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    This was so crazy, you will never guess who made the 'ultimate' couple! Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!!
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    @Sofie Dossi
    If you see this comment who you think is the best couple, love you guys!

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      Brent & Pierson they are in love but they don’t want to tell it whyyyyy

    2. Bella Alvaro

      Lexi is really uncomfortable

    3. Cleo

      Fun fact- horse poo is just water, dirt and soil mixed together

    4. L.O.L QUEEN’S

      If you think sofie’s voice is sweet then like 👇

    5. L.O.L QUEEN’S

      If you think sofie’s voice is sweet then like 👇

    6. Rosienhien Truong

      That was kinda cute

    7. Alexa Frechette

      I think that Brent and Pearson we’re gonna win

    8. Atli Tshego

      Ben and lexi

    9. Emalynn Lepine

      There should be no competition. Its Pierson and Brent

    10. Nivu A

      Lexi pls get together with Ben You both are the best couple pls Lexi Ben and Lexi pls come to I beg you guys

    11. Chrissie Fontenot


    12. emely Vazquez

      i like jeremy

    13. Gabriella Krucia-Brown

      Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah

    14. Juliana Lee

      You and ben

      1. Juliana Lee

        I love you guys

    15. Orange N4 Man


    16. Anthony Bobbette

      Dom and Sophie should be together

    17. Hafsa.j Adventures

      B B B B BRIERSON!!!!!!

    18. Itz me Ambra Ambra

      Why did Ben and lexi refuse to kiss each other on the lip ?? V-V

    19. Luna Morales


    20. Shamima Khan

      Andrew and Jeremy but there both boys???

    21. Andrea Playz

      Does anyone notice that lexis real name is Alexa but they call her Lexi in the videos

    22. kostas trifonas

      Lexi love Ben 💓😍

    23. Tiko Fishey

      I want more videos like this

    24. Tiko Fishey

      I love your video

    25. Alice Oden

      I really miss bexie

    26. potato plab


    27. Cavalier owner

      Dom and Sofie dofieeeeee

    28. Siyaam Ebrahim

      This is so cute

    29. Siyaam Ebrahim

      Hi l like u lexi u the best

    30. animal lover

      My fav couple is bierson

    31. нσиєу ριє


    32. Vanuga Pevy

      Taller swift sings lovers for sophie

    33. FATIMA Fantastic

      It should’ve been Andrew and Lexi not Be and Lexi

    34. Anamaria Rudman

      Your bikini is a so cute I love you

    35. Naomi Wereta

      I have 5 horses 🐎

    36. Jaynielis Marquez


    37. MUSTAFA _AIR

      I love you lexi and you vids

    38. Eiliyah

      I still ship bexi i love bexi so much

    39. Ana Victoria Rodriguez

      wE NEED THAT

    40. Ana Victoria Rodriguez

      Andrew and Lexi have to be together PLZZZ

    41. Nouha Aboud


    42. tbradyyt

      HEY GUYS! 0:00

    43. Natalie Lucille

      This is a sick video Alexa Rivera

    44. Brook Wood Farm

      She was like picking up horse poop and cleaning the stables you know all that gross stuff Me: that’s my pride and joy😂

    45. OceanRoseGamersX

      I think ben and lexi is better

    46. Tamar Varduashvili

      when lexi sayed "if you give brent a kiss on the cheek you get 2 points" and when she did it brents face looked so like he regreted it lol

    47. Sophie Sete

      Dom and Sofie are a cute cupule

    48. Karleigh The potato

      And we can all thank Jordan matter for the best couple award! Without the video that he did with Sophie and Nia from dance moms we would not have this amazing couple!!❤️

    49. Avery Nelson

      Lol you can see the Brent Awards in the background of the intro

    50. Omar Elbadry

      I dare Lexi and Brent to kiss

    51. Julie Argus

      Is Sophie's name actually Sophia

    52. Dawn Ray


    53. Madeleine Duffy

      Lol I’m dying 😂, I have a horse so watching Dom pick up poop made me laugh so hard 😂

    54. TheMyersFamily

      Brent and prerson

    55. Edgar Coronel


    56. Adorable Aarna

      The best couple is Brent and Pierson

    57. Raul Gallardo

      Be Jack together

    58. Mischa Saunders


    59. Mickey Mouse

      She’s so in love she s doing everything soo happily and acting it’s for the game ! 😆

    60. Myra Dcosta

      Person and bernt perber

    61. Bushra Hamud

      Pierson: Bagel girl Pierson and Brent and “Me”:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Allison Miller

      lol they sophie and dom rocked it now lets plan the wedding

    63. Gourav Vishukirma

      I think Brent and Pierson : best couple 🥰 Dom and sofie :cute couple 😊 Ben and Lexi: No comment 😶

    64. Aaron Villanueva


    65. Jillian Penfold

      Lol geremy

    66. Jayanna Chockelal

      ben is in a movie call chicken girl omg

    67. Celi’s games 26

      Bangle gIrL

    68. Pamela Gosselin

      I'm a big fan of you

    69. Willow Brasie

      I love you Lexi

    70. Tristan Hampton

      this is scary

    71. christina kharma

      Look at Ben looking at lexi at 4:53 min

    72. Graci White

      Listen are you to lovely

    73. Kate Carney

      Why are Brent and piercin trying to win??

    74. Aleena Rahman

      Dofie vs bexi

    75. Shubi Sayeed

      . Time changes... Seriously there was a time bexi used to kiss each other.. And this is the time where they are so awkward to dven kiss on cheek

    76. Salmaeida123 E8da

      You are right Jeremy

    77. FjH

      .,,ll U

    78. 2C23戴君儀


    79. saylah day

      my uncle hase horse's and im going there on sunday lol

    80. Trev,chels,coop, Kodaandroxy

      Ben & Lexi = 2 Sofie & Dom = 2 Pierson & Brent = 2 Brierson : Cake baking : 20/32 points Bexi : Couples photoshoot : 15/32 Sofie : Horse owing : 23/32

    81. Egedio Pradillada

      Brent and pierson

    82. Holy Land

      In the next video you do living lika a child for 24 hours

    83. Inaaya Danish

      my channels name is sufyan danish bharamchari

    84. Spade Jaxon

      10:12 Sofie really likes Dom

    85. Amanda Yee

      The way Dom kept his head down after kissing Sofie on the cheek really shows how hard he was blushing!! I love them as a couple though fr they’re both such adorable human beings

    86. Amanda Yee

      Let’s be real, Brent enjoyed every moment of his date pls his face when Pierson kissed him on the cheek was basically saying like "oh this is nothing new to me" 🤭

    87. Amp squad For life

      Everyone thinks of Jeremy as their little brother

    88. Jennifer Jemison

      You the girl are sooooo cute

    89. Leview Lee

      Lexi disappointment face when she been nominated couple with Ben😆😌

    90. Isla Weir

      Sofie and dom are soooooo adorable together!!!

    91. Amy Schlabach

      Loved the video! My favorite couple was Ben and Lexi

    92. Olivia Lokwiya


    93. Olivia Lokwiya

      Jeremy why are u in lexis comments i would littarly slap my self if ur not real

    94. Sherin Walter

      I like how she screams: HEY GUYS WELCOME BACK TO MY KGup CHANNEL

    95. Priya Sahu

      I Feel Kinda Pierson Wanna Do it But then Brent is like No no no and so Pierson is also...

    96. BobaMocha

      I think lexi looks a bit like cher from clueless

    97. Anonymous

      I love lexi's laugh❤️❤️❤️

    98. Felix lion907

      Ben need to go to the barber to get a haircut

    99. Victor Zhu

      儿啊 就。 啊啊啊这这这这这是。的多 是我s

    100. Victor Zhu

      mo m