This Is The ONE - Road to the Bassmaster Elites Ep. 27 Lake Lewisville Tournament

Scott Martin

65 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    I'm either going to win this tournament or completely zero! Putting it all on the line for the final Bassmaster Central Open on Lake Lewisville in Texas.
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    1. TJ DAVIS

      This may be a mean way to look at it, but I love seeing the pros struggle like this. Makes me feel better about myself lol

    2. Damage INC Outdoors

      Keep your chin up and god will reward you

    3. Preston Mire

      Y’all are so funny

    4. Brock Johnson

      Getting caught up on my SMC VIDEOS MAN, best channel on KGup

    5. fishing life

      The only pro I follow! If it wasn't for your vids during our winters, I'd probably lose my mind.

      1. Scott Martin


    6. Tyler Frye

      Anyone else ever wonder if Billy has sleep insomnia preventing him from sleeping and causing him to get excited whenever its time to wake everyone up 🤔😂 just curious. Great video as always Scott!

    7. 23Parker Springer

      Just wondering, Why no HotFoot?

    8. Ricky McCafferty

      Am I the only one watching the bank trying to figure out where he’s at on the lake? I’ve been trying to catch bass on Lewisville for a while without much luck!

    9. BenFocknUrBich

      what bibs are those?

    10. Jeff Steelman

      Negative attitude... you can stay out of my boat 👎

    11. Brian Hare

      My backyard lake!

    12. Tim B

      Lewisville can be great!!.. when you want to have a taco party with fried sandbass lol

    13. Ben Landry

      Cracks me up every time Scott says, “We got to go dude.”

    14. Prime Legend

      My 3 go to for Texas bass fishing in late fall/early winter: #3: suspended jerk bait #2: Texas rig worm #1: Carolina rig - for fall/winter I use a 3ft leader, 4in lizard, chartreuse dip the tail. This is my number one go to when the bite is really slow on these Texas lakes.

    15. Joseph Sharpe

      Scott, curious. Why don’t you use a hotfoot?

    16. Bentley Pauli

      I got a taste of that this past sunday, my home lake that i know pretty well, didn't have the best practice day trying new spots but lucky i did find something new cause 3 of my 5 came from there, kinda a small lake and with 30 boats it was hard to fish some of my spots, i had a limit at 10, i had 5 fish for 5.5lbs, it was tough and definitely a punch in the stomach, 12.5 won smh

    17. Jake Schisler

      So many lures but no bites except one keeper, it's a sad day for Scott Martin

    18. willym1965

      Makes me wonder if with this COVID thing has more people fishing and harassing the fish making them more skittish ,or just plain less fish to catch. Either way Scott its tough and great effort. Hey think of it this way ; your living the dream most of us are watching you. Just praise the Lord not just for prosperity, but because we all need him to get through life.

    19. this is just like a normal day fishing Lake Mead in Vegas... it’s almost too humbling how perfect your decision making must be when things are so so tough, and so many factors are against you.


      You should have thrown a spinner bait

    21. James Mims

      Texas is tough this time of year. Spent 4 days on the water over thanksgiving weekend. 1 ten pound bowfin on Rayburn and a 13 inch bass. Fished Toledo next 3 days. 21 bass biggest 3 pounds but only 7 leagals

    22. Gage Parra

      That dance tho at 22:51

    23. Jerad Hernandez

      That stuff with the names is funny stuff

    24. wishiniwasfishin

      Andrews dad was my 7th grade football coach at Garrison Tx. That was a long time ago. I turned 51 today.


      @Scott Martin: I live close to Lewisville and wanted to come see you. Maybe one day when I get a boat I will come see you. I stopped watching Vlog fishing videos recently, but somehow I found your channel and now I love watching yours. I love your vibe and love how you’re and Family man, and most importantly, a Godly man. Keep up the good work, hope to meet you soon! God bless you and your family and Happy Holidays!

    26. Larry Warfield

      That is a really cool and beautiful house

    27. Max Runnells

      You should fish at fellsmere headwaters

    28. Legion ZR

      I don’t watch too many tourney vids, but I gotta say, this one was one of the best, just caught my first white bass, a 17 in 3 1/2 Ib fish from a kayak, one of the most hectic fights I’ve ever had. The biggest white bass was 4 1/2 Ibs and 18.5 inches long so I just caught a fish worth noting on one of the toughest days I’ve ever fished. I also caught a freak of nature bass bluegill hybrid... wonder how that happened lol

    29. Jim Warden

      That was tuff. On to the next one.

    30. Jeff T

      Hey Scott love both u n Hilary's videos I watch them all but what I love the most is you both put Christ 1st n that means everything. Keep up the great work also love your dad too what a legend.

    31. J C

      No need for an alarm in this house with Scott around. Lol.

    32. Evan Fagerty

      I live near Lake Milton in northeast Ohio, you can spend a whole week on that lake not catching jack shit

    33. Trey Lamm

      Just starting to fish now, bank fishing a lot, what’s your go to soft plastic?

    34. Trey Lamm

      Hey Scott just starting to fish bank fishing a lot what’s the best bait to use soft plastic wise?

    35. Rey Mcclurg

      You have to be part of Warrior on the water at Fort Bragg one of this years with your team! Would be Awesome content video.

    36. bent rodguy

      wow....what a catastrophic beatdown, but the great thing is you cant take a beatdown gracefully and professionally , as good as giving one!!

    37. Bennie Maxwell

      Man that was tough to watch Scott. Don’t let it get you down man. Your one of the best Bass fisherman in the world. Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad day. Only a good day of learning

    38. Tucker Alexander

      Well welcome to Lewisville!!! This is my home lake and it showed it’s true colors.. truly a tough lake to fish...Very disappointing that they have turned this lake into a tourist lake now... you should see this place during summer time... one of the biggest known yacht clubs show up at this lake every day of the summer. Still enjoyed watching and glad I could pick up some tips to help me try some new things out!!

    39. Scott O,Donahoe

      Big mistake not running that rattle trap 2 feet off that rip rap . Rocks hold heat and plenty of hiding places .

    40. Deathtodiablo

      When you qualify and you need somebody to show you how to run around the timber on Ray Roberts hit me up it’s my home lake

    41. Rob B.

      Everything is bigger in Texas especially our houses. :)

    42. Christopher Kielbasa

      Billy is so much better than sunshine. Who is so persistently and pleasantly creepy.

    43. Highlights Gone Insane

      My mind went crazy when they announced Nathan Adams. He’s from the same town I’m from

    44. Johnny Arial

      You ever think about going old school and say the hell with panoptix?

      1. Johnny Arial

        I study your fishing and am a better fisherman because of it. You look different this year than you did even last year. During this video I noticed you are fishing primarily watching the garmin. It just looks different to me from what I have seen in the past. Go get this Scott we all believe.

      2. Scott Martin

        Thinking all kinds of

    45. Jason Godfrey

      Man I was rooting soo hard for you man!

    46. Carson McFall

      You will get them at Lay Lake next week will will probably be able to see y’all at Lay lake also good luck Scott!!!

    47. Tyler Donaldson

      Scott fishes so deep he thinks they are all big ones! Alabama has been tough too buddy. Alot of shorts and hybrids! Keep grinding and you'll get it

    48. theodore Dow-man

      What drugs does Billy use?

      1. Scott Martin

        Mostly just snorts Dukes. Dukes mayonnaise that is..

    49. Travis Davis

      Scottie... we love you bro! Virginia has giants. Come up here this winter!

    50. John Charlet

      What makes a champion like yourself is that you’ll keep your head up and accomplish the goal at the last tourney. Great job.

    51. Jeff Dawson

      Scott, Lew is a tough lake even with good conditions. Not surprised at the results. Ray Roberts will be interesting for the Classic... ( ps... it’s not much better )

    52. BMK

      First uncle Jimmy says you got some catch in up to do to beat the old man....then you zero on a tourney.....stay away from Jimmy Houston lmao you got this Scott....your one of the best if not the best out there. Don't let it get to ya

    53. Jason Godfrey

      Scott do you take two boats to every tournament?

    54. Grimes Finds

      Lmbo the sunshine away... that’s exactly how I would make grown men up lol.

    55. Gary West

      I'm starting to feel bad for all co-anglers. Having to sit behind someone using livescope would absolutely suck. Bass has to rethink the format, basically turns into a lottery system. All the co-anglers are essentially donating their entry fees.

    56. Brad Pannone

      The quality of the edits and montages on these videos significantly went down hill after Branden left. However, the last couple videos have really been back to a much higher quality, who ever is doing it lately, keep up the hard work! I am a huge fan of the channel and have watched for years.

      1. Scott Martin

        Macoy is getting better everyday.

    57. EliteGB

      From one elite to another....yall are killing these videos Scott. Yes sir

    58. Cory Neal

      Get your mustashe and grab your ham sammich😆

    59. Paul B

      2020 hasn't been great for most of us. Your videos have kept me modivated to get out there & fish. You're actually the first person i subscribed to on KGup You'll figure it out 2021 WILL be better! Good luck

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome! Thanks for the support!

    60. TulsaBass Professor

      Love your boat man! Good video big dog keep em coming.

    61. Jason Easterling

      wont to fix your gps screen run another power and ground wire. it will stop blinking.

    62. Jason Easterling

      get them scott win it all

    63. Gerry Britton

      Keep your head up Scott. You got a ton of support from the gang up here in PA. You got this!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!

    64. David Alley

      It happens to pros and weekend warriors like myself. Yesterday I caught one 14" bass. Missed one around 5+, and caught a duck! Love your videos Scott, wish I would have been at Fun and Sun when you showed up....

    65. Jeremy Pefferkorn

      Geez... unreal... I thought you were going to get them on those piles. Talk about an emotional ride

    66. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      About as tough as Ray Roberts was in August for the kayak tournament we had there. Prefished 2 times and had one keeper size for our cpr events its 12” minimum. Come tournament day I had 2 fish and it was good enough for 6th place. Looks like a lot of people struggled and Lewisville sucks except during the springtime.

    67. Philipp Becker

      Hi nice Video! Which Fluorocarbon(Main line)do you suggest with low Memory?

    68. J & L

      Man! So sorry, Scott. That was hard to watch and I felt the frustration building right along with ya! But what made it all worth it, was at the very end when you mentioned getting to go home early to surprise your wife and kids! That is ALWAYS what is important and that is why I follow your vid' know what is truly important in life and where your priorities are! You are a good man for young people to look up to in this sport! Hang in there...He's got you! Praying for ya, brother!

    69. MrGrigs681

      Having to fish lakes you don't know, sometimes in weather you would not normally fish in and always feel the pressure to produce would most definitely take away some of the pure joy that is fishing to us normal guys. However, after hearing what Todd said about how much fun it is to be in the house with those guys makes me want to start tournament fishing! Great attitude Todd and another great video Scott.

    70. Tc

      Billy playing with fire waking grown men up going in there room smack his ass with a shoe opens my door

    71. BassGeek

      Good to see the tough days.

    72. Valley boy Fishing

      You mite be relying on the panoptix to much .

    73. Jordan Hara

      It’s got to be hard to be negative in a house of dudes like that.

    74. J M

      I’ve had a lot of days like that it sucks! Today I went fishing caught 9 good sized bass with a watermelon white yum dinger lmao just use that Scott😂

    75. Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture


    76. Name Of

      Do the sponsors think that there are 570k subscribers who don't like the videos?

    77. Fishing MW

      Billy looks like the creepy uncle that watches you sleep at night when he starts waking people up in the morning. 😂😂😂😂

    78. Dbars19

      if a guy can go out and catch almost 30 lbs. you know it wasnt the lake. Dude had to have found those spots months ago.

      1. Dbars19

        your better than that scott

    79. Wyatt Hammack

      Small world, ive actually duck hunted with the guy at 11:53. Ole chancy

    80. Yamir Gomez

      Mega Bass Dark sleepers Boss good bait for tuff day let go you got this Big Bass Energy Baby 🦃🦃🇺🇸🙏👍🐠🐟🥇🙏🇺🇸🦈

    81. Fishing DohaR

      Very nice! Is that a keeper my friend? Great video 👍👍

    82. Yamir Gomez

      Boss Let's Go You got this Big Bass Energy 🎣🐟🇺🇸🛶🎉🎊🦃🦃🦃🙏😁deep slipper 🐟

    83. Chasing The X

      I'm a new sub Scott I love the energy and really enjoy your videos. I was screaming come on baby come on bigg'N let's gooo lol. Do you edit your own videos ? Very well done!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro!!!

    84. Tony Pascale

      Well fall fishing has sucked this year at least for me but I've figured it out...DON'T go where they should be cause they are not there or doing what they should be. Do the complete opposite and you will catchem...😂😂😂

    85. Jason Phillips Jr

      I fished this event as a co-angler and made a check with only weighing in 2 small ones. It was tough on everybody.

      1. Scott Martin


    86. BassinatorTech

      I live 45 minutes from that lake, and Lewisville is tough! All we saw were alligator gar.

    87. Travis Craver

      So you going in to next tourenment are u still in good shape.

    88. Bassing around

      Sometime you have to let it go de presion and act like you do for fun and not winning something , just enjoy the ride.

    89. Todd88

      Damn Upshaw. 3 fish wow! Looks like me fishing. 24lbs WTF! God i miss the conversation between days. Billy u got this. Amen

    90. Lewis Marshall

      Scott, I notice that you find wads of fish during a time in the day. When I watch your video your in a spot at first light when you found it after lunch. Find that early morning pattern. Fish docks, boats, timber. Get what you can until you get to your hot spots. I tournament fish Crappie and that’s like the pattern we use. Shallow to deeper brush that holds the hogs. One of the fishermen that’s with you were catching them off a brush pile. That’s an early morning stop and after lunch stop. Start shallow and work your way out.

      1. Scott Martin

        Most of the time that is the case..

    91. James W

      I know this isn't a popular opinion but I like these tough fall tournaments. I have always thought they should spread out the year so that everyone has a shot, not just the good spring fisherman. For sure it makes the opens more competitive. The elites have also been more interesting for me. I hope both organizations keep using the entire year for scheduling.

    92. Bass Raider

      Keep at it Scott! On to the next one!

      1. Bass Raider

        Frikin love the tournament vids dude. I feel the fire burning inside, love it! Can’t wait for the next one!

      2. Scott Martin


    93. David McCallister

      How does one become a co angler like Billy? And can a man actually make a living like that??🤔

    94. Todd88

      Sooooooo many stripes

    95. Todd88

      Wait need a drink.

    96. Todd88

      I will comment while watching this video!

    97. James Harth

      Keep ur head up scott.. ur a great angler and jus keep on fighting trust ur instincts and lean on ur experience and u will do fine buddy. Good luck and good bless.😃🚤😎🎣😉🍻

    98. Big Banana Fishing

      Billy makes me happy. I'd love to have a billy alarm clock :D

    99. Tim Johnson

      Glad you decided to weigh your only fish, setting a great example to younger generation!

      1. Scott Martin

        You have to be proud of your hard work! No matter the outcome.

    100. Johnnie Large

      Good luck on Lay Lake and that Trokar hoodie looks sharp.