Kidd G - Teenage Dream (Official Video)


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    Directed by: @DrewFilmedIt

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    1. Ana Paige Beith

      I would love to roll with u 🤣🤣

    2. PopOff!

      I don't believe in miracles but it will be a miracle is somebody can tell what about this is in any way country music?

    3. Kaden Brown

      Nice voice but you’re a city slicker. Your wearing Gucci dude

    4. Kaden Brown

      Nice voice but you’re a city slicker. Your wearing Gucci dude

    5. Tonya Taylor


    6. YxngNxsiie


    7. Ryan Cowguill

      u need a dodge fords are all right but dodge is the move

    8. brandi prescott

      hey baby

    9. Ethan Carter

      God make me like him already

    10. nick messer

      Good god all these people saying "if he sticks to country he'll be huge! This is fire!" He would have to start making country music first cause this sure as hell ain't it.

    11. Gretchen Stamey

      So little thing I see in the vid so the girl is shaking when she shot the gun🤣 give it to me and I'll do it without asking anything 🤠

    12. Gracie Bendixen

      ok i have a joke whoever answers it right tell me your paypal for 500 dollars

    13. MackaDelly

      goosebumps...fucking right dude

    14. Cameron boley

      Good Fucking song

    15. Ezra Snyder

      This dudes going places

    16. Augustine Cardenas

      every person that dis liked this song is mean

    17. tony Howell

      Great song kidd g

    18. Serena McGee

      Your songs are the best

    19. Sophia Bonvillain

      I love your songs there the best Song s

    20. mahaylee seabourn

      This is fire i love it!?!?!?

    21. Master Gamer

      Who listening to this still but... In 2021??? 👇🏾

    22. kaleb adams

      Bro this and dirt road it’s my favorite like there one of my top songs fr

    23. Jocelynn Cummins

      I love this song


      i listen to this song when im crying and it always makes me smile every time. this is the bast song ever

    25. Daphne Hayslett

      Keep going you are doing god

    26. Raeleigh Harrell

      how old is he

    27. Retard Show

      Just make sure it ain’t a 2nd gen

    28. Noah Gray

      Kg I'm trying to start a music career too but this is my favorite beat out of your whole song collection Can I use it

    29. Emmalee Everett

      He is such a good singer

    30. Emmalee Everett

      I love this song 💕

    31. Addysn Mckee

      This is what song brought me my boyfriend together but then we break up next so now he's my ex

    32. Katie Kirschner


    33. nathan j gaming

      U got skill man


      LOVE 💘

    35. Mackenzie Ledo

      My boyfriend told me to listen to this song and now I can't stop listening to it

    36. Dahlia _Doodles

      My one accomplishment I guess is that I used to go to the same school as him-better yet live in the same town 💀But his music lowkey is pretty good!!!

    37. dozz51r

      just found your music and it makes me think of the old times with my buddies before we fell off. youre gonna be a great artist and I can tell your music is gonna be played all around this country

    38. Mckenna Campbell

      Your videos are great if you stick up to this music you're going to be famous 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    39. Rattlehunter_outdoors

      Funny how he says putting use to those backseats when he has a single cab🤣🤣🤣

    40. mp mp

      i like down the road

    41. tristan marant

      This is real country

    42. Unlimited_inc

      Impressive sir..#salute

    43. PeaceMynusOne

      Is this guy independent artist - if so mad respect. If not then good luck to him not getting "Rolled over" for that decision.

    44. Abby and Zoey

      Yes bud

    45. Hunter Fickes

      I’m an old county fan more than anything but you know what this kid is just taking his singing career somewhere. Because In my head he looks like city kid acting country but it’s not how you dress it’s about your roots. But I’m not gonna like he’s has few songs you can relate to your teenage years doing dumb shit with your buddies and about that one girl that you used to sneak of out of her house in high school to go driving around

    46. Hannah Eaves

      This is my favorite song.

    47. Hi Square

      I couldn't help but notice there arent any back seats to break in 😂

    48. BH Br4ndt W311S

      It seems like every song includes a girlfriend! LOL

    49. jayden


    50. BALD GANG

      Damn you have your own snap to

    51. Homez 1

      Who listens to this song because they don’t have a girlfriend and it’s fire🔥🔥🔥

    52. Mason Evans

      Hell yeah he is


      this isnt real country but its a banger

    54. Malachi Roszell

      And he is the best

    55. Malachi Roszell

      Kidd g the best song writer

    56. Aidan Germany

      He’s a country- ish version of powfu. Change my mind 😅

    57. Lily Boris

      The fact that he has amazing songs and doesn’t have to swear in them😍

    58. Twiist ibx

      why he sound like all he does is drink whiskey and do dip

    59. Trinity Ingram

      You are so country

    60. brittany sadie

      Kidd G gonna be around for awhile and I am so ready for more. If you want, like if you agree 🎶💜 #rhec

    61. Miles Johnson

      This kid's dad is a broker for landlords. He's about as country as a filet mignon followed by chocolate souffle at a yacht fundraiser.

    62. Floydthefuckbag

      This is the whitest thing I've ever seen

    63. Finn Autio

      If you watched tell the end you would now what. He dous

    64. Michael Mack

      It’s too bad I don’t own a truck, or else I could be a country star too!

    65. Conner Crowder

      Yes he is

    66. Caleb Johnson

      I have been here since 98k and it is amazing seeing him blow over that fast

    67. Sara Stull

      I love how he Adore’s her 💞

    68. Mr. Savage

      what is your first truck

    69. Quinton Diveto


    70. Meyer Waddell

      At 0:46 where you do that grungy scream sounds awesome. Not many country artists have a rock influence now a days, it would be great to keep you different

    71. julie carroll

      i love this song!!!


      if your only country get this

    73. FaZe_Oski

      Love this guy man

    74. Lil Lemon Beats

      this shits fireeeee

    75. Eli Nave

      Don’t do rap

    76. Michael Simpson

      Your girlfriend is pretty

    77. Brooke Grommersch

      Omg he is so good all of his songs I love ❤️

    78. Emmet Friederichs (Student)

      that super air nautique was so nice

    79. Caylee Bone

      you are sooooo cuntry

    80. Kyle Irvin

      I think u should play at army bases bud

    81. Jarod McNutt

      Baby you can roll with me to the beat " thats my favorite part

    82. Jarod McNutt

      Lets go

    83. Josh lipe

      He could be the next number one country singer

    84. April Owen

      Love ya Kidd g

    85. Brandon Riley

      Love your music

    86. Ave

      I really love this songggggg

    87. Eli Nave

      Aye keep up the good county

    88. Hayden Cook

      Good song my cat is missing and it makes me think of him

    89. toni martin

      Love you your my favorite singer

    90. candy taylor


    91. Robert Keller

      Kids g ain’t u live in bonneau bc I do

    92. NaKya Clayton

      i ment lisen

    93. NaKya Clayton

      i love kidd g i can never stop lisneing to him he is a good singer

    94. Noella Smith

      why he burn his old gatar though >:(

      1. Noella Smith



      hes literally the perfect definiton of a country guy

    96. Mr. Luke

      This is not even country

    97. The goth Tomato

      i feel like i shoudnt have found this

    98. Off-road King

      You are the best

    99. Xotiic Chamber

      Stick to country dude they is do good and I like you type of country

    100. Lil baby Phoenix