Rand Paul Says Biden Is 'Calling Us Racist' After Inauguration Speech

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    1. Rick Bocola

      Love the hypocritical racism against Latinos. Keep up the good work WocaCola drinkers

    2. srobg1956

      If the shoe fits....

    3. Car

      Bro pulled a trump and said shit just to get attention

    4. V

      Biden owes black people!?....pffffft!...ok guy! 😅🤣🤣 keep waiting for whatever he owes you guys. Your going to be waiting a very long time. African Americans keep getting sold out because how they vote...time and time again smh and they still continue to vote left smh dumbasses! I'm a minority myself and I even know not to vote for Biden or trust the govt..when are y'all going to learn!.. democrats dont give af about you! Y'all just a pawn to their end game!..Lol and then you listen to morons like this on the radio misleading minorities. Please wake up before it too late!

    5. Elizabeth Robinson

      I agree with Rand Paul.

    6. I Am The Angie Christ

      Wow! This guy doesn't even realize that he just proved Rand Paul's point. You're now calling him rahcist and calling for his deal th. Wow! This is just unbelievable. Rand Paul wants to end the war on drugs wants police reform and wants to allow all ex felons to be given back their rights letting them vote. Biden wrote the 94 crime bill that incarcerated millions of blk men. This guy has his whole world backwards. What a weeb. Invite him on your show douchebag. He will destroy you in a debate.

    7. Maria

      Saying Biden picking Kamala as his vp made him comfortable to vote for him.. insane

    8. Robust Sauce

      White supremacy doesn't exist. Get over it.

    9. Ricardo Leonardo

      Do you hear what this Fukah said?

    10. Quentin Hood

      Preach thanos bruh lol

    11. Dc Lawn Services inc.

      Research is power Research is knowledge Research is free!

    12. V Harris

      This goes for "reasoning" around here, lol. The earth says we're racists. lol

    13. Harvestnoel Crawford

      Hit dog will holla!

    14. EDoubleD Gonz

      Jo£ Buyden is the biggest racist of all.. y’all been lied to... how quick we forget.

    15. Mike Rich

      Rand Paul is against letting men with a wig compete against women, so anyone who stands up against that buffoonery is cool with me.

    16. Damon Fisher

      Rand Paul truth hurts dosen't it.

    17. Chief Huey

      CTG how you this dumb kamala has too smh

    18. Tiffany

      This guy isn't that smart. He wasn't named directly but felt offended. He outed his inner racist 😂😂😂

    19. Joseph Munguia

      Black people are racist too !! So they should get out of America aswell.

    20. The Son Of Syn


    21. Florence Kimondo


    22. Jeanie us

      Rand Paul is such a drama queen...

    23. Juwan Bailey

      Biden basically said whiite supremacists are racist.... So if you're offended..... You're either racist.....or a white supremacist.....

    24. A Friend

      Call someone a racist. If they disagree, that's because they are racist. - The left has lost its mind.

    25. Hrodgar

      Rand Paul goes after fellow Republicans and calls out racists. He's an honest principled man and the best we have in government right now. He see's people as individuals and not thru racist goggles. The sound bite you chose to play is NOT the part of the speech Rand Paul was referring to. Go listen or read it again as Rand Paul noted. For the record I'm not white or racist, so don't play that card. Get out of the political echo chamber.

    26. Quinton Gauge

      What did she say Dromos..😂😂

    27. Grom Noob

      Never trust a grown man with greasy curly hair

    28. Draft Pick

      Da God talking about racism while he’s a black racist is rich!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. GoLOKeyz Three

      Kamala Harris is not a friend of the black community, shes a corporate bought cop.

    30. BigBwoyTing

      The Republican party is now the trump white supremacist party. The Qanon party, The conspiracy theories party, The truth be darn party, The liars party, The alternate universe party, The uneducated idiot party. The anti-science party, The denial of facts party. The spineless senetors party, The cowardly senators party, The treasonous party, The voter fraud party, The everything that was illegal is now legal party.

    31. Rinnegan Phil

      Bruh really told on himself 🥴🥴🤣🤣

    32. Tonja Howard

      Finally, it's Something you actually like. 🤗 Thank you! "My mom say's lf you speak First 😬 you must feel im talking bout you! Cause it is YOU!" RAND paul🙅🏼‍♀️YOU ARE JUST 💩and poor excuse for a boy.

    33. Niki Edmonds

      No wonder rand paul's neighbor beat his ass

    34. GABOS GOON

      he isnt the problem...black libertarians are

    35. MEL N


    36. Los Empresarios

      Democrats call every one they disagree racist. Conservative movement is getting bigger in the blank community. Charlemagne is a leftist that has sided with the elites that has divided us. Charlemagne is a true sellout.

    37. King J-Roc

      Dam you part of the problem

    38. Miss Amanda Gabriele

      Lol I gotta see what Dominica is

    39. Linny w

      Ummm you are racists and you're proud of it so...what's the problem.own it

    40. diypictures

      See some people in the comments getting defensive but using outside information to deflect and use as a cover, lol. If you agree with what he said but don't like that it was him that said it just keep it moving because this is not a good look for you, lol.

    41. Joseph Sasu

      I think Paul is a white supremacist,thats why he is responding.

      1. Staraptor Flock

        I think you got no proof

    42. James Poore

      Well Rand Paul, you are a group of racist people. Let's see. 1) like Trump, you want only people who will follow your orders. 2) you want a all white race 3) you and half the Republican party along with Trump use people to do your will. Than throw than under the bus. That's why your Republican party, want only white supremacists groups. The Republican party don't hang out with Antifa or BLM groups. Where the Democratic party is trying to reach out to everyone.

      1. James Poore

        @Staraptor Flock listen to their words, and who they hang out with.

      2. Staraptor Flock

        Give me proof that Rand Paul wants an all white race?

    43. TheWeaponx9


    44. A

      Bigots all should fall off the planet 🌎

    45. mel h

      For four years Trump spewed bigoted dog whistles and racist innuendo while the GOP ignored it.

    46. AVIenna K Dub

      Notice how many of them are connected to appalachia

    47. AVIenna K Dub

      The enemy is within period

    48. aaron sam

      Can't defeat racism, this a fallin world. It will get increasingly worse, uts spiritual people.

    49. aaron sam

      Bull crap words are cheap.

    50. in551125do

      Let's steal this line from Bette Davis: ....but y'are Rand..............kgup.info/get/XrGNnoupeJqtlKU/video

    51. Jason Klack

      All the shit charlamagne said at the beginning should sum it up for u Biden don’t give af about no black people bruh when are people gonna wake up and see this political game they are playing with us wake tf up Biden is the devil watch and see how bad he fucks up are country

    52. Edison Santana

      Biden didn’t even have to say a name. And tha dawg Got to holla!! Oooh weeee man. Biden hit them where it hurts. He’s got my vote next elections. 👏🏿👏🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    53. Marlon delmas

      Address the Amendments that discriminating black people... Start with that

    54. Anita Diaz AnitaD

      Rand Paul - if the shoe fits . . .!

    55. Eddie Barnum

      Bull shit. As Biden about Reparations!! That ain't nothing but. Cap!!

    56. Cecilia Dirtz

      Paul will pay with his family. It’s just the law of life.

    57. Paul Christian

      He is just pandering to his audience to get what he wants. He could care less about those issues

    58. Luis F Ramirez

      When he said Envy was Dominican and was home in his white jeans, I was so offended I spilled my coffee all over my white jeans

    59. alfleming86

      Excuse me South Carolina voted for Trump in super high numbers

    60. Afi James

      At least rand paul wants to end all of these damn illegal wars aggression from other nations and wants to end the federal reserve, can't say the same for war mongering Biden

    61. D S

      Did he Thano snapped!

    62. Eastcoast Wyldman

      The man that follows the world dies Spiritually.

    63. J T

      black people are focused on the wrong racist white people, they must focus on the racist white jews

    64. Christopher Garrett

      If you're offended by jo e Biden saying he'll fight white supremacy and domestic terrorism than you are one.

    65. phiksit

      Rand Poodle gotta pander to those 74 million wild hogs out there. And he thought his neighbor gave him a whoopin... look out 0_o

    66. Tyrone Eure

      Rand Paul is a QAnon Crazy!

    67. Lynda Faulk

      Preach Char Char....!

    68. Kim Wyatt

      True true

    69. Voodoo Ray

      Rand Paul's Neighbor needs to whoop his ass some more.

    70. Jennifer Hizzy


    71. Antonio Inoa

      Envy you Dominican just accept it lol

    72. Joshua d'Estoville

      You lot truly are embracing a postmodern world when you tack on a threadbare label to anybody who doesn’t kowtow to your shortcomings.

    73. Alonzo J Neloms

      Nobody is falling for the REPUBLICAN PARTY lies!

    74. fadedOTAKU

      Ppl really out here thinking Biden was the move

    75. Jan Dunbar

      You're Racist !

    76. Irwin Vasquez

      He gives good insight.

    77. EZ gamer

      yall crazy to think biden sexual is for black people omg Kamala jesus people are so lost

    78. James Hughes

      Quavering under explicit threats from Donald Trump that he will start a neo-fascist third party (grossly named “The Patriot Party”), Senate Republicans, led by Kentucky blowhard Rand Paul, have signaled that there is no way they would ever vote to convict Trump for inciting the deadly insurrection that killed five people on Jan. 6, and sent hordes of stinking Trump supporters to smear feces all over the House and Senate chambers while trying to hunt down members of those legislative bodies.

    79. uda wyma

      Race is in fact a problem in America...period. Investigate: kgup.info/get/dH2TYZfIqHB8pYM/video

    80. HAHAHAHAHAHA Trump lost!!!!!!

      U should live what u preach lennar

    81. Hazel Pounds

      So....according to racists when should the term be used??

    82. Cull Obsidian

      Says the same guy who read the eulogy at a prominent KKK members funeral 🙄

    83. Larry Lopez

      They now calling themselves "the silent majority." Trump emboldened these racist. I agree you either with it or against it. Time to start voting these people out of office and force corporations to not support them in any way. Hit them where it hurts

    84. No Fundamentals Dc

      This show still on?

    85. Jamie Williams

      Rand Paul is someone someone who is someone I feel how this man in office


      This was a TERRIBLE take. Lol how much is the Democratic Party paying yal.. Rand Paul didn’t say shit but the truth!!! He said that Biden called them liars and White Supremecist .. And Biden DID!! Wtf??! Ya’ll SUPERRRRR REACHING

    87. William Liverman

      He didn't lie

    88. Craig Dabbs

      Gay boy has the rainbow on that cap

    89. Cordell Ellis

      Y'all are racist

    90. Wild boy J

      Y’all realize Biden spoke at the funeral of a life long KKK member Robert Byrd soooooo yea. Don’t let Biden fool y’all.

    91. christopher mena

      Dominicans dont want Envy

    92. Haya

      Hopefully soon black people figure out its two Wings on the same bird so we can really figure out what we need to do we still caught up in the politics (really)

    93. KuhEssen

      How about looking in the speech for a part that makes sense for Paul to respond like that, if you didn't already understand it, instead of taking an agreeable part and insisting Paul disagrees with that. If you actually wondered if Paul was a racist you could easily find his denouncements online. So lazy and dishonest.

    94. KuhEssen

      Nice job splicing out the part of the inaugural address that are disagreeable then condemning Paul as a racist based on lies.

    95. KuhEssen

      Go ahead and listen & evaluate what Paul said about the "anti lynching" bill... Lynching is already a crime, and he explicitly denounces it & racism. That is not what the bill did. The bill redefines that word to be super expansive beyond it's meaning. Go listen to his point. He should not vote for something just because someone decided to name it the "anti lynching" bill...

    96. KuhEssen

      Nobody should be comfortable with the Joker on the ticket. Her being black is not going to help black people. Maybe consider policy instead of race... and maybe don't judge based on the color of one's skin...

    97. KuhEssen

      Black people need to be able to help themselves. Nobody else cares about us in this world. We need to look out for ourselves. Get the government off our back!

    98. Henry Newsome

      Charlamain is a real Blackspirit 100 percent

    99. Andy

      Too bad you can't Thanos snap them out of existence Edit: I posted that halfway before he mentioned Thanos. Glad we're on the same page

    100. A. Day

      Well said Charlamagne👍🏽🔥🔥