahaha there beasts I can’t wait for my little girl to get out there with me

    79. fishing with the boy's

      Hilary and Amelia sponsors incoming!!!

    80. Dequarious Abram

      I love your hair I want to KGup let’s grab like a

    81. William Bain

      I love the reaction of your girls when you told them who they were fishing against. Not one bit of feeling intimidated. Awesome.

    82. Howard Stout

      That was alot of fun to watch

    83. Johnny Arial

      We need a Hillary vs wheeler, total weight challenge. .. straight up.


      Wheeler catching nothing he’s got stink bait. Looser needs to eat a disliked food something that gives them heebie geebies

    85. Cam Hester

      Did you know you are a blessed man , you get to fish every day for your job , and teaching your kids how to fish good clean fun outdoors . I started taking my girl fishing with me all the time at like 5yrs old and camping on the Cape Fear River but she's 20 now but she can set the hook on a bass , so spend time with them , they won't always be with you . I need to ask you what heavy action rod would work for worms , jigs and frog fishing maybe an all purpose 7' heavy action but light weight but i guess you know all that . I had one picked out like you use , I like Akuma TCS signature series 701A I think it was for worm , jig and maybe frog fishing in an Akuma , they are "quality" but priced for the hardworking blue collar weekend warrior , thanks

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Elmur, they do grow up fast. The new Pro Series 7MH you’ll love! It is very similar to the Okuma.

    86. jeremy smith

      Nice video Scott love the content I hope to be able to fish soon

    87. Xavier Smith

      Awesome video my brother is a huge fan he just had a huge incident and cut up his arm pretty bad he has some nerve damage and muscle damage and may have to undergo surgery but he won’t be able to fish for awhile and he loves fishing please pray for him and God bless you Scott 😔❤️🙏

    88. cameron drew

      Peep the googan baits 😂

    89. magyar127

      Can't wait until Hillary wins the Classic lookout Scott she's gonna put you on the docks.

    90. Drew Welborn

      Hey dude u wanna go fishin

    91. Mike Holbrook

      You girls are awesome anglers love to see you fish with your dad. I love it more when you do a challenge and show 'em who's boss. I know your daddy is proud. I am and I'm just a fan. Love and respect to the Martin family. Better luck next time Jacob. Lol.

    92. Benjamin Hsu

      Scott. The Favorite web site is clunky and hard to use. Would like to check out your rods but it’s hard to deal with the site. May want to tell them that.

      1. Scott Martin

        Will do

    93. the iron fisherman

      Scott martin is my favorite pro

      1. Live free

        Scott you are legendary

      2. Scott Martin


    94. Currydaboss Beast

      Why hasn’t Hillary uploaded in awhile

    95. Alan A.

      Those girls are really lucky to have you as their dad and Roland as their grandpa😂😂

    96. Thomas Caldwell

      Great to see Amelia back out there! Awesome family and thanks for another great episode Scott 👍

    97. Kyle Kubik

      6:42😂😂that’s hilarious

    98. Randy Willheit

      Awesome, You're Daughter's Are Beautiful and Tremendous Fisherwoman, Good Job and Congratulations!!!

    99. Levi Kaufhold

      Funny thing is they probably let them win.

      1. Levi Kaufhold

        @Scott Martin well if it was fare then dang, good for them they must be pretty dang good and fishing

      2. Scott Martin

        Not at all..

    100. Phil Tarbox

      Loved seeing the girls kick butt!!