Down With the SICK

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    Winter Wear:

    I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

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    1. Rynbow99

      I hope you get better :

    2. CooperGal24

      Me again! Since you played Pokémon Snap on the N64, what if I told you that Nintendo released a trailer recently for the upcoming New Pokémon Snap game for the Switch?

    3. Evangelinemation studio

      HEY REBBECA HOW SICK YA- Rebbeca:vomits*

    4. Kylie Kylie

      Why does the bus say Didney

    5. Kaylee Wilson

      hope you feel better

    6. That 1 Other Boi

      Much 🤒😷🤢🤮🥶🥵🤢🤒😷🤮🤡

    7. Scarlet

      I also have COVID It really sucks, hope you get better💕

    8. SugarBabyT

      Omg y am i just noticing we have the same last name!!! Yassss

    9. Elms Figura

      Others: Just click the video to watch it Me: Down with the sick......hmmmm i guess i listen to much Disturbed's music

    10. Jeremiah Collova

      Rebeca-speeks new york accent Me-WHAT IS GOING ON HERE

    11. Matthew Broom

      Best youtuber ever ❤️❤️

    12. artsy alpaca

      Its NYC Rebeca

    13. Desiree Cardenas

      oh mah god u made a vid for us even tho u sick and u ok-? I love you I love your videos !!!!!

    14. Piyush Upadhyay 2435

      Get well soon rebbeca

    15. Kelly Carr


    16. UwU_ Haylee


    17. Candis Horne


    18. hollow frick

      I'm sick too and I got 2 covid-19 tests and I don't have covid-19 so that good and I feel like shit

    19. šαpphïrε_ßεαr

      I watch someone, and they stole your design, and re-colored it

    20. ninja cat puffy kgkg

      She doesn't sound sick. Is she drunk or somthin

    21. Guest Explanimates

      She stole ur thing and traced it,

    22. Ava Yocum

      Rebecca, Can i have your hair stylist?

    23. Jonas Pollock

      Hey Rebecca is this the video the blizzard beach

    24. Jerriyah James

      I have a cold rn my throat hurts and my nose

    25. Príncipe Games

      Alguém do Brasil

    26. Louise O

      Why do I feel happy when she calls my a baby?

    27. rhyli j Francis

      Poor you I feel Bad for you

    28. Christopher.


    29. Christopher.

      so when she was young she was a t pose child

    30. Julián Antonio Olvera Garibaldi

      of the 7625M of person in the world the sickness choose rebecca

    31. Vinn Szeto

      Good pun thou

    32. Vinn Szeto

      You look good in reality but you look drunk in animation from the start

    33. Aoi Ayama

      Woah it kinda look like the ravenclaw sweater and scarf :o Also get well soon💖

    34. Mallory Moncrief

      You're sweeter looks like ravenclaw it is amzing

    35. Toxicity

      “How sick ya be-“ I spat out my Pepsi from that

    36. Glux

      I haven't gotten sick in years, until now when i had a coughing battle with my little cousin I lost

    37. maxplays bro

      I am new here :D

    38. Tom The YouTubing Tank Engine


    39. Leila Wallis

      Hope ya feel better soon beca! See ya in your next video! (take your time to make it) BTW. love the new mearch!

    40. musi hernandez

      Fan:HEY REBCCA HOW SICK ARE YOU? Rebcca: BLEH 0:20

    41. Israel Gorrocino

      Back the witch of the woods has been sickened this is the most treacherous sickness

    42. DotDy Boii

      Best intro ever

    43. Cinamatic playz

      Your new merch looks like ravenclove probibly because your ravenclove

    44. Marselly Reales

      Rebecca:sounds likes she dying Also Rebecca:turns into normal voice ಠ_ಠ

      1. Amritha Pai

        ikr XD

    45. Rocket Productions


    46. Sara Humphrey

      I'm a baby

    47. Peppermint Pie

      Ararat we all by now? :,)

    48. Familia Cruz

      What the frick is wrong with the intro

    49. Kitsu

      rebecca: I'm sick also rebecca: But hey look at this cool new merch

    50. ArielleJenae Belchez


    51. Dlokwo yt

      Hope your ok

    52. TJ Mac

      hey ! Becca and I have the same birthday! happy early birthday Becca!

    53. Lil North

      Make more please

    54. ajaysweet pea

      ya know what? it's crazy because I have also been sick for 3 weeks now, and I also got COVID tested at my doctor, and the hospital. they came back negative thank God! hope you get well soon Rebecca!

    55. Camila Morales

      u are all simps

    56. Crator 808

      If she’s sick then don’t do vids just focus on getting better

    57. I'm trans

      Do you watch hamilton?♥️

    58. Betty Vaughn

      Man she's using everybody's voice at the same time yeah she's definitely sick

    59. TL Jack The Hack

      Hello Rebecca Parham, if you are reading this comment then you must be looking through the comments (I don't know) but I watched one of your videos from a while and said that you couldn't make a song because basically you don't know instruments and that your not musically inclined (Sorry but it's true, you've said it before). But I am musically inclined with instruments so I want to help you. If you want, I can help you make some instrumentals so that you can make a song on this channel (I know that you're sick so maybe not right now, but maybe soon...). I don't know if you have discord but mine is Jack The Hack#0001. I also have some instrumental music on my own channel (Just go straight to my playlists please). So please respond if you like, maybe soon you can come back to this comment for reference, I don't know. Anyways, thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to read this comment. I love your videos. Sincerely yours, TL Jack The Hack

    60. TheBoyDavid17

      Why do you sound drunk? (Hope you get better)

    61. Palin :v

      Hablo español pero veo doblajes xd buen video

    62. MarcoBuster

      I hope you get well soon

    63. Noé Ribeiro

      idk why but this video start remembered me of that really old video "if animators actualy uploaded every week" i'm wierd ; - ;

    64. Ruben Navarro

      It. Sounds like you’re drunk

    65. Trifox Game

      "ey where you have been?" me: i´ve been shucked (shit+fucked ugly but you not get desmonetization,hear that youtube? shuck you)


      rebecca to make u feel better my fav yt died buy ending him slef and ur makeing me feel better his name was steve cash and talking kitty cat

    67. No Name

      she sounds like slappy squirrel

    68. Saadia Salman

      UR SICK?!?!?!??!?!?!?


      you kinda sound more drunk than sick. me after watching to 1:11: ohhhhhhh

    70. savagegachawolfy14 13

      She sounds like Harley Quinn

    71. PokemonFan 151


    72. Prince Laflare

      Very dedicated

    73. Cyan mini Crewmate

      I actually haven’t told you this in a while but how do you breath and how are you able to talk

    74. Nora G cox

      the scarf looks like a Ravenclaw scarf ohhh I wonder if Rebecca

    75. Mʀ.ᴋᴇᴠɪɴ

      She proved that you can throw up without a mouth

    76. Mckinley Bell

      Maybe your pregnant 🤔

    77. dawid gry

      Mann vs machine theme starts playing

    78. HeartBreakStudios

      Just get better, good luck

    79. sunbright Creations

      who else thought rebbca was dead

    80. KLxSHMoŔÎ

      Oh shit I hope your ight 💪

    81. Blaue Kokosnuss

      When will the Hoodie dissapear from the Shop?

    82. Ella-Ella

      you ar e at 3,17 mil CONGRATS

    83. Jabin Davis

      please take as much time as you need on your next vid

    84. McKayden Perkins

      hmmmm w e i r d

    85. That. Weirdo

      Lol She a blanket sushi 🤗

    86. Squirrel !

      *S I C K* on dr- (banned)

    87. The Fails News

      If you don’t know, Blizzard Beach is a water park in Miami I think. (I just know this cuz it’s one of my favs). SO DON’T SAY SHE’S CRAZY.

    88. Jamie Sani-Flores


    89. {Among us Cookie&cream}

      Yea I vomited on Saturday

    90. Bishopcat Animates

      I hope ya'll better! I mean, I know, what it's like being sick. I've not had Covid, but... *Horrible Flashbacks Begin.* Ugh... I'M DONE WITH THE SICK!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN SICK SO MANY GOD DANG TIMES THAT I. AM. SO. DONE. Anyways, love ya'll!

    91. Ofelia Vega

      You would make a great Slappy squirrel from animaniacs

    92. Leela Fourie

      Ello Rebecca (sorry if I spelled ur name wrong) I hope u get better

    93. Clover Animates

      Eek had something like that last year, slept for a few days and felt like shi- couldn't draw for days ahhg (as someone who draws daily it was a pain)

    94. Zarkx

      I really like your videos rebeca 💓 I really admire your work, greetings from Argentina 

    95. hi's IQ if you remove the negative side

      Is she drunk ,sick or both

    96. Jessie Playz

      I had it once and it sucked

    97. Karen HH

      Please don't die

    98. Sonja Dykema


    99. Raistlin Page

      I hope you feel better and get back to some cool story’s but get well first I’ll wait for a year if I have to😀😄get well soon

    100. Riley Ferrell

      I think she is starting to go crazy I love it